Your Moon Sign Reveals Your Path for Heart Healing

In astrology, our hearts are represented by our moon sign and placement.

Wherever the moon sits in our chart shows the journey our particular heart is on through this life. The moon rules the 4th house, the house of the heart. 

Life hardens and closes our hearts at every turn – with every heartbreak, loss, criticism, and betrayal we close off more and more. By adulthood, we’ve built strong protective walls around it.

The bravest thing we can do is learn to drop the armour and live more from our hearts.

The healing of our hearts is a process that can feel difficult at times. Heart healing is the most profound healing we can do. 

Astrologically speaking, the sign opposite our Moon sign contains the seed of our heart expansion. The opposite sign is complimentary and shows our greatest opportunity for growth.

We often attract people into our lives with our opposite Moon sign. Friends, family members, lovers, partners. It’s because they show our highest path forward, they represent where our hearts want to grow.

Even if they don’t have the exact sign opposite our moon, they may have the traits associated with it. They may trigger us because they are our opposite, yet they represent our next heart evolution.

To look up your Moon sign:

Tropical Moon Sign Calculator (Look for the Moon)

Sidereal Moon Sign Calculator – Look for the “Mo” then look up the zodiac sign icon on Google

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Your Moon Sign

(You can look at both your Sidereal and Tropical moon and see which resonates. Both are accurate and important to know.)

Aries Moon move toward Libra. Partnership, harmony, balance, togetherness, and fairness. Include others in your decisions and choices. Focusing on partnership and creating relational harmony is key.


Taurus Moon – move toward Scorpio. Don’t be afraid of dark emotions and depth, feel it all, and allow the darkness to fall on you sometimes. Let yourself transform, let yourself feel it all. Welcome your shadow side. Allowing yourself to sit in darker intense emotions is key.


Gemini Moon move toward Sagittarius. See your heart as an adventure, listen to it, and follow it’s spiritual guidance. Go see the world, that’s when your heart feels the most alive. Move toward your spiritual life. Being adventurous is key.



Cancer Moon move toward Capricorn. Learn to be more ambitious and live in the material world. Let your heart lead you toward your life’s work and purpose. Climb new mountains, go for your goals. Being more ambitious is key.



Leo Moon – move toward Aquarius. Focus less on yourself and more on others. Share your heart with the collective and show others how to make the world a better place. Focusing more on others, and less on you is key.



Virgo Moon- move toward Pisces. Focus on the spiritual depths, go with the flow, feel it all. Spend less time on nitpicking and more on divine connection. Going to the depths of connection is key.



Libra Moon- move toward Aries. Become more independent and lead others, watch out for codependency. Boldly share how you feel, be a pioneer, and step into your power. Sharing your inner fire and speaking your mind is key.


Scorpio Moon- move toward Taurus. Spend less time in the ethers and the depths and more time in the 3D material world. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and a good meal. Not everything has to be hard. Pleasure is key.



Sagittarius Moon- move toward Gemini. Focus more on your local daily life. Spend less time in the philosophical and travel and more in your local life and community. Connecting to your intellect and communication is key.


Capricorn Moon move toward Cancer. Let your emotions run free! Care for and nurture yourself and others like a mother would. Become your own best parent. Letting yourself feel it all whole holding yourself and others in love is key.


Aquarius Moon- move toward Leo. Be more self-centered and confident. Show the world who you are. It’s ok to consider yourself, not just the collective. Being warm in your connections is key.


Pisces Moon move toward Virgo. Be impeccable with your word. Find ways to be devotional in your daily life. To your partner, to your work, to your mission. Focusing on the present moment and being in your body is key.



Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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