Becoming the One

This is our intro level program and it’s most suitable if you are single, or if you’re in a complicated relationship and want to get clear on your core values and relationship goals. Exhausted with chasing unavailable love? Do you feel like you lose yourself every time you get into relationship? Becoming the One is about reclaiming your sovereignty and discovering what is truly important to you – your core values, relationship goals and dreams, so you can stop chasing, and start choosing your relationships from a place of self-awareness and confidence.

Healing from Heartbreak

Healing from Heartbreak is a 60 Day Journey into the Medicine of Heartbreak.

This Program is for you if you are in the midst of a breakup, divorce, loss of a relationship…or if you’re struggling to let go of an Ex.

Heartbreak can put us on the threshold of a personal awakening. It is an opportunity to create deeper connection with yourself, discover what you really want, reclaim your wholeness and heal wounds that contribute to playing out unfulfilling relationship patterns.

With the tools, knowledge and healing plan you will get in this program, you will be able to move through heartbreak easier, faster and come out more authentic than you were before.

Become Your Own Astrologer

Become Your Own Astrologer is A 6 week astrology journey strategically designed to teach you the fundamentals of astrology in an easy way….so you can see the blueprint of your highest destiny, fall in love with yourself and read the charts of others (you can even start getting paid to read charts once you’ve mastered the skills!) Led by Resident Astrologer Andrea Dupuis.

Mystic Astrologer: Level 2 Apprenticeship Program

Become a Certified Mystic Astrologer and Learn How to Build a Professional Astrology Business! Completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for this program. Led by Resident Astrologer Andrea Dupuis.

Freedom from Relationship Anxiety

A 6 Week Journey to Rewire Your Nervous System, Heal Your Trust Wound and Become Secure. Join Sheleana Aiyana, Founder of Rising Woman and Best Selling Author of Becoming the One for this brand new Program where you’ll discover the nervous system approach to healing your anxious attachment patterns for good.

Creating Conscious Love for Couples

Our flagship couples program is designed to guide you and your partner through our favourite intimacy building practices, tools and exercises so you can learn to speak your partner’s language, heal in partnership, and meet each other more deeply. (This is our only program designed for couples, and while you will still benefit from the lectures, the exercises are designed for you to experience with a partner. If you’re looking to do the inner-work on your own, we recommend you start with Becoming the One.)

The Path

The Path is a Workshop Library of over 30 Workshops with High Level Expert Authors, Teachers and Mentors in the areas of Money & Abundance, Health & Hormones, Relationships, Inner Child Work, Nervous System and Boundaries, Tantra & Sexuality, Human Design & Astrology and more! If you want to explore many areas of growth and healing, with high level experts, all in one place – The Path is for you.