About Rising Woman

Hi there,

My name is Sheleana Aiyana, Spiritual Counsellor and Founder of Rising Woman.

I am a woman of Slavic, Celtic and Indigenous Ancestry and I live and work on the unceded traditional territory of unceeded land of the Hul’q’umi’num’ and WSÁNEĆ speaking Coast Salish peoples, now known as Salt Spring Island.

One of my love languages is food – I love to cook and nourish people, it brings me so much joy! I’m married to a wonderful man, Ben, host of the EvolvingMan podcast addiction counsellor and men’s work facilitator.

My childhood was my first container for spiritual learning. I grew up without a father, a mother battling deep trauma and mental illness, in and out of foster homes, and eventually working 2 jobs and living on my own at the age of 16.

Over a decade, I’ve explored the deeper layers of my inner healing through every avenue that called me, and eventually birthed Rising Woman into the world. What started out as a simple vehicle for my writings, evolved into a blossoming and ever-expanding community of over 2.4 million readers.

I have trained in transpersonal work, inner-child work, family systems, imago facilitation and somatic healing and continue to gather wisdom along the way. I’m immensely grateful for all of my teachers past and present who have helped shape my work. My offerings today are guided by my Ancestors, my relationship to Spirit and time spent in nature.

I’m passionate about healing our relationship patterns and making space for authentic love and connection because relationship is the fabric of our being. It’s why we are here. I’m not only referring to romantic love – but relationship as a whole – to the earth, to nature within and without, to our communities, to the plants and animals and the sky above.

Letting ourselves be seen and held by others is healing. Lacking in self-awareness can drive us to consume, compete and destroy. Having self-awareness can support us in living from the energy of reciprocity with everything and everyone around us.

I am not an influencer, a spiritual guru or an expert. I’m a guide and I take great care in this work I am so privileged to do. My book Becoming the One published through Chronicle Prism and Penguin Books will debut in early 2022.


Sheleana Aiyana is the founder of Rising Woman, a growing community of more than 3 million readers. Her training and immersion in couples facilitation, inherited family trauma, family systems, conscious relationship, somatic healing, and plant medicines inform her holistic approach to seeing relationship as a spiritual path. More than 30,000 women in 146 countries have taken her flagship program Becoming the One. In her new book, Becoming the One, out April 12, 2022, Sheleana takes you on a transformational inner-work journey to heal life-long relationship patterns and reclaim power over your life. She lives with her husband, Ben, on xwәnen’әč, the unceded land of the Hul’q’umi’num’- and WSÁNE´ C-speaking Coast Salish peoples, now known as Salt Spring Island, BC.

Educational and Therapeutic Training:

  • Inherited Family Trauma Facilitator Training with Mark Wolynn
  • Imago Level 1 Facilitation Training with Harville Hendrix
  • Imago Level 2 Facilitation Training with Harville Hendrix – in progress
  • Dynamic Attachment Repatterining  Level 1,2,3
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate
  • Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience Certification – in progress
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Level 1 and 2  – in progress
  • Fundamentals of Attachment Styles with Dr. Diane Poole Heller
  • Attachment Strategies for Adult Relationships with Dr. Diane Poole Heller
  • Somatic Strategies to Address the Interplay Between Shock and
  • Developmental Trauma Dr. Diane Poole Helier and Peter Levine
  • Power to Parent with Gordon Neufeld Levels 1,2,3
  • Advanced Master Program on the treatment of Trauma
  • Satir Family Systems Research
  • 3 year apprenticeship in group-work facilitation
  • Intro to Jungian Dreamwork Training with Anima Mundi School
  • Jungian Dreamwork Training with James Hillman
  • DONA Birth Doula Training
  • Wise Woman Way Birth Doula Training
  • Full Spectrum Doula Training with Midwife Molly Dutton-Kenney

I believe that as guide it is important to stay engaged in our own healing work to remain clear and rooted. Below is some of the ongoing work I have done for my personal evolution.

  • 5 years of personal healing work in ceremony with sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca under the Shipibo Lineage
  • 4 years in transpersonal therapy and group work
  • Ongoing 1-1 Mentorship, Spirit Work and Ancestral Healing with Nikiah Seeds
  • Indigenous Allyship and Reconciliation Work
  • Ongoing Somatic Experiencing Therapy
  • Ongoing Tantric Practice