Venus Moves Into Libra ~ August 16, 2021 ~ Theme: True Connection

Venus Moves Into Libra ~ August 16, 2021 ~ Theme: True Connection

By Guest Astrologer Dawn M. Harrison (

Venus, the planet of connection, love, beauty, and attraction has entered Libra, the sign of the Balancing Scales.

Libra energy encourages us to strive for sacred balance – the kind of balance that “equally yokes” our values, our sense of beauty, and our sense of self-esteem with what we are connected to in the outer world.

At its best, Venus in Libra is about the experience of justice, beauty, and harmony in all manner of our relationships – whether they be relationships with our lovers, our collaborators, our careers, our finances, or ourselves.

In Libra, Venus teaches us that every relationship is, in one way or another, a mirror of the relationship that we have with the Beloved within.  So, as we grow and evolve, our relationships must also grow and evolve.

During the next several weeks, as Venus moves through Libra, you may find yourself building new bridges to the people, places and circumstances that support the experience of justice, beauty, and harmony in your life.  And, you may also find yourself making adjustments to the relationships in your life that do not adequately mirror the sense of peace and harmony that you carry within. 

This period of time is about alignment.  It’s about attuning to what you actually love and value about yourself first, so that you can attune to this in your outer world.  True connection doesn’t begin on the outside.  True and lasting connection begins on the inside – with the knowledge of who you want to be, and where you want to go… because this is the knowledge that enables you to consciously connect with, and attract, your highest good in all that you do.

Remember though, that Libra is an Air sign… so this connection isn’t always about what “feels the same” or what feels familiar. Sometimes, it’s about objectively appreciating the differences that complement who you are, and, in so doing, help you to experience a greater sense of wholeness. Yes… sometimes, opposites really do attract, and there’s a reason why.

To help you feel into what Venus in Libra might mean for you – first, carve out some time to reconnect to yourself. Acknowledge what you love, what you value, and what feels like true and sustainable beauty, peace, and harmony.

Then, perhaps ask yourself:

  • In what areas of my life have I been settling for “less than” – less than what I want or less than what I need?
  • In what ways can I facilitate restoring balance to those areas of my life?
  • And, where am I being called to step outside of my comfort zone in order to connect with what truly has heart and meaning for me?

Over the next several weeks, here are some of the energetic shifts that we’ll all be experiencing as Venus moves through Libra:

  • On 8/21, Venus triggers the Lunar Nodes, inviting us to welcome in new connections (and perhaps release some old ones) in order to usher in fresh experiences of expansion and growth;
  • On 8/23, Venus forms a supportive trine to Saturn in Aquarius, reminding us that true and sustainable connection is founded on honesty and authenticity. It’s not always about being in agreement, but it is about trusting that we are being honest with ourselves, and honest with one another;
  • On, 8/26, Venus opposes Chiron in Aries, urging us to remember that self-acceptance may be just the healing salve that we need – in our relationships with ourselves, and in our relationships with others;
  • On 9/5, Venus squares off on Pluto in Capricorn, making it clear that love is not about power over another. It’s about being empowered to make the choices that are right for us; and
  • On 9/6, Venus trines Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius, inviting us to open in gratitude for all that we have been given, and for all that we have to give. Every connection that has value to us needs to be rekindled with the fuel of generosity from time to time.

This is the time to step into your Libra power, and harness the courage to “balance the scales”.  You are worthy of peace.  You are worthy of harmony.  And, you are worthy of true and balanced connection.

Venus in Libra Horoscopes 

The horoscopes below, written for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, are meant to serve as inspiration and “food for thought”.  Let your intuition guide you, as you feel through the energetic shifts of Venus in Libra this month.

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.


ARIES: Finding the balance between “self” and “other” may come easier now than at other times in your life – especially once you realize that true and sustainable connection does not require you to lose yourself.  Your openness and honesty will carry you far.  Just be open to receiving that same openness and honesty from others.  Sometimes what you give is what you get.  So, what are you being called to give?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Relational life; partnerships; sense of equality; experience of commitment; one-to-one encounters


TAURUS: Collaboration may be the name of the game, especially in your working relationships and your routine encounters.  Connecting with yourself first, though, will make everything run more smoothly.  This may be the month where you finally feel as if you’ve been able to restore balance to the everyday rituals that feed your soul… because – your heart, your mind, your body – they’re all connected.  In what ways are you being called to usher in peace on the daily?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Health; mind-body connection; sense of wellness; ritual; everyday routine; skill; craftsmanship; work

GEMINI: There may be a new project on the horizon – one that asks you to reconnect to your inner child, your sense of creativity, and your sense of play.  Use your curious mind to explore the options, but this is not the time to stress out about the when, the where, or the how.  Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so define what beauty, peace, and harmony mean for you, and then let that guide your next steps.  How can you bring the spirit of creativity and authentic expression to the ways that you connect to yourself and others?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Inner child; Creativity; self-expression; ability to play; romance; children; youthfulness; recreational fun; joy

CANCER: Coming back home to yourself may speak loudly for you this month, so its okay to retreat for a minute to restore your sense of inner peace and harmony.  Bringing that peace, harmony, and love to both your physical home and your inner life is priceless, because this forms the bedrock of your ability to more confidently connect with others, especially those you consider “family” or those in your closest, inner circles.  In what ways are you being called to nurture your most bonded relationships?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Home, house, family, inner core, sense of belonging, healing from past wounds, sense of emotional security, inner life


LEO: This may be a time to pay attention to that inner dialogue of yours, and go ahead and ramp up the sweet-talk.  You may be surprised at how a simple change in tone markedly changes your ability to connect – both with yourself and with others.  Your voice has power – the power to build bridges, the power to forge new alliances, and the power to give voice to common ground.  How are you being called to restore balance through the power of your word and your listening ear?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Communication style; perception of the world around you; everyday data processing; learning styles and modalities; relationships with siblings, friends or neighbors; approach to the structure of your daily activities and tasks


VIRGO: It may be time to cast a loving eye on what you consider to be “you” and “yours”.  That goes for your money, your time, your energy, and absolutely everything you value about yourself.  If you’ve been being hard on yourself lately, now is the time to ease up in love… because you catch more flies with honey than you do with anything else.  Love yourself enough to reach out and connect to get the advice or the counsel that you need.  How are you being called to invest in you?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Money; time; Energy; “Emotional Currency”; possessions; raw talent; sense of self esteem and self worth; ownership power


LIBRA: If you feel the call to simply love on you, answer it.  Your inner Goddess of Love is about to get an energetic reset, so pay attention to what is calling to you AND to what is not.  What you were attracted to last year, may not be what pulls you closer this year.  Remember that you are an ever-evolving soul, and your relationships and your true soul connections must evolve with you.  In what ways are you being called to honor the connections that truly work for you?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of: You and everything about you; your body; your mind; your soul; the way you identify; the way you are perceived by others; the way you present yourself to others; your style; your brand


SCORPIO: You may find that your truest experiences of connection happen where no one else can see or tread.  If you feel pulled to shore up your boundaries, know that it is because you seek those experiences that speak to your own sense of sacredness within.  Not just anybody is allowed into your sacred space – nor should they be.  It’s okay to hold your cards close.  Just be open to those people and those experiences that truly do call you higher.  What sacred ground is calling for your attention and connection?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Spirituality and spiritual practices; need for privacy; sense of connection to the subconscious realm; dreams; need for Divine communion


SAGITTARIUS: Sometimes, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality.  This may be a time to consider just which connections are truly soul connections, and which connections are simply background noise.  It’s okay to turn your filters on and sift through the noise to get to the gold.  Your big picture depends on the value you bring to others and the value they bring to you… so, what’s important to you?  What’s in alignment with who you are?  Go there.

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Friendships; communities; bonds with “like-minded” people; ability to network; group organizations; aspirational hopes; dreams for your future


CAPRICORN:  It may be time to bring that sense of peace, harmony, and alignment to your outer world… because fulfillment is just as much about what’s in your heart as what’s in your pocket.  See your outer world as a mirror of your truest values and your own sense of inner alignment.  Where are you being called o stay the course, and where are you being called to make adjustments?  

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Career; ambitions; public visibility; status; life mission and sense of purpose; public identity; profession; authority; power; sense of fulfillment


AQUARIUS: You are no stranger to opening your mind, and this month, that is exactly what you may be called to do – especially if this involves opening to new connections that broaden your world and expand your horizons.  If there was ever a part of you that thought you had all of the answers, this is the time to make peace with the part of you that knows there are always new frontiers to explore.  What new and untried territory is reaching out to connect?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Over-arching beliefs; Truth; higher learning; education; teaching; religion; philosophy; ability to expand your world and understanding (through learning, travel, new connections, new experiences, etc…)


PISCES: Love transforms… especially when we are talking about the love of self that is not dependent on another.  If your most intimate connections are calling for attention, know that the greatest gift that you can give them is your honesty about who you are and what you need.  Your strongest bonds depend on this.  In what ways are you being called to more openly, honestly, and vulnerably connect?

You may feel the effects of Venus in Libra most strongly in your experience of your: Intimate partnerships intimate experiences; sex; shared resources; shared values; deep psychological understanding


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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