Slow Fashion and Ethical Clothing Brands to Shop

I’m a very small woman. The world wasn’t really built for me in mind, so I’m used to having to find work arounds. At 4’9, shopping has always been a struggle for me. Finding clothes that fit was near impossible. Up until recently when I could afford a seamstress to alter my clothes, my only option was to wear tights and sweaters. This year I’ve started buying pieces and having them altered, and it’s changed my life. For those of us who don’t fit into the “normal” range for body size, we usually have to make a sacrifice between finding clothes that feel good and actually fit. This year I began connecting with other brands created by women that had beautiful intentions, many of whom provide wide ranges of sizes or custom sizing, and I wanted to share them with you today.

Many of these brands have also extended temporary discount codes for the Rising Woman community. The clothing industry is a huge source of pollution and harm, so it’s important to me (and many of you) that the brands I support are making a positive impact in the industry and supporting their workers too. Many of these brands are much more expensive than what you’ll get from fast fashion, though the long-term impact makes a big difference. A lot of women I know are choosing to save up for one special item at a time to slowly build their ethical wardrobe. This feature is something I put together to support other creators, and to share some of the latest fashion finds with my audience and friends.

Please note that I never receive money in exchange for these collaborations as I am not an “influencer”, however I did receive a few pieces of clothing from many of these brands as a thank you for sharing.


Maurie and Eve


I recently connected with Kelly, the founder of Maurie and Eve and I adore her unique clothing options and the natural organic fabrics.

You can read more about their sustainability journey here.  In this photo I am wearing the Kerala Stone Top and Pant – note that I did have these heavily altered

as Marie and Eve items tend to be oversized. The dress is the Yonder dress. There are so many rare and unique fabrics and styles to choose from and so far I’ve loved every item ordered or

gifted from them. A portion of your purchase supports our ongoing investment into organisations aligned with supporting people and planet. Their most recent

donation was made to the Rescue Rainforest, Rescu Fund, and has since aided the urgent purchase of threatened property (containing species found nowhere

else on the planet!) – essentially protecting it forever.

Flook the Label

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Flook The Label continues to evolve its scope through conscious entrepreneurship, mentorship programs, and charity work.  They also sponsor

and lead one of the Entrepreneurship programs at Stella’s Child, which supports Indonesian children from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds as they prepare to

leave their homes and orphanages to enter the world of work.  We teach them the art and science of eco-responsible fashion − everything from initial concept and

design to manufacturing and launch − while empowering their creativity and the confidence they need to succeed, breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

In this photo I am wearing the Shani Dress.


RISINGWOMEN15 for 15% off

BAHHGOOSE Signature Line is designed and handcrafted by Canadian owner in partnership with a small group of Balinese and Australian Artisans.

Each purchase both supports and empowers local workers and preserves culture by offering a fair wage and producing small batch, custom made pieces. I adore

the woman behind this line. In working together, BAHHGOOSE made the move to begin offering custom sizing for those of us who need it. In these photos I am

wearing the Lola Top and Lana Pant. These pants are my favorite, I wear them constantly and would love to have a few more pairs eventually! They are so casual

and classy at the same time. The dress is the chocolate slip dress – it’s a deep copper brown and also very comfortable to wear.

HUHA Underwear

My friend Olivia originally introduced me to HUHA. When she told me about it, I thought, “what a brilliant invention!”

Made with award-winning and sustainable tree-derived fibers (no more synthetics), infused with soothing, naturally anti-microbial mineral, zinc oxide,

vulva-loving design with full coverage lining and no uncomfortable seams. Zinc oxide is a mineral that’s soothing for even the most sensitive skin types and

regions. The minerals inside the fibers protect the undies agains the growth of odor-causing bacteria. You can check out their options here.

Harly Jae

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Each Harly Jae garment is made locally in Vancouver, BC. This allows for great quality control and cuts down on pollution that would be a result of transportation.

During regular visits to the production facility, they get to interact with the seamstresses who are paid a fair wage. All packaging is eco-friendly. They ship their

packages in 100% recycled Kraft mailers and our promotional materials are printed on eco-friendly paper. Our hang tags are made of recycled t-shirts and our

care labels and branded labels are printed with water ink on organic cotton.  One of my favorite pieces is this Palermo Jumpsuit.

The other features are the Picnic Dress and the Cardin tank top with the Aura shorts.

Aniela Parys

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The fast fashion industry produces millions of tons of unused textiles (deadstock) every year. These materials wind up in landfills, are burned or abandoned

in warehouses.  Aniela Parys’s team rescues deadstock from factories in Barcelona, Spain. They use this along with sustainable, low-carbon-footprint textiles to

produce their ethical clothing.  Before putting needle to fabric, their team breaks down each step of the production process to ensure it aligns with their values.

They use deadstock, organic materials, and plant-based dying techniques to produce their limited edition pieces.  Aniela Parys’s dedication to the slow fashion

movement means the only collaborate with artisans that share their values. In the images below I am wearing the Marina bodysuit.

Savannah Morrow the Label

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Savannah Morrow the Label believes in slow fashion and minimal consumption. In August 2020, they opened up their first studio located in Los Angelos, with a

commitment to ethical and fair treatment of workers along with the benefit of having high quality control for their pieces. Their fabrics are 100% biodegradable

coming from a natural and organic source. 90%  of their  products are handwoven and hand-dyed and our staple signature SS20 cotton designed by Savannah. They

design  90% of all fabrics with their weaving  village partners in India. So they are unique. Made on handlooms no electricity. They commit to never working with

large corporations and factories and we will only ever  produce enough material for the stock that is needed.  They guarantee to their customers that they will always

stay away from toxic fibers. The items featured below are the Yara knit dress and the Calla Silk top and others from the Summer 21 line.

The Simple Folk

I stumbled upon The Simple Folk online somehow, and took a chance by ordering a pair of their organic cotton pants, fully expecting that they’d be huge on me.

Much to my surprise, they fit me without needing to be hemmed. I specifically share this line for all of my petite friends who are under 5’1 because it seems like

a miracle to actually find a pair of pants that fits. I have a pair of the Wide Leg Trouser in each color. This company is run by two moms who wanted to make environmentally

and socially conscious clothing for their families. They have an adorable kids line as well as items for adults.

Hara the Label


HARA, meaning green in Hindi, is a clothing label designed for you and our earth collectively. Consciously creating pieces that are soft and beautiful with

sustainable and ethical practices at the core. They strive from seed to store to empower lives and rejuvenate the earth. HARA’s mission is to use the label

as a platform to bring change, awareness and education to the issues within the fashion industry. I love their Instagram feed and the beautiful, and

diverse models who wear their clothing. Hara the Label also has a short option for pants, though I still require some hemming by about 2 inches.

Their Frankie Flares are so comfy and their natural dyes make their clothing so vibrant and unique! Pictured below are the Ami Bandeau and Gabi bike short,

along with the Leo high cut bra and Peta leggings.



Sheleana is the Founder and Visionary of Rising Woman. She is a Conscious Relationship and Spiritual Psychology writer and Creator of an online program called Becoming the One. Sheleana spent 4 years as an apprentice in transpersonal group-work containers, depth psychology, and shadow work with a Spiritual teacher and went on to Co-Facilitate women's groups and Conscious Relationship workshops. She has trained in imago couples facilitation, tantra, couples work, somatic healing and is also a full-spectrum birth doula.
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