NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in LEO ~ August 11, 2018 ~ Theme: Settling In

The New Moon in Leo on August 11, 2018, is also a Partial Solar Eclipse and a Supermoon. The Eclipse takes place when, from an Earthbound human vantage, the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth at 2:46 am PST. The New Moon is exact at 2:58 am PST.

This is the third of three eclipses. We’ve been deep inside eclipse season since early July. The first eclipse July 12th brought the intensity of death and rebirth. The second eclipse July 27th was anxious, activating, and ultimately awakening. This third eclipse is softer than its predecessors, and it offers to usher us through.

Take heart. If your eclipse season has been a time of revelations and change, you aren’t alone. If it has been a bumpy ride, hang in there. The twists and turns of fateful times can be tricky. They require slowing down and increasing awareness to make it through. Hold on to your center. Play a good soundtrack accompaniment – one that gets your body bumping. Take your life as a dance partner.

The sentiment has been shared; “is the world going crazy?” ‘Crazy’ is a label term when events and circumstances are misunderstood or unprecedented. It is true that we have never been here, in this time and place and exact condition, before. We never will be again. Things are rapidly changing and demanding ingenuity and adaptation. What might happen if we fell Crazy in Love with these weird times, and with all those navigating them? Can we give generously of our love to these moments?

Mars has been transiting Aquarius since mid-May this year. It has been kicking up anxieties and showing us our differences and the ideological barriers that keep us from partitioned from one another. Ways we cage ourselves, over-rationalize, and retreat into an ivory tower.

One of the biggest ways we remain separate is through dehumanization. Over-dependence on technology, social media, and disembodied interactions leave us cultivating an alternate reality solely based in the mind. But the mind is only one part of our being. It needs input and connection from our hearts, our bodies, our emotions, our spirits, our relatings, our innate tenderness and vulnerability, in order to make a more holistic understanding of reality.

The love of our hearts and the power of our wholeness can replace distance with affection. We don’t have to agree in order to live well and care for one another. We can be dissimilar and fall ever-deeper into adoration.

Today’s eclipse is the start of a new narrative. It is a reminder that, despite whatever we are facing, love can eclipse it all. The warmth of the sun’s rays can melt icy barriers between us. The generosity of love has the power to make burdens lighter, and to deliver us into joy. Today can bring smiles, laughter, and songs. It can be a chance to play, for no other reason than embracing the fleeting chance to be truly alive.

Within us is a deep desire for wholeness. A longing to live into our full potential. An inner call for all of our being to become expressed.

To be Us. In our nobleness, our complete humanity, and in that, our sovereignty.

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Leo is the sign of the royal. Forget the old definitions of that word. Societal elites and designer bloodlines don’t comprise royalty. Each being belonging to itself is royal. All that is truly seen and celebrated becomes gold.

Sovereignty is centered in the heart. It is in our brave backbones. In the radiant, color-strewn light of our spirits. It’s in our courageous abilities to be seen without pretense, to love lavishly, and to copiously create.

Creating is our birthright. Live your life as high Art. It is inside the alchemy of our creations that We are Made.

Step into yourself with a flourish. Live your best life and shout it to the rooftops. Open your throat and share a grand proclamation. Sing your unique script. In a time of precarious democracy and media, be the maker and the journalist.

In the legend being lived, who is the main character you are playing? Give them a stage name, costume, and some direction.

What is your heart’s desire? What are you here to create? What do you most joyfully make? What are the special gifts and traits you can make the most of? What do others admire you for? What gives you pleasure? How can your light get brighter?

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I feel just like a child.

Embrace your innocence on this moon, Aries. There is wisdom in the archetype of the fool; the ability to approach life as vast limitless potential, untainted by previous identities and impressions. What if you could create as you have never created before? What is your heart set on? You are healing into a whole new identity and making commitments that will take you towards fulfilling your purpose. What an exciting time in your life. Celebrate it! Make sure the career path you are cultivating is true to your essence and the love you are here to express. Use this moon to smooth over interpersonal conflicts that may have arisen the past few weeks.

Taurus: I am home, I have arrived.

This is a gestational moon, a foundational moon for you, Taurus. Plant seeds of joy in your garden. Make your house a beloved home. Set a stake in your personal life. Shed light on the parts of your life that offer you security, protection, and comfort. A wonderful time to play and celebrate living with your family. If your homeplace isn’t currently ideal, set strong intentions for what kind of homeplace you are calling in. Brighten up your spot; bring more flowers and color into your environment. Tend the roots. When your roots are infused with love, they can become the stable base for your next phase of expansion.

Gemini: I lead with curiosity.
The options are endless, Gemini. But which of your many choices are truly beckoning you nearer? This moon is ideal for thinking, writing, communicating, gathering information to support decision-making, and possibly looking into options for school (whether you are teaching or studying). You have a strong mind – it’s one of your greatest gifts – and it’s important to keep it exercised. Feed and nourish your mind by cultivating your thoughts, your ideas, and your voice. What are you really keen to learn about? What would you absolutely love to speak about? Imagine going down mental and communication pathways you haven’t yet traversed. How exciting! What might you learn along the way?

Cancer: I am worthy, worthy, worthy.

Money matters. This moon invites you to step further into your manifestation abilities. What kind of income and spending habits would you like to implement? How could they feed your joy? Spend some time recalling your core values. What are some things in life, regardless of price or investment, that are high on your value list? Sense the landscape of your inner worth. What makes you feel worthy? Rather than try to quantify what you are worth (which is impossible, because you are priceless just like your loved ones are priceless), invest your focus in feeling yourself. Affirm your own worth. Invest in behaviors and creations that reflect to you what really matters.

Leo: I am All Heart.

Leo, this is the moon and solar eclipse you have been waiting for. You get to take center stage and bask in the spotlight. Put on the full regalia. Look back at this last year and take stock of the progress you have made when it comes to being yourself. How has your identity changed? Where have you become more true and settled into your own skin? Who are you creating yourself to be? There is pulsing, bursting desire within you to express yourself. Use the heightened energies of this moon to let more of yourself shine and be seen. When you embrace your conscious expression, all who see your colors are warmed by the light.

Virgo: I enter the space between things.

You are very invested in the workings of life, Virgo. The devil is in the details. There are elements of life that are pervasive and guiding that are not so tangible or observable. We can plan up to a point, but much of the fabric that brings life together is spiritual, is divine, is guided by forces much grander and subtler than we. This moon invites you let go. To release. To accept. To give up your striving for a moment. To interface with the spiritual, the invisible realms. Pray about it. Lose yourself to music. Have a much-needed massage. The best thing you can do on this moon is stop doing. Rest, reset, and retreat. To move forward effectively, you will need the healing that comes from sweet surrender.

Libra: I clarify the gifts that will carry me forward.

You are gifted, Libra. You hold a particular magic within you. Sometimes life can distract us from that, and carry us away from living in awareness of our specialness. This moon is about returning to your specialness. What do your gifts want of you? What kind of future might they promise you? What hopes and dreams are birthed from your gifts? Which of your hopes and dreams are beckoning you forward, now? Make space for them. Plant seeds for them. Let your dreams make a stake in your life. As you began to do this past month, gather the allies that support your authenticity. These are your team members who will help you live your authenticity. Choose the community that lifts you up.

Scorpio: I am a powerhouse, and I can do this.

This has been a season of laying things to rest. You have been clearing things and bringing personal content to a close. Sometimes we need to shut old chapters before we can truly begin again. Scorpio, a new career, profession, or public position is ready to be claimed. You want to be the boss of your life – and you can be. Step in charge. Take responsibility. Use the power of your focus and your alchemy to deeply invest yourself in the goals and advancement opportunities that are before you. What’s your 5 year plan? What do you want to have accomplished in the next week, month, year, and why? Set your timelines, and promote yourself.

Sagittarius: I am lifted higher and higher.

Your nature is to grow, Sagittarius. Always learning, exploring, and expanding into new vistas. This moon asks: where are you expanding next? What is your new frontier? What is the horizon towards which you aim? Where is the territory yet unexplored? What is the path of growth deepest within your heart? Do what you do best: aim high and wide. Take in the whole picture vision of yourself and your life. Inject some form of travel into your day today. It might be physical, or it could be mental travel through study, meditation, or philosophy. What is the biggest, most expansive and meaningful path you can imagine for yourself today? Reach.

Capricorn: I allow for transformation.

So many transformations in life are beyond our control. Some things reveal to us how much we are at their mercy. While that can bring up fear, it is also a great reason to step more into ourselves and find what we can count on and trust within our being in order to get through mysterious territory. This moon may ask you to settle your debts, let go of possessions, purge or overhaul your psyche in some way. Sink into your depths. The illusion of control often keeps us from knowing our power. True power does not belong to us. It is an inexhaustible supply that belongs only to Source. Dismantle any illusion that power is granted through material or external means. Eliminate things within you that prevent your ability to tap into spiritual eternity.

Aquarius: I open my door to others.

This moon shines in your house of relationships, particularly one on one relationships. Romantic partners, best friends, and open enemies. In groups, we have a lot of opportunity to hide, shift, and adapt based on who is present and where the attention is spreading. When it’s just a two-way street, there is less freedom of movement. This moon will ask you to melt out of your mind and into your heart. You may be beginning a new primary relationship or reinventing one you’ve held. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and our partnerships is to prioritize affection. Even if you are in the midst of a needed separation, see yourself and the other person as human, and extend a warm smile from within your being to the both of you.

Pisces: It’s time for rhythm.

This moon wants you to invest in the health of your physical body and daily routine, Pisces. It can be easy to dream and drift and let life carry you. But before you know it, it’s 4pm and you’ve only had coffee and toast. Pay close attention to your body’s signals. Breathe to connect body and mind. Ask your body what kind of rhythm it is needing. Organize your life at a pace that is organic to you. Diet and exercise schedules are key to this – but it could look like any ritual that you choose to perform with regularity, such as having tea at a certain time of day or only checking social media once in the afternoon. A great moon to set intentions and create recipes for physical healing.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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