FULL MOON in Pisces ~ August 26, 2018 ~ Theme: Magic & Manifestation

The Full Moon in Pisces on August 26, 2018 (4:56amPST) is made of magic and mundanity.

Come back down to Earth. After a long summer ripe with eclipses and retrogrades, the excess we’ve accumulated in the heat of change begins to settle and process. A welcome time of lessening, of refinement. We run the vivid colors of our lives through a sieve.

Experiences must be digested. Utilized. Broken down into substances and information that can be of use.

A chill touches the air. It contains the smell of harvest. Warm and wet co-mingle, foretelling of decay and longing that inevitably re-cycle the impulse of life.

What is ready to fall off the vine? What will disperse on the subtle currents of flowing air? What will assimilate and further break down in favor of integration? What will we effortlessly release? What will remain and become intrinsic?

How do we make use of all we experienced? What will sustain us in the coming cold?

Life – and death – are digestion.

This moon is reverie and reverence. A fanciful ritual of sorting. Harness your magic; make plans for manifestation.

There is a grand Earth trine in the sky now. It’s made of the Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Earth trines are for grounding and making things real. Take stock of what is, especially in your material world. Recognize what lands in your life are most fertile, and what needs more fertilizing. Affirm what you have. Emphasize where you are most capable and skillful. Realize what you desire to shape into form. The past and the future don’t have to be a leap or a break apart – they can seamlessly support each other. It will take effort, but the evolution is as natural and organic as seeds taking root and eventually sprouting.

The Earth trine is part of a kite formation which points to the Full Moon in Pisces. These are not just any plans for manifestation – they are about your highest dreams, longings, ideals, and spiritual aspirations. If absolutely anything were possible, what would you set about to create? What would you foster in yourself and the world? If life was fulfilling your dreams, what would it look like? How can we infuse our dreams into the most mundane of moments?

Look for the ways your everyday reality can be more infused with prayer and inspiration. Look for the ways your dreams and inspirations can get anchored into a daily schedule.

Earth and all things made and shaped are containers to foster heaven. Dreams and inspirations need rooms and beds to sleep in. Heaven is not just in the sky or realms imaginal. It is at our fingertips. Heaven can be made of how we live on Earth.

The smallest, most inconsequential details are infused with the heights of the holy.

“Buttering the sky”
by Hafiz (Translation by Daniel Ladinsky)

On my shoes,
Boiling water,
Toasting bread,
Buttering the sky:
That should be enough contact
With God in one day
To make anyone

This Moon invites us to find the sacred in the profane. To tune into the subtle and access our spiritual faculties. To become present, and allow life and death to flow through us with ease. To ask for gentle redemption.

This is our time to bring conclusion to whatever’s been eclipsed in the last 6 weeks. The eclipse season created a lot of over-emphasis on the personal and egoic. To set things right, release the over-personal as well as the impersonal. Tune into the universal. Surrender anxieties and let go of whatever we could not fix. Turn it over to a greater power.

Mercury is now direct, giving a green light to communications, decisions, and contracts.

Mars in Capricorn is stationing direct as well, concluding its retrograde cycle which began 2 months ago. Acknowledge yourself for what has been released and worked out since then. Our sights and behaviors can now be set on the goals that are authentically meant for us at this time. By early-October we will be setting foot on new territory and moving full steam ahead.

For now, accept what needs accepting, trust in change, and forgive what needs forgiving.

Let forgiveness be a balm. Dissolve judgments to compassion. Make compassion your medicine. Allow meditation to bring freedom from mental bonds.

Give form to the formless and allow the formless to take shape. Allow yourself to access inner quietude and be spiritually guided.

Healing is natural. It is the organic result of accepting what is, and practicing unconditional love. Welcome this moon of purification. Be cleansed by its tenderness.

Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I release, exhale, let go.

You can often be found holding a torch, leading the way. You’ve been working hard on forging ahead to make a new kind of space for yourself in this world. This moon encourages you to take rest, Aries. Caught between busy times, it would be best if you could find a moment of respite. Sometimes we just need to let go. Relax. Retreat. Forget worldly pursuits for now. Unwind into otherworldly states. Allow things to naturally and effortlessly find their conclusion. Opt to use less physical effort. Under the light of this moon, cure your vulnerabilities by closing your eyes and riding subtle waves of spiritual energy.

Taurus: I gather friends who foster forward movement.

There is a lot of energy for you out in the world right now, Taurus. You are growing exponentially these days, in large part because of your personal relationships. Expand your social sphere. There are hopes and dreams for the future that need tending. Those seeds will best be watered by your networks, your communities, your supporters. You are preparing to move forward with some public and professional goals. Ready yourself for a burst of creation. Rally the allies that will stand behind your work. Find your place within community.

Gemini: I heal further into pure potential.

What if you don’t have a purpose? What if instead of meeting some purpose, your task is to fulfill your potential? You’ve been expanding, Gemini. Your visions can take you further, higher, and into realms not yet traversed. Are you willing to go places you’ve not yet gone before? What are some areas of self and life where you feel untapped potential? This moon has you leaning into limelight. Allow yourself to be seen. Expose your expertise. Rhythms and routines support your growth, so choose containers for your time and energy that promote wellness and lend to success.

Cancer: I choose more.

This moon could be a catapult for you if you let it, Cancer. You often feel comfortable in zones of safety and familiarity. Those environments can nourish you, but they can also pre-determine habits and thought patterns that eventually create stagnation. What are some of the most common limiting thoughts and beliefs that crop up each day? Write them down and burn them; offer them up. Replace them with beliefs that feel more positive, expansive, and true to your spirit. This moon asks you to stretch further beyond what you know. Get outside. Breathe fresh air. Open your eyes. Travel somewhere yet unexplored. Stretch your perceptions. Have faith, take a risk, and lean into trust and your power of belief.

Leo: I invest in the unknown.

We are constantly living on the edge, whether it feels like that or not. Residing beside us throughout life are constant companions: change, and the unknown. This moon highlights their presence. It is a blindfold. In the darkness, and whenever you are unable to see what comes next, heighten your extra senses. Anchor further into your body. Identify your support. What offers you the most stability in life these days? What foundations are most enduring? Recognize and affirm the supports you have, and re-dedicate yourself to embracing the mysteries of now and next.

Virgo: I negotiate and relate.

This moon has you coming into contact with others, Virgo. Take stock of who it is that you’ll be working with in coming times. You might choose to end or adjust some relationships and prioritize others. You may, instead, choose to remain in relationships but shift your tack. Are you relational behaviors working for you? How would you like relationships to improve? Release the ways you hold yourself in bondage with others. Ask for support and help if you need it. If you are holding judgment towards others, practice forgiveness and compassion. This moon highlights the love and sweetness in your life that come to you through others. Savor it, and let go of the rest.

Libra: I am Well.

Wellness, with a capital W. What brings wellness into your world, Libra? This moon asks you to look in the mirror and assess multiple dimensions of health. Notice where your sense of well-being feels strong and where it feels more vulnerable. How is the health of your physical body? Are you in quality relationships that support your emotional health? Mentally, are you reaching planes you’d like to reach? You have been working on building stability with finances and resources, and this is a great start to support Wellness on many other levels. Create the kind of joy that comes through the wealth of health.

Scorpio: I’m out here to have fun.

Let yourself loose, Scorpio. The recent eclipse season has been full of diving deep, embracing discomfort and exposure. We’ve been excavating. Once you dig the mines, you get to party with amazing crystals! Indulge yourself in straight fun. Enjoyment. Creative pleasure. You don’t have to go off the rails or choose destructive outlets of enjoyment. Focus on generative pursuits and meet your deep intrinsic need to shake things up and rock steady. Put some facepaint on, a leather skort and feather boa, something that signifies you came here to live it up.

Sagittarius: I tend my roots.

Ever the rambler, this moon highlights your homebase. After an expansion, there is a natural return. What’s your anchor these days, Sagittarius? How’s your inner world holding up? Your personal life? Your emotional base? It would serve you to gestate a bit, and come back to your spiritual center. What are your inspirations guiding you towards? There are some dreams hatching here that will take you higher soon in the outer world. Solidify them on the inner world first. Give them water. They will naturally grow upward in time.

Capricorn: I think things through.

Ever the cautious one, Capricorn. Sometimes too cautious to the point of resistance and holding self back. Look for a middle ground, the sweet spot of confident alignment. This moon is bringing a wind change, providing encouragement for slow and decisive action upcoming. There are some moves you are getting ready to make when it comes to your investments, values, and finances. You may have experienced some delays here the past couple of months. Now things are beginning to work themselves out. Take care of loose ends, errands, and essential messages under this moon. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.

Aquarius: I share in kind.

These last few months have brought many opportunities for self-definition, Aquarius. You have had to stand up on behalf of yourself and your ideas. Keep your authenticity, and lay down your sword. If your values and ideas are aligned with truth, they will be spiritually protected. There is a deep need within you to live your values not just in mind, but also in action. This moon highlights your comfort zone – particularly when it comes to resources and what you choose to share with others. Do you have what you need? Do you have more than what you need? Are you feeling drawn to isolate with your resources or share them in common?

Pisces: I send waves of love to myself.

Have you forgiven yourself lately, Pisces? Wherever you are in life, use this moon to send yourself loving kindness. What are you ready to forgive yourself for? On this moon, take yourself into a transcendental state. Go to a realm without conditions. A mystical place of oneness, allness, and no-thingness all at once. Time doesn’t exist here. You might do this through music, art, retreat, wandering alone in nature, playing in a body of water. Wring yourself out into the mystic. You are love. Everything is love, forever, and time and space are both illusions.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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