FULL MOON in Aquarius ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ July 27 ~ Theme: WAKING UP

The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 27, 2018, is also a Total Lunar Eclipse; the longest-lasting Lunar Eclipse in the span of a century.

In places where the eclipse is visible, la luna becomes a blood moon, glazed burnt orange-red in the shadow of the Earth.

We know full moons are powerful. In Buddhist tradition, it is said that lunar eclipses are 700,000-times more powerful than a typical full moon! The winds of change are blowing.

The last New Moon Solar Eclipse had palpable effect. It is normal to feel extra emotional and high-strung during eclipse season, as they are portals of significant and irreversible change. Learn all about the current eclipse season and best ways to cope, thrive, and utilize its energies in this online workshop by Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg, $28USD. Includes journal questions and ritual recommendations for guidance.

The feeling of this moon is much different from the last. Last moon was for letting go and facing painful shadows. This moon is for Waking Up and launching into new dimensions! Time jump. Fly into the future.

“Eclipse” comes from a word meaning “to leave.” Someone or something might leave your life. Honor it, thank it, and elevate into the direction of your next calling. This is not simply a moon of random changes – it is your invitation to make needed change. What is no longer worth your support? Where does your life need revolutionizing? What can you implement immediately to upend stagnation and replace it with something fresh? What does your future self want you to do, want you to be? Here’s a journey to meet your future self meditation to help you get in touch with the heart of these inquiries.

This is an activating moon, an irresistible and awkward time of unrest. Not a moon for compliance or “civility,” the weird happenings of this moon encourage dissent. Heresy. Challenge the status quo. Question what needs questioning. Rebel. Resist.

This eclipse is particularly touchy, aggressive, and possibly even cruel. Anger and objection can arise. Surprises, impulsive action, reactions, and accidents can color the landscape.

Make the most of your agency. Rather than fueling competition, defy additional disruption. Go S-L-O-W. Drive the vehicle of your life defensively. If you’re feeling tight or edgy, look for an opening. Make space.

Underneath anger could be a restless anxiety. It could also be a strong, stirring truth. Anger can be like a flame, illuminating and clarifying what is really needed and wanted in a situation. The truth in rage can fuel the emergence of true desire. What is really wanted? Connect with your truth’s accomplices.

This eclipse may make us feel the need to assert our opinions and defend our hearts. Your heart may feel like it is under attack. It can show us places where we go cold. Where we exile ourselves from others inside an ivory tower of analysis. Disagreement can feel sanctimonious as ideologies clash.

Defend what you hold most sacred, and treat the conflict as holy. How can this be a passageway to more love, more warmth, and more celebration?

Sometimes we come apart before we can join together. Our differences make us collaborative. Disunity and schism produce a creative tapestry of humanity. Take your love and affections to a higher place. Not everyone needs to agree in order to be together. We don’t always need to see eye-to-eye to love each other.

How can you embrace your heart more fully? How can you embody your sovereignty? What kind of changes are you beginning to make? What new dimension is calling you toward it, now? How can you make way for it to manifest?

Mercury turned retrograde just prior to this eclipse. Over-personal opinions and misunderstandings can pepper the emotional happenings of the time. Sometimes it’s hard to see outside ourselves. Pride can be a barrier.

When communications become too complicated, recognize that it’s possible you aren’t hearing or being heard with accuracy. Try it again. Have the conversation more than once. Practice seeing and being seen.

Mercury retrograde is also an ideal time to gaze towards the past. In order to move forward, revisit unfinished stories and narratives. Celebrate where you have been, and open your arms and wings to where you’re going next.

New realms of being and behaving may be peculiar and unorthodox, untried, and just what is needed to give birth to what beckons us onward.

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Aries: I emphasize what I am creating.

This eclipse can cause a jolt in your community, your network, and your allies. It’s time to reinvent some relationships, and there could be some dispute. You may be cutting ties, or some folks may be cutting ties with you. Handle this with as much grace as you can muster. Y’all don’t see things in a manner that is compatible. Fortify yourself with the friendships that still feel viable and authentic to who you really are. Seek out new acquaintances that better fit your vision for connection. Your dreams and hopes for the future are changing radically. The social shifts that are happening can serve your process in reinventing those dreams. Bid old ties adieu and focus on what kind of life and community you want to build moving forward.

Taurus: I offer myself the recognition I deserve.

Your life path and the very structure of things is changing. This could impact the realms of profession and home significantly. Balance your focus between your work in the world and choosing to reinvest your energies on your inner life. Sometimes career can “eclipse” what really matters in our personal world. How far have you come with your work, your purpose? Recognize yourself for the accomplishments and achievements that matter most to you. How is the foundation of your life doing – your home and family environment, and your emotional state? Are your needs getting met? Cut back where you need to. This could mean ending circumstances relating to home/family or public appearance. It could also mean reinvesting yourself where it matters most.

Gemini: I open my mind further.

You are a lifelong learner, Gemini. With a natural wit and keen mind, one of your purposes here is to fulfill your mental capacities. This means always expanding your understanding and broadening your perspective, as well as honing your intrinsic gift of curiosity. This eclipse could have you considering school or a new path of learning. If you are a teacher, you may be considering what you will be teaching next and creating study plans. If you aren’t heading to a school of some kind, take time to read and discover areas of insight you feel inclined to explore. Create a curriculum for yourself. Read and write about your interests. Stop by a used bookstore and lose yourself for a bit. The topics that inform you most could fuel your career dreams for the future.

Cancer: I am resourceful.

You are not as fragile as you may sometimes feel, Cancer. You have a deep well of emotional resources to draw from. At times, life calls us to empty ourselves. To release in arenas where we are most attached – portions of life where letting go feels the hardest. We can do this, and be in the knowing that in releasing, we will also be renewed. What you let go of may be an ancestral tie, or the shape of something you have shared in an impactful relationship. Debts and money are in focus during this eclipse. You are asked to reinvest your heart and power in places that can be stable and supportive for you in the present and future. Permission to transform financial patterns that hold you back, and plant seeds of real security.

Leo: My partnerships uplift my identity.

One of the best things a partnership can do for you, Leo, is uplift your expression. Are you able to be yourself in your closest relations? Is there room for your brightest expression to take the stage? If not, identify what patterns tend to restrict that for you. You or your partner may harbor some fear about the grandiosity and brightness of your loving nature. This eclipse is a good time to notice any imbalances in your relationships, partnerships, and friendships. Has too much focus been landing on you and your personality? Could you offer your heart more generously to others instead? Recommit to the best, most loving version of you to take root and benefit all.

Virgo: I tend to myself now.

You can lose yourself in the busyness of things, Virgo. Balance your need to get things done with your deep need to rest and retreat for a bit. You know all too well that human bodies need rhythm in order to be fully supported. Your health might be talking to you. Consider balancing your regular rhythms with rejuvenation. Cut ties with activities that drain your energies. Our habits set us up for the types of experiences we have. Which habits would you like to reframe and reset? This eclipse would be a great time to dream up the schedule that is realistic, and would be most supportive for you. Also a great time to light candles, pray, and welcome the loving hands of a masseuse into your tissues. Take good care.

Libra: I move towards people who encourage my uniqueness.

People are important to you, Libra. Sometimes relationships can be so important that we can compromise our truths and our values in order to try to preserve them. We can hesitate to “rock the boat.” But this creates a sense of false peace – one that will easily become disturbed again in the future and threaten the integrity of our bonds. Don’t hide your light, or your authenticity, in order to try to save face for someone else in your life. Instead, cultivate connections with friends and community who encourage you to be more of who you really are. Ask some of your relations what they see in you. What makes you special? This eclipse wants you to embody more of your gifts, embracing how special you are and what you can make through your magic.

Scorpio: I come to completion with the past.

Some things in life can be released. Other things in life are carried. Sometimes indefinitely. Other times we wake up one day, and the weight of something we have known for a long time is suddenly, effortlessly, mysteriously, lifted. This eclipse can be like that. It highlights things that are ending in regards to your roots, your home, your family, your inner security and sense of belonging. It may mark a point of bringing long-held memories to closure. What gets put to rest now can support your success in the outer world. Turn your lens towards your profession, your career, and other ways you tend to contribute to the wider sphere of life.

Sagittarius: I emphasize listening.

We all want to be heard. A lot could be vying for your attention right now, Sagittarius. It is easy to get scattered when you are pulled in many directions. Focus your mind, streamline your communications, and practice becoming more present. Instead of waiting to speak, see how much you can listen to others. We often hear others through a filter of our own perspective. Your powers of perspective are particularly strong. Rather than become self-righteous, notice where different perspectives begin to dovetail into one another. Find patterns and points of synthesis. Connect the dots. Listen to the space between the words, and your understanding will become more whole.  

Capricorn: I evolve my values.

This eclipse is all about money for you, Capricorn. If not just money, it is about your resources and values. There could be outdated modes of thinking about money that need to be reinvented. This might mean becoming more collaborative in your spending and investing habits. Old ideas about worthiness could stand for revolution. If you took money out of the equation, what would you name to be the most worthy elements of your life? What do you value the most? Looking at this could inform how you reinvent your financial habits in the near future. Be willing to not-know. Be willing to step into the darkness and the mystery when it comes to expectations around resources. Sometimes in order to find out what’s most true for us, we simply need to release the stagnant and wait for reality to reveal itself further.

Aquarius: I focus on me and harmony.

This is your eclipse, Aquarius. How can you stand up for yourself and your beliefs and still remain open-hearted towards others? Take a look at how your mentality could be too rigid at times. Feel into your heart. Don’t be afraid to be different. The more you live your truth doesn’t equate to more self-isolation. Your best relationships let you be yourself. You don’t have to drop your opinions. Hold them with strength and vigor, and also use your love to invite people in. This eclipse is motivating and could be quite stirring within yourself. It will likely influence your relationships. Be active, root out inauthenticity, and let it all hang out. This is your way to more peace.

Pisces: I heal what I can’t see.

Your health could be talking to you, Pisces. Of all people, you likely understand that many physical ailments stem from psycho-emotional imbalances. Your body has everything it needs to heal itself naturally. Build a bridge between your psyche and your body. Give your physical form compassionate attention. Sit with it. This is a great time for deep meditation, somatic work, and therapy. Let yourself be alone to recharge and rest. Enter the richness of your inner world. Dream yourself awake to latent patterns that form misaligned patterns in your life. Let this be a releasing time that helps you to cultivate new patterns for health moving forward.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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