New Moon at 21° of Taurus, Tuesday May 11th, 2021 @ 12pm PST, 3pm EST ~ Theme: Enjoy The Moment

New Moon in Taurus 21° Tuesday May 11th, 2021

12pm PST, 3pm EST ~ Theme: Enjoy The Moment

By Andrea Dupuis

This week we have a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. The Moon loves to be in Taurus, it’s exaltation point. A place it feels at home, peaceful and comfortable.

This is one of the softer and sweetest New Moon’s of the year so take some time to enjoy before the intense Eclipse season begins at the end of May. 

Venus, the planet that rules Taurus, just ingresssed into Gemini the day before the New Moon. This shift means this New Moon will also have Gemini themes to it – communication, chatiness, and airy mental energy.

You can expect messages and lots of communication around this New Moon. 

A New Moon is the best time to set your intentions for the next lunar cycle related to Taurus themes. Taurus is connected to love, as it’s ruled by Venus, so love can be a big theme, along with 2nd house themes such as money and self worth. 

Taurus is connected to the archetype of the”Lover” and “Courtesan” these archetype’s are about pure pleasure and enjoyment. They are often depicted surrounded by fruit, plants, in full abundance. (See Symbolyn Card)

Those with a healthy Venus in their charts are able to stop and really connect with and enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. If our Venus is troubled with many hard aspects or poor dignity, we can have a harder time enjoying life overall. 

We can struggle to enjoy even the simple things like a nice cup of tea or sunny day. We can struggle to see the beauty all around us. 

The empowered archetype of The Lover shows us how to slow down, to take our time, to lavish in earthly delights. To see the beauty and love all around us. 

On the shadow side (each sign has a shadow and empowered side) we can over-indulge, be slothful, and follow enjoyment even at the cost of our financial wellbeing. 

Tune into the empowered Taurus energy this New Moon – the soft, sensual earthly energy and consider: 

How can I enjoy my life more? 

What is some pleasure I hold myself back from? 

If there was nothing to lose, what would my body and heart enjoy today? 

Spend some time on the New Moon in pure enjoyment, whether it’s being out in nature, enjoying a meal, reading a book, wearing soft clothes, whatever brings you unto pleasure, allow yourself to immerse in it. 

This will help us prepare for a very intense few months up ahead! Fill your cup now 🙂

This New Moon is also in a nice sextile aspect to Neptune, the planet that’s considered the higher octave of Venus. So this is a double lovely New Moon. Where Venus is earthly love, Neptune is divine love. We are being gifted a rare opportunity to connect to the love in our hearts deeper, to connect with universal love and to enjoy ourselves. 

Watch your dreams closely in the week before and after this New Moon, listen to any ‘downloads’ you get or any deep insights. The veil is thin, listen deeply. 

Jupiter enters it’s home sign of Pisces on May 14th, this is a lovely change from May to July. 

Who this New Moon impacts the most:

  • Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising
  • Taurus Sun, Moon, Rising
  • Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising

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Jupiter Moves into Pisces

DeAriesha Mack aka AstroDee 

The jubilant optimistic planet of Jupiter will enter into soft all-encompassing Pisces on May the 13th.

For the next three months, it will do salsa with the signs Pisces and Aquarius. Between the unseen and what’s evident to all.


June the 20th (still in Pisces) – BAM!! Jupiter needs a moment to recalibrate and goes Retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces. 


July the 28th -It will just barely head back, entering the Sign of Aquarius at 0 degrees

October 18th – Jupiter will go direct at 22  Degrees Aquarius and will finish its  final  lessons in this Sign 

December 28th – Jupiter will Enter Pisces again for the last time this year until May 11, 2022.

What does Jupiter do for us?

We look to the planet Jupiter to understand where it is. Our beliefs need to be adjusted to get where seeking to go in life. Before we answer the questions this planet generates, we must understand the concept of Hope and faith. Faith is about believing in the unseen or proven. Hope gives good faith to an idea for the future. The two can be unique and uplifting, yet when misdirected, a dangerous thing. 

When Jupiter changes signs, our ideologies as a whole tend to shift. Personally, the shift occurs according to a person’s life mission; as the Sign and House changes, so do one’s luck and opportunities. Later, I will go over how this shift will occur for each Sign.

Jupiter in Pisces (May 14 -July 28.  & Dec 28 – May 11, 2022)

There is a rise in the ability to forgive and have a more profound sense of compassion for others. Learning about the spirit world of magic will increase among many. Mystery schools shall rise, revealing knowledge that has been hidden or disappeared. 

Large amounts of people could receive spiritual growth and advancement through higher learning and adjusted beliefs about what is possible. Miracles are seen more often than usual. There’s potential for an increase of those involved in mysticism and rituals as well as homages or retreats. 

Even though Jupiter is a benefic planet, it still increases and exaggerates everything it touches. 

Just as there is an increase in psychics and psychic abilities, there could also be increased false prophets, specifically in religious communities. 

This would be a time to be extremely careful about what’s being learned and taught. Many will need to examine specifically who the true gurus are. In the early part of this Ingress, I find it interesting that it’s happening during a Mercury retrograde. Jupiter here with Neptune brings mass confusion. Neptune is also squaring with the sun while Mercury will be in retrograde, giving us a doozy.

It would be wise for one to do their best to keep their feet planted to the ground this summer as it could be a phenomenon for many. As Neptune rules the seas, water may rise around the world, and Floods be a result. There could be knowledge lost or go missing. More attention will go to the boats or fishing, or marine industries. 

It is advised during this time to keep a firm, strong grip on reality. It is essential to think big yet still have a strong sense of discernment. The opposite could occur where blessings come to those that have lost a lot during this pandemic. New teachings on spirituality will be uncovered as there will be many influential gurus in the making, spreading information and inspiring many.

Quick Notes for Jupiter’s Retrograde in June 2021

When Jupiter goes Retrograde In June, We will discover if we’ve indeed grown and how we’ve benefited since “the Great Awakening” period everyone crazed about a few months ago. It was a significant time as Saturn and Jupiter both appeared in the sky at 0 Aquarius. Have we truly been doing the work expanded ourselves since December 21st when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct entering Aquarius?

Many made big decisions around this period into January. Did we put the bulk of our faith in science and technology for the future of humankind? Or Did we put most of our faith in humanity as a whole? On a microscopic scale, an example would be a question like, “did you hire a robot for your business or a human?”

The results of one’s beliefs and actions will show during this period of reexamination. Readjustments will be made in those areas, so think back on that time for clues. Were those choices made in blind faith on technology or based on the facts from self-education? I won’t go much further on this as we will discuss this Retrograde more closer to the period.

How will it affect me personally?

This is a significant week for many people’s life timelines. We’ve just experienced on May 11th, the new moon in Taurus. Jupiter will be right around the corner, making a shift in particular areas for certain signs. Themes of where deep faith lies and otherworldly experiences will happen in specific Houses for each Sign. All will dissect the difference between spirituality and religion. Start with your Ascendant, then check your Sun and Moon sign.

How Jupiter in Pisces Will Impact you (look at Rising then Sun and Moon):



A common theme here for you more than most is the ability of out-of-body experiences. Interactions with those of another world beyond what you’ve experienced will also increase. It will be an excellent ride for those into this stuff, but for those who aren’t, I’d recommend doing as much as possible to ground one’s self to this plane as it may become overwhelming. For some, it may seem like your luck is nowhere to be found. It’s important to know elements are working behind the scenes in your favor. Thankfulness, no matter what you see going on, is key. Yes, it’s no big deal. You made it to the store but are you thankful? Who knows what accidents you dodged on your way there that you have no clue about? Jupiter will work in these ways as it heads to your 1st house, and some will reveal themselves. You could gain a new angle on the other side to help guide you in your dreams. There is help for you on the other side that is abundant. One may be tempted to sleep more, which is okay as you could learn a lot from your dreams. Being isolated in spiritual places or very far travels could also be a great benefit.



It’s time to get with the right people. Discernment of the company you keep is your theme. Keeping good company can bring you extreme gains, while keeping the wrong ones can bring significant losses. This is the test of time on who you truly believe is there for you. Are you delusional about who you’re placing your bets? Are you putting way too many eggs in a dirty basket with holes? Yet and still, there are Huge opportunities to connect with the right people that can help you achieve your hopes and dreams. one must tread lightly over these murky Pisces waters to build with the best groups for your purpose. You may find a friend in a. Spiritual guru. You could also find that your friend is becoming a spiritual guru, and you never knew. The high-minded spiritual types may be the best people to be around. Just make sure it’s not a sketchy false prophet cult group or something. On a good note, you can have way more friends than usual, and luck coming to your greatest wishes for your future.



I must say, on a personal level, this was such a significant fabulous time in my life. It wasn’t easy, but I watched Jupiter leave the 9th, giving wisdom that would be applied to my career elevation in the 10th. There is a potential for a significant change or rise in the career sector. Achievement comes through great faith and educating oneself self on what promotes one’s career. If you can maintain self-control and choose what’s best without being greedy, success could come to your reputation as well as receiving promotions. Keep in mind if you overdo it or have blind faith in a career that has not been serving you, Jupiter will cast it out and bring significant losses. It is still a benefic planet, so it can also help prevent a consequential loss rather than create a considerable gain. Sometimes it’s better to not take an “L” (loss) and just maintain rather than get a big win. Show more compassion to the masses with discernment, and it will take you far this year.



Is there more to learn, and who should I learn it? This is the theme for Cancer this period. It’s time to find your spiritual guru, but you may have to sift through some imposters to get there. Take caution to anyone coming to your life claiming to be your savior or a savior for others. Your opportunities come through traveling and education. You can have an expansion of knowledge on your magic that will help your reputation grow. Jupiter will enter your 10th in May 2022. The most vital point is taking care of what exactly you are learning. Pisces could cause confusion and undoing to one’s foundational beliefs in themselves they’ve gained over the years. It is recommended for you to Believe in what is proven true and what rings true to your spirit. Use grounding meditations and intuition to decide what’s the best educational path for you. Going back to school or taking a course on the RIGHT subject can bring enormous success for you.



Who’s is appropriate to take from, and how much should I take? This will be a question you’ll often ask with Jupiter in this sector, Leo. Your most considerable gifts will come from other people.  Your discernment will need to come in when enough is enough. Taking too much from the wrong source can bring losses in other areas of one’s life. There’s an excellent opportunity to find a prominent investor for any business or those seeking higher education. Funding for learning can come and be saved for when Jupiter goes into your 9th house. Loans may be easier to get now as there is luck on your side concerning the finances of others. Be sure to get the amount you need but take what is required. Choose your lender or investor wisely as significant debts come if not. Healing to the psyche and painful traumas are available.  More intimacy is added to your life as sex opportunities can increase. When you share with others appropriately, your abundance will come. 



How and who’s, is the best connection bring the most to your life? Jupiter wants to cut out what you don’t need and brings you the most opportunity in a partnership. Some may have a lot of suitors to choose from. The condition of Jupiter in the personal chart will show just how big this will grow. Some could be promising you the world with nothing to offer later. They could also be a dream come true, offering all you’ve wished. Your Sign must take great caution in choosing who to partner with because Neptune is also there with Jupiter in Pisces. It may become confusing just who you should choose, and one may end up choosing the wrong person or one they were not intending. Previous Partners may become gurus, and one may seek to partner with a guru teacher type. 

The obvious of this placement, I must not forget to mention, is the opportunity for luck in marriage also increases.  Some may get married or meet their marriage partners during this period. If one uses their discernment to choose the right partner, they could find someone who brings them good fortune. There could be a rise in your popularity or one on one connections going if one has clients. As there will be an influx, choose wisely; many times, hanging out with one bad apple can make you lose the gang of potential that wanted to be around you. One bad association can be costly to a large degree with this placement. 



How much is too much to push to get things done is a question you’ll frequently be asking yourself.

I hope you all had a lovely time when Jupiter was in your 5th, increasing the opportunities for festive activities. It was good to have used the time wisely. Health problems could increase if one were overdoing the parties. For others, they will see improvements in existing poor health conditions. Getting involved in water aerobics or some time of water fitness could be an excellent way to welcome Jupiter’s luck into your health sector. Not to push it would be the most extensive advice here. Choose the best way to pace yourself on any health or healing regimen. There’s a rise in employees for those with their own business but be sure to vet each one to make sure they are not exaggerating their claims of expertise. If you’ve been out of work a long time, then here is your chance to seize something worthwhile. Look to water industries or any honest spiritual work that can help teach or uplift people. Just make sure your clear about precisely what you’ll be doing.



How much is too much of a good time? This is a highly beneficial placement for Jupiter. A lot could come out of it if you pace yourself and not let yourself get overwhelmed. Those seeking to date more will have the opportunity to have many choices. This doesn’t mean all of them will be the most notable dates. However, there could just be a lot.  Children could be coming into your life from another, or one could want more childlike freedom in their creativity. Creatives will love this placement as Pisces will add to the imagination in incredible ways. Artists with this placement can create works beyond their dreams. Create as much as one can because the benefits will be great. Some of you will be making children in this world. If your seeking to get pregnant, the chances are high. The same goes if you don’t want to get pregnant so, wrap it up and choose your partners wisely. There’s such thing as a safe, good time.



How much space do I need to be comfortable?

You’ll be feeling the need to expand where you consider comfort. Moving into a bigger space will feel good. I would recommend it being by the water, but this would depend on Neptune within the birth chart. The opportunity to live by the vast amount of water increases. Getting flood insurance is an excellent idea if one owns a home in areas that flood. Many people may want to come over, or you’ll feel more comfortable having a lot of people at your home. Hold spiritual events or meditation groups from home could increase. Taking caution when many people are in the home is a theme. The thing could become lost, not saying they stole it, but they could misplace things. There is luck and Hope if one is seeking to increase their family or have a bigger space. Here there is lots of compassion and healing of familial wounds as well. this can be beautiful for broken families seeking reconciliation



Am I speaking my sincere beliefs too much, and are they correct?

Here you have truth in your heart that you must get out on a wide scale. You have much to teach people through mass media. The ability to reach a large number of people now increases. Taking care not to overdo and spread fluff is something to consider. Your words may become like that of a spiritual guru to many. Do not become a Jim jones, please Capricorn. You also have Pluto in your Sign; so much of what you say holds tremendous weight and power right now. You’ll be speaking more on the spiritual world, and it may not make sense to many people. It may not make sense because it simply doesn’t make sense. In other cases, it may not make sense because you’ve reached so far high into the heavens for your message it is difficult for the non-spiritual types to receive. Cross your Ts and dot your, Is. Many of You will be traveling in your local area a lot or affecting your local community in a big way. Your cousins may have a lot to teach you as one could become a guru to your surprise.  It could also be your cousin thinking their Jesus and losing their mind. Either way, pay attention to them with compassion.



Where am i gaining or loosing in my finances and self worth? Jupiter could bring more wealth to the money your earning but even.more so to the value you have for yourself. Earn substantial income starts with how ones sees their value. Do you have delusions about your worth wondering why your getting less than you feel you deserve? Some could be experiencing the opposite where they’ve been undervaluing themselves for far too long and will finally seem rewards. Some of my Aquarius will be reaching new tax brackets. If one does not overestimate the value they give or what they’re capable of giving they reach great peaks in finances. Luck and large income can come from foreign enterprises and learning about foreign currencies. Opening a non profit using the proper wisdom and discernment could benefit those in need. Either way get ready for an increase in the income and to pay attention to where it flows. An increase in belief in your ability to gain more wealth in your life due to a high value put on your resource and how you provide them.



How big can I get, and what will make my life grow?

Jupiter is in your Sign, making you all the focus of much of this transit. Your life will speak to much of what was discussed in general about this transit. This year you’re the Jupiter in Pisces poster person. Your life has much to teach as you can become a spiritual teacher yourself. It’s important not to let it go to your head if others may project you as a god or goddess to them. Use discernment in how big you see yourself not to have pitfalls. One may want to increase their size for some reason. I always say when Jupiter comes here to work on gaining muscles. This gain will appease the energy of Jupiter, wanting you bigger. Feel free to be able to increase your presence walking into a room. It’s okay to spread out this year as you could be a great source of luck and optimism for everyone around you. You “Got the glow” Pisces Like Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon. Use your expansion for higher education and take care not to get too full on the high of compliments. It is lovely you can now take upon the advantages that seemed hidden when Jupiter was in your 12th

They were watching and now bestowing gifts on your physical being. Good health is also associated with this time.

Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign and Moon sign): 

If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart.

Enter your info… and you’ll get a chart. (Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it): 

The one on the right with letters ‘ASC’ is your Rising Sign, so look at that first, followed by your Moon Sign: ☽ and your Sun Sign:

Rising, Moon and Sun Signs, areas this Moon and Saturn will impact you (Check your Rising first): 

New Moon in Taurus Ritual

  1. Cleanse and purify your space by burning rosemary, bayleaf, cedar, sage or any herbs related to your heritage.
  2. Sit quietly in meditation for 10-15mins, or do the Rising Woman Inner Child Meditation (download available in the RW bio).
  3. Ask yourself the New Moon contemplations or simply “What intentions can I set for this lunar cycle?”
  4. Write down images, ideas and clarity that comes through.
  5. Pull tarot or oracle cards asking “What can help me achieve these intentions?”
  6. Close your ritual space with prayer, gratitude, whatever has you feel complete.
  7. Note – don’t take actions on your intentions until the Moon is visible again 2-3 days after the New Moon.
Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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