Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 Degrees Sagittarius – May 26, 2021 @ 4:18am PST/7:18 EST – Theme: A Hopeful Red Moon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° of Sagittarius – May 26, 2021 @ 4:18am PST/7:18 EST

By: by DeAriesha Mack aka Astrodeestars

Theme: A Hopeful Red Moon

An eclipse is known as a Full Moon on steroids. It’s the culmination of Full Moons and life paths that reveal fated events and intense feelings. The drive that comes with these moons tends to put us back on track or our destined paths.  I discussed in my book ABC’s of astrology how Eclipses realign us with our destiny at times.

For this reason, we meditate on our emotions and write down what we no longer want to deal with for the upcoming year from now. The total eliminator is a good name, I think, for this moon, being that it’s the grandiose Sagittarius. We are ridding ourselves of toxins on a big scale. Toxic beliefs will show their ugly consequences. 

An eclipse is when a moment in the sky when the moon Is opposing the Sun, and the Earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon. Since we deal with lunar activities, this is felt in the psyche’s deeply emotional, reflective state.

How is the work you have or have not been doing showing up? This full eclipse Sag moon will make it very clear if it has not been clear to you.

In my previous article discussing Jupiter in Pisces, one of the most significant points dissected was where we put our faith in and how much we go overboard with them. For many during the eclipse, they will see how faith can truly work in their lives. Many are abandoning their religious beliefs, while some are taking on new dogmas. 

A culmination of thoughts, feelings, and actions coming to a surface with more prominent force. Their capacity to believe and have great compassion is reflected with Jupiter in Pisces and this Full moon being in the sign Jupiter rules, Sagittarius. 

On a superficial level, this moon can allow people who haven’t traveled for a long time see imposed restrictions lifted. On a simple level feeling accessible to the world and able to make moves is the vibe. In some places, the opposite is happening where freedoms and hope are being shut down.  

There is always a balance in Astrology, while I love to speak on everything positive always know there are two sides to a coin. Know that the greys in-between the black and white scale of color is just as valuable. The best way to navigate is to learn and understand how you have been limiting yourself. Here you can ask yourself what forms of emotional suppression need to end in your life?

With this load or stellium of planets and a North node all being in Gemini, this is opposing the Full Moon’s energy in Sagittarius. This combination shows there is the push for a mutable energy changeable energy on a collective level. We must learn to adapt to the rapid flow of change right now. 

For us to be flexible and adaptable on this Full Moon eclipse, we must have faith in our ability to grow as a collective. Some are still afraid to leave their houses, while others are galloping about free in the streets and getting back to traveling the world.

Flexibility and adaptability must be worked on for the highest good. This is one of the softest Full Moons that we’ve had in a while in 2021. With Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, a lighter tone for many is being felt; Sagittarius wants us to hope for the future while Jupiter’s entry into Pisces expands the need for a more profound belief system. Many know that Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. Even though Jupiter is squaring the moon, many benefic qualities can come of this for the moon if one does not overdo it.

Remaining with high hopes but with a sense of realism as planets are hanging out in Gemini can create lots of gossip and confusion… Mercury goes Retrograde on the 29th, and we are in its shadow. I like to call the Shadow period when mercury is getting ready for bed. The planet Neptune throws gas on this fire, Squaring with Mercury. Letters get lost, communication isn’t understood, things become missing or distorted. 

This moon, I’m sure, wants me to remain optimistic and just say how imperative it is that we re-read what we sign and take a better examination at our thoughts and philosophies on things we hold dear. Research any information we’ve been putting our faith in because there is some trickery in the air. Everything is not about what happens but how we handle what happened. Lean on Gemini’s light-heartedness to and go with the flow. 

Eclipses bring surprises and reactions that change our lives on an internal level… The elevation is here for those that have been doing the work. With the Sun in Gemini, one can have pride in your dual nature. Yet with the Full Moon, be open to seek education in different forms and Avoid those that exude a simple close-minded bigotry as these are the lower manifestations of what’s in the air.

The eclipse can have a grand effect of 6 to 10 months to blossom. Here is a breakdown for each sign. You can read here for first your Ascendant/Rising sign, then sun and moon sign.

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Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° of Sagittarius, May 26 2021 4:18am PST ~ Theme: Reflecting on the Past 6 Months

By Andrea Dupuis

This week we have a profound Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in East Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and North and South America. When an eclipse is visible to us we feel the impacts the deepest. So if you’re in these areas you’ll feel it the most. 

The themes of this eclipse are similar to the one in December 2020, as it takes place again on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis.

Reflect on the past 6 months, what has changed in your life? What have you learned? What has stayed the same? What needs to change? 

Both Sagittarius & Gemini are ‘Mutable’ signs. Mutable energy is chaotic, changeable and flexible in mind and thinking. Keep your mind agile, and be careful not to make any firm solid decisions this week. Be gentle with yourself, go inward, and don’t let your mind and thoughts overtake you. 

Eclipses carry an energy of instability similar to mutable energy, so the days around an eclipse can feel unnerving, chaotic and exciting – depending if you’re comfortable with the ever changing vibe. It’s normal to feel confused, ungrounded, sleepy, irritable and mentally agitated around eclipse time.

However, many of us LOVE the fun and exciting eclipse energy and enjoy riding the flow of new possibilities. We are each so unique, so feel into it for yourself! 

Big life changes can occur this week especially for those who have the eclipse hit personal points in their chart. The changes depend on so many factors, like where the eclipse occurs in your chart and its connection to personal planets. Generally these signs will feel it the most:

  • Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising
  • Gemini Sun, Moon and Rising

Eclipse Journaling Prompts:

What has occurred in the past 6 months for you? How are you different? How is life different? What beliefs have changed for you? What are you most looking forward to in the big picture of your life?


Eclipses aren’t the best time to set intentions or do release ceremonies. It’s best to rest, meditate and go inward. Wait to sign contracts, have heavy conversations or make firm commitments until a few weeks post eclipse. 

In ancient astrology, eclipses were very feared and people were warned not to venture out, get married, or do much around the eclipse times. It can feel like a deeply spiritual time where the veil is thin, insights are strong and intuition is heightened. 

They are one of the most profound events we experience on earth. Looking back throughout history, and even in our own lives we can see big events and changes occur around eclipse season. 

Understanding the lessons of the Sagittarius/Gemini axis helps us to better grasp the themes related to this eclipse season. 

Gemini is about our local life, community, minds, connection and conversation. Sagittarius is about travel, foreign ideas, spiritual concepts, freedom and inspiration.  Gemini is about the details, Sagittarius is about the big picture. 

With an eclipse in Sagittarius, it’s best to focus your energy on Gemini themes to balance out the intensity – on your local community, on communication and, getting your details in order, business, and working with your mind. 

A lot will change in the next few weeks as we move toward the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. We’ll see a shift in moving out of our local world and out into the bigger world. From small details to the bigger picture. 

Expect travel to increase this summer when these axis points are hit by the eclipses as this axis is heavily related to travel (Sagittarius), vs staying home (Gemini). 

Dates of upcoming eclipses: 

  • Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021 5 Degrees of Sagittarius 
  • Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021 19 Degrees of Gemini 
  • Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2021 27 degrees of Taurus 
  • Solar Eclipse December 3, 2021 12 Degrees of Sagittarius

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How does this Eclipse impact you directly? Look at your Rising Sign, then Moon Sign then Sun Sign.

Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign) and Moon if you don’t know yours: 

If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart here: 


Enter your info… and you’ll get a chart. (Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it): 

The one on the right with letters ‘ASC’ is your Rising Sign, so look at that first, followed by your Moon Sign: ☽ and your Sun Sign:

By AstroDee


ARIES: Suppose you haven’t been able to travel. Now more opportunities become available to do better in school. Some of you are going back to school or can now continue a new study with a more open mind. Some decided to come home from long trips or end educational studies. Take what comes as a positive omen. It’s time to make room for what’s necessary.  Some will be excited about being able to see foreign lands again.



TAURUS: It may be time to let go of beliefs you’ve been sharing with another. Some can see the results of high hope investments made either emotionally or financially with another. A loan you could have been waiting for could come through. It’s essential to keep a heightened sense of morality but not to play the fool. Be sure to share whatever load or gifts that may come wisely.



GEMINI: If you’re in a relationship or situationship you’ve been enduring for a long time, if the legs are not strong, this eclipse could break it down like a crappy table. This will start as a stirring inside and will later come out in the month ahead. It’s important to take notes on how your partnerships are going. There may be changes in their mindset that need to occur within you in order for you to move forward.


CANCER: Health issues could come to your awareness now more than ever. Some can see massive healing within themselves from previous work being done. Positive news could come about ways to get healthier or be freed from restrictions from an illness. Your feelings about your everyday activities could change as you are now ready for a new adventure and a fresh start on living. Take baby steps, and there’s a temptation to dive in headfirst and overdo it. This can be an abundant time if you’ve been out of work or seeking to go back to work.



LEO: There could be new romantic opportunities coming; however, before this, one must let go of old issues, or an old relationship may have to be released from the psyche. Endings in love can occur, but it’s best to do so with a higher-minded belief about the situation in the end. Creative projects one has been working on over the months will give fated results. Some will be meeting new children or accepting new forms of play in their lives. It’s time to have fun again Leo, just be careful to know your limits. Take your time with romantic endeavors , as you may need to get more precise about things first before jumping into anything new too quickly.


VIRGO: A home situation has been bubbling, and it’s time to finally be let out to relieve the tension. Some members could be leaving home. Or you could finally be closing on a deal that gets you your place. Be very careful—your clear about where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Deep inner transformations could come as you seek to expand the space you take up. It could be time to get ready to move to a different country or a larger area if that’s been on your mind for a while. The opportunity to begin the planning can come up. Spend particular time with your mom as she could be going through significant changes this eclipse.


LIBRA: You have many powerful things to say, so speak up this time as you can remold stagnate beliefs many have. A SITUATION comes up that makes you reassess the things you’ve been saying to yourself. It’s time to say positive words of affirmation daily. Self-talk has powerful effects on you, and so does the culmination of it overtimes. Media may shock you and bring you news you’ve been slowly seeing reveal itself.  The way you move about in your local area may take a change as you begin to see your neighborhood differently.



SCORPIO: It’s time to value your sense of morality. The money you earn takes a different turn. Opportunities could come for big financial gains. If you’ve been playing your cards right, a sudden increase in finances and earning can happen. for those that have not been earning with integrity, they’ll experience falls from grace could come. It’s time to level up and learn the lessons on what is valuable in your life.


SAGITTARIUS: A feeling of stepping into a new zone is upon you, Sagittarius. Your life is under the spotlight of the moon during this eclipse. Significant themes of your life will drastically change as the months unfold. All areas of life will end in some way too. Make room for what is new but an emotional dumping must happen first as things fade so that you can get back in proper alignment. Get ready for a new adventure be sure to have faith in your steps. But be careful to not have too much faith in what people say if it does not ring in your spirit.


CAPRICORN: Sleep may be rough on you these next few months, or it may be hard to sleep with all the new insights that could be coming to you from other worlds through the dream process. Ancestors are active here and may have something powerful to reveal to you that may have been unknown otherwise. They may close attention to the dreams over the next few months as they will give answers on where to place your bets. This is the best pave to go to avoid the confusing messages that will. Come within the mundane world. If you’ve been undoing yourself through a situation, it will reveal itself, and you’ll be able to get back on the right track to rebuilding. 


AQUARIUS: Friends may need to leave the circle, and some doors may have to. Close as new affiliations will be sought after. You’ll begin changing your feelings toward a friend or group you belong to. You may have more hope and optimism about where things are headed or the total opposite and see that things need to end. Either way, a light is shined on who you consider a part of your circle, and it is important too. Look and adjust one’s beliefs about them according to what is revealed to you. If a friend is acting immoral towards another, do not stick around watching because you will be next. Better friends are coming your way, bringing significant gains in the future.


PISCES: If you’ve been working hard towards a long-term career goal, there is a change in the opportunities to expand what you do in this world. This expansion must be done with wisdom and moderation. The temptation to go overboard and take on more than one can chew is there with Mercury Retro and Neptune’s confusion. Immoral acts may show the results of a tarnished reputation. On another side, Pisces people that have been moving with integrity with high-minded intentions will see this as an elevation to their reputation. Traveling could be a part of the workflow. 

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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