NEW MOON ~ in Aries Astrology Report ~ April 16, 2018

Photography by Dean Raphael

This Moon is a harbinger of change. A spark of revolution. A wake up call to New Life.

We’re living on the edge. Consider this your starting gate. This is the tabula rasa of moons; a clean slate. Beginner’s mind.

New Moons are always new beginnings, and Aries is the sign of fresh starts. After a dark winter of gestation, baby shoots and buds spring forth from Earth with vigor, pulsing with the unequivocal desire to live.

The Sun and Moon meet at 26 degrees Aries, a place of ascension. A home to the exalted Self. The courageous rising of your truest identity.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold” (Lynda Hill).

The gifts of life are many. This New Moon is a good time to count them and give them gratitude. Consider your challenges among these gifts. Consider your talents. Consider, and name, the blessings in potentiality. What, next, might be? What might you become? What joyful surprises could emerge? Be illuminated by the light of possibility.

This New Moon is Conjunct Uranus: The Divine Liberator

For the last couple of weeks, we have been feeling a pressure. Sensing a call to rise, yet also facing what inhibits us from our own emergence. Struggling against our impediments. When the pressure of what binds us becomes too great, our only choice is to break free.

This Moon joins Uranus, the cosmic upsetter. The planetary dissenter of status quo.

The job of Uranus is to break chains, to reinvent conditions, to revolutionize and launch us instantaneously into the future.

This Moon brings irresistible changes. Shifts in favor of freedom. Revelations that uplift and strengthen the soul.

How do we get free? We awaken to truth.

Truth sets us free.

The twists and turns that unfold on this moon are an invitation to see and be more of the truth. Who and what we really are.

The truths that emerge on this Moon may seem selfish. They may demand our courage, our passions and pleasures to take lead. The beauty of it is, if each person honors their authentic self and desires, there is a greater chance of deep harmony and peace. False peace – the politics we hold against our own inner honesty – will be disrupted. Replace it with allegiance to what you know within your bones.

Uranus moves out of Aries next month, making this Moon’s conjunction to the planet even more significant – like a last hurrah celebrating a seven-year journey. Uranus has been transiting Aries since March 2011, revolutionizing the self. Within that time, what have we learned about who we are and what we want? This month holds instructions to take a stand for ourselves and elevate to the next level.

Call in your future self to be present in the now.

Mars, the Planet of Will, Rules this Moon

Mars rules how we direct energy; our actions. Since the end of March, Mars has been rolling through tough territory, slowing us down and asking us to reassess our energies and get aligned with what is most important. Until the next Full Moon, we will be dancing with shadows. As Mars approaches Pluto, we will be feeling some of our deeper impulses and unconscious motivations, and asked to purge ourselves of what no longer serves.

Right around the time of this New Moon, Mercury in Aries is stationing direct, meaning its recent mercury retrograde period is coming to an end. Another green light for making decisions and embarking on projects! But until the Full Moon, let your considerations be cautious and careful. With every embarkment, think longterm.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, is also changing signs soon after this Moon. It has been transiting Pisces since April 2010.

Since then, the masses have been on a journey of spiritual exploration and integration. Enlightenment and delusion linger as close cousins. As Chiron moves into Aries on April 17th, we will be healing into our warrior path – discovering what we are willing to fight for and blazing new trails.

To sum it up, this Moon is a firecracker. A radiant beginning. The first page of a significant new story.

Warriors, Sheros and Accomplices, Arise. Champion your cause.

Be true to yourself and what you stand for. Adapt, and embrace the irresistible facts of life: desire and change.

Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I am the New Beginning.

Aries, this is your Moon! The last Full Moon required balance and negotiation. But this Moon is all about you, yourself, and you. You have been working on growing yourself up. Overcoming obstacles so you can fulfill your aspirations. You are coming into a new age of leadership. Stand absolutely within yourself and your desires. Who are you ready to be? What are you ready to change about yourself? Level up. You get to begin again. It is time to break yourself free from old identities and burn brightly in the light of your spirit. Be the master of your path. Go forth.

Taurus: I begin by letting go.

Some beginnings are fanfare and charge. But for you, Taurus, the New Beginnings happening in your life are subtle and quiet. The revolution is taking place in your innermost realms of spirituality and belief. The more you rest and recharge, the more you release, the more you access the space between all things, the more your emergence is guaranteed. Letting go can be one of the most challenging tasks. It is also the most effortless. Allow and release does not come from doing. It comes from accessing the quiet nothingness within, and dwelling in the void. Leave behind material attachments and swim in the undifferentiated sea for a spell.

Gemini: I energize alliances with those who embrace my truth.

Who shares your mission? This New Moon is a great time to anchor those bonds. As the world changes, our missions change. Gemini, what is your vision for the future? What are your dreams for humanity? What do you want for your people? What gifts do you hold that you can offer to those dreams? Friends are wonderful, but this Moon is about networking with allies, colleagues, and accomplices. Those who see your vision, cherish it, and hold it alongside you. Those who are on your team and want to blaze the trail together. This may mean meeting new folx. Get out there. Organize.

Cancer: I revolutionize my place in the world.

Cancer, your emergence is taking place in the realm of your public position. This could mean your career, your contributions to society, and your reputation. When it comes to your ambitions, who are your biggest supporters? The commitments you make now to those people will serve you in the long run. Who do you look up to in terms of the work that they are doing in the world? Make a list, and seek them out. Make connections with people in that field. Design your own profession around their example. You are well-equipped with talents, and you can use them to serve with grace.

Leo: I emerge into the light of being seen.

You have been working on growing, Leo. Perhaps through travel, education, teaching, adventuring into new territory, or simply practicing expansion. This Moon indicates that your growth is paying off, and you are embarking on a time to shine. A time of being seen and recognized is coming. Luckily, you enjoy the spotlight. Soak it up! Find the balance between maintaining your health and mundane rhythms with gaining more exposure, attaining new heights, and professional advancement.

Virgo: I kindle the powerful priestess within.

Virgo, we’ve got you all wrong. So many horoscopes mischaracterize you as boring and humdrum. What could be further from the truth? You march to an earthy beat within. You have direct connection with animals and plants – mother nature’s medicine and spirit helpers. Your humility is your strength. Your devoted heart is enduring and crafty. You are dutiful in your tending of life and all its needed improvements. This Moon asks you to awaken more to your own power. Your innate sexuality is part of your ability to seduce life. Nourish your creations and the implacable well of mystery within from which they spring.

Libra: I ignite the spark with my lovers.

What a wonderful Moon for you, Libra. For a lover who loves love, this Moon asks you to take your loving to the next level. Maybe this means trying online dating, or going out for a smoothie with that cute so-and-so you’ve been eyeing. Maybe it means spicing up an existing affair, or renewing your vows with your beloved spouse. It could also be time to stand up and simply say goodbye to the relationships – or parts of relationship – that no longer get you going. Your relationships should be a mirror of your deepest desires, and expression of your most authentic self. And if they aren’t? Upgrade!

Scorpio: I am beginning with clarity.

When we begin anew, it is important to have a clean slate. Otherwise, we could be building on top of the faulty foundations of piles of things that should have been purged long ago. When the slate isn’t clean, karmic patterns persist and the residue of historical trauma carries through our lines. Perhaps a clean slate is never totally possible. But it’s worth trying and chipping away. Sort things out. This Moon invites cleansing, Scorpio. Clean your home and your body. Clear your mind. You are working on creating permanent new thought forms to replace the old tapes. Change the things in your daily schedule that keep you from feeling fresh.

Sagittarius: I start from fun.

Sagittarius, whatever new chapters begin in your life, give yourself permission to begin with joy. With hopefulness. With faith. With gratitude. Whatever you want to create in your life, start with the fertile soil of your optimism. Miracles seek those with an open mind. When you believe in possibility, miracles have a better chance of finding you. On this New Moon, think limitlessly. If you could create absolutely anything in your life, what would you make? You’ve been working hard on establishing a financial reserve and a solid foundation for yourself. This is great! Start from the place of your dream-creations, and build your base to match those desires.

Capricorn: I reinvent my dwelling space.

Great Moon for renovations, Capricorn. Those could be external or internal. At home, this is a wonderful time to update your space to match the person you are becoming. You are working hard at cultivating a new identity for yourself. Spring cleaning can make you feel like a new person. Inside your being, you could reinvent your sense of security. Notice what you cling to for security. Is there anyway you could become more liberated there? This Moon stimulates attention to your family and kin. Take the fam out for a picnic. Get some sunshine. Play a new game together you’ve yet to try. Do something you’ve always wanted to do with kin.

Aquarius: I learn with curious desire.

Egads! This Moon my portend a scientific discovery, a genius revelation, or a leap forward in understanding for you, Aquarius. For the love of ideas and insights! Surprising words and conversations may lead you to unexpected encounters with truth. The best way to make the most of this Moon is to relinquish your knowing. Be a student with a beginner’s mind. Lay aside your skepticism and reasoning, and open yourself to curiosity. Keep a journal close. You will want to write or otherwise communicate the amazing information pouring in now.

Pisces: I realize more of myself through my investments.

Pisces, this Moon offers a wonderful opportunity to create savings – or otherwise purchase something of value that can help you advance for the longterm. You may consider looking into cryptocurrency or a new piece of technology that uplifts you into cutting edge. You might do something new with your money altogether. Meanwhile, your community is undergoing change. Be aware of those who drain your energy in the next couple weeks, and be willing to disentangle yourself from those relationships if needed.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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