Mercury Goes Retrograde in Aries ~ March 22 – April 15, 2018

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Mercury, the planetary messenger, is preparing to do its “Backward trickster medicine dance” – Gary P Caton

Mercury will retrograde, move backwards from our view on Earth (though it’s actually an optical illusion), from March 22 to April 15.

Note: There is also a shadow period from March 9 to 21 and April 16 to May 3 during which we tend to still feel “under the influence” of the retrograde effects.

Mercury retrogrades three to four times per year. This planet of communication and mind presides over transportation, conveying information, speaking, learning, writing, contracts and agreements.

No need to fear Mercury Retrograde or stop your life to accommodate this relatively frequent transit. However, preparing for its impacts and having a willingness to adapt to the above-listed areas not operating as smoothly as normal will help you navigate this time with more ease.

Periods of Mercury retrograde break conventional rules and regulations. If we let them do their work, we can tap into “crazy wisdom,” the realm of knowing that lies beyond rigidity, duality, and “business-as-usual” mindset. This welcomes us to embrace the ‘grey area’ and the ironic comedy of opposites.

Retrogrades evoke changing minds, changing winds and changing conditions. If you’re expecting things to be a certain way, Mercury will flit in and twist everything up.

Don’t take it so seriously! Twists and turns are silly. They help to thicken the plot. Mercury is a trickster God, after all. Lighten up. If things happen out-of-order or communications go awry, embrace it and have a good laugh.

The shorthand for ‘retrograde’ is ‘RX,’ (like the shorthand for ‘recipe’ found on medicine bottles)! Think of Mercury Retrograde like any other transit; every change and planetary transition has medicine in it.

Welcome Mercury Retrograde periods as necessary medicine.

Not clear what Mercury Retrograde medicine is all about? These periods are times for “re-”words. The prefix “re-” means “again,” or “again and again” (repetition), “back/ward.”

Sometimes we need do-overs. Second chances. We need to rethink. Redo. Reconsider. Rewire. Revise. Revisit. Retrace. Revert. Replay. Reflect. Repeat. Refresh. Reverse. Repeat. Renegotiate. Remember. Repair. Review.

That’s what these periods offer. It’s like an editing time, do you best to make good use of it!

We can expect decisions to change. Miscommunications, delays, misdirections, and mishaps can ensue. People from our past can enter the scene. For resiliency, take it all in stride.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Each year, Mercury apparently dances backwards through certain elemental signs. In 2018 they dance through visionary fire signs. These periods are highly spirited and creative, helping us to pioneer new modes of thought and uncover innovative solutions to problems.

Next Mercury Retrograde is July 25 to August 18 in Leo, then November 16 to December 6 in Sagittarius/Scorpio.

This Mercury Retrograde period helps to usher us into spring and start afresh. It is spicy and provocative, brave and ready to blaze a new trail.

Hot-headedness, struggle, and antagonism could be part of this season. Mercury in Aries is quick-witted and hot-tempered. Communications are fast and feisty. Be in your bold leadership this season, but also be willing to renege on overly harsh, bold, or blunt declarations. Assertions can come off as overly aggressive.

Anger and frustration can arise something fierce and become irresistible. Embrace anger, for it is cleansing and motivating. Also know that rage can be seductive and alluring; especially when it makes us feel righteous. We’ll feel compelled to courageously say things that need to be said; but beware that they might be fightin’ words. Do you want to start a fight? If so, proceed with care. If not, stand your ground, but cool your jets.

Haste makes waste. Mercury Retrograde in Aries is impulsive and impatient. We can get ourselves into overly-hot water by jumping right in without thinking things through.

Slow down a little and reconsider if it really needs to be said or done. Breathe, moderate, and find outlets to channel the energy. Go on a run, dance, build strength or have hot sex, and then see if you still need to say/do what you wanted to say/do.

This is a great time to get in touch with your independence and sense of self. Your individuality and the bravery to go after what you really want will serve you well. It isn’t selfish to be the leader of your own life; in fact, it’s recommended! However, there are several sides to every story, and Mercury in Aries often over-identifies with the one that is its own. Be sure to listen to and really consider the perspectives and experiences of others – especially if you want to resolve conflict or argument. Respect each individual and strive to harmonize.

A true leader follows the people and pioneers a path that serves the whole. By the end of this Mercury Retrograde cycle, we will have a much clearer sense of our direction.

How to Thrive during this Mercury Retrograde Period


  • Back-up your computers and electronic devices.
  • Send all important documents, letters, and communications prior to Mercury Retrograde if possible.
  • Get your car checked out or fixed prior to Mercury Retrograde.
  • Be willing to be flexible over the next 3 weeks. Decisions made might change.


  • Avoid sending important documents in the mail.
  • If possible, avoid making major decisions, signing contracts, and beginning new projects. If you end up partaking in any of these activities during Mercury Retrograde, don’t fret too hard. You just might have to change and readjust once new information emerges following the Retrograde period.
  • Double check every email before hitting send.
  • Listen to others closely, and summarize what you heard them say to make sure you heard them accurately.
  • Avoid beginning new projects. Revisit projects that have been on the backburner. Allow that fire to be lit. Finish what’s already been begun.
  • Complete conversations that were begun before Retrograde period.
  • Communicate with old friends, lovers, and colleagues who appear.
  • Press pause on decisions and concrete actions as much as possible.
  • Comparison-shop but try not to make big purchases.
  • Travel and move carefully, deliberately, and slowly to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Don’t take the bait if someone’s trying to open an unworthy argument.
  • Remain flexible and take changes in stride.
  • Exercise patience.
  • Breathe.


  • Resume decision-making and contract-signing.
  • Move forward more fully on whatever progress was made during Retrograde!

This Mercury Retrograde period is ruled by Mars in Capricorn. Read more about that transit here

Surrounding April 1st, Mercury Retrograde joins the Sun in a conjunction/combustion. The messenger is in court with the King. During these days, our creative inner light (spirit) and our mind are linked and illuminated. Note how you feel and what you think on those dates!

Blessed Mercury Medicine of Aries 2018.

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