New Moon in Pisces ~ Astrology Report ~ March 17, 2018

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New Moon in Pisces Astrology Report for March 17, 2018 at 6:11amPST

The New Moon occurs at 27 degrees Pisces, conjunct the asteroid Chiron. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer.

We heal through brokenness. Brokenness is what we are; brokenness dancing amidst divine perfection.

Cherish your brokenness. Bring it close to your breast and breathe it in.

This Moon highlights the first Noble Truth of Buddhism; that life is suffering. Suffering, in all its myriad forms, is something that all beings share. The welcoming and acknowledgement of suffering is a gateway to holiness, breaking our hearts open into a tapestry of compassion. Suffering is the impulse to seek unification.

What hurts us can heal us.

Healing is change. Change is healing.

Our pain makes pathways. It is our bridge to a new world of wholeness. Our portal to a coalescent, multi-inter-dimensional version of Self.

It guides us to integrate more of our humanness. To make a prismatic wholeness comprised of harmonized, synthesized fragments, working and playing in concert.

This moon is incredibly sensitive. It kicks up our achilles heels and stirs our vulnerabilities. Stay with it. Feel it to heal it. Surrender to the sensations, and whatever arises, give it to spirit as an offering.

This moon is a final release. A gentle and thankful farewell.

Relinquish separateness from Divine. Let go so something sublime can emerge.

New Moons always indicate New Beginnings. But where is the line between old and new? The boundary between endings and beginnings? Sometimes it is clear, but other times it’s more fuzzy than distinct.

Yin naturally gives birth to yang. Yang naturally becomes yin. Endings feed and breed new beginnings.

This moon closes the eclipse season of January-February 2018. Changes that began to unfold during those months are solidifying, and shifting our course ahead.

This moon is a new assignment.

It completes a journey we’ve all been on since December 2014, and acts as a final induction to Saturn in Capricorn, the karmic soul-purpose transit that lasts until March 2020.

Just three hours after the Moon becomes New, Mars enters Capricorn, and begins to outline our task list to bear for the next two years. If your visions for the path forward are changing shape, embrace it. We are now in new territory, walking different lands, and certain contributions are needed.

There is often an idea that each of us has an intrinsic purpose. Self-determination is prized in Western-dominator culture.

But this moon shares a different story. It says that our purpose is not ours. It does not belong to us. In many cases, our purpose is defined by forces greater than us and wider in scope; often forces that are outside the realm of control. That we are attendants to and preservers of our World. That our true purpose is defined by responding to the needs of our communities and environments.

It is time to lay down aspirations that are solely self-determined. Allow ourselves to be shaped by an intersection of needs that makes us truly useful and transformative.

We can struggle in old worlds and outworn systems. We can chafe against their imprisonments and become familiar with constraint. We can bear the burden of oppression like a badge of martyrdom.

What if instead, we faced these exhausted realities head-on, and yet still decided to spend most of our energies making the new world we long for. Stop feeding what isn’t working, and start making more of what we want to exist.

How do we want things to be, and who do we need to be to bring that vision home to roost?

“We can do hard things.” Brene Brown

March 17 to May 15th, Mars moves through Capricorn. We are laying the groundwork, doing the foundational footwork for the purposeful path we’ll walk through March 2020.

We begin to rebuild by doing the sacred work of dismantling what no longer serves.

For the rest of March, Mars approaches a conjunction with Saturn. Tensions will rise. Burdens, obstacles, and limitations feel real. Take anger seriously, and direct it with care. Honor what stands in the way. Show up to it. Eventually, rather than blocking your path, it becomes your way through.

Gather strength, endurance, and the fortitude needed to overcome barriers. Sustain your efforts. Rise to every occasion. Avoid rushing or cutting corners. Don’t push or force, but remain resolved. Do only what is most essential. Be dedicated and thorough in your approach. Slow and steady wins the race.

The will is an incredible tool. Use it. “Willpower is the motivation to exercise will…Will is the ability to make conscious choice.” []. Exercise your abilities. Be decisive. Make choices, make moves, and see them through despite adversity.

How do you know what you choose? Listen to your desire. Feel what it is that you truly want. What are you passionate about? What drives you?

Make a desire list, and a subsequent list of how you will show up to those desires. “I am willing to…”

Let your will and your wants guide your intentions for this New Moon in Pisces.

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Aries: I let go so I can lead.

Your old self is unraveling. You are dissolving. All the ways you have been hidden, unseen, or overlooked – those times in your life are being baptized and cleansed away. Surrender them to spirit. You truly don’t need to carry them any longer. The more you are able to release, the further you will be recreated. You are being made anew. Your aspirations, your leadership, your professional goals are asking you to rise and be reformed. Dear Aries, you were born to rise. It’s not what you do; it’s simply who you be.

Taurus: I allow imagination and allies to make magic.

You’re an Earth-worker, Taurus. Really good at moving with the material realm. Allow for the subtler, immaterial essences to enliven your world at this time. Listen to mystery. Surround yourself with folx who help you to see in the dark and delineate what belongs to you and what attachments you’re readying yourself to shed. This moon is like therapy for you, Taurus. Be willing to gaze at your own unconscious. Alchemy is natural. Transformations and empowerments can be permanent, if you allow.


Gemini: My people and my path are inherently connected.

CommUnity! The people who love and support you are your teachers and students, your friends and colleagues, your allies and fellow mischief-makers. Everything you learn and communicate is a message pollinated for them and all their relationships. Your people make your purpose. Relationships are deepening. Some may be falling away, while others are crystallizing and solidifying. It’s okay to form intimate bonds. These depths of social attachments are a part of your spiritual and tangible world-work. Gemini, be with your people and embrace the ways they shape you.

Cancer: I am thinking big and realigning my life structure.

Are you doing what you want to be doing for the duration, Cancer? Have you seen all that you want to see, achieved what you long to achieve? What’s your 5-year plan? This moon invites dreams on the fulfillment of goals and professional aspirations. What is your calling? And how much do you do in your daily life to fulfill that calling? Take stock. Notice where you feel stuck or blocked in your daily rhythms. Widen your view and vision. Perhaps there is further educational opportunity that could lead you towards worthwhile advancement. Look into it.

Leo: I invest myself in sustainable growth.

Leo, this is your time to expand. Get bigger. Explore new territory and widen your range of experience. Connect with spiritual vision, faith, and optimism. And do so with a spirit of realism and moderation. Attend to your health and daily rhythms, so that you can maintain your developments. Health is not about deprivation; but it also may not be found in unrestrained pleasure-seeking. Unless your pleasure truly lies within treating yourself well. Moreso, it is about sustenance. Find the foods, activities, and pursuits that feels sustaining, and follow their beat.

Virgo: I embrace relationships that bring me joy.

Relationships can be tender territory, now. Something is striking a sore spot. Healing is not something you can control, fix, or make happen, Virgo. Rather, healing is a natural process arising from gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, and reconciliation. All in good time. Meanwhile, restore relationships that elevate your spirit – including the one with yourself. Do you ever deny yourself joy, creativity, or happiness? Let’s nip that in the bud! If anything is important, Virgo, it is your own elation. Make fun a priority, as it is an essential ingredient to the recipe of healing.

Libra: I imagine healing rhythms in my life.

How is your body doing, Libra? Does it feel like a temple? How are your mind and body communicating at this time? This New Moon is an opportunity to reconnect through yoga, qi gong, or some other restorative practice. If you’re feeling fried, two things can be shifted. 1) Your work life and daily routines and 2) Your stories/mental habits and home environment. You are working towards dedicating to a nest. A sanctuary. Healthy work and service can be part of that ultimate vision. What kind of container do you imagine for yourself, to promote wellness on all levels? Dream it into being.

Scorpio: I will not be silent.

You are a creatress, Scorpio. A potent maker and alchemist. Your arts are a stiff brew that promote transformation. Use spirit’s colors as you paint, draw, or otherwise present, the depths and innards most struggle to access. For you, it is second nature. You hypnotize folx with it; particularly those ready to be changed. Silence might be typical for you, Scorpio. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have thoughts. Au contraire, at this time, you have things to say. Carve out time for writing, for speaking, for necessary communications. What you share is (r)evolutionary.

Sagittarius: I am home within my healing.

Wherever you go, there you are. While wandering is your favorite pursuit, Sagittarius, there are some things from which you can never run. Such as yourself. Your past. Your family. There are things we inherit that never disappear. They remain a part of our foundation, and we learn to reconcile them or be shaped by them. In feeling overly contained by them, we dream of and seek new worlds beyond their borders. We distance ourselves to find ourselves. You are learning to build a new kind of foundation for yourself, Sagittarius. Keep working to solidify your resources, and you can create a chosen version of home or family, no matter where you came from.

Capricorn: I soften my mind and relax into safety.

Notice during this Moon, Capricorn, the thought patterns and anxieties that tend to arise. They may provide a constant backdrop, perhaps unbeknownst to you. Welcome their unveiling. When you can see what those tales are, you can rewrite them into stories that serve. New stories like, “I am safe, held, and protected,” can take their place. You are building a new identity, and that is a worthy project that take time and concerted effort. Look at yourself in the mirror and affirm who you see. Recognize yourself for who you are becoming. It is only a matter of time before you master this next chapter.

Aquarius: I dream on resources and gather them close.

Aquarius, this is your money moon. What are you wishing for when it comes to abundance, prosperity, and wealth? What kind of assets could hold you most compassionately in life? This is a great time to see a financial planner or otherwise gather advice. Talk to friends and neighbors about their methods with money and exchange. If there are any karmic debts to be repaid, attend to those with honesty and ask for forgiveness. Maybe with your wealth, you could begin a non-profit or provide humanitarian aid. No one is an island. We make to give.

Pisces: I am ever-flowing as an unlimited supply.

Oh, Pisces, your connection to spirit is wondrous. Your pain does not make you weak. Trust in your softness, for this is grace. The more you allow life to flow through you and cleanse your being, the more inexhaustible your love becomes. Guide this love towards yourself, towards your people, and towards all divine’s meekest creatures. Feed the gentle ones with the nectar of your sweetness. You are a shapeshifter. Allow the many faces of the Goddess to morph through your resonant field. One thing stays constant: your unconditional love of all-that-pours-through-you.


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