Full Blue Moon in Libra Astrology Report ~ March 31, 2018

Art by Cosmic-Collage

Full Blue Moon in Libra Astrology Report for March 31, 2018 at 5:37amPST

This Full Moon is the second Blue Moon of 2018, meaning the second Full Moon to fall within the same solar calendar month. It is rare to experience Blue Moons with such frequency! January 31st saw the last Blue Moon.

This moon is about the courage to choose love.

Even and especially in the face of hardship and delay, choose love. Embrace every stumbling block with respect. Imagine that each challenge you meet is a teacher; an invitation to slow down and engage in careful decision-making. Think long-term. Be intentional about making improvements.

This moon is both fast and slow. Like scaffolding the new world, it asks us to get going, and to be cautious about how we proceed. We may have strong impulses, yet a need to control them and guide our energies with care. Anger can be clarifying and fueling, but avoid unnecessary or extreme acts of destruction. Harness the flames and channel them creatively. Patience, forethought, and dedicated graceful action will carry us for the duration.

“Nature never hurries, and yet everything is done.” Lao Tzu

Around March 17th, we received some new assignments. This moon marks our early progress. How are we doing? Did some unforeseen interferences emerge? What do we need to face to guarantee our continuation onward? What are we wanting to bring forth into the world?

Around March 28th, we experienced some changes – possibly some surprises, revelations, and awakenings. Perhaps we met new people who will be instrumental on our journey ahead. Invite these shifts to become part of our vision.

This is a moon of crystallized endings and beginnings. It is an initiation. We are asked to show up, to be clear and responsible. Let’s call in our highest divine alignment.

The old world, old self no longer apply. We are firmly in the territory of building that which is new and meant to become reality.

This moon brings up important issues that need to be resolved. It asks that harm be accounted for and corrected. Aim for containment and controlled release of energy. Be careful in communications, as misperceptions and misunderstandings can cause struggle. Strong words could be likely today or the next several days. Be economical with what we choose to express. Say what is necessary, but avoid going overboard.

This moon marks heavy choice points. Sometimes we need to draw a line, set a boundary on old behaviors, thought patterns, and relationships, so that we can truly welcome the new. Sometimes a challenge can help deepen our bonds with others. Other times, the challenges help us to identify what we can no longer work towards with another.

Overcoming challenges in relationships will restore balance, peace, harmony, and justice.

What are some of the negative thoughts and habits that are holding us back? What is the opposite of those thoughts and habits?

Example: Always thinking I am going to mess things up. Opposite: Always thinking I am bound to succeed and do well!

Example: Procrastinating with necessary tasks out of resistance. Opposite: Completing necessary tasks immediately as they arise, so I can move on to things I feel are more fun.

Commit to these new thoughts and behaviour patterns.

This moon invites us to make concrete commitments. What are we willing to commit to that can help us meet our goals? What are we dedicating ourselves to? Whom can we partner with to move through the adversities that will undoubtedly arise?

We may be making deeper commitments to ourselves and our own self-expectations. Working towards self-recreation. Making ourselves anew.

We may be making deeper commitments to our relationships, partnerships, friendships, and allies. Personal drive and cooperation will both be key for fulfilling the goals at hand.

The path ahead is long and steep. We will encounter many obstacles along the way. Fear and resistance will inevitably arise. Welcome them when they do, and keep going. Step by step with patience and endurance, we can make it to the top of this mountain. We can do this by our own strength and courage, and by those we invite to join us on the journey. This is our worthy path.

Even and especially when we meet difficulty, choose love.

“When we choose to love we choose to move against fear – against alienation and separation. The choice to love is the choice to connect – to find ourselves in the other.” bell hooks

With graceful action, we build our new selves and our new world with love at the very foundation. Fierce love. Graceful leadership. Warriors for justice. Trailblazing artists. It is the time for great rebalancing.

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Aries: I balance with others to attain success.

You normally have a lot of drive and energy, Aries, but you may be feeling blocked, especially in the realm of career. Not to worry – show up to whatever stands in your way. Cool your jets and strengthen your integrity. This obstacle could be helping you to mature your impulses. You know what you want – what needs to be done so you can attain that? It is easy to get caught up in putting yourself first. But right now, fulfillment depends on your ability to balance your own desires with what others want. Maybe you could work together as a team. Stand as much for others as you do for yourself.

Taurus: I invite more subtle rhythms into my life.

You are re-working your belief systems, Taurus. Travel, nature, and higher education might be a part of what is reshaping your views. What is really true to you? In order to support this inquiry, you may need to detoxify. Clean up daily habits. Organize your diet and exercise plans. How do you want to feel in your body and mind and how can you order your life to support that vision? It would benefit you to meditate, explore the unconscious, and do some dreamwork at this time. Give your attention to the spiritual; notice what gives your life meaning, and nurture it.

Gemini: To access bliss and joy, I surrender.

Gemini, you are being initiated into the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. These are areas well beyond our earthly control. A divine force presides over these matters, and it is up to us to allow that force to lead the way. What gets in the way of divine power moving through you with absolute ease? This is a time of pruning any outworn psychic and emotional attachments. Many of our fears live in the realm of unconscious. Summon the bravery to face those fears and in doing so, get in touch with the innate power you have to vanquish them. When we go into these sacred places that scare us, we connect with true intimacy. Surrender to these mysteries, and be transformed by holy pleasure.

Cancer: I am safe and I belong here.

Security is one of the most important values you hold, Cancer. You are a sign that depends on a level of emotional bonding for personal fulfillment. How are your relationships doing these days? Are your needs getting met? This seems like an area where you are facing some difficulty. Notice what feels out of balance, and be willing to communicate deep from within about what changes you need. Revisit memories from the past to help you delve into what patterns might be emerging from childhood. Meanwhile, make your home a sweet nest to comfort yourself in this moon while you weather the storm.

Leo: I adapt to call in my highest state of wellness.

This is a busy time for you, Leo. You may be networking and moving about quite a bit. Communication, teaching, and learning are at an all-time high. Send notes and letters. Be transitory. Open your mind. You may be meeting all the people. Keep yourself healthy while you’re on the go. How is your body doing? Your digestion? Incorporate a simple diet and regular exercise to support your productivity. Avoid overworking or stressing your nervous system. Try not to burn the candle at both ends. Make sure to rejuvenate yourself and take private time to reset whenever you can.

Virgo: I invest in myself – because it is fun.

Virgo, sometimes you can just give and give and give. With a heart like yours, it is easy to live for serving others, or to get caught up in the pursuit of perfecting your talents. This moon asks you to refocus on joy. How can you comfort yourself, now? What would make you feel juicy and alive? You deserve pleasure – it is not something you have to earn by working hard. Pleasure is what you are when you allow yourself to do what lights you up. Let your hair down. Write down some fun pursuits you can try this next 2 weeks, and make them happen. Soak up as much ecstatic bliss as you can stand, and then go back for more.

Libra: I am in harmony with myself and others.

This is your moon, Libra! You are the lover archetype, full of grace. It is easy for you to love others, but are you in a loving relationship with yourself? What if your self-relationship was really the only one you needed? Make your self-love so strong that it becomes an unshakeable part of your foundation. Diplomacy and mediation are natural skills of yours. Instead of bending to fit the desires of others, imagine full equity in all of your relations. You are working hard to establish firm roots for yourself, and this might show up in home and family. You can do it, Libra. Keep choosing love.

Scorpio: I take my privacy so I can release.

You are doing some mental and verbal work these days, Scorpio, and it could lead you to being more social than usual. This moon invites you to go into your cave and shut the door behind you. Go deep within. Stay close to your essence. Recharge. When we do mental toil, it is important to ensure that our minds are infused with the gifts of spirit, so that we don’t get caught in the realm of duality. That way, when you emerge into the world, your words and exchanges with others can be more than words. They can become spiritual transmissions that transform the things they touch.

Sagittarius: I embrace the folx who help me progress.

This is a social moon for you, Sagittarius. Many people may be coming out of the woodwork and gathering in groups. Get out there and hobnob! This is where business meets pleasure. You are doing some heavy lifting when it comes to making investments and gathering resources. Perhaps you are working to reach some financial goals, or at least delineate your most important set of values. This moon is a great time to get advice from elders, mentors, and others who have set similar goals for themselves. Imagine setting up a council of advisors that could help you get where you want to go. Wine and dine them, and enjoy it!

Capricorn: I am seen, and I am myself.

So much is changing for you these days, Capricorn. It’s okay. You know it’s just a matter of time before you feel comfortable in your own skin. You are growing into new roles that are developing for yourself, and they feel like destiny. This moon, you may get a taste of what it will be like when these new roles come to fruition. You will be seen, noticed, and recognized for the mastery you have to offer. Sometimes it’s scary to be purely ourselves. But that is exactly what is needed at this time, and when you step fully into your skin, you will be a guiding light for others to get where they need to go.

Aquarius: I seek to adventure, within and without!

Open up, Aquarius, it’s time to get free. Take risks. Follow your nose. Let your intuition lead you to somewhere you’ve never been before. You are in a time of endings and great spiritual work. It can feel heavy or grief-laden to do so much release. You are literally unraveling your old self and your old life. Keep unwinding. Let this moon be buoyant for you. Let it lift you up and guide you to new heights. Spiritual pursuits are extra-rewarding at a time like this. We can easily connect with an ego-lessness and baptize our soul.

Pisces: I notice what drains me and what energizes me.

You wear your heart on your sleeve, Pisces. It’s easy for you to love everything and everyone, as compassion is high on your list. But sometimes we need to realize that not everyone is healthy for us to be around, and act accordingly. Your network, associations, and social circles are changing. Life is about give and take, and it’s best when the two are in balance. Notice who and what seems to sap your energy, and intentionally create distance between you and that. Notice who and what energizes you and flow easily in that direction. What is the higher ideal you are working towards? Let the folx you hang out with and your pursuits reflect that ideal.

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