FULL MOON in Scorpio ~ April 29, 2018 ~ Alchemy and Transformation

The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29, 2018 (5:58pmPST) marks Lunar Beltane, the ripe midway point between spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nectar is risen, filling the air with thick sweet seductive scents. Sensuous flowers are blooming and bursting with color. Fresh green leaves are popping out to decorate the trees. It’s all very tantalizing. Our senses are alive.

With the Sun in the fertile sign of Taurus, and the Moon in the intimate sign of Scorpio, this lunation is quite arousing. Our appetites are whet. Our deepest urges and motivations are pulsing for experience and exposure. Desire is a potent force. Sexy!

The sexual energy of the times is alchemical. It can be channeled for healing. The alchemy of this moon can cause enlightenment and transformation. To be enlightened is to become aware of what was once hidden. To realize more of Self; All-That-Is.

Full Moons always highlight the polarities of our inner and outer worlds. They display where we are at odds. When the creative force is at odds with itself and its other, the soul’s need to merge and form intimacy grows stronger.

This particular moon sheds light on our deepest physical and psychological comforts, attractions, and attachments. It reveals the shadow self; the places where we are rigid and stubborn to self-preserve in the instinct to survive and prosper. The fear of death and fear of change can be remedied by embracing the essence of nature.

Nature is Mystery. Trust nature. Trust the mystery. Allow for the impenetrable not-knowing to enter your life. Be one with the change.

“But the abyss features radical self-overcoming. And there is nothing to say, everything to do, with nobody left to do it–except the forgotten one inside who knows the way.” Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees – on 9 degrees Taurus

Sometimes the familiar, the comfortable, and the traditional becomes outworn and outdated. Old structures are no longer appropriate for modern life. They require renovation and revitalization.

The desire for control and authority faces off with the forces of enigmatic metamorphosis that are far beyond human domination. Chaos and order are both inherent to nature.

This moon is a turning point in evolution. The evolvements unfolding now contain a mark of permanence.

The poison is also the medicine. Eliminate what’s ready to go. Shed skin and embrace true power.

In the last lunar month, we have gone on a journey of encountering and assessing old structures, while also exploring what we are meant to actively build. Dismantling and reconstruction are two sides to the same coin.

Part of this recent journey has been about confronting, overcoming, expunging and transmuting fears and limitations. We may have felt at war and struggle. At the mercy of ancient residual trauma.

Trauma is holy. It is part of our legacy. It is an inscrutable, magnetic intelligence that can be our oracle. It contains some of the most delicate, exquisite elements of our ability to survive and to merge with what we need most.

The drama of the times is our catharsis. Our invitation to dig deep to our inner reservoirs and commit to the true path. Our release of limitations and unresolved, repressed emotions and psychic material. Destruction is not always senseless. Sometimes it’s for the sake of forward motion. Allow the destructive pattern to destroy itself (Ellias Lonsdale). The purging and purification process serves what is meant to be born out of the rubble.

Dismantle the old. Align powerfully with the new.

Power is not ours to have and to hold; but to cultivate, share, and contribute for the health of All-That-Is.

This moon precedes an incredible change in astrological climate. Uranus, which has been in Aries since March 2011, is poised at the final degree of the sign, about to transition into Taurus. This is an incredibly important transit to honor and explore, and will have special ramifications for the global collective. Look out for an article and workshop with Intuitive Astrologer www.VirginiaRosenberg.com to facilitate the study of this upcoming transit!


Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I seek right relationship with resources.

The changes unfolding now are forces conspiring on behalf of your abundance, Aries. Perhaps there are some family or society legacies or unconscious patterns that have prevented you from feeling fully embodied in your natural wealth. Examine your inheritances. Wealth comes in many forms. It is financial, but it is also spiritual. The greatest forms of wealth emerge from being in right-relationship with how you accumulate resources and also how you give of them. This moon illuminates your resources; inner and outer. Take stock of what is there. Do your accounting. Notice where the books come up short on your own behalf – and notice where it would feel right to give more of yourself. Be honest and true to spirit in this process.

Taurus: I embrace truth in my relationships.

This moon evolves your relationships, Taurus. It is a wonderful time to build intimacy. Often the road to deeper sharing begins with dissonance or opposition. If there is anything emotional you have been repressing in your primary friendships and partnerships, this moon will encourage you to allow those feelings to simmer to the surface. Do so with care, as the energy right now is very definitive. Decisions can be irreversible. On the bright side, if you decide to make a commitment to your partner or a friendship, it can be lasting. At the core of your relationship sharings and connection must be honesty. Be with the reality of what you have together, and what it wants to become.

Gemini: I make space for spirit to infuse my everyday.

The rhythm of your life is changing, Gemini. Your schedule of everyday activities is in for quite a shift. Your diet, exercise, rest, and the things you prioritize and organize your time around wants some attention. Practice discernment and clean out the influences that drain your time. There is a lot of spiritual energy moving in your life currently. Paying attention to the mundane structure of your life will help you to fully experience the energy that is coming in for you on the spiritual plane. Give those realms some good container. Schedule in prayer. However you connect with divine, make space to meet them daily. The structure will help spirit to be fully experienced.

Cancer: I nurture my inner needs of creative expression and play.

Creative wells runneth within you, dear Cancer. Are you proud of what you design and make in your life? If yes, run with it! If not quite sure, update the contracts within you about creation. Art, romance, and play can be avenues towards self-discovery and empowerment. No one can make what you make. Your art is unique to who and what you are. Notice your outlets and avenues for creativity. What feels fun to your heart? What are you passionate about? Children can be great teachers of self-expression. Play with kids. If you are  partnered, go out on a date. Get together with other creatives in your community and get making!

Leo: I welcome transformations in my home and family with grace.

Your personal life is going through big transformation, Leo! This could be reflected in your home, your family, and the very foundations of your life. Trust the changes and the unknown energies contained within them. As our personal life shifts, our professional life is also unequivocally affected. It may not yet be clear what exactly that means or how your new public persona will take shape. But in about 6 months, these developments will be coming more full circle. Keep exploring the essence of where you are meant to be and what you are here to contribute to society. Embrace that which feels enigmatic in these areas. Follow the energy. It’s taking you where you’re meant to go.

Virgo: I am open to learning from life.

It’s a busy time for you, Virgo. Writing emails and letters, signing forms, running errands. There may be many people to talk to and hear from in your life. Lots of little lessons to be shared and learned.  Good thing you are a busy-body, and you can be an excellent multitasker. Keep connecting all the dots. Some of the words you share and communications you receive could be unsettling or speak to very deep places within you. Draw upon your belief systems, the seeking you have done, and the exposure to many different life experiences you have had to cultivate understanding. Sometimes the best way to understand is to concede to not-knowing, and allow life to educate you with the depths of its brilliance.

Libra: I heal into balance with resources.

What’s yours and what’s mine? What is an equal balance of power? These are some questions that are up in your life right now, Libra. And in particular, for you, they relate to finances and resources. How is your money situation? Where does it come from? Are you giving too much of it away? Are you asking for more from others than feels good to your soul? Don’t fret. This moon is a great time to do the deeper inner work necessary in order to get back in balance. You are inherently worthy with the right to survive and flourish. Make a pledge to experience your innate power when it comes to finances. You have the power to create, store, and regenerate. Source from deep within.

Scorpio: I do what I do best: shed skin and transform.

This is your moon, Scorpio. Your sense of self and identity is radically shifting. The people you know and have relationships with are the anchor around which this transformation is taking place. Life may be asking you to step into a leadership position. It may be testing your mettle in doing so. If there is conflict you are hoping to resolve, you are uniquely equipped to take the pulse of all the people involved and seek a moderate solution that honors all parties. This moon is about you. But it’s not. It’s about you stepping in in exactly the ways that the wider world needs to move in the direction of peace, harmony, and equity.

Sagittarius: I sing the song of quiet within.

Usually the boisterous minstrel, Sagittarius, this is a more private time in your life. A time for listening more than speaking and proclaiming. A time for quieting yourself so you can hear the subtleties of the situation and manage your own boundaries; the limits with time and energy that gift you with your highest health. There are uncontrollable forces pulling like tides in the collective sphere and they are making music. In order to find the truth of your way forward, you need retreat into the essence of those invisible melodies. With your stillness, call forth the present of spirit to salve wounds and bridge gaps.

Capricorn: I stand for healthy, inclusive communities.

Your role in the community is noticed, now. You are an authority. You are an influential person. What can you tell about the type of influence you hold? How are you wielding that power? Is it for the good of all? What is your sway inside the network, your association, your team? Always lead from love. Stand on behalf of equality in humanity. There may be some deep changes happening with the people in your crowd. Remain in your integrity, flexible yet centered in reality, and see who gathers around you. Some associations may be dying away. Others may be strengthening. Stay linked to your heart within change, and be an example for the future.

Aquarius: I am safe to be me.

Attention is coming your way, Aquarius. Being seen is not always the most comfortable experience – especially if you feel weird or different from those who are doing the seeing. Your uniqueness and authenticity is a blessing, and likely has much to offer your witnesses at this time. Your public status and how you show up in the world is changing. Remain adaptable to these shifts. They have gifts to offer you, too. Gifts of security and belonging within yourself. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more powerful your presence is as you move through the public sphere. Embrace yourself exactly as you are. Your beingness is your belonging.

Pisces: I blend intellect, experience, and wisdom to form new beliefs.

What do you have faith in, Pisces? This moon could be challenging, changing, or deepening those allegiances. At times in life, we must relinquish old belief systems and update them to match more of the truth we become able to perceive. Religious convictions with dogmatic lines may become more diffuse, blurry, and less define-able. Seek to hear the voice of spirit to guide you through this process. Let imagination infuse rigid or outdated thoughts. Simultaneously, allow logic and intellect be a friend to your process of philosophical change. Facts and evidence can inform the systems of thought that begin to lose or take shape. The pulse of deeper knowing will take your vision higher.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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