NEW MOON in Taurus ~ Astrology Report ~ May 15, 2018

New Moon in Taurus Astrology Report May 15, 2018 (10:48amPST)

During this most fertile time of the year, plant seeds of wakefulness and reinvention. Plant seeds into the deep dark Earth. Plant seeds with the knowing that they will gestate in mystery; that whatever they grow will be determined by a greater intelligence than one you alone can conjure.

Allow nature’s genius to guide all creations.

Astrologically-speaking, this may be one of the most influential weeks of 2018.

The Scorpio Full Moon two weeks ago was full of revelation and exposure. It showed things that cannot be unseen. It asked us to shed what we have comfortably been. At the fabric of our being, we were changed. Many of us were launched into a portal of major unknowns.

The Earth quakes to release pressure and make space for the New. Let shock be an on-switch for innovation.

In times like this, we sense and feel with acuity. We dig deep as a means to survive and thrive. We adapt and weave webs of connection. There are no roadmaps or instructions. The pallet of ‘good/bad,’ ‘right/wrong’ doesn’t apply. Inside a mysterious soup of complexity, we must learn to trust our body. To prioritize our senses. To place our ear to the soil and our nose to the flower. To listen to the rumblings of the Earth.

Groundedness is not static. Things that we thought were steady and sure are being rocked. Our once solid foundations are succumbing to inevitability of change. Our own bodies, and even the ground beneath our feet respond to irresistible influence; becoming a scintillating hologram of continuous evolution.

Beneath it all, there is a vital organ. The Earth’s own body contains a heart. Channels make way for her lifeblood to surface.

Place your feet on the ground. Close your eyes. Step in rhythm with the cycles of truth emergent; older than time.

You are a maker. A builder. An investor. Each of us puts lifeblood into what we attend and support – and also what we allow to persist.

Hold on to your center. It is time to build in-favor of the future. Drop the business models that aren’t working. Quit the habit-life spinning on repeat to a tune of exhaustion. Simplify your focal points. Take your power back, and place it where your values lie. Uproot the weeds, and tend the gardens that contain the fruits and herbs you love most. The ones that will be your food and your medicine. The ones that will carry us home to a future of collaborative peace. This is how we make new worlds.

What is worth your attention?

Let all manifestations be honest. Let them burgeon from the ground-up. Let them be authentic, dissenting, and irrepressible. Let them be disruptive and way-making for the strange and the natural, magical. Let the humble and weird overtake its repressors.

Recent-history is due for a remix. The culture and systems of dominance are set to be modified. Each of us is an artisan in the masterful council of recreation. Every resource we need is here, among us. It is a matter of sharing. It is a matter of realizing and becoming the brilliance within.

The vision of this moon is green plants growing up in the cracks of every sidewalk. Community gardens overflowing their bounds. Color-bursting murals of insight spattering city walls. Technologies replacing dead fuels with eternal renewing of natural energies. Collaborative, people-centered government.

Add your own visions of what a genius future would unfold.

Astrologically speaking, this New Moon coincides with a major planetary shift. Uranus, the planet of change, moves into Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign of physical reality, money, and resources. Uranus has been in Aries since March 2011. It will remain in Taurus until April 2026. Additionally, a few hours later, Mars enters Aquarius, where it will transit through mid-November 2018 (last time Mars entered Aquarius was US Presidential election day; November 8, 2016).

To learn more about this special and highly-influential transit, register for an online workshop with Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg here. All astrologically-curious are welcome; from newbies to experts.


Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: My wealth comes through collaboration.

Aries, as a natural trailblazer, you are great at leading. Your sense of selfhood can be a guide. But you don’t have to do it alone. The cosmos is encouraging you to further heal and integrate around selfhood and independence. Where can your desirous nature support your long-term development? Rather than acting on impulse, gather up your worthiness. Realize that every move you make is an investment of energy. Are you channeling your precious vital stores into things that will support you and cultivate stability in your life? If not, re-route. Identify who your people are. Use your courage and strength as assets you can wield on behalf of the others in your life who support you to rise and be your best each day.

Taurus: For change in the world, I allow change to come for me.

As a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus, ‘change’ may not be the most comfortable condition for you. Do yourself a favor – get used to it! Any tendencies to be stubborn and preserve what you’ve built so far can become stagnation and stuckness. The Uranus transit dawning now is specially designed to shake you – and all of us – free of immobility and outworn realities. Something spiritual and unknowable is at the helm of these adjustments. Heal your relationship with the unseen, immaterial parts of life. Your very identity and sense of self will be asked to adjust and adapt in the coming years. You could find yourself a groundbreaker in an ongoing revolution. Stay close to your roots. Harness your intrinsic values. Your loyalty, humility, and hardworking nature are a boon to times ahead.

Gemini: The seeds planted now fall in the dreaming space.

Gemini, you love to know what’s going on. You love to be able to place it, name it, and tell everyone about it. This New Moon plants seed in the realm of the unconscious – the space in between thoughts and words. The un-categorical spacelessness that surpasses all form; that perhaps can never really be named or expressed. Surrender the need to understand. Channel the wordless. Put your mind to rest and contact the dreaming. Open your mouth and let spirit come out. The dreams streaming through belong to no individual – they belong to time itself. The battles you traverse in the coming months will be philosophical. They will challenge your desire to make meaning of your experiences. Become an expert at holding the questions and traversing multiple dimensions.

Cancer: My community informs my purpose.

Family extends beyond our blood kin and those within the four-walls of home. It spills over into the neighbors just beyond our door. It floods the arenas where we spend each day of our lives. The places where we get our food, our clothing, our information, our praise, our comfort, our strength. How do we cultivate kinship across bloodlines and borders? What are the keys to feeling like family? “Chosen family,” the familials we meet by extension based on what we love, what we value, and how we choose to live, can help you reclaim your power. They can support you amidst transformations. They can encourage you as you heal into a new place in society. Our purpose is often determined, at least in part, by the beloveds we are surrounded by.

Leo: I recreate my worldly position.

Leo, you live out loud. There is a saying, “Leaders are people who grow in public” (source unknown). It is a privilege to be yourself and to be seen. For you, as an artist, it is often a need. And, it is a risk. Especially when the world is changing with such urgency, and leaders must evolve their character to remain relevant and within integrity. This moon invites you to commit to your public evolutions. To remain flexible in the public eye and keep yourself honest. Stay honest about your mistakes, your mis-steps, and your most radical core positions. Nobility requires humility. Let struggles with others refine who you know yourself to be, and how you influence the greater world.

Virgo: I am ready to grow.

This new moon prefaces a period of major growth for you, Virgo. It indicates that you are preparing to embark on adventures unlike anything you have experienced before. Some adventures contain physical travel and exploration. Others involve discovering new realms of education and insight. Still others feel like the universe setting you loose in a mapless land with a questionable amount of supplies. Remind yourself that you typically over-prepare, and it will be a learning in and of itself to try the journey with your hard-won skillset alone. Breathe. You are prepared. You are equipped. You can make the map as you go. With this in mind, attend to your body. If your physical health is in prime condition, you have a much better chance of journeying with success. Be well. You got this. New heights await within your own being.

Libra: I welcome all of me to be here.

Libra, we live in a world where not everything is deemed ‘pleasant’ or ‘acceptable.’ But regardless of how things are judged, they are still going to exist and have profound impact. Sometimes you might get caught in what other people see or what they might think about you or your situation. The truth is, it is a privilege and an honor to experience all of the myriad things life has to offer – the ‘good,’ the ‘bad,’ the ‘ugly.’ Nature doesn’t make these arbitrary distinctions. Nature allows her creatures to be in the very fullness of their expression. Everything has a function. All parts of her being are welcome. The truth is, this is the key to intimacy. On this moon, make a pledge to be intimate with yourself. Embrace every element of your being without judgement.

Scorpio: I redesign how I relate.

Every now and then, it’s helpful to take an opportunity to shake-out relationship patterns and tendencies that are holding us back. Much of our relationship experience is defined by our own psyche. We easily play out elements of shadow within the context of intimacy. Be willing to look at your darkness. It can change when it’s brought to light. The next 7 years might find you making and re-making relationships, Scorpio. If you’re already in a primary partnership, it’s a great time to reinvent things and breathe new life into how you are together. If you are seeking partnership, look in places you have never tried before. Expose yourself to new communities. Check out the folx who seem unique, independent, and creative.

Sagittarius: I attend to pertinent details for maximum greatness.

Sagittarius, the places where your genius is showing up now may seem less exciting than usual. They aren’t the big, bold, broad places of travel or wide sights. They are the small things. The humble acts. The aspects of life we can never escape; our diet, our schedule, our routine, our demonstrations of service. You are getting things in order for great changes to show up in the smallest details of life. It is, after all, the details that add up to make the whole vision. It is the distinctions and the processes that lead to overarching experience. Structure creates freedom. Ensure that the moments and minutes can maintain and create what you ultimately seek.

Capricorn: Pleasure is part of my purpose.

Capricorn, this New Moon wants to bring more fun into your life. More humor. More generosity. More color. It’s all too easy to become solemn and solitary; particularly when most of your time is spent driven towards goals. Fulfillment always falls short unless it includes a laugh or ten! What are the new inventions that are speaking to you right now? Is there some new form of currency you’ve been thinking about investing in? Notice what developments in community and tech are speaking to your heart; resonating like knowing in your bones. Incorporate these developments into your attention. Merge your dedication to tradition with the ways of the future.

Aquarius: My base shifts, and I adapt.

This moon, and the next 7 years, features changes to your home, your family, and/or your sense of inner security. Where does your sense of security come from? Aquarius, this is a time to get in touch with your innermost needs and feelings. Great time to look back at memories from early childhood and become more authentic to yourself. If you’ve been distant from how you feel, your emotions will begin to rise up and call to your attention. Sometimes we expect that our inner stability will remain the same. Conditions in life could rumble those foundations. As they do, pay close attention. Be a witness to yourself and the how you respond to change. Allow your mind and mental concepts to soften so you can feel the subtle impulse from within.

Pisces: I curiously extend into social territories.

People! This moon brings forth people for you, Pisces. Writing, speaking, communicating, singing – you are asked to find new modes of connecting with others. You may be asked to more clearly define what and how you think so that others can relate to you. Soothe social anxieties with reminders that you are worthy. Conversations might help you to sort out any inner turmoil. Sometimes it’s getting stuck in our own heart-felt perspective that leaves us to flounder. Opening the other perspectives and modes of seeing can break us from an inner spell, like waking us from a dream. Be curious about who is around you, as if each person might have something to teach you.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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