FULL MOON ~ in Sagittarius ~ Astrology Report ~ May 29, 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius Astrology Report May 29, 2018 (1:19pmPST)

This is a learning time. A season of pollination, messages, and oh-so-many-options.

Things could go many ways beneath this Moon. Where will the chips fall?

It could be a crossroads. A choice point. And the choices you make? They are likely to stick. These decisions are investments. Assets. Stakes being claimed. The commitments you make now could be life-changing – if not immediately, they will certainly change your course over the next several years, likely in ways barely yet perceivable. We embark in permanent new directions.

The last full moon on April 29 was revelatory. It was a purgative; bringing shadows up to the surface for transformation. They were not shadows solely possessed by any one individual – they were tepid fruits of the collective unconscious. Still, we were invited to own what was ours. To take responsibility for what we’re meant to maintain, and say a gentle goodbye to the rest.

All things manifest cast shadow. The solution to wholeness lies in embracing the all of what we are; no element left out.

Truths that were always there, but perhaps we refused to see them before, are becoming revealed. We are seeing things about ourselves, others, and the wider world that we cannot unsee. Things that perhaps until now, we have willfully chosen to ignore or become numb to. But in a rapidly changing world, ignorance is no longer an option. Numbness is a nothing but a perpetual prison.

Our freedom comes through realization, welcoming truth, and embracing whatever arises in result. Seeking to find the next truth – the next, and the next.

When we navigate through mapless territory, we can lean into one thing for steady guidance; our inner compass of Truth.

Truth will help us know our path. Truth will carry us further. Truth, eventually, will emancipate us from the tangles of delusion.

Be awed as your eyes come more open. Sense your wings spreading behind you as your awareness increases. Heightened and widened perceptions are rewards that will last for ages; rippling throughout culture and time. This is the gift of growth. Continual expansion. Evolution.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius takes us to New Dimensions. It is a learning moon. A studying moon. A social time of networking and sharing options. It is an information moon, giving us choices on how we’d like to proceed, what we next wish to consume and provide.

This is a moon of Visions and Multidimensional Travel.

We live in a culture that has largely been determined for us. By history. By economics. By contrast and patterns.

Under this moon, we discover ourselves and each other as culture-weavers. Cultural heros. Co-creators. Each of us has the power of choice. And the times are reminding us of that power; that each choice helps to shape destiny not solely for one, but for many.

Maybe, even, for All.

What is a Culture Hero?

“(noun) a legendary or mythological figure who symbolizes and embodies the aspirations or ideals of a group, a people, a society.” – Paraphrased from Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com

We each have a perfect part to play. Perhaps you are a natural leader, first in line to make a change with your passion and power of choice. Perhaps you are the first follower, meeting the leader as an equal, and showing others how to follow the lead. Perhaps you are the third party; but the first to create a crowd. Or maybe you join in next, when you recognize that something special is taking place, and it’s time to jump in if you want to catch the wave.

Movement is natural. Movement is necessary. Movements are evolutionary.

These are times in which we learn about power. Not the power of force, finance, or authoritative control. The power of listening. Of adaptation. Of joining with groups and collectives to make the world anew. Truth is power. And in truth, all power is shared. The many are One.

“A chandelier which holds lit candles.

Creative selfhood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.” – Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees Gemini 8

Together, and with the help of nature’s genius, we are getting free.

The creative energies of this Full Moon are vast. We are pulsing with potential. The Earth herself is awakening. Open to her. Shed disconnect and open to interdependence. Choose to feel more. Make your senses alive enough to match the wonder that is ever-unfolding here,

Moment, to moment, to choice, to moment, to infinity and beyond.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I leave behind old friends and thought patterns to expand my horizons.

Aries is independent. You may be used to forging ahead, and doing most things alone. You might tend to be the first on the dance-floor, the figurehead hero. But this last month, you may have realized that if you want to make sustainable gains, you may need to partner with others. Growth happens. It is time to make room for your next chapter. You and your values are changing. This could mean that it is time to leave behind friends that have become stale or those who want us to be something we’re not. This Full Moon asks you to network, and embrace your growing edge. You may choose to adapt new ideologies or hopes. In the next several years, your income could be unpredictable; but it will also be enlivened. Stay true to your values.

Taurus: I embrace my freedom.

Taurus, you are ever the practical one – and loyal to a fault. You love comfort, and so you’ll often stay attached to situations long after they no longer serve you. You are being asked to invest in yourself. To cast off the shackles that bind you. To recognize the places in your life – especially in your career – where you can become more free. This moon also asks you to be less stubborn. Be willing to let go of outworn lifestyle so you can truly embrace your brilliance. Be willing to see your blind spots and what prevents you from sharing intimacy with life. Change is natural. If you embrace it, it will serve you.

Gemini: I share my enthusiasm.

Gemini, this is your time. A learning moon? You love learning! You might even live for it. This moon might set you up as the teacher, the collaborator, the bringer of essential news. There will be no shortage of people surrounding you during this time. Approach each one with your natural curiosity. Even if you are the one in the role of teacher, you know that your real teacher is the silence within and the many masks of Spirit you meet in the forms of people, flora, and fauna each day. Greet them with loving fascination and humility. Learn their language. There are new horizons at your disposal. Share your love of languages verbal and non-verbal.

Cancer: I request help because it makes me stronger.

Cancer, you are so aware of the needs of others. Don’t let them eclipse your own! It can be easy to fall out of the steady rhythms that keep us healthy. If you need to delegate some tasks so you can get to that zumba class, do it. You are always perceptive, but at this time you will find yourself even more aware of the most subtle nuances. Remember that health emerges from all things we engage with – physical and non-physical. If you are sensing something is out of whack, trust your gut. It might be time to end a friendship, or relinquish an outworn power-dynamic with a frenemy. If you’re not super clear how to proceed, take retreat. Go inward to your still-point. You will come out with a knowing.

Leo: I’m ready to play.

Take some days off, Leo. You’re a cat. Cats need lots of time to nap in the sun and enjoy themselves if they are to show up as fully as you do in the world. Get some joy back. Your partnerships may feel like a battlefield as of late. Ever-more reason to take a load off. Break out of the one-on-one dynamic and hang out with a group instead. Give yourself space. There is a lot popping up and evolving in your career these days. It can be all-too-easy to get swept up in the evolutions. The changes in your profession aren’t stopping anytime soon! Hit the beach. Make some art. Look at pretty flowers. Go shopping with a friend. Watch some comedy. Catnap to your heart’s content. After all, a Leo life is lived best when it centers Self-Love.

Virgo: I busy myself with home.

Home is really the spotlight for you during this moon phase, Virgo. As always, there are so many tasks to do and check off of your well-maintained to-do list. You are wrapping things up at work and putting things in order with the personal .You are in the process of setting yourself up for new adventures and horizons. There are things you might grieve, things you might miss along the way. But know that your interests, rhythms, and priorities are changing because you are growing. The things you enjoyed before will transform into things even more satisfying and gratifying. Explore these new realms. Gather knowledge.

Libra: I make use of creative energies.

Libra, this is an amazingly creative time for you. You’ve been working hard on clearing some things out of your psyche. Our own shadows and blind spots tend to be the best juice for art! You’ve heard of the tortured artist? Our struggles often make us more genius – and sometimes more relatable to others. Channel the depth and the stress into word and aesthetics. Meanwhile, you are making major revelations about your investments of time, energy, and power. Open yourself to peering into the much. The next several years will give you big opportunities to free yourself from collusion with manipulations you didn’t even know were there. Reclamation will be your reward.

Scorpio: I breathe deep through personal shifts.

Scorpio, this seems to be a deep time. Luckily, you’re no stranger to depth. In fact, it’s where you often like to be. You might even feel like you tend to call in the drama. Your finances, resources, worthiness, and values, are under the spotlight during this moon. What is it about money that can make us squirm? Check your roots and your foundations. Struggles with home or security could be putting you on edge. Acknowledge the real support you have access to. You might be surprised to find that when you disempower yourself, there is a ripple effect that impacts others as well. There are some patterns you’ve been living out in relationships that are coming to light – and it is time to uproot them for once and for all. Free yourself.

Sagittarius: I’m feeling myself.

There is a lot going on. It seems to be a busy moon for you, Sagittarius. Lots of people, lots of messages, lots of changes in your day-to-day. Life could feel like a moving target, and you may not be sure yet where your choices will lead. That’s okay! Keep wandering and sharing your experience. During this moon phase, imagine you’re traveling, meeting new people, and following signs. Go where you’re led. Pay special attention to words spoken, written, and received. When assessing decisions, take other’s opinions into account. And feel into yourself. Your truth. Your passions. Your desires. Where is your heart leading you?

Capricorn: I make way for more of me in my life.

Capricorn, you are no stranger to obstacles. You are also no stranger to overcoming them. Recognize yourself for that! You are a manifestor, and excellent at creating containers and working with structure. There may be some structures in your life, particularly in home and family, that impede a full expression of who you are. You are preparing to shift and change those so you can shine your light. This moon may be a time of retreat or personal inquiry. Connect with spirit. Meditate. Sit with water. Gather your energies so you can do what you do best: renovate the container of your life so that it truly fits who you are today, and who you are yet to become.

Aquarius: Amidst change, I stand solidly in my true self.

Aquarius, when we stand for ourselves truly, we always stand for others as well. Alternately, you may be asked to stand on behalf of your allies and discover that in doing so, you strengthen your own being. Your foundations may feel rocky, shaky, and unpredictable at this time. Keep leaning into the truth. Notice what real strength looks like and feels like. Who can you think of who demonstrates the type of strength you wish to embody? When we are unable to be in our strength, we end up battling ourselves and getting in our own way. Sometimes our stability is not sourced from the ground, but from the web around us. This moon shows that ease will be created if we identify who our community is and how to become more interdependent.

Pisces: I am noticed for the my subtle gifts.

Pisces, you may feel that you work best alone. Or at least, when you are in private, you are able to access elements of your being that are immensely vast, creative, and spiritual. It is here where much of your wisdom, compassion, and the unconditional qualities of your being reside. This moon will have you more in the public – perhaps being appreciated for the very gifts you cultivate during your private time. Rewards or opportunities could be presented to you. There are changes happening in your daily life and in your mind. There is a lot of activity happening in your unconscious and your spiritual sphere during this next few months. So as this moon passes, embrace your private time and notice the subtleties unfolding within.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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