NEW MOON ~ in Gemini ~ Report for June 13, 2018

This New Moon is an opening. A path beckoning you forward, longing for you to notice every step you take upon it.

“Is this really my path?” you may wonder. “Am I on the right path? Is this the journey meant for me?”

You look backward; aiming your gaze from where you came and wishing for a previous vista. Or you strain to see forward; wishing to skip a stretch, that the next step to be in your possession sooner.

Your journey arises from myriad intersecting forces. At times and in ways, you choose your journey. Other times and in other ways, your journey chooses you. The braid of chosen-and-non-chosen forms and reforms us into what we are. Perception. Experience. Flesh. And so much more. An unspeakable totality.

More than taking the path, take in the path. Notice where you are. Notice what is here. Breathe it in. Put your arms around it. Absorb it. Stretch into it. Try it on. Extend to its edges. Let it guide your next step.

You don’t always pick the path. But once on it, It’s up to you to decide how to relate to it. How engaged will you be with its teachings, and how you will respond to them?

It could be a sort of magic – that the ways we choose to see and relate to things; might change the things themselves. And us, too, we are also changed inside the alchemy of relating. Being guided by that alchemy is a gift.

To make a small or confining path wider, widen the pathways within. Expand your breath and blood vessels. Let your spirit fly.

To make an overwhelmingly expansive path more manageable, notice the minutia of physical sensations in and around your body. Keep perceptions close.

Let this New Moon be a breath of fresh air. A change in environment or perspective. Let it be a shuffling of the deck. The blank page of a new chapter yet unwritten.

Take up your pen. Be curious as you move into lands of good news unfolding. Be a scribe to inklings and new-stories arising. Invent another language, way of thinking, and method of being with what is. Shape your mouth around fresh words. Songs that suit this particular time, a stretch of land, and version of you.

Astrologically speaking, all summer is spent releasing. Saying goodbye to chapters that have made us what we are. Pulling apart. Fragmenting. Unsticking. Disobeying convention. Looking for liberation. Re-sounding dissonance. Hip-checking our defenses. Encountering fixity and somehow creating freedom from these confrontations.

Awakening. Updating our minds through relaxing what binds.

Mark these dates on your calendar. Mars makes movements on each date that are sure to change things and stimulate release. Let go to rise up.

  • July 20, 2018 Mars Retrograde conjunct South Node in Aquarius
  • September 26, 2018, Mars Direct conjunct South Node in Aquarius

We are in this midst of a massive shift. A transit recently began that produces major, permanent changes May 2018-April 2026.

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below

Aries: I make affirmations towards my aspirations.

Let this be a moon of words, Aries. Make proclamations. Statements. Proposals to your allies. Upgrade your mental landscape. Gather information and call out towards the things you want to learn next. Speak mantras. Stimulate new languages and thought patterns; ones that support your visions of the future. What gifts do you have that you would like to act upon? What decisions can be made quickly and with finality? Which conversations have been put off for too long? If your social groups are changing, spend some time around your neighborhood. Walk the blocks and notice what signs and messages find you to inform this new chapter.

Taurus: I make financial plans.

This moon wants you to take a look at your accounts, Taurus. You have some goals in your profession, and possibly with your home base, that demand some thorough accounting. Embrace it! Discover, with pleasure, just how much you will need to earn and save in order to meet those ends. If there is discomfort in your current profession, trust that it is temporary. By the time fall arrives, you will be entering into new territory. A change of scenery might help you to gain clarity, or simply the space you need to figure out what you truly want to come next. If money doesn’t feature on this moon, take a look at your values and your time. What are you investing yourself in? Does it give you pleasure and add worth to your life?

Gemini: I am writing new stories of self.

Gemini, how can you make your life new? How can you make yourself new? First of all – what feels old, stale, stagnant, or like an area that is holding you back? Identify those places. What can you bring to your life to counterbalance those tired feelings? What are your outworn stories? We often create narratives about ourselves and how our life is – that end up needing to be rewritten. Whip out your pen and rewrite them now. Write the old story. Write the new story. Thank them both, and make a prayer to something greater and wider than your own mind that the new story take precedent. It’s rather boring to keep tracking the same identity over and over. This moon is your permission slip to stoke your confidence, your passion, your faith, and embrace your new identity.

Cancer: I rest to unravel and transform.

You have a special relationship with the moon, Cancer. When the moon is dark, it is an especially introverted time. This Gemini new moon may be one of your most introverted times of the year. Lay low. Get some privacy. Let yourself recharge. You may choose to bathe in water, listen to music, meditate, and sleep. You have some deep inner work going on. You are confronting some intimate places within your being throughout the course of this summer. Make sure to nourish yourself and practice self-care as you handle your own tenderness. Your sensitivities are even more subtle than usual. Great time to gain access to your subconscious and do therapeutic work. Treat yourself as you might a child. Put yourself down for a nap.

Leo: I connect with the community.

A wonderfully social moon, Leo. Whether you are meeting with people in person or making contact with folks in various places whom you’ve been rather distant from, this is a moon to reconnect and weave together unique and disparate energies. There are certainly some changes happening for you this summer regarding who you want to be around and how you want to be around them. You might be letting go of friendships, partners, and the usual network. For someone with a loyal heart, that can be a challenge. But in a few short months, you might be shining your generous truth inside a whole new organization or collective being birthed from these upgrades.

Virgo: I choose to keep advancing.

Step-by-step, Virgo. You understand that everything is a process. Let that wisdom inform your ultimate goals. This is a moon to help you get in touch with long-term plans; especially when it comes to working, profession, career, and public contribution. On this new moon, outline your goals (both in career and elsewhere). Write down what you hope to accomplish this month, this year, and in the next five years. What goals are realistic? Don’t think too small, here. Set your expectation a bit beyond the inclination to limit or box yourself in. Sometimes the realistic actually surpasses our expectations! Take care of your health this summer. These months would be best used for establishing good wellness, diet, and exercise rhythms and routines.

Libra: I grow and explore the undiscovered.

Give yourself permission to wander, Libra. Permission to search. You don’t have to know anything now. Don’t try to figure it out or overthink it. In fact, it might be better to accept that there is much more that you don’t know and open yourself to discovery. Open yourself to experience; learning through living. This is a great moon for travel and exploring foreign lands both in body and mind. Take a trip. Trek in the wilderness. Explore pursuits of meaning, philosophy, and beliefs. When you find out more about what is true for you, you are feeding your channels of creativity and romance. This moon is like a revival for your creative vision. Give yourself lots of room to keep reaching further into places unfound.

Scorpio: I deepen into my power.

How do you know when you’re in your power, Scorpio? What are some of your indicators? What does being in your power feel like? Perhaps it feels like security. Belonging. Contentment. Being held and supported from within, in addition to without. If you aren’t sure, identify what it feels like when you are not in your power. Then, find the opposite of that feeling. This new moon is advocating for you. It wants you to embrace your power in a real way. In a way that is shared, but not toxic. You know you are embracing your power when you are able to settle your debts and access intimacy with yourself and others. It is normal for this time to feel intense. Be willing to see and shed through your shadow. Always alchemizing into the next layer of transformation.

Sagittarius: I begin new relationships.

This is a great time to reset relationship patterns, Sagittarius. Is there a certain kind of relating that seems like it’s on repeat? Are there some relationship stories that you are ready to close the book on? If so, write down those old stories. Thank them, and ask to be released from them. Instead, clarify the kinds of relationships you want moving forward. Call them in. This moon could see a new romance or business partnership beginning. Generally this summer, some of your own frequent thought patterns could be tripping you up or getting in the way. There may be a tendency to scatter your energies. Under this moon, think things through and make firm choices. Be deliberate in how you channel your time.

Capricorn: I work on wellness.

Treat your health as if it were your job, Capricorn. Purpose yourself towards getting your wellness in order. Wellness is more than just the body. Identify all the areas that need to be addressed for you to truly feel well. Set up appointments. Take your vitamins. Let go of any clutter in your body, your mind, your finances and your physical space. No need to go overboard or over-discipline yourself, but this new moon is excellent for setting up your health plan and your daily rhythms for the coming year. Over the course of the next month, feel into how you want your lifestyle to take shape to support your best self. This is a dutiful time of continuing to check things off the task list with diligence.

Aquarius: I am creating joy.

Let this be a fun, jovial, lighthearted moon, Aquarius. It might feel like you have been fighting many battles as of late. Most particularly, you have been at war with yourself. Lay down your sword for the time being and look for reasons to celebrate. Seek creative outlets and modes of expression to help channel the difficulties. Break out of isolation and do things just for fun. Let yourself be silly and play. For a time; just do what you want. And do it with some cheer for good measure. Sometimes we need to find and shine light, if only to leaven our hearts and ease our minds. If only for a moment – invite levity.

Pisces: I am home for now.

This moon is about your roots, Pisces. Your sanctuary. Your inner realms of belonging and safety. Your innermost personal life and family. You may turn a new leaf in these areas. Remind yourself that you are safe. Name the things that make you feel most protected. Re-imagine your home space. Identify your needs, and lean into the emotional bonds that can help them to get met. Who matters? Who do you feel closest to? Whom do you love to lean into for support? You are doing a lot of inner work this summer. Much of it might unfold in isolation. But for now, pull close to you the things and people that make you feel cozy like you’re in a nest. Nourish yourself.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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