Full Moon in Pisces ~ September 10th, 2022~ 5:59am ET/2:59am PT ~ Theme: Sweet and Slow

Full Moon in Pisces

September 10th, 2022

Theme: Sweet and Slow

by Andrea Dupuis

For many days before and after this Full Moon in Pisces, we may find ourselves emotional and in tune with the subtler energies of life. 

Typically Full Moon’s are a time where we feel more outward, but with the watery, yin, Piscean energy we can feel very sensitive, and we may find we feel called to spend more time alone connecting with ourselves.

Spend as much time as you can in water, near water, cleansing and purifying with water, and drinking lots of water. It may even rain more than usual! 

Pisces rules the 12th house, the house related to the dreamworld and spirituality.

With this full moon in particular, it’s fairly close to the planet Neptune – so our dream world can feel super alive and vivid. Pay close attention to your dreams and their messages. 

Neptunian themes will be prominent during this Full Moon. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Where Venus represents earthly and romantic love, Neptune represents the deepest divine love and unconditional love.

We may notice ourselves experiencing a lot more love, from deep within us. We can see the world in a new light, people in a new light and feel a general sense of goodness.

As of September 9th, we have only two planets direct right now – Venus and Mars. The rest of the planets are retrograde (minus the Moon and Sign they never go retrograde). 

When planets are in retrograde they appear to be closer to the earth and at a standstill or going backward. With 6 planets retrograde we may feel the sweetness of the Pisces Full Moon but also a slowing down of our plans.

During a planet’s retrograde, the themes related to the planet come to the forefront…so we may feel overwhelmed with so much info, so much happening around us, but also where everything is happening very slowly.

Planets retrograde right now are:

Jupiter – Abundance and Blessings

Mercury – Communication 

Pluto – Power and Transformation 

Saturn – Discipline and Structure 

Uranus – Unexpected changes 

Neptune – Spirituality and Divine Love

Along with the Saturn/Uranus Square until the end of the year, retrogrades are slowing things down immensely. It’s a time to revisit the past and clear things out, let go, forgive, reassess your life and make the appropriate shifts. 

Things will feel really slow until early October. It can feel like nothing will change or we’re stuck in the mud. 

Trust this time and be super patient, the work you do now will bear fruit later. 

See if you can welcome the slowness, intentionally slow yourself down and relish in it. 

Full Moon Contemplations 

Where and how can you slow down in your life?

What are you being impatient about? 

How can you slow down and savor life more? 

What is the slowness teaching you?

Spend a day around the Full Moon really slowing down and enjoying the scents and life around you. Open your eyes, feel your feet, really savour every moment. It’s through slowing down you can tune into life and receive beautiful spiritual insight. 

Who this Full Moon impacts the most:

Pisces Sun, Moon and Rising
Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising



Pisces Full Moon Ritual Bath

In honor of connecting with the water element, it’s a great time to do a water releasing ritual. This is one that I love to do on The Full Moon as a practice of getting into my body and allowing water to help me release. Full Moon’s are the best time to release.

  • Fill a bucket or bowl with fresh water (filtered if possible) or fill your bathtub up with water
  • Add whatever you like – crystals, flowers, rose water, herbs, essential oils, epsom salts – anything that feels good to you
  • If you’re using a bucket or bowel, use a cloth to wash yourself, as you do, imagine yourself releasing anything you’re ready to let go of. Ask the power of the moon to support you as you release it
  • If you’re in the bath do the same, wash yourself and imagine anything you’re ready to release wash down the drain
  • Take your time and really enjoy this, be present with yourself, speak words of love and care to yourself and your body
  • Afterward, use lotion, oil or something soothing and put all over your body.
  • Dance in the moonlight!

Horoscopes For Each Sign – The area of life you can release something this Full Moon

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.

Look at your Rising Sign first, then Moon, then Sun.


ARIES: Spirituality, your dream world, the past, pain and loss, isolated places such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, channelling




TAURUS: The greater network, large groups of people, acquaintances, community, social media, online communities, good luck, money




GEMINI: Work, self-employment, your career, public image, leadership




CANCER: Father, gurus, spiritual community, foreign travel, blessings, your belief systems, spirituality




LEO: Death and rebirth, the occult, big life changes and transformation, sexuality, inheritances, other people’s



VIRGO: Romantic partner, business partner, clients





LIBRA: Your service to the world, day job, enemies, your physical body, health, animals, daily routines




SCORPIO: Lovers and romance, play, hobbies, fun, art, intellect, creation, children




SAGITTARIUS: Home, mother, family, emotional wellbeing, ancestral roots, the heart



CAPRICORN: Siblings, online business, general business, local life, relatives, short distance travel, writing, speaking, teaching, the mind





AQUARIUS: Self-worth, money, what you eat, your voice, possessions, skills and talents




PISCES: Yourself, ego, how you present yourself to the world, your looks, identity




Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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