Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27° of Taurus: Balancing Depth and Pleasure

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27° of Taurus

Friday November 19 12:57am PST/3:57am EST

by Andrea Dupuis

This week the partial lunar eclipse kicks off the season of eclipses occurring on the Scorpio/Taurus axis for all of 2022. 

Themes connected to these two signs will be prominent. Taurus is the archetype of the Sensualist, and Scorpio is the archetype of the Alchemist. This axis shows us that we need to strike a balance between going deep into the depths (Scorpio) and simply enjoying the pleasure of life (Taurus). 

We need both the Scorpio/Taurus energies in order to thrive – this axis will call us to develop both archetypes within ourselves over the next year. 

Where one sign is connected to transformation and the underworld, the other is connected to enjoyment, nature, and is grounded into an earth based reality. 

Scorpio is connected to snakes and shedding skin – life will look very different a year from now after these transformative eclipses. With this eclipse also in a positive aspect to Pluto, we can catalyze our healing during this time. Pluto is the lord of the underworld, and the positive side is we can transform some of our shadow collectively and personally. During this eclipse we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes!

We must trust in this transformative process, and make sure to take time in nature, enjoy the pleasures of life, bask in the sweetness of good food, find what gives us pleasure and savour it. Wherever you find enjoyment, move toward that. 

Anyone who has planets within 5 Degrees of Taurus or Scorpio will feel it the most, especially those with Taurus/Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising. The eclipse can also bring potent change to any of the fixed sign Sun, Moon or Risings in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. 

Taurus is also connected to the economy and financial systems. As the 2nd house ruler, we may see some big changes with financial systems – shifting of tides, economic crashes or big unexpected financial downpours can occur. 

With a close contact to the fixed star Algol aka “The Demon Star” connected to the myth of medusa, Algol can represent “beheadings” or falls from grace for heads of state. It can be linked on the dark side to treason, brainwashing, violence and being disillusioned. On the positive side Algol teaches us how to deal with extreme situations without losing ourselves. She shows us how to stand up for ourselves when there’s injustice. Expect there to be some major uprisings in the next month or so.

Generally eclipses usher in big life changes. The Eclipse mantra – ‘expect the unexpected’ can be applied to the area of life Taurus rules for you. The energy from an eclipse can start a week before it happens and lasts up to 3 months after it occurs. 

Traditionally, eclipses aren’t the best time to do the typical intention setting or release ceremonies, to travel, make new commitments, sign contracts or start brand new projects. 

It’s best to rest, meditate, pray, and tap into your yin energy around eclipse time. If possible, wait to sign contracts or make firm commitments until a few weeks post eclipse season.

When new relationships, contracts, or projects begin during eclipse season they often carry the energy of the eclipse and can feel chaotic over the long term (not in all cases, it depends on your own chart).

In ancient astrology, eclipses were very feared and people were warned not to venture out, get married, or do much around the eclipse times. It can feel like a deeply spiritual time where the veil is thin, insights are strong and intuition is heightened. 

This Eclipse Season runs from November 19th with the first in Taurus to December 4th in Sagittarius. This time between them is referred to “Eclipse Season”.

Nourishing Activities for Eclipse Season: 

  • Allow inner transformation to occur 
  • Go inward and reflect 
  • Relax and unwind 
  • Spend time in nature
  • Take deep rest 
  • Listen to your intuition 
  • Write down your dreams as they may have important messages
  • If you feel the need to sleep or nap more, do so
  • Participate in spiritual practices 
  • Stay off social media/news 
  • Detox and cleanse your body and mind
  • Meditation, yoga and other healing modalities

Avoid During Eclipse Season: 

  • Signing important contracts
  • Getting married or legally bound 
  • Travelling long distances
  • Starting or launch a brand new project or business (pre existing projects are ok)
  • Engaging in intense conversations
  • Spending time in busy heavy or intense places

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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