How to Alchemize Your Core Wound Into Your Greatest Gift Through Astrology

How to Alchemize Your Core Wound Into Your Greatest Gift Through Astrology


by Andrea Dupuis

One of my favorite points to look at in a birth chart is Chiron. It’s an often overlooked minor planet in an astrology chart. Chiron represents our core wound – once alchemized it becomes our greatest gift to the world.

It shows the pain point running under the surface of our lives, and yet it also shows our greatest opportunity for growth in this lifetime. It represents our deepest gift to others and the world.

No one is exempt from the challenge of Chiron. Once we discover how to unlock it and alchemize it, it becomes the key to our highest potential.

How to look up your Chiron:

Go to and “Charts and Calculations” and select “Extended Chart Selection”

From there enter your birth info and select “Whole Signs” from the menu

Once you run your chart, look for where the Chiron symbol below is placed. It will be in a sign and a house number. Take note of the sign symbol at the top of the pie shape and the number at the bottom. Those are your house and sign placements. In the example below the Chiron symbol is in Taurus in the 8th house.

Chiron Symbol:

Zodiac Symbols:

Read the descriptions below for both the house placement and the sign. So in the example about you would read both Taurus and the 8th House.

The house placement of Chiron will have a more significant impact on our life, however we will also feel some challenge and have opportunity for alchemy in the sign it’s placed too.

Each of the descriptions below contain a Key which will help you unlock your Chiron gift.

Look below for your Chiron house and sign to learn some tips about how to alchemize your core wound:


Chiron in 1st/Aries:

You may experience challenges around your sense of self and your freedom, being independent and true to self, not believing in yourself.

Keys to unlock your gift: independence, being true to who you are, letting yourself be free.



Chiron in 2nd/Taurus:

You may experience challenges around enjoying life, love, money and your self confidence. You may feel not good enough or struggle with feeling confident and your material resources. 

Keys to unlock your gift: enjoyment, pleasure, working on your self love and money/wealth building.




Chiron in the 3rd/Gemini:

You may experience challenges related to communication, not speaking up, your relatives and siblings. Your mind and way of thinking. Stabbing your heart with your mind. Overthinking.

Keys to unlock your gift: Speaking up, sharing your mind and thoughts with others, healing with your siblings, close friends, and relatives.



Chiron in the 4th/Cancer:

You may experience challenges around early home life, the mother, being a mother, your inner emotional world, finding and keeping a home, feeling emotionally stable.

Keys to unlock your gift: Healing work with the mother wound, releasing early childhood pain and trauma, finding an emotional home in yourself.




Chiron in the 5th/Leo:

You may experience challenges around allowing yourself to have fun, to be playful, to enjoy life fully. Not allowing yourself to shine or be seen.

Keys to unlock your gift: spend more time enjoying life, being romantic whether single or partnered, letting yourself be the star, work on being an empowered queen or king.




Chiron in the 6th/Virgo:

You may experience challenges around daily habits, hating the 9-5 and routine, having health issues and body issues.

Keys to unlock your gift: find work that’s not stagnant, that allows for flexible hours and freedom, take very good care of your health physical and emotional.



Chiron in the 7th/Libra:

You may experience challenges in relationships, abandonment, pain around betrayal. Not trusting others fully. Having a hard time feeling harmonious in relationships (romantic or biz partner).

Keys to unlock your gift: work on your relationship challenges with a coach or therapist, deal with childhood wounds around love and relationships. Become a relationship therapist/coach.




Chiron in the 8th/Scorpio:

You may experience challenges around loss of others, experiencing death, financial loses, big changes in life, sexuality and sex.

Keys to unlock your gift: own your ever changing nature, explore tantra and sexual healing, work with death more closely.



Chiron in the 9th/Sagittarius:

You may experience challenges around spirituality and belief systems, travel, ideals, higher education, the father.

Keys to unlock your gift: single pointedness and focus on a spiritual direction, travelling for the fun of it, exploring other cultures. Healing the father wound.




Chiron in the 10th/Capricorn:

You may experience challenges around work, career and public image, goals and aspirations, reaching high status.

Keys to unlock your gift: allow yourself to climb many mountains in life and change course, be ambitious but don’t forget to remain connected to the spiritual. Be careful not to be too focused on achievement.





Chiron in the 11th/Aquarius:

You may experience challenges around friendships, social media, being famous or well known, accepting life’s blessings.

Keys to unlock your gift: be a great friend, connect with many networks of people, be careful with social media, learn to allow blessings into your life.



Chiron in the 12th/Pisces:

You may experience challenges around childhood pain and loss, betrayal and abandonment, can struggle with mental health or nightmares.

Keys to unlock your gift: devote self to a spiritual path, seek therapeutic help, focus on your mind and working with your thoughts. Ground in reality and less in the ethereal. Work in a school or for a non profit, volunteer.




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Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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