Your Love Language Based On Your Venus Sign

Your Love Language Based On Your Venus Sign

By Guest Astrologer, Meagan Leonard | IG: @_space.drama

Graduate of Our Mystic Astrology Apprenticeship Program

Venus represents the part of us that fights for what we value and desire with raw, unbridled passion.

The word passion comes from the Latin pati, which means “suffering” or “to endure.” 

Typically, we think of Mars as the warrior, but Venus is courageous in her own right. She is the part of us willing to die for what we love. 

This planet is often associated with the archetype of the empress or divine feminine, but we all carry these energies within us to some extent. When you love someone or something and can’t explain why, you have stepped out of the analytical mind and into the energy of Venus.

Often, we feel passionate when something or someone from the external world unlocks or arouses emotions deep inside of us—whether that is love, beauty, nature, music, or art. Unfortunately, many of us have learned through societal conditioning and shame to repress this part of ourselves in favour of responsibility or what is considered acceptable.

While it would be utter chaos if everyone were chasing their impulsive desires all the time, by tuning into this energy now and then, we can identify what in our lives is out of alignment and pinpoint where our actions do not reflect our hearts.

When we repress our passion, make decisions that contradict our values, or become overly self-indulgent, we are experiencing the shadow side of Venus. In this energy, we become caught up in comparison and criticism, feel ashamed of our softness or betray ourselves to attain love.

Healing Venus involves radical self-acceptance and permitting yourself to experience sensory pleasure without guilt.

Your Venus sign can provide insight into your values, creative gifts, what makes you attractive to others, and your love language. Its shadow side can also tell you what situations may repress your emotional power and make you feel trapped.

Understanding how this dichotomy plays out in your chart can improve your relationship with others, help you reconnect with your inner child, and lead you toward your creative passion. The house Venus is in can provide further information about which area of life may activate the gifts and wounds associated with this planet.

How To Look Up Your Venus Sign Placement:

To look up where you Venus Sign is placed in your chart, click here to generate your birth chart.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page your chart is on and look under the Planetary Details Box. Search for Venus and the sign your Venus is in will be listed to the right.

Venus in Aries

Love Languages: Physical touch & quality time

Venus in Aries is not afraid to take the lead and make the first move—you know what you want and may fall in love at first sight. If the object of your affection doesn’t meet your energy or make a move fast enough, you may lose interest and move on to the next thing. You are attracted to ambitious people and want to work toward a goal with your partner. Someone’s physical appearance may be the first thing that catches your eye, but their strength of character and ability to keep you on your toes will keep you around for the long haul. In shadow, you may rely too heavily on external validation, throw yourself into situations or projects you have no intention of finishing, or get wrapped up in competition with others. Despite being a flirt, you are extremely loyal and will fight for who and what you want. You may be triggered in relationships if your partner becomes jealous or tries to put you in a box. Others are attracted to your high energy, leadership abilities, and playful, spontaneous nature.


Venus in Taurus

Love languages: Physical touch & receiving gifts

Venus in Taurus does not rush into anything. You are a romantic but not one for dramatic displays of affection, preferring a slow burn where you can assess whether someone is the right fit. You are attracted to people who are put-together, successful, and consistent. You don’t like surprises, and when it comes to commitment, you want to be 100 percent certain before making a decision. That said, when you do commit, it is for the long haul, and you are incredibly loyal and dedicated. In shadow, you may repress your true desires in favour of security and stability—especially if it involves money—and become overly focused on appearances.

You may become triggered in relationships by rapid change, volatile emotions, or pressure to commit before you are ready. Others are attracted to your warmth, kindness, and aesthetic taste. You are an excellent host and infuse everything you touch with beauty.


Venus in Gemini

Love languages: Words of affirmation & acts of service

Venus in Gemini is a light breeze—here today, gone tomorrow. You are a social butterfly, an animated storyteller, and can converse with just about anyone. You are attracted to people who are intelligent, witty, and educated, who can match your banter and don’t take life too seriously. In relationships, you may shy away from emotional depth and struggle to articulate your feelings. Long-term commitment can be a challenge, and you might find the idea of marriage too restrictive. In shadow, you become flighty, non-committal, and spook easily. You may become triggered if you feel tied down, are forced to compromise your freedom, or don’t get enough social time outside your relationship. Others feel comfortable opening up to you and are attracted to your social charm and youthful energy.


Venus in Cancer

Love languages: Quality time & words of affirmation

Venus in Cancer is looking for their soulmate and doesn’t want to entertain a fling or situationship in the meantime. You bond deeply with others, so you may make others prove their devotion to you and not let your guard down until they’ve passed the test. You are attracted to someone who wants to establish a secure foundation, build a home, and start a family. In shadow, you may become moody or slip into a mothering role, acting like a martyr and constantly doing for others while neglecting your own needs. You may become triggered in relationships if you do not feel safe or have a place to withdraw and recharge. Because you often carry the emotions of others, you need a stable partner who can hold space for your feelings too. You are a refuge in the storm, and your immense empathy makes strangers feel at home with you.


Venus in Leo

Love languages: Receiving gifts & words of affirmation

Venus in Leo is the life of the party—you’re okay with being the centre of attention and are looking for a partner who elevates your social status in some way. You want to spoil and show off whomever you’re with and have the unique ability to make others shine brighter just by being nearby. You love the early stages of dating and the thrill of the chase but will eventually settle down with someone who demonstrates their devotion to you.

In shadow, you may become arrogant, fixated on superficial qualities, dependent on external validation or cause drama for sport. You may become triggered in relationships if your partner betrays your loyalty, takes advantage of your generosity, or embarrasses you in some way. Others are attracted to your larger-than-life personality, creative flair, and inspiring energy.


Venus in Virgo

Love languages: Acts of service & quality time

Venus is in its fall in Virgo, so it struggles to operate well in this sign. You are cautious when it comes to love and have high standards that few can meet. You may roll your eyes at romance, but deep down, you want to be loved and feel special. You do not trust easily and are attracted to someone who will be patient, attentive, and willing to provide reassurance until you feel comfortable accepting their love. In shadow, you may become critical of people’s flaws, overly focused on doing things according to societal conventions, and rely on logic to make relationship decisions. You may become triggered if you do not feel like someone’s first choice or your devotion and desire to help are exploited. Others are attracted to your ability to keep a cool head in a crisis—you give great advice and are practical and dependable.


Venus in Libra

Love languages: Receiving gifts & acts of service

Venus is at home in Libra. You value romantic gestures and proper presentation. You won’t stick around to see if they have a “great” personality if they aren’t put together and don’t woo you properly. You are in love with love—the idea of it anyway and enjoy entertaining many suitors. They might catch feelings, but you rarely do. You need someone who will recognize your tendency to keep the peace and challenge you to express your deeper feelings honestly. You love other people and tend to see the best in everyone. Still, in shadow, you can be two-faced and superficial, recoiling at imperfections and inherent humanness while overly relying on external validation. You may become triggered by crude behaviour or environments that are messy and not aesthetically pleasing. Others are attracted to your elegance, style, and social graces. 


Venus in Scorpio

Love languages: Physical touch & words of affirmation

Venus in Scorpio is the embodiment of passionate love. You are not interested in superficial affairs and bring depth and intimacy to all of your relationships—even if it’s just a brief encounter. You are not content to admire someone’s physical appearance—you want to turn over the rock to see what’s crawling underneath. If you like what you find, you will become an incredibly devoted and loyal partner, as Scorpio often mates for life and can withstand incredible challenges in relationships. You are attracted to those willing to plumb the depths with you, and sexual chemistry is very important.

In shadow, you may romanticize dysfunction and become jealous or possessive when insecure. You have little bandwidth for betrayal and even less for forgiveness once scorned. You may become triggered in relationships if you feel shut out by your partner and suspect they are hiding something because you value honesty above all else. Others are attracted to your ability to identify what they usually try to conceal and make them feel seen. You show others how to transmute their fears and feel worthy despite their flaws.


Venus in Sagittarius

Love languages: Physical touch & words of affirmation

Venus in Sagittarius approaches love like anything else—with a spirit of adventure. Your relationships are often dramatic and larger-than-life and end as quickly as they started, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good time. You can be opinionated and brutally honest, so your forthright communication style is not for everyone. You are attracted to people from faraway places who introduce you to new ideas but need someone who will call you on your nonsense when you get carried away. Your ideal partner is willing to tag along on your next adventure but can also be your anchor when you become scattered. Marriage or long-term commitment might not appeal to you until later in life—there are too many horizons to chase. In shadow, you can be flighty and non-committal, preferring intense experiences over depth and stability and may become triggered by restriction or a lack of variety. Others are attracted to your free-spirited approach to life, vast knowledge and experience, and ability to push people out of their comfort zones.


Venus in Capricorn

Love languages: Receiving gifts & acts of service

Venus in Capricorn sometimes gets a bad rap for being too cold and logical regarding matters of the heart, but this is one of the most loyal and devoted placements. You value material security and want to provide for your partner. If you haven’t achieved financial stability or career success, you may hold off on commitment until later in life, but when you take vows, you mean them. You are attracted to people who share your values and work ethic but need someone who can help you relax and not take life so seriously. In shadow, you allow your fear of rejection to take the wheel and remain closed off to new opportunities; you may compromise your self-respect to get ahead or pursue relationships with successful people to boost your social collateral. You may become triggered if your dirty laundry is aired publicly or your hard work is not appreciated. Others are attracted to your dependable energy, ability to take charge, and be a safe harbour in any storm.


Venus in Aquarius

Love languages: Acts of service & quality time

Venus in Aquarius is a friend to everyone and lover to very few—this is arguably the most emotionally detached placement, and you may find it challenging to identify and express your feelings. You value freedom, self-expression, and work that uplifts humanity, so relationships may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things. In your case, a relationship is likely to begin as a friendship and may be unconventional in other ways. You are attracted to people who want to hear your zany ideas and embrace your eccentricities. You need someone who understands how you think and doesn’t rush you toward commitment. However, if you eventually decide to entertain a relationship, you are loyal and don’t often stray. In shadow, you may reject convention on principle, disappear if your freedom is threatened, or become overly focused on your mission at the expense of your relationships. Codependency is a trigger for you, along with public disputes or displays of affection. People are attracted to your unique perspective and ability to think outside the box; you inspire others to dream big and make them feel like anything is possible.


Venus in Pisces

Love languages: Receiving gifts & physical touch

Venus is exalted in Pisces, creating a romantic placement that values the expression of love through romantic gestures or artwork. You love a good story and may imagine elaborate scenarios and proclamations of commitment long before you’ve exchanged numbers; however, this can mean that reality falls short of your expectations. You value devotion, emotional depth, and artistic ability and seek these qualities in a partner. Your romantic sensibility means you tend to love unconditionally and want to be spoiled in return. You need someone who can ground you and provide opportunities for real-life romance and expressions of love. In shadow, you may become irritable and sensitive to perceived slights, over-give to the wrong people, or engage in emotional affairs and addictions to satisfy your need to escape reality. You may become triggered if your partner forgets your birthday or anniversary or doesn’t seem to return the same level of love and affection you provide. Others are attracted to your empathetic nature—they know they can let their walls down with you and escape the harsh world outside.

We are all a divinely unique makeup of so many aspects – and this is why learning how to read your own chart is so empowering.

Click here to learn how to read your own chart.

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmo’s the moment you were born. It’s completely unique to you. If you were born even two minutes later your chart can change. 

You were given this beautiful blueprint to your life – to who you are, who you’ll become, your career, your finances, your karma, relationships and timing in life. 


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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