Special Report ~ The Rebirth of Mars ~ Mars Cazimi and Mars Square Saturn ~ November 2023

Special Report

The Rebirth of Mars
Mars Cazimi and Mars Square Saturn

November 2023

  By: Guest Astrologer, Namira Hossain  | www.intuithealing.net|
Graduate of Our Mystic Astrology Apprenticeship Program 

There is a story unfolding in the skies and it really began with the Scorpio New Moon that took place on the 13th of November. Scorpio is the archetype of death and rebirth, of healing and transformation. It is also the sign of all that is hidden and taboo – things like abuse, black magic, obsession, power and control. This new moon was conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus, and hence this next cycle that will unfold over the next six months until the Scorpio Full Moon in May, will be influenced by this energy.

Mars opposite Uranus is like the Tower card in the tarot. Think about sudden shocks, breakthroughs, violent endings or deaths and perhaps, even the apocalypse. A tower takes a long time to build, just like our lives that have somehow become a prison for us. The lightning strikes the Tower and the mighty must fall, losing its crown and falling from grace. We do see this playing out in the world right now.

Mars represents war, aggression, anger and Uranus represents shocks, rebellion and revolution. When you have a new moon in the sign of Scorpio conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus, this is immensely powerful. Revolution is in the air, as is death and rebirth. 

Uranus seeks to liberate our consciousness from that which is false. Uranus in Taurus has brought about shocks and shortages in resources and land. Mars and the New Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus could bring about the death of unfair power dynamics and result in a fight for independence, freedom and liberation. The violence we are seeing in our world leading to true transformation.

Now after separating from the New Moon, Mars went on to make a Cazimi with the Sun in Scorpio on the 17th of November. This was an extremely potent moment of rebirth and revelation for us. Mars Cazimis are extremely rare and the previous one in Scorpio took place on November 8th, in 1991. 

The Mars Cazimi can be like a reset and renewal of our will, agency and power. Mars is incredibly strong in its own domain of Scorpio, where it leads with laser focus, stealth and deadly understanding of psychology. This can help us hone in on our goals and execute them with strategic vision. In a collective sense, there could be a desire to cut through all that is hidden and fight against abusive systems. The desire for revenge may feel amped up and to work with this energy, it is always better to remember that the best revenge is working on oneself. 

On a collective scale, we may see this as insidious systems coming to light leading to its ultimate death and paving the way for systemic and institutional change. This is particularly potent because the Mars Cazimi is making two important aspects that impact us on a collective and generational level. It is trining Neptune in Pisces and sextiling Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and its movements denote the spiritual lessons of a generation. Pluto brings death and destruction of the old ways and Pluto in Capricorn has exposed the greed and ruthlessness of the plutocrats. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn has shown us the ways in which capitalism and our governments have failed us in this transit from 2008 to 2024, when it will finally enter Aquarius. 

The trine to Neptune can help us cut through the fog with the piercing glare of Scorpio and find transcendence and compassion, to strive for something higher and divine. To offer healing to the world when it is besieged by death and violence. The danger of Neptune, of course, is the tendency to escape but the harsh glare of the Sun and Mars in Scorpio leave us unable to hide from the truth any longer.

So this Cazimi can feel like a very potent moment for us both individually and collectively. We are charged by the spirit of liberation, transcendence and rebirth. 

Then on the 24th of November, Mars will leave Scorpio behind and enter Sagittarius, where it will immediately square Saturn in Pisces. While the Cazimi brings a moment of insight and fresh momentum, it immediately comes across its first obstacles when Mars squares Saturn.

Saturn brings resistance, karma and hard lessons. The square could often bring tension with authority figures. It is a very frustrating transit with potential for growth and mastery. If Mars is how we assert ourselves, Saturn is where we find discipline and inner mastery. We may feel resistance, especially if we try to push ahead. It may be better to try and find a flow instead. 

Mars in Sagittarius has the power of optimism, foresight and faith. Saturn in Pisces encourages us to bring our dreams down into the earth place by taking the tangible steps to bring them to life. It encourages us to draw better emotional and psychical boundaries and take responsibility for our addictive habits. This is a time that our faith will be tested.

We will feel this too on a collective level. It is in the darkest times that we find the light, by searching for enlightenment and cultivating our faith. 

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  Guest Astrologer, Namira Hossain
Graduate of Our Mystic Astrology Apprenticeship Program. Learn more about that program here.

Namira Hossain is a certified astrologer, tarot reader and seeker of truth. She looks to the stars and moon to navigate this thing called life.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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