You Are Not Your Sun Sign

You Are Not Your Sun Sign

Mainstream astrology may seem over simplified, and that’s because it is!

We are used to asking “what’s your zodiac sign” and offering up our Sun placement, but this tells us very little about who we actually are.

In every chart, you have 12 planetary placements. Each planet has a house placement, and various other aspects that make your chart a unique road map to who you are, your personal destiny and the soul lessons you’re here to fulfill.

While the Sun sign can tell us how you may present to the outside world, the Moon represents your inner landscape and how you feel about yourself, others and the world.

The Moon sign is more significant to astrologers than the Sun sign because it can tell us: 

  1. About our Innermost Self and how we operate as a feminine or ‘lunar being’. Where the Sun sign is more relevant to masculine oriented beings or ‘solar beings’, the Moon represents the feminine so can be more accurate to female or female identifying people.
  2. The moon represents our heart, it’s how we feel on a day to day basis. If our moon is challenged, we can have a hard time feeling good in life. Whereas when our moon is in good ‘dignity’ meaning it’s well placed, we can find deeper enjoyment in life.

  3. It reveals more insight about who we are uniquely, since the moon sign is so much more specific. The moon changes signs every 2 or so days, whereas the Sun changes every 30 or so days. Our moon sign is quite unique to us.

  4. Our moon shows us what fulfills us emotionally. If you have a Moon in Scorpio for example, you may feel fulfillment through deep transformation, whereas someone with another moon placement – let’s say in Taurus, will feel fulfilled by enjoying the pleasures of life. Knowing what fulfills us emotionally allows us to accept ourselves for who we are and accept others, knowing we are each so unique. 

When we look at someone’s chart, we don’t just look at their sun sign, but every other placement. 

Venus for love and beauty.
Mars for yang energy, ambition and will.
Mercury for communication style, and so on.

This is why some people are highly critical of astrology – because they believe it’s all about 1 zodiac placement – The Sun. If that were the case, they’d be right.

We are all a divinely unique makeup of so many aspects – and this is why learning how to read your own chart is so empowering.

Click here to learn how to read your own chart.

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmo’s the moment you were born. It’s completely unique to you. If you were born even two minutes later your chart can change. 

You were given this beautiful blueprint to your life – to who you are, who you’ll become, your career, your finances, your karma, relationships and timing in life. 

Learning your Moon sign placement – both the house and the sign can tell you so much about who you are emotionally and what you need to fulfill you on a deep level.

Click here to look up your Moon sign, and then read about your moon sign below.

What each moon sign means (who you are emotionally and what fulfills you on a deep level):

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries people are fiery, fierce and pioneering. They know who they are and what they want. They are certain and many people want to follow them. Typically they’re not afraid to share how they feel and can sometimes come off as brash. 

They are fulfilled emotionally by being seen as a leader, not having anyone stand in their way, being the first at something, competitive environments and being the boss. 

Moon in Taurus 

Moon in Taurus people have the best possible moon placement. They are calm, steady and emotionally stable people. They can process emotions more easily than most, and can provide a safe environment for others emotions. They can be super slow and methodical when processing how they feel.

They are fulfilled by pleasure, enjoyment, slowness, good food and peaceful tranquil nourishing environments. 

Moon in Gemini 

Moon in Gemini people love to connect, talk, communicate and speak their minds. They can tend to be talkative and overshare their emotions, skipping from thing to thing really fast. They speak their emotions from their mind more than their body. They tend to be humorous.

They are fulfilled by being allowed to shift from thought to thought, emotion to emotion without being judged. They love to have many people and connections and to share stories. They love being listened to and allowed to share their many interesting stories with an audience. 

Moon in Cancer 

Home life is very important for those with Moon in Cancer. They tend to be nurturers and caretakers for others. They are very connected to their family and roots. They feel everything deeply and can be emotionally attuned to others. The challenge for them is to not overgive and martyr themselves. 

They are emotionally fulfilled when they have something or someone to care for. Be it a person, a child, and animal or a cause, Moon in Cancer people love caring for others. They have huge hearts and love to share the love!

Moon in Leo 

Moon in Leo people are the ultimate kings and queens of the zodiac. They are super protective of the people in their ‘pride’ and will do anything for those they love. They can tend to be a bit intense and overbearing at times. They are often the life of the party and generally jovial people. 

Their emotional fulfilment comes from being the center of attention emotionally. They have big needs and like to have a lot of connection and attention. Like any king or queen they like to ‘hold court’ and be the main attraction whether it be at an event, in a group or a relationship. They enjoy taking up a lot of space and making others laugh.

Moon in Virgo 

This is the ultimate placement for deep devotion. Whether it be to a cause, a mission, the divine, themselves or to a relationship – Moon in Virgo people are emotionally devotional to whatever they deem worthy. They have refined tastes and love to keep self and spaces clean and pure. 

Moon in Virgo people are emotionally fulfilled when they are devoted to something bigger than themselves. They are connected to the archetype of the High Priestess, when they are feeling clean and pure they are clear channels for divine knowledge. This is their great gift. They must take care of their health through living simply and having a health focused routine.

Moon in Libra

Libra Moon people love to be in love. Not just romantically though they enjoy that the most, they love to have many loves – people, places, things. They are connected to the archetype of “The Lover”, and enjoy spreading their love to others. They can sometimes spread their love energy too thin and tire out because of it. 

Moon in Libra gets their deepest emotional fulfillment in healthy and balanced partnership. They thrive in collaboration with others, be it in business or romance, they don’t do great when they are alone. The challenge when in partnership is for them to create and maintain a life outside the partnership. 

Moon in Scorpio 

Those with Scorpio Moon have a very challenging placement of the moon. For this reason they tend to feel things deeper than most and aren’t afraid of the deep dark waters of the psyche. They are connected to the Witch Archetype, they are not afraid to dive deep into themselves, the world and enjoy the occult. They are often drawn to the esoteric arts and make great astrologers, tarot readers etc. 

They are the most emotionally fulfilled when they are allowed to express their intense waves and moods freely without judgement from others. They can easily go dark with their emotions and are always looking for others who accept the waves. They are fulfilled more and more the deeper they dive into their own emotions and clear old outdated trauma through therapy, plant medicines, breathwork, yoga, any supportive modalities. 

Moon in Sagittarius 

Those with Moon in Sagittarius are emotionally wild, free and adventurous. They are typically happy go lucky and don’t take things too seriously in matters of the heart. They move through their emotions easily, and are always looking toward the future. They can be almost too detached at times when it comes to sharing how they feel.

They get their emotional fulfilment from travelling, seeing the world, engaging in other cultures as well as studying spiritual ideas and going to school. They are the eternal student and they love learning. Their emotional fulfilment comes from feeling free to learn, study, travel and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Moon in Capricorn 

Moon in Capricorn people have a hard time connecting with and expressing their emotions early on in life, and master it later on in life. They can tend to be reserved in matters of the heart, they hold back and only share how they feel when they are absolutely sure. They are responsible, dependable, mature and an old soul. 

Capricorn Moon people get their emotional fulfilment when there’s structure and containment around them. This can be in any form – a business that has a solid plan, a clear and concise financial plan, even in their love they like to have a clearly communicated container for relationship. They tend to flounder without a clear structure. They are great at creating structure for others. 

Moon in Aquarius

Those with Moon in Aquarius are very hard to pin down. They are rebellious in nature and can be somewhat detached emotionally. They like to do things their own way, and don’t love sharing how they feel with others. They are easily able to see innovative solutions by closing off their emotions and focusing on finding solutions to big world issues. 

They get their deepest emotional fulfilment when they are free to detach into their own emotional worlds without judgement from others. If they are given the time and space to close off and go into their shell, they will come out feeling better and happier and more willing to connect. 

They have a gift for connecting with the collective emotions, so can make great writers, film makers, inventors because of their ability to channel what the collective feels at any given time.

Moon in Pisces

This is the most watery and ethereal placement of the Moon. Those with Moon in Pisces can get emotionally overwhelmed and lost in their own little fantasy world. They are highly psychic and gifted at reading other people. They can channel their gifts into good, if they don’t tune into their gifts they can get lost in denial or addiction. 

Moon in Pisces get their emotional fulfilment connecting to others deeply. They love conversations that are beyond the 3D day to day events. They love to talk and connect about how they feel, their unique insights about themselves, others and the world. They are the truest of empaths and need a lot of time alone to process. 


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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