Full Moon in Libra ~ Tuesday April 7th, 7:35 pm PST ~ Theme: Relationship Balance

Full Moon at 1° of Libra, Tuesday April 7th @  7:35 pm PST

This week we have an airy Full Moon in the sign of Libra.

In Greek mythology Libra is connected to the goddess Themis. She is shown holding the scales with a blindfold on. Libra energy is very much about balancing the scales, diplomacy and fairness. 

Not only does Libra exemplify divine law and order, it’s also the natural ruler of the 7th house – the astrological house associated with marriage and partnerships (including business partnerships and clients). It is the house of ‘we’ and ‘us’. 

The opposite house is the 1st house, ruled by Aries. The 1st house is the house of ‘I’ and ‘me’. It’s where we are on our own, independent and creating our own path in life.

We all dance between the extremes of these two houses: between the desire to be free and the desire to merge with others.

The connection between the goddess Themis and this axis is clear, as relationships are a constant act of balancing the wants and needs of others with our own. 

If we live too much in the 7th house we can become co-dependent, afraid to be alone or venture away from others. We may need constant reassurance that we’re ok. 

On the other hand, if we live too much in the 1st house we have a hard time letting people in. We may be hyper independent and lean toward doing what we want when we want without consideration of others. 

The 1st/7th house axis asks us to lean into balance and find the middle ground between connection and separation that feels right for us individually. 

All of life is about relationships – whether with ourselves, the earth, others, spirit. We’re being shown in a big way, the age old challenge is balancing our primal desire to merge with others with our desire to be a separate and free sovereign being. 

A Full Moon is when the light of the Sun (the conscious) shines bright on the Moon (the unconscious), so if there’s challenges in your current relationships, or if you run from relationships these issues will be brought to light.

If you tend to thrive more on the 1st house axis, the issues of hyper independence will come to light. If you tend toward 7th house, codependency issues may come to light. Neither is bad, and one isn’t better than the other. 

Ask yourself: are your scales tipped too far in either direction?

This Full Moon will bring this to light and ask you to take a deeper look at your relationship patterns. It’s time to let go of relationship patterns that are no longer working. 

Go easy on yourself and trust this process. Everything that comes up is coming up to be looked at and cleared! 

The Libra Full Moon also coincides with another cosmic event. On April 5th, Jupiter and Pluto will conjunct for the first time since 2007. 

Jupiter is the planet of blessings, the guru, the great giver and pluto is transformation. Together these two will bring endings and beginnings that will lead to blessings. 

Big changes are occurring! 


Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign): 

If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart here: 


Enter your info… and you’ll get a chart. (Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it): 

The one on the right with letters ‘ASC’ is your Rising Sign, so look at that first, followed by your Moon Sign: ☽ and your Sun Sign:

Rising, Moon and Sun Signs, areas this Moon and Saturn will impact you (Check your Rising first): 


Rising, Moon and Sun Signs, areas this FULL MOON will impact you:


ARIES: Romantic partner, business partner, clients



TAURUS: Your service to the world, day job, enemies, your physical body, health, animals



GEMINI: Children, lovers, sex, play, hobbies, fun, art, intellect, creation



CANCER: Home, mother, family, emotional wellbeing, ancestral roots



LEO: Siblings, online business, local life, relatives, short distance travel, writing, speaking, teaching



VIRGO: Self worth, money, what you eat, your voice, possessions, skills and talents




LIBRA: Yourself, ego, how you present yourself to the world, your looks, identity



SCORPIO: Spirituality, your dream world, the past, pain and loss, bed pleasures, isolated places such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, channelling



SAGITTARIUS: The greater network, large groups of people, acquaintances, community, social media, online communities, good luck



CAPRICORN: Work, self employment, your career, public image, leadership



AQUARIUS: Father, gurus, spiritual community, foreign travel, blessings, your belief systems, spirituality



PISCES: Death and rebirth, the occult, big life changes and transformation, sexuality, inheritances, other people’s money




Full Moon Ritual – best done under the bright light of the moon

  1. Have a pen and paper handy
  2. Take some time to meditate by listening to some music, using a mantra, anything that works to get you into a meditative space
  3. Close your eyes and feel deep into your heart – don’t rush this process, really feel into it
  4. When you feel ready to write down one area or specific thing (or person) in your life it’s time to let go of (ideally related to where the full moon is happening in your chart, see your Rising Sign above). 
  5. Have a container of water nearby, and burn the piece of paper (use tweezers to hold it without burning your fingertips). As it burns really imagine letting it go. 
  6. After you’ve let it go, cleanse – bath with rose petals, salts, crystals, feel the energy of this issue, pattern, person, whatever it is really drain from your system as the water drains. 
  7. Put on some nice fun dance music
  8. Dance in the moonlight!
  9. Pull some tarot or oracle cards for advice for the next month until the next full moon (‘What do I need to know about the next month?’)



A Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite each other. This creates a sense of tension. It’s when the sun shines the most light on the moon. The Sun is our conscious and the Moon is the unconscious. Si it’s an ideal time to LET GO and to bring the dark into the light to be released. 

Every Full Moon is a chance to look back at the intentions you planted two weeks ago during the New Moon. What were they? How have they manifested? Are you taking action toward them? Now is the time to reassess and release anything standing in the way of your hearts desires. The two weeks between the New and Full Moon is a great time for new beginnings. The two weeks after the Full Moon is time to let go. 

When we plant our New Moon intentions, we can’t just plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. We need to fertilize the soul, water them, make sure they get plenty of sunlight – most importantly we need to weed and pluck out that which doesn’t serve us. The Full Moon helps us ‘pluck’ out the weeds. 

When the moon is full, a light shines on the areas of our lives it’s time to release and let go.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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