Pisces New Moon ~ March 2, 2022 – 12:34 PM ET / 9:34 AM PT Theme: Healing the Heart & Feeding the Soul

Pisces New Moon

March 2, 2022 – 12:34 PM ET / 9:34 AM PT

Theme: Healing the Heart & Feeding the Soul

By Dawn M. Harrison (WildWitchAstrology.com)

This week’s New Moon, landing at 12 degrees of Pisces, is an invitation to unlock the doors of our hearts, and open them wide.

Pisces is the sign of the Empath, the Mystic, and the Dreamweaver. As a Water sign, and the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents the vast ocean of feeling, sensitivity, and consciousness that binds us all together.

New Moons in this sign seek to connect and reconnect us to our most heartfelt dreams and deeply felt longings, especially those longings to experience our own divinity and our interconnection with all of life.

The energy of Pisces reminds us that we are not alone, and that our hearts are ever a part of something much larger than ourselves.

Pisces is the “Soul-tide” – that great and numinous surge within each of us that propels us to let the outworn barriers of separation fall, so we can truly connect – first and foremost with our own hearts, and then with the hearts and souls of those who are consciously riding the waves of life with us.

Connection is a big keyword for this New Moon… and so is Faith.  The quality of this time, for each of us as individuals, and for us as a collective, is about renewing our faith in the values and dreams that we hold most dear, and knowing that they are not only possible, but doable.

This New Moon forms a close conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces, and is joined by Mars, Venus and Pluto conjunct in the ambitious and disciplined Earth of Capricorn.

Jupiter in Pisces reminds us that we are capable of the compassion and the wisdom that we need – to forgive, to connect with our dreams, and to believe in a world that holds, sustains, and heals. The message of Jupiter in Pisces is that there is no predetermined limit to what our “soul-tides” can do… so, go ahead and live and love big – from a place of compassion, wisdom, and faith.

The Mars/Venus conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn represents both a purging away of the old and a deep forging of the new – new commitments, new collaborations, and new creative seeds that ask for us to grow up, step up, and walk with the sovereignty and integrity of the Wise Elder that exists within us all.

Our big dreams and ideals don’t have to be “pie-in-the-sky” if we’re willing to make the real-world choices that will ground them, root them, and groom them.

Though New Moons are about new beginnings, they often represent a reflective time during the Lunar cycle, when we are asked to honor our endings in order to make space for those new beginnings. Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, you may feel especially sensitive to those things in your life that are coming to a close.

Let them.

Just like the ocean tide, the energy of Pisces seeks to wash away that which is no longer needed, and to wash in that which holds new promise and purpose – that which truly heals your heart and truly feeds your soul.

This New Moon says let your ground soften, and then lovingly plant your soul-seeds of intention – seeds of forgiveness, compassion, and a renewed hope in dreams fulfilled.

New Moon Contemplations

Look to the place in your natal chart that houses 12 degrees of Pisces for clues to where this month’s themes have their starting point, and where they may be the most salient.  To feel into this New Moon, perhaps begin by asking yourself:

In what areas of my life am I being called to lovingly surrender to a shifting tide?

What relationships in my life are calling for forgiveness, sensitivity, and an open heart?

Where am I being asked to commit, or recommit, in real and tangible ways, to a passion, a dream, or most importantly, to myself?

Who This New Moon May Impact the Most

Every birth chart is unique, and there are a number of factors that influence the degree to which we experience the effects of any New Moon.  Know that something is awakening and emerging for us all, and that we are all being asked, in one way or another, to spiral up and to surrender to a new beginning.

Those who may experience the effects of this New Moon most strongly, include those with:

  • Pisces Sun, Moon, and Rising;
  • Gemini Sun, Moon, and Rising;
  • Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising; and
  • Virgo Sun, Moon, and Rising

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Pisces New Moon Ritual

In many ways, this New Moon asks for us to soften, to surrender, and to let the barriers dissolve between the world that we know and the world that lives in the visions of our heart and the longing of our soul.  The simple ritual below is designed to help you attune to those heart-felt visions that sometimes get lost in the everyday maze of “have to’s” and “should’s”.

For this ritual, you will need:

  1. A warm bath
  2. Optional bath salts
  3. Optional relaxing music of your choice
  4. Candle of your choice
  5. Optional Tarot and/or Oracle deck
  6. Journal and writing utensil

Ritual steps:

  1. Choose a time and a space that allows you to truly relax and come back home to yourself.
  2. Run a warm bath, using optional bath salts if you wish
  3. If you wish, play music that you find relaxing and soothing, both to your body and to your mind.
  4. Allow yourself to soak in your bath and just “be” – with nothing you “have to do”, but be at home with yourself.  As much as possible, quiet the chatter of the mind, and feel every ounce of your body, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.  Let your heart fill with gratitude for this time and for this place.  Feel yourself whole.  Feel yourself supported.
  5. When you are ready, emerge from your bath.
  6. Light your candle.
  7. Sit in a comfortable position and take three cleansing breaths.
  8. Then, simply ask yourself, “What is being born in my life?”  If you wish, choose a combination of Oracle and/or Tarot cards to attune to your question.
  9. Then, allow yourself to write the answers that you hear – uncensored and without judgement.  Write until your heart is done speaking.
  10. When you are finished, thank yourself for giving yourself this time and this space.
  11. As the lunar month progresses, revisit your journal entry, adding to it, as your heart leads.  Pay attention to any promptings from within, especially around the time of the Waxing Crescent and the First Quarter Moons.

Horoscopes For Each Sign

The horoscopes below, written for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, are meant to serve as inspiration and “food for thought”.  Let your intuition guide you, as you feel through the shifts of this New Moon.

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.


ARIES: You know who you are. This New Moon invites you to reconnect with that “knowing” – in your own way, and in your own time. Tuning out the noise and carving out time for meditation and contemplation allows you to strategically plan your next move.

In what ways are you being called to connect with the Wise Elder within?

Potential areas of renewal and rebirth:  Sacred Space, Spirituality, Spiritual practices, Need for privacy, Hidden influences, Dreams


TAURUS: This New Moon invites you to soften your ground and open your heart, especially to those people, places, and spaces that align with your most heartfelt dreams. Let the Universe surprise you. There is joy in finding connection in a few places that you had not expected.

Where are you being called to open up and soften a few hard edges?

Potential areas of renewal and rebirth:  Communities, Bonds with like-minded people, Friendships, Networks, Collective consciousness


GEMINI: This New Moon invites you to speak from the heart and reconnect to the dream. Paint the picture of your life with the brush-strokes that feed your soul, and let the mind follow. Heart-felt signals attract heart-felt results.

What new vision of your life is emerging, and how are you being called to give it room?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Ambition, Life direction, Status, Public Identity, Life Mission, Authority, Responsibility


CANCER: This New Moon invites you to aim the arrows of your heart far and wide. Open your heart, and let that open your mind.  Who said you had to think small when it comes to the stuff of your soul? Let your imagination carry you, and give your dreams a bit of breathing room.

In what ways are you being called to expand your world?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  World-view, Higher education, Broadening horizons, New Ideologies, Belief systems, Long-distance travel


LEO: This New Moon invites you to experience renewal from deep down under. If you’ve been hiding a few wounds in the deepest corners of your heart, perhaps now you can open to the healing salve that you need. You are loved. It’s okay to let go, and let in.

Where are you being called to let the healing begin?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Intimate partnerships, Shared resources, Sexual relationships, Deep psychological understanding, Major life transitions


VIRGO: This New Moon invites you to awaken to the power of connection that you already carry within. It begins with softening; it begins with making peace with all of you; and, it begins with believing that you are worthy of the love that you already give.

What new connections are waiting for your tender touch?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Partnerships, Relationships, Contracts, Negotiations, One-to-One encounters


LIBRA: This New Moon invites you to turn routine into ritual, knowing that the everyday choices that you make form the bedrock of your magic. Every breath you take is sacred because you are sacred.

In what ways are you being called to align your daily routine with the inner impulse of your heart?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Daily Routines, Lifestyle choices, Health and Fitness, Habits, Mind-Body Connection


SCORPIO: This New Moon invites you to reconnect with your imagination and to reconnect with joy – not the way everybody else does it, but in the way that cuts to the chase, and speaks directly to your soul. There is healing to be found in resurrecting a dream and taking even one small step to nurse it to life.

Where are you being called to fall back into faith?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Recreation, Creativity, Pleasure, Self-Expression, Children of the Body, and Children of the Mind


SAGITTARIUS: This New Moon invites you to consider the magic and the mystery that exist right beneath your feet. Coming back home to yourself is an adventure, especially when you consider just how far you’ve come. There is deep sustenance to be found in nurturing the things that you call “home”.

In what ways are you being called to explore the breadth and depth of your roots?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Family, Home, Origins, Bonded Relationships, Roots



CAPRICORN: This New Moon invites you to climb your mountains while finding strength in tenderness and grit in joy. Let the words that you speak become your own soul-food magic, knowing that step-by-step, and breath-by-breath, you are drawing down from the ether the intentions of your heart.

Where are you being called to try a little tenderness?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Communications, Contacts, Learning, Siblings, Neighbors, Data Exchange, Ideas, Your Voice



AQUARIUS: This New Moon invites you to awaken to your treasure-house. Perhaps it’s a new talent, or perhaps it’s some new coin, or perhaps it’s your own untouchable appreciation for the gifts that you have to give. Open to your value and your own sense of self-worth, in whatever form that it takes.

What new treasure is emerging from within?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Finances, Personal Resources, Talent, Values, Security, Confidence, Self-Worth


PISCES: This New Moon is your own personal rebirth, awakening every ethereal ounce of your soul. Ground this new emergence in your body. Ground it in your mind. Ground it in the ways that empower you and bring you joy.

In what areas of your life are you being called to see yourself, and experience yourself, with renewed eyes and a renewed heart?

Potential areas of renewal and new birth:  Personal Identity, Self-Image, Self-Awareness, Independence

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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