Leo Full Moon ~ February 16, 2022 8:56am PT/11:56pm ET Theme: Passion Fire

Leo Full Moon

February 16, 2022 – 11:56 AM ET, 8:56 AM PT

Theme: Passion Fire

By Dawn M. Harrison (WildWitchAstrology.com)

As we slowly, but surely, emerge from the retrograde caves of both Mercury and Venus, this month’s Full Moon at 27 degrees Leo illuminates all that we have been learning about who we are, what we want, and what we need, and asks for us to move forward in that Truth in the full light of day.

Leo is Fixed Fire – the sign of the Sovereign, the Regal Queen, the Morning Star, and the Roaring Lion. Full Moons in this sign illuminate the part of us that knows that we have been given a unique light to shine, and that courageously shining that light is part and parcel of our sacred purpose and our sovereign mission. 

Shining our light is our Passion Fire – that which keeps us lit from within and reminds us of the source of our true joy, no matter how apparently dim the outward applause, and no matter how intense the storms around us might be…

…because Passion Fire does not seek its validation from without. Passion Fire is the internal steady flame that grows brighter within each of us, as we dare to acknowledge our untouchable and sovereign self-worth.

Self-worth and sovereignty are big keywords for this month’s Full Moon, as it sits directly opposite the Aquarius Sun, squares off on the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, and is joined by the long-awaited Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn.

The Aquarius/Leo polarity always asks for us to explore the balance between our individual selves and our collective selves, and to find the courage to break away from any prevailing status quo that has kept our heads bowed down low and our crowns crooked.

The square to the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio is a reminder that stepping up into our true sovereign power requires us to shed, shed, shed those outworn layers of shame, and then to decide what places and spaces are genuinely worthy of our precious time, attention and energy.

Making space for the endings in our lives is necessary in order to make space for the beginnings that allow us to cultivate that fertile ground beneath our feet that is our true calling and our true birthright.

And finally, the Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn – the sign of the Elder and the Teacher – is calling each and every one of us to honor our Passion Fire wherever it is seeking expression in our lives.

At their core, Venus is Love – the unadulterated calling and desire of your heart, and Mars is your autonomous drive to be and to do. Together, they are telling us that: it IS possible to marry our heart’s desire with our outward striving in the world; it IS possible to hold space for the sovereign “I” and the harmonious “WE”; and it IS possible to manifest our passions in real and tangible ways, if we are willing to…

Exercise a little compassionate patience with ourselves and others…

Listen to and honor our wisdom that speaks from within…

See our past as our Teacher that seeks to draw out our best, instead of reminding us of our worst.

This month’s Full Moon says lift your head up as the unique, worthy, and wise Queen that you are, remember what brings you joy, and give yourself permission to shine.

Full Moon Journaling Prompts

Remember that Full Moons begin the waning phase of our lunar cycle, so they tend to illuminate both what we need to celebrate and what we may be invited to release in the coming weeks. To attune to what this Full Moon might mean for you, begin by asking yourself…

In what areas of my life is it time to shake off an outworn allegiance, in order to honor my light?

In what ways am I being called to focus my energy in order to pursue my true passion?

And, what lessons-learned must I carry forward into the next season of my life, in order to step up into the person I know myself to be?

Who This Full Moon May Impact the Most

Every birth chart is unique, and there are a number of factors that influence the degree to which we experience the acute effects of any Full Moon.  Know that something is being illuminated for us all, and that we are all being asked, in one way or another, to awaken to those things in our life that are calling for celebration, and those things in our life that are calling for release.

Those who may experience the effects of this Full Moon most strongly, include those with:

  • Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising
  • Leo Sun, Moon, and Rising
  • Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising
  • Taurus Sun, Moon, and Rising

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Leo Full Moon Ritual

In many ways, this Full Moon closes out Aquarius season, and prepares us for what we will take forward into Pisces season.  The ritual below is designed to attune you to what you desire to carry forward, and to what you yearn to release.  Since Leo is the sign of your inner child, your creative expression, and your joy, and Aquarius is the sign of Sacred Rebellion and Freedom, this ritual taps into your inner artist and spirit of play.

For this ritual, you will need:

  1. Candle of your choice
  2. Paper
  3. Colored markers, pencils, and/or crayons of your choice
  4. Optional Tarot and/or Oracle deck

Ritual steps:

  1. Light your candle.
  2. Ground yourself. Perhaps stand with legs open wide, feet firmly planted on the ground, breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth, while visualizing the base of your spine extending down through the floor to the very core of the earth.
  3. When you are ready, place two pieces of paper in front of you with your colored pencils, pens, and/or crayons handy.
  4. Standing in front of the first sheet, visualize a time in your life when you felt true joy… not just happiness, but joy… This should be a time where you felt truly free, and unencumbered by the fear of what other people thought… a time when you felt vital and alive.  See, feel, and hear as many details from this experience as you can.
  5. Now, say aloud, “I feel true joy when….”
  6. If you desire, pull an oracle and/or tarot card to inspire you.  Then, fill in the blanks out loud.
  7. Pick up the coloring utensils of your choice, let your hand hit the paper and draw whatever shapes, images, and lines that arise within you.  There need not be a definite form here… this is about expression and the reckless abandon of joy that must not be judged or analyzed.
  8. When you are ready, move to your second sheet.  First, feel yourself safe and secure.  Then, visualize a time in your life when you felt cramped, unable to express, or forced into a box of inauthenticity.

Horoscopes For Each Sign

The horoscopes below, written for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, are meant to serve as inspiration and “food for thought”.  Let your intuition guide you, as you feel through the energetic shifts of this Full Moon.

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.


ARIES: This month’s Full Moon invites you to lead with your heart, because the more you make your life a living expression of who you are, the more joy you’ll feel.  See your masterpiece in your mind’s eye, and know that you need no one’s permission to make it real. In what ways are you being called to set your inner creative child free?

Areas of focus, celebration and release:  Recreation, Creativity, Pleasure, Self-Expression, Children of the Body, and Children of the Mind


TAURUS: This month’s Full Moon invites you to feed the flames of hearth and home.  If you’ve been struggling with finding the proper balance between “work” and “life”, now is the time to find joy in restoring that balance.  Your fires burn brightest when they originate from within. In what ways are you being called to nourish the roots that ground you and anchor you?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Family, Home, Origins, Bonded Relationships, Roots


GEMINI: This month’s Full Moon invites you to come back home to your Lion’s roar.  Information and knowledge may abound, but nothing beats finding strength in your own voice.  You maximize your brilliance when you speak from your heart, always. Where is it time to peel back the layers, tune out the noise, and allow your authentic voice to shine? 

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Communications, Contacts, Learning, Siblings, Neighbors, Data Exchange,  Ideas


CANCER: This month’s Full Moon invites you to find joy in investing in you.  Perhaps you have forgotten the potential that lies in your raw resource and talent.  Or, perhaps you have been valuing others over yourself.  Now is the time to feed that beautiful and sensitive heart of yours in real and tangible ways.  When you lean into your natural flame, you attract exactly what you need. In what ways are you being called to feed your own vision of abundance?

                                         Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Finances, Personal Resources, Talent, Values, Security, Confidence, Self-Worth


LEO: This Full Moon invites you to come back home to yourself – to embody what brings you joy and to celebrate what strokes your Fire.  If the last several months have left you laden with heady or heavy concerns, now may be a time when you can more readily drop out of your head and into your heart. In what ways are you being called to celebrate the authentic you?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Personal Identity, Self-Image, Self-Awareness, Independence


VIRGO: This month’s Full Moon invites you to recharge and replenish.  That might mean finding the courage to set boundaries or simply finding the courage to say “no”.  Sometimes, carving out the time to cultivate sacred space restores a joy that you didn’t even know you had lost. In what ways are you being called to rejuvenate from within?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Sacred Space, Spirituality, Spiritual practices, Need for privacy, Hidden influences, Dreams


LIBRA: This month’s Full Moon invites you to define for yourself what it means to align with your tribe.  That might mean shaking off the shackles of allegiances that no longer serve you, or that might mean letting go of responsibilities that simply don’t speak to your heart. What places and spaces are calling you home?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Communities, Bonds with like-minded people, Friendships, Networks, Collective consciousness


SCORPIO: This month’s full Moon invites you to come back home to your true mission and purpose, because you shine the brightest when your outward striving aligns with your inward calling.  Shed the layers that keep you bound to a past that you have outgrown. What old skin must you step out of in order to step up and step out?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Ambition, Life direction, Status, Public Identity, Life Mission, Authority, Responsibility


SAGITTARIUS: This month’s Full Moon invites you to broaden the horizons of your mind by allowing the flames of your curiosity to burn bright.  Shake off those old beliefs that limit your vision and dim your light. Where is it time to step outside of the comfort zone of what you know in order to venture into untried territory?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  World-view, Higher education, Broadening horizons, Ideologies, Belief systems, Long-distance travel


CAPRICORN: This month’s Full Moon invites you to cut the cords that need cutting and deepen the commitments that need deepening.  Aligning with those that share your values fans your flames. How are you being called to release yourself from the commitments that no longer serve you?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Intimate partnerships, Shared resources, Sexual relationships, Deep psychological understanding, Major life transitions



AQUARIUS: This month’s Full Moon invites you to groom those relationships that bring you joy.  Defining what you need and what you want in all manner of your partnerships serves you well. In what ways are you being called to let your authenticity shine in your one-to-one encounters?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Partnerships, Relationships, Contracts, Negotiations



PISCES: This month’s Full Moon invites you to find joy in your everyday routine. Grounding the mystic in the mundane might be the key to keeping your heart open and your mind clear.

In what ways are you being called to see the magic in the everyday choices that you make?

Areas of focus, celebration, and release:  Daily Routines, Lifestyle choices, Health and Fitness, Habits, Mind-Body Connection

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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