New Moon Solar Eclipse Eclipse at 10° Cancer – July 2nd PT @ 12:16pm

Welcome to Eclipse Season! 

On Tuesday, July 2nd we’ll experience the first of the two summer eclipses – a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the constellation of Cancer (Sidereal Gemini). The second one, the Lunar Eclipse is on July 16th at 24° of Capricorn (Sidereal Sagittarius). 

I’ll speak more about the Lunar Eclipse in two weeks time, but the two eclipses are tied so it’s good to consider both as “Eclipse Season” which runs from July 1-August 1, roughly 4 weeks.

Every year we experience 4-6 eclipses per year on New Moons (Solar Eclipse) and the Full Moons (Lunar Eclipse). Typically 2-3 occur in the winter and 2-3 in summer, depending on the. Each eclipse is visible only in certain parts of the world. The last total solar eclipse took place in 2017 and was visible in the USA. The July 2nd one will only be visible in certain parts of South America. 

So while Eclipses are a somewhat common occurrence, they can also create profound changes in our lives depending on our individual natal charts. 

Each eclipse will carry different energy for you depending on your individual planetary alignments and if the Eclipses are touching your luminaries (Sun, Moon) or Rising Sign and Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node), and how many degrees apart they are. 

Some people will experience BIG and profound shifts and changes during an Eclipse season, others feel a mere bump, others don’t notice any changes and just go about their days. How it impacts you depends very much on your individual natal chart. 

I highly recommend learning to interpret your own natal birth chart (it’s an incredible life blueprint) or have an astrologer show you where the touch points are in your chart to see how you’ll be impacted specifically.

I also recommend you look back at previous Eclipse Seasons and see what was going on for you in previous years and where in your chart the eclipse was taking place.

From there, you can look at the patterns in your own life and how Eclipses have impacted you. 

The Ancients made a lot of meaning from Eclipses as powerful celestial events – most myths are about the danger of eclipse time and elicit feelings of fear. Imagine how they felt looking up at the sky at a disappearing moon or sun!

However, in modern times it’s important to really feel into the energy this month and ask ourselves, what does an eclipse mean for us uniquely? How does the energy feel to you personally? 

Generally speaking, if you have any planets on the Cancer/Capricorn axis between 8-12 degrees you’ll feel this Solar Eclipse deeply. See directions below to pull up your chart. 

Most of us sensitive souls will feel eclipse energy no matter what… however, an eclipse is nothing to fear! It’s not the best time to start anything new (like other New Moons), but instead, take good care of yourself, go inward, pray, be internal and intentional. 

The July 2nd Solar Eclipse in Cancer invites us to tune into our deepest feelings, take time out, and spend time in rest and rejuvenation. If you’ve been feeling exhausted now is the time to REST, rest and rest some more. 

Cancerian energy is at a high point right now – within the month of July, we have North Node in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and the Sun in Cancer. So if you can grab a book, find a hammock and lay by some water and bring some watery yin energy into the fiery yang summer energy. 

The Capricorn/Cancer axis will be prominent this summer. This theme of this axis is to balance career, ambition, being out there in the world, climbing the ladder, achievement (Capricorn) and internal processing, home life and tending to your heart (Cancer). These themes will play out in an amplified way this summer.

The energy between two eclipses can also be unpredictable, exciting and illicit big life changes, the energy can feel like a prolonged Uranus transit with the impact felt for 3 months after eclipse time. In order to counterbalance, make sure to go inward and be in your own energy and home. 

For general insights about how this Eclipse will impact you read your Rising Sign below, followed by your Moon, then Sun. 

Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign): 


If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart here. 

Enter your info and you’ll get your birth chart. (Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it).

The one on the right with I, ASC is your Rising Sign, so look at that first, followed by your Moon sign and your Sun Sign. 

To look for what degrees the sign is in your chart, using the chart above Capricorn is at 13° 


Eclipse Themes by Rising Sign

Here’s the areas where you might experience shifts and changes during Eclipse Season: 


ARIES – Home, mother, homeland, renovations, the heart, comforts





TAURUS – Siblings, short distance travel, writing, speaking, teaching, communication, business





GEMINI – Money, possessions, self-worth, food, diet and eating





CANCER – Self, Identity, who you present yourself as, body, appearance 





LEO – Spirituality, dreams, hidden secrets, psychology, the past, pain and loss





VIRGO – Network, social media, fame, large groups of people, friends





LIBRA – Career, public image, occupation, authority figures





SCORPIO – Spirituality, gurus, long-distance trips, father, luck and blessings higher knowledge





SAGITTARIUS – Other people’s resources, inheritance, death and rebirth, sexuality, the occult 





CAPRICORN – Romantic partner, business partner, clients





AQUARIUS – Service to the world, job, details, illness, enemies 




PISCES – Fun, play, romance, children, creativity, love affairs, pleasure


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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