Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ THEME ~ Release Old Patterns

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ♑

Tuesday June 16th @ 2:38pm PT @ 24°

Today we reach the pinnacle of the Eclipse Season that began during the Solar Full Moon two weeks ago in the sign of Cancer. 

Wow. The past two weeks have been very intense for many people! 

Something specific may have come to the surface, perhaps a hidden secret, an outdated pattern, a belief, or it became clear a relationship has run its course. Something may have come to light and is now ready to be released during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

Deep truths can be revealed in unexpected ways two weeks before and after this Eclipse. It may feel as though the truth must come out at all costs. 

Not only do we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on July 16h, but the Moon is also conjunct Pluto, South Node (Ketu in Vedic astrology) and Saturn. So the truths being revealed may relate to our past, or in some cases our past lives. 

These three power planets, plus Ketu in one sign is a huge amount of KARMIC energy contained in one sign. Use this force as an opportunity to let go of the past and move forward in a profound way. 

The conjunction will impact all of us on some level depending on where it happens in our chart. (See below where your Rising sign is how it will impact you personally). 

Pluto is about transformation, Saturn is about old structures, and the South Node is about past karma. The combination of these along with the Full Moon creates a beautiful opportunity to release and let go of anything that no longer serves your spiritual journey. 

This Capricorn Full Moon asks us to look at what isn’t working in our lives and let it go for good!  

Use this powerful esoteric and transformative energy to finally and completely let go of any old outdated toxicity you have in your life. It may not feel great, but it’s a necessary clearing out of the old. We must ‘excrete’ what no longer works in our lives and look forward. 

Pay special attention to any dreams, nightmares, insights, dramas, fights, bringing the dark into the light and take note of them. Messages can come in now about your life, the people in it and your next steps. Listen closely 🙂

Beyond the eclipse itself, what does a Full Moon in Capricorn bring exactly? Capricorn is both an opposite and complementary energy to Cancer (where the Solar eclipse took place 2 weeks ago). This axis is often called the mother/father axis. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon – which is the mother – sensitive, nurturing, compassionate and watery. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the ‘Lord of Karma’ and is all about structure, father, responsibility, lessons learned, and stability.

Early in the month, we may have felt this need to go into Cancerian energy, to feel deeply and to rest. And now it’s time to get to business as BIG transformations are occurring for each of us.

Full Moon Ritual – best done under the bright light of the moon

  1. Have a pen and paper handy
  2. Take some time to meditate by listening to some music, using a mantra, anything that works to get you into a meditative space
  3. Close your eyes and feel deep into your heart – don’t rush this process, really feel into it
  4. When you feel ready to write down one area or specific thing in your life it’s time to let go of
  5. Have a container of water nearby, and burn the piece of paper (use tweezers to hold it without burning your fingertips). As it burns really imagine letting it go. 
  6. After you’ve let it go, cleanse – bath with rose petals, salts, crystals, feel the energy of this issue, pattern, person, whatever it is, leave from your system as the water drains. 
  7. Put on some nice fun dancey music
  8. Dance in the moonlight!
  9. Pull some tarot or oracle cards for advice for the next month until the next full moon (‘What do I need to know about the next month?’)

Please read your Rising Sign below (followed by your Moon and Sun). 

Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign): 

If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart here.

Enter your info… and you’ll get a chart that looks like this (note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it): 

ARIES –  Aries you may experience career transformations happening in the past two weeks which will continue for two more. Ask yourself: what do you need to let go of in this area of your life? Is there something you’ve not been facing in your career and now it’s time? Perhaps you’ve had a secret desire to start your own business or to leave your job. Now is the time to release the past, and face the truth.   



TAURUS – Taurus do you have a deep desire to travel? To see the world? To get out of the day-to-day routine? Is this something you’ve buried deep? Now is the time for anything you’ve pushed down to come to the light to be looked at closely. If not travel this can show up around spirituality and your spiritual studies. Is there something there you need to take a closer look at and then release in these areas? Now is the time! 


GEMINI – The energy surrounding this Full Moon is very Plutonic in nature, and so are your feelings lately Gemini! You may be feeling more intense and deep lately. Have you been hiding something related to your sex life? Is there a secret desire you need to face? Now is the time to dive into the theme of sexuality, of death and rebirth, of the occult. These themes will be extra prominent for you this month. 



CANCER – Cancer at the top of your mind right now will be others and how you relate to them. What deep truth are you seeing around your relationships (or lack thereof) with either a romantic partner or a business partner? It’s time to look very deeply at these truths, once you bring them to light you can clear any residual energy you’re carrying forward. This could mean releasing a past partner completely. Follow the Full Moon ritual above for more insight. 


LEO – Do you ever ask yourself, ‘what is my deep service to the world?’ That could be a prominent question for you this month Leo. Perhaps you’ve buried the answer and it’s time to unearth it and listen closely. This Full Moon is all about service for you. Listen closely then release anything that’s standing in the way of that. You may also get insights about your health, body or ways you need to clean up or detox yourself in order to feel better. Pay attention to these insights and act on them in August.


VIRGO – Virgo, what’s been going on for you in a creative sense? Are you living up to your creative potential? This theme will be big this week. It may be time to dig deep and express yourself creatively. Or if you’ve been experiencing many blocks in this area you now have the time to release them for good. Listen to the messages you’re hearing about reasons you may feel blocked. If not creativity this Full Moon could bring to light themes around romance, fun and play or children. 


LIBRA  – What’s going on at home these days, Libra? Something about your home may come to light… is there anything you’ve not been looking at? Perhaps you need to move locations? Maybe it’s time to renovate, to change the furniture. It can also be about themes related to your emotional health and wellness. Do you feel good in your life? Is there something you can bring to light around your emotional wellbeing? 


SCORPIO –  Scorpio this month is focused around communication for you. Are there ways you speak, write or even speak with your friends or close family that needs to change? What’s under the surface you need to communicate with others. If there’s been anything you’re scared to speak, now is the time it’ll come to the surface to be cleared. You don’t need to share it quite yet (best to wait until after the Eclipse) but it’s good to admit it and release. 


SAGITTARIUS – You may notice a truth be revealed to you in the area of finances and your patterns with money, Sagittarius. Old ways of dealing with your finances may come to the light. Now’s your chance to let these old ways go for good. Another way this can show up is in the area of your self-worth. You may have had something recently come to light around how you treat yourself – now is the time to face these issues head on, admit the truth and work toward resolving it. 


CAPRICORN – These last two eclipses have impacted you in a big way, Capricorn. You’ve also had the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Ketu in your sign for a while now. So many big life changes may be occurring for you. This is a process of renewal of who you are as a person. It may not feel the greatest but you will come out the other side a new person in many ways. Pay close attention to any truths revealed to you about who you are as a person and how you show up in the world. Now is the time to let old ways go for good. 


AQUARIUS – Aquarius have you been getting messages in your dreams? It’s a good idea to keep a dream journal and write down anything that comes to you in the night. You have heightened intuition and insight right now so could easily download information regarding your psychological state, past lives or your spiritual self. Whatever insights come to you take note and act after the eclipse passes.  



PISCES – As a somewhat introverted and private person, you may be experiencing truths around your public self during this eclipse. Themes related to your wider network, social media and being famous may come to light right now. Whatever truths are revealed to you, take clear note of them as they will guide you to your next steps. Let the truth come to the light so you can work through it and release. 




A Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite each other. This creates a sense of tension. It’s when the sun shines the most light on the moon. The Sun is our conscious and the Moon is the unconscious. It’s an ideal time to LET GO and to bring the dark into the light to be released. 

Every Full Moon is a chance to look back at the intentions you planted two weeks ago during the New Moon. What were they? How have they manifested? Are you taking action toward them? Now is the time to reassess and release anything standing in the way of your hearts desires. The two weeks between the New and Full Moon is a great time for new beginnings. The two weeks after the Full Moon is a time to let go. 

When we plant our New Moon intentions, we can’t just plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. We need to fertilize the soul, water them, make sure they get plenty of sunlight – most importantly we need to weed and pluck out that which doesn’t serve us. The Full Moon helps us ‘pluck’ out the weeds. 

When the moon is full, a light shines on the areas of our lives it’s time to release and let go. 

About Andrea Dupuis

Andrea is a writer, astrologer and tarot card reader who uses ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini, and Vedic Astrology. For private astrological readings email: [email protected]

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