Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 17, 2019 ~ THEME: Divine Father

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius ♐  @ 25° Monday June 17th @ 1:31am PT

This Monday we’ll experience a profound and meaningful Full Moon in Sagittarius. The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter – thus the energy of Jupiter will be at the forefront of our experiences this week.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck, wealth, and blessings, spiritual beliefs and in classical astrology, it represents a woman’s spouse.

The Full Moon also coincides closely with Fathers Day (June 16th) in the western world (and in 26 countries around the world) on the 17th of June.

This is powerful and auspicious timing considering Sagittarius is the natural sign of the 9th House – the house of the father.

Symbolically, the planet Jupiter itself represents the father archetype. In Roman mythology, the God Jupiter was also known as the ‘shining father’ (aka Zeus in Greek mythology).

Themes related to father will be at the forefront of our minds and hearts right now!

The theme of father can be related to your biological father, yes, but it goes much deeper.

There’s the Divine Father in the cosmic sense, there’s your own internal father within, and father energy in the world (sometimes it shows up in who we choose as a partner).

We all have the Divine Mother and Father energies within us and around us. We call the earth ‘mother earth’ and the sky ‘father sky’.

These energies impact us on a conscious and unconscious level.

We often inherit our deep belief systems from our dad, or from the government (father energy) the church, our religion…

This Full Moon will ask us to take a look at our internal belief systems and decide what needs to be let go of.

It asks us to look at our own relationship and beliefs related to ‘father’ and release those which no longer feel good.

This Sagittarius Full Moon asks, what beliefs are no longer serving you?

I recommend you write out beliefs you want to let go of on paper and burn them, please keep water nearby for safety. Fire is a great way to release especially when the Full Moon is in a fire sign!

Jupiter is also the planet of adventure and blessings so you may feel the pull this week to take a trip, or you may be gifted with a blessing. It could be a literal blessing or a spiritual insight that appears out of nowhere. Enjoy the positive energy.

Please read your Rising Sign below (followed by your Moon and Sun).

Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign):

If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart here.

Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it.


ARIES –  Aries the fiery energy this Full Moon is an energy you’re very familiar with! As a fire sign yourself you are often on the go, making things happen and out there in the world. This Full Moon may ask you to slow down and look within yourself to see what belief systems it’s time to let go of. You have a double whammy this week as the Full Moon happens in your 9th house – the Sagittarius house. So this will be extra intense for you. Read above and focus on this weeks father theme.


TAURUS – Taurians this Full Moon is taking place in your 8th House, the Scorpio house. The energy of Scorpio is opposite your nature, and yet complementary. Feel into the 8th House energy this week. It’s a great opportunity to transform your belief systems around sexuality, birth and death and partners resources. You may feel more intense or darker than usual. Don’t worry this is a natural part of the process. You’ll come out the other side much brighter.  


GEMINI – This Full Moon is taking place in your house of partnerships – romantic and business partnerships. What beliefs are you carrying that it’s time to release. Sagittarius is also your opposite yet complementary energy as you share the same axis. The energy of this Full Moon may seem familiar to you and you might have an impulse to take a trip with your partner. Adventure may be on your mind.



CANCER – The 6th house relates to your service to the world, Cancer and also to your physical body. This Full Moon, sit quietly and tune into these two themes. What beliefs are you carrying and how can you let them go now? These may be long held even subconscious beliefs you’re not even sure where they came from. Now’s the time to use the energy of the moon to release and relinquish that which no longer serves you.


LEO – Leo’s are naturally playful, fun and enjoy life. This Full Moon is taking place in your house related to fun and joy. The 5th House is also your natural house, so this theme can be even stronger for you now. What are some of the old beliefs you have about fun and how much you allow yourself to experience? It’s time to let those go. Themes related to beliefs about love and romance and children could also be at the forefront right now. Take the time to go within and ask this Full Moon to reveal what to let go of. Trust your intuition.


VIRGO – Virgo is never one to shy away from creating a beautiful home space and sanctuary. The 4th house is all about home and mother (our original home). This Full Moon ask yourself what ancient and old beliefs are you carrying around the theme of mother? What do you need to release. For you the theme of balancing the mother/father principles and your ideologies might be highlighted. What is your relationship like between your internal mother/father or your parents? It’s time to release.


LIBRA  – Libra’s love to talk and communicate, it’s a part of your airy nature – this Full Moon is taking place in your 3rd house of communication. The energy here will feel natural for you as an air sign. Air and Fire signs go very well together and understand each other, they can bounce concepts and ideas together and ignite a spark. Is there something you need to speak up about? Do you have beliefs around how and when you ‘should’ communicate to others and how? If so now is the time to finally break the chains related to this theme. Speak up!


SCORPIO – Scorpio this Full Moon is taking place in your 2nd house related to your finances. You may have long-standing beliefs about how much money you can make, how you make it, how you spend it. Some of these beliefs may not be your own. What cap do you put on your financial wealth? Themes related to money will be heightened right now. Sit quietly and take a deep long look at your beliefs around money – it’s time to let go and use the energy of this moon to support you.


SAGITTARIUS – The spotlight is on your sign this week Sagittarius. This Full Moon is all about you and your deep internal beliefs about yourself and how you show up in the world. What beliefs are you still carrying around you and your capabilities? Maybe you took on beliefs about yourself that aren’t even yours. Maybe you listen to others about who you are more than yourself. Now is the time to go within and ponder what beliefs about YOU to let go of. Use the powerful energy of this moon to release and purge.


CAPRICORN – Capricorn, as a somewhat shy and feminine sign you don’t mind being behind the scenes and supporting others from that place. This Full Moon is taking place in your 12th house which can highlight this tendency or a belief that you can’t be the centre of attention or take up space in the world. The 12th house is a secret and private house. Have you taken on beliefs around how public you allow yourself to be? Now’s the time to ask what you need to release around your private vs public self.


AQUARIUS – Aquarians are known for their off the cuff rebellious and quirky nature, because of this it’s rare to meet an Aqua who doesn’t have a large social network. This Full Moon your beliefs about both your public portrayal of yourself and your friendships and wider social network will come into your awareness. What beliefs do you carry about your friendships both positive and negative? How do you show up in your network or community at large? What beliefs have you taken on about how you need to show up in order to be accepted? All of these themes will be at the forefront of your consciousness this week.


PISCES – Career is at the top of your mind this week lovely Pisceans! It’s time to take a deeper look at your beliefs around career (or self-employment) and ask yourself what beliefs you’ve taken on about these themes. Do you believe one is better than the other? Are you hesitant to work for yourself or for others? Is it time for a career switch? These beliefs are holding you back from making the changes you need to make to be happy in this area. It’s time to dive in and ask what beliefs can you let go of related to your career.



A Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite each other. This creates a sense of tension. It’s when the sun shines the most light on the moon. The Sun is our conscious and the Moon is the unconscious. It’s an ideal time to LET GO and to bring the dark into the light to be released.

Every Full Moon is a chance to a look back at the intentions you planted two weeks ago during the New Moon. What were they? How have they manifested? Are you taking action toward them? Now is the time to reassess and release anything standing in the way of your hearts desires. The two weeks between the New and Full Moon is a great time for new beginnings. The two weeks after the Full Moon is time to let go.

When we plant our New Moon intentions, we can’t just plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. We need to fertilize the soul, water them, make sure they get plenty of sunlight – most importantly we need to weed and pluck out that which doesn’t serve us. The Full Moon helps us ‘pluck’ out the weeds.

When the moon is full, a light shines on the areas of our lives it’s time to release and let go.

About Andrea Dupuis

Andrea is a writer, astrologer and tarot card reader who uses ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology. For private astrological readings email: [email protected]

Sheleana is the Founder and Visionary of Rising Woman. She is a Conscious Relationship and Spiritual Psychology writer and Creator of an online program called Becoming the One. Sheleana spent 4 years as an apprentice in transpersonal group-work containers, depth psychology, and shadow work with a Spiritual teacher and went on to Co-Facilitate women's groups and Conscious Relationship workshops. She has trained in imago couples facilitation, tantra, couples work, somatic healing and is also a full-spectrum birth doula.
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