New Moon in Scorpio Personal Astrology Reports, November 18, 2017

The New Moon enters Scorpio on Nov. 18th at 3:42 am 2017. 

The Moon and the Sun come together to reset the monthly cycle in Scorpio’s darkness with a supportive trine from Chiron. Truth is being revealed, and what was once hidden in the shadows is now open for the collective to witness.  Scorpio’s themes around Sex and Power are gaining momentum in a transformative way we have never seen before. The energy of this cycle asks us to be honest with ourselves and others about what’s underneath the surface.


ARIES: ‘I meet the shadow side of myself, primed for transformation.’

Saturday’s New Moon is ready and eager to lead you to your most uncomfortable depths, your secrets and desires, your private Self you show no other. It’s here that this lunar month’s work will take place, airing out the good and the bad, and making space for change. Be prepared to grieve what must be allowed to ‘die off’. Be prepared to confront the aspects of yourself that you are not the most proud of, especially as they relate to those you are most intimate with. Know that these things make you human, not broken or flawed, and by looking at them honestly you make way for glorious transformation, like water into wine. 

TAURUS: ‘I meet the shadow side of my relationships, deepening intimacy.’

The words ‘casual relationship’ do little for you Taurus and, with a New Moon in the deep-diving emotional sign of Scorpio, they do even less! Love relationships built on solid ground are set to thrive under this moon, deepening intimacy and forging stronger bonds. Loyalty and respect will flourish in business partnerships or other one-on-one relationships. This is wonderful news but know that it could well happen through the unveiling of secrets, the mining of unspoken desires, the uncomfortable stuff that lives hidden within us. Scorpio doesn’t do anything superficially. Embrace this energy with authenticity and a commitment to truth and you’ll reap the rewards. 

GEMINI: ‘I meet the shadow side of my routines, embracing authentic living.’

How emotionally fulfilling in your day-to-day living, Gemini? Are you getting to put your passions and values at the centre of your workday or do they have to compete for your attention? Do you ‘walk your talk’ or just pay lip service to your supposed ethics? Scorpio can’t handle pretenders, the uncommitted or the passionless. You might be expert at being who you need to be in any situation but this New Moon asks you to step into your authenticity and start living like you mean it. Day job doesn’t have to mean soul-sucking. All work is dignified if you do it wholeheartedly. If you claim to be an environmentalist, what are you doing with so many take-out coffee cups? Small changes lead to epic transformations and a life that truly reflects who you are.

CANCER: ‘I transform the shadow side of myself and the World through creativity.’

Art might be one of the most transformational and magical acts a human being can partake in. We take abstract thoughts, deep feelings, primal urges and turn them into living, breathing, vibrating embodiments of these intangible elements. It sounds magical, right? And urgent, when you consider the times we live in and all the hurt, betrayal, love and hope that needs processed and expressed right now. This New Moon shines directly on your creative life, Cancer, your area of transformation via creating, expressing and, ultimately, joy! Whether it’s the through your children (the most primal act of creation), Arts and crafts, or the connections you forge with other people, make them joyful, authentic and deeply felt. This is important work that helps us all process our lives more honestly and make space for authentic change.

LEO: ‘I meet the shadow side of my family with strong and loving boundaries.’

Saturday’s New Moon brings you home, Leo, to the place you can most authentically be yourself. Maybe this is with your family of origin or with a new family you have built for yourself. Maybe it is in a place you have cultivated to be your sanctuary from the world or maybe it is under a cathedral of trees and wintery skies. Wherever home is for you and however you define it, you are called there now. Scorpio is an uncompromising sign and you may find yourself unable to cope with people disturbing your peace and quiet. Be tolerant of your loved ones but also hold healthy boundaries for yourself. All are welcome in your home so long as they respect the rules.

VIRGO: ‘I communicate from a place of heartfelt integrity.’

I would never lecture you on authenticity, Virgo. You could write the manual on being honest-to-a-fault. This New Moon however is going to ask you to mine parts of yourself, not with your exceptional mind or critical eye, but with an honest and discerning heart. Emotional authenticity is the bedrock of all your communications and this New Moon allows you to reboot any interactions that have not been living up to this high bar. Whether it’s feeling into sharing with integrity via social media or even just being honest to yourself in your journal (yes, I know you edit yourself even in private and no, I haven’t read your journal!) now is the time to be truthful so you can better connect with and impact the people you want to reach. Your audience is waiting for your unique brand of authentic musings.

LIBRA: ‘I transform my relationship to money into a reflection of my values.’

Could your relationship to money do with a transformation, Libra? Do you treat your resources with respect and value the time, energy and effort that went into acquiring them? This New Moon is a reset point for your finances, streams of income and assets and only the most aligned sources of monetary security will thrive. Let your resources reflect who you truly are. If you are passionate about the environment, does your weekly shop reflect this as much as your budget allows? Could you afford to make donations to a charity or pay for content from your favourite musicians? This New Moon asks ‘who am I truly?’ and then ‘how does my relationship with money reflect this truth?’. They are big questions but putting your money where your mouth will help you grow a life you can truly be proud of.

SCORPIO: ‘I reconcile with my shadow self so I can transform into my Best Self.’

It’s your New Moon Scorpio, a perfect reset moment as the days grow darker and we turn ever inward for clarity and rest. This is the moment to take stock of the last year, see how far you have come and celebrate all you have achieved. Then go deeper and honestly appraise what didn’t go well, times you weren’t your best self and things you didn’t achieve. These are the pain points, the uncomfortable truths we all have to face but they are also the points where transformation is possible, where the most growth and learning can happen. I urge you to get uncomfortable, go to those dark places, look after yourself as you do it (wine and dark chocolate at the ready) and find that fertile soil to plant something new, something better, something transformed.

SAGITTARIUS: ‘I prepare to step into the next chapter of my story.’

It’s been a hard few years for you Sagg with Saturn, planet of restriction and discernment, working you over. Saturn finally leaves your sign next month and you’ll start to feel yourself relaxing into a more expansive, lighter mindset. This New Moon offers you a beautiful moment to really look at all that has happened to you in the last three years and see how it has shaped your outlook on life and fundamentally changed who you are. Saturn transits are often considered ‘coming of age’ chapters, where we mature and become our most authentic selves. Embody this evolved version of yourself completely and leave behind the old You. Scorpio asks you this to use this New Moon as your reset moment and embrace wholeheartedly this new, improved You.

CAPRICORN: ‘I meet the shadow side of my community with honesty, integrity and love.’

Saturday’s New Moon calls you to your community, Capricorn. You are stepping up with integrity and holding your community and social circle to the same high standard. It’s incredibly important work right now, with scandals and abuses being uncovered almost daily in society. We need people who have the strength of character to speak the truth no matter what. Whether it is at a staff meeting at work, with friends who share long buried secrets, at a community gathering or even at your families dinner table, you bring empathy, critical thinking and honest communication to even the hardest of conversations. Scorpio is the sign of emotional depths and transformation. You hold the space for these conversations to happen and so for transformation to take place!

AQUARIUS: ‘I commit to my Life’s Work and transform all obstacles that stand in my way.’

If you have been ignoring your Calling in life Aquarius, this is the New Moon that reawakens it for you. Under the uncompromising Scorpio light, you’ll be prompted to do the Work you were truly put on this planet to do. Being emotionally satisfied by your Work is profoundly important for you, even if your work is done in the evening after your day job, on your own, for no pay. It still must be done! To leave it undone would be unfair to a world that needs what only you can create and to yourself it would be like a self-inflicted wound. If it feels hard or unattainable, Scorpio challenges you to transform! Transform your thinking (‘I can do it!’), transform your situation (‘If I wake up an hour earlier I can find time to honour my Calling.’), transform your feelings (‘I will form a group of other artists/entrepreneurs/people following their Callings and find support when I feel lost or overwhelmed’). The deeper you commit to your Work the further you will go!

PISCES: ‘I bless my past and move forward into new, transforming paths of learning.’

This New Moon primes you, Pisces, for evolution and exploration through learning and travel. New paths could open up before you, letting you explore the world in deeper, profound  ways and so ultimately exploring yourself. These explorations could be accompanied by a letting go or reconciling the kind of learner or traveller you used to be with who you are now. Maybe you’ll leave behind an area of study that has defined you or reluctantly accept that your backpacking days are over. If shadows that still haunt you from your school days, like disapproving teachers or overwhelming stress, come up over this New Moon gently welcome them in and spend time unpacking what lessons they have for you. You aren’t defined by them anymore. This is a new semester at the School of Life, tailored perfectly for you.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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