New Moon in Scorpio: Astrology Report for Nov. 18, 2017

New Moon enters Scorpio on Nov. 18th at 3:42 am 2017

The Moon and the Sun come together to reset the monthly cycle in Scorpio’s darkness with a supportive trine from Chiron. Truth is being revealed, and what was once hidden in the shadows is now open for the collective to witness.  Scorpio’s themes around Sex and Power are gaining momentum in a transformative way we have never seen before. The energy of this cycle asks us to be honest with ourselves and others about what’s underneath the surface. 

Courage is the theme right now as secrets are unveiled, bringing the great misuse of power within our social structures to light.

This new moon invites us to dive straight into the heaviness of the dysfunctional patterns we have around sex, sexuality and power. The psychologist Carl Jung said that the shadow is who we are but refuse to be or reject, making shadow work a very humbling process. Now is a time for humble self-inquiry. What is present for you right now? What feels true?

Those who are willing now have a window to journey through an alchemical process of transformation that can only happen in Scorpio the sign of Death. 

It’s time to shed old skins and embrace your own rebirth. As the cycles complete, ask yourself: how can you go deeper?

The Moon and the Sun are not the only ones in Scorpio, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct also traveling through Scorpio emphasizing the themes that we cannot stop talking about. To read more on Jupiter in Scorpio.

“Other people’s money” is another theme of Scorpio, which can be used in darkness in a abusive manipulative way, in a way of silencing, controlling, or to make authorities look away. With larger than life Jupiter, an ancient womanizer who was known for his infidelity in Zeus in Greek Mythology, it’s no wonder big powerful characters with a lot of money have been in the spotlight.

Jupiter is the planet of “too much” and we all know that too much of a good thing can become quite toxic. Any tendency we have to overfunction may come to present awareness, particularly with Venus recently having its exact conjunction with Jupiter. The astrologer Austin Coppock calls Venus in Scorpio the energy of “fatal attraction”.

As humans, we have a tendency to move towards destructive patterns and be drawn to the darkness. While some exploration of the Taboo may be healthy, we must also watch for self-sabotaging patterns that make themselves known at this time.

Fatal attractions can be self-destructive behaviors such eating too much sugar or engaging in toxic relationships we know aren’t good for us for momentary pleasure or relief from our own pain. Venus in Scorpio represents that which is toxic in our  lives but offers momentary pleasure,  and Jupiter just can’t get enough. 

If you’re in an intimate relationship it is a very good time to set new intentions within your relationship, to check in and talk about any underlying issues that have been ignored.

Venus and Jupiter are also squaring the nodes which accentuate our need to express ourselves openly in areas that are othewise quite difficult to face.

The square from the South Node reminds us to stay connected, and highlights our need for community. Without awareness that a pattern exists, a cycle cannot be broken. Collectively we’re invited to acknowledge wrongdoings and bring forth change. 

Whatever your personal patterns look like, unravel them with love and kindness. While it’s important to hold abusers and bullies accountable, the deepest change we can make in the world comes from making a change within. 

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn is unearthing and teaching us about our suppressed anger within relationships and from the toxic structures in our society.

Unconscious impulses of the soul are clarifying the ways in which new boundaries and justice are being manifested into action. How we interact with others, and hidden structures of power and hierarchy are under a scrutinizing spotlight as we make adjustments. Even we we don’t agree, the energy of these two planets invites us to lean into the discomfort and find common ground.

If you’re angry, express it but also channel it into positive action. Mars is a separating energy, not unifying, so it may take more work to mind our triggers and be in our hearts as we navigate big changes in our societal and community structures. Breathe deep and keep your feet on the ground.

Saturn and Black Moon Lilith square Chiron. Tension continues on its last leg before Saturn moves on into Capricorn in December.

The Saturn and Chiron square has been ongoing throughout 2017. There’s been a theme of actively observing how we form and cling to beliefs, long after their expiry. Go within and look at our own personal philosophy and belief systems, are they are in harmony with nature and natural law? Is there a belief that no longer serves you and needs to be put to bed? Changing your belief systems isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of humility. 

Saturn has been teaching us the importance of Truth and we all  have a responsibility to keep ourselves in tune with reality without playing into the Victim archetype or becoming overly cynical. Self-Reflection is the theme, so observe your mind in whatever way you practice self-awareness and be patient with what you find.

Saturn and Black Moon Lilith trine Uranus is a supportive aspect but it still full of surprises!

Uranus has been fueling intentional breakdowns in order to create space for breakthroughs in our lives. Any revelations you may have about your anger, instincts and impulses can teach you how to use that fire and turn it into action with heart and purpose. 

Saturn encourages us to check our shadow and be integral in our lives. We’re asked to accept what is, even when the truth is difficult to face. We have an opportunity to learn from our experiences over the last 2 years and finally integrate them through to completion. 

It is time to open are arms to the repressed feminine and move forward spiritually. Without periodically evaluating our belief systems, they may become rigid and cause us problems. Wise elders demonstrate all they have learned by not taking life too seriously, and generally have a good sense of humour. Making mistakes is part of the journey, and a sign of integrated wisdom is to accept this fact of life while remaining open-hearted and in integrity.

A New Moon Ritual Suggestion:

  • Find an image that reflects your shadow or an aspect of your personality you’re still learning to accept and put it on you altar.
  • Write down 3 or more shadow traits you want to work on.
  • Next, write down 1 or more shadow traits you’ve recently become more conscious of a trait you’ve been integrating in yourself as of late.
  • If you’re with friends or family, you may all share and discuss what you wrote down.
  • Afterwards, move into some deep breathing for a few minutes and be in your body. 
  • Visualize yourself naked, shadows and all.
  • Embrace yourself unconditionally with all your imperfections. Allow yourself to see your darkness as an acceptable part of you.
  • Continue slow deep breathing.
  • Simply observe any feelings of discomfort or self-rejection and come back to love. You don’t need to change yourself, this is about self-acceptance.
  • Journal about your thoughts and feelings until you feel complete.
  • Finally, take your paper with you and find a spot to bury it in the earth. Alternatively, you may light it on fire and place it in a bowl of water, or tear it up and place it in water. 
  • Say a prayer and thank the earth for holding you in your ceremony.



Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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