Personal Zodiac Reports for FULL MOON in Taurus, November 3, 2017


ARIES: My money and I are in a loving, committed, long-term relationship.’

What an epic Money Moon for you Aries, with the emphasis being on self-worth, luxury (whatever that may mean to you personally) and soul-satisfying ways of creating income. Thank to Taurus being ruled by Venus, you have all her luck, artistry, good taste and love on your side. You’ll be called not just to honour your own resources but also to look closely at the resources you share with others. Now is a great time to reassess what is working for you financially and discard outdated or unhelpful systems. If you’re feeling solid with your own bank account then turn your attention to those you share resources with – lovers, business partners, roommates, parents who co-signed your student loan for you etc. I don’t promise this conversation will be smooth sailing but airing out what needs to be aired and looking realistically at the numbers together under the light of this benevolent Moon will be magic and very adult of you! 

TAURUS: ‘I let old aspects of Me die so the new may have the space to flourish.’

It’s your Full Moon, Taurus, shining its sensual rays on you. Are you caring for yourself as you should be? This will be the Moon’s first question, probably accompanied by cravings for something nourishing, rich and delicious. Dig in. Enrich yourself and then dive deeper into the personal excavation this Moon calls for. With the Sun directly opposite Her in Scorpio, you are being asked to look at what must die off for you to flourish. Like tending a garden, weeds must be pulled to give the flowers space to grow. Be radically honest here. Honour what you are saying goodbye to, and trust whatever space you create now will be filled with even greater things! 

GEMINI: ‘I luxuriate in the pleasures of this World and by doing so uncover deeper knowing.’

Friday night’s Full Moon may feel particularly earthy and grounding to an airy, flighty sign such as yourself, but don’t give in to feelings of being buried, grounded or weighed down. Instead see this Moon for what She is…a beautifully sensual moment to connect with your most private self. Moving meditation (a walk in the autumn leaves, dancing with yourself in the dark, kundalini yoga), mindful enjoyment of sumptuous foods or even love-making would make great rituals to help you connect your busy-minded self with this indulgent, luxury-loving, physical Moon. These rituals might seem superficial but don’t be fooled. It’s through our five senses that we commune with our world and find the deeper meaning we are looking for. 

CANCER: ‘I have strong, loving boundaries that honour myself and others.’

The Taurus Full Moon shines brightly on your social life, community involvement, goals and ambition. It’s an interesting placement for you, Cancer, as the homebody of the zodiac. But if one thing is for sure it’s that once someone is in your social circle they are there for life. Your fierce loyalty and love for your people is so admirable. However this Moon asks you to take stock of who is deserving of your loyalty and who should be let go with love. Boundaries are being fortified and only the worthy should be allowed to stay in your inner circle. Be most aware of how people effect your ability to have fun, experience joy or be creative. Joy-crushers and energy-sucks are revealed and lovingly shown the door!

LEO: ‘I gratefully use the amazing skills I have to create beauty in the World.’

Friday’s Full Moon honours your amazing abilities to create beauty and utility in the world with your hands. Whatever your craft, skill or art form of choice, you are renowned for your mastery  and impeccable attention to detail. With that said, are you treating yourself and your skills as the incredible assets they are? Are you charging what you’re worth, communicating just how talented you are, making sure you’re being given the respect you deserve? An honest appraisal of your career right now will show you where you’ve been leaving money on the table or hiding your light under a bushel. Taurus wishes abundance for you!

VIRGO: ‘I am open to the patient and steady pursuit of new adventures and ideas.’

Any random offers of travel, new course of study or interesting philosophical ideas that appear during this Full Moon should definitely be pursued, Virgo. They would be blessed with the good fortune of Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, and set to develop into something enduring and joy-filled. Just be ready for a slow, steady progress with these things, little by little unfurling their brilliance to you! Exciting, no? This Full Moon will feel particularly grounding and rejuvenating to you as Taurus is a fellow Earth sign and, while you may be more pragmatic and organized, you appreciate the Taurean love of good living and sensuality. Be sure to spoil yourself a little, Virgo. You deserve it!

LIBRA: ‘I speak my hidden truths and ask for what I truly want.’

Secrets could out themselves this Full Moon, though lovingly of course, and always with an eye for creating more love and connection. It might seem inconvenient but the uncovering of hidden things or secret feelings is meant to bring you closer to others or even just yourself. Don’t wriggle away from the discomfort. It’s also a fabulous time for more, shall we say, passionate connections. This Full Moon is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, and shining right on your area of sex, taboo and unspoken things. You can ask for what you really want in bed and get it! It feels feral and grounding, like a little bit of the witchy Halloween magic carrying over just for you.

SCORPIO: ‘I honour my passions and needs so I can meet the needs of others.’

This Relationship Moon is as sexy as they come, Scorpio, with your deep emotional personality mingling with the lustful Venus-ruled Taurus vibes. Your love relationships are physical and decadent right now and if they’re not, it’s time to turn on the romance. A bath with rose petals, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, massages with earthy smelling oils and balms…It’s about enjoying each other, indulging your senses and deepening bonds. This moon also asks for healthy boundaries so everyone can feel safe to relax and be certain of what they actually want. Without these boundaries in place we lose ourselves in the whims of another and forgo our own pleasure. This is about mutual enjoyment and as sensitive as you are to the needs of others, you must know your own needs first.


SAGITTARIUS: ‘I move through my day in comfort and contentment.’

How does your day-to-day life feel to you Sagg? This is the question the Full Moon will be putting to you. Does it fill you up, excite you, let you move at a pace you enjoy or is it energy-zapping and devoid of pleasure? Now would be the optimum time to make changes that put pleasure and enjoyment at the heart of your everyday routine. Even small things, like a fancy mug for your morning coffee or softer sheets on your bed will bring your closer to that feeling of luxury and pleasure that this Taurus Moon loves. It’s also an excellent time for a little ‘kitchen witching’. Maybe whip up a batch of your grandmother’s signature soup or brew chai spices into a nourishing tea. This Moon wants you to feel cherished and nurtured every day of the week. 

CAPRICORN: ‘I joyfully explore my creativity with child-like abandon.’

This Full Moon is a the perfect time to reignite your creative passions or kick them up a gear if you are already rocking your creativity. Taurus is the sign of the Arts, in particular Arts that involve using your hands to create beautiful things. Maybe hunt out the old knitting project of yours, go to a pottery class or get baking (Taurus also loves delicious, decadent food!). It’s a joyful and sensual energy and as a fellow Earth sign you connect with it easily. You may be more serious and business-minded usually, but letting go and having fun is important as well. Be childlike and carefree with this and see where it leads you. 

AQUARIUS: ‘I luxuriate in my home with the people I love.’

The expression ‘Home is where the heart is’ seems very appropriate for this Venus-ruled Full Moon. Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say ‘Home is where the comfort is’ as you create and enjoy a nest of peace, warmth and coziness. This would be the perfect time for a huge family-style dinner or cozy movie night with good friends. Treat your sanctuary with the respect and attention it deserves. Prep now to create an environment that will get you through the long nights and colder days in the Northern Hemisphere or be a cool retreat from the rising heat in the Southern Hemisphere. Either way, make it where you want to be! 

PISCES: ‘I move my opinions from thoughts and feelings to creative expressions I can share with others.’

For such a dreamy and emotional sign, Pisces, I think you’re really going to enjoy the experiential, hands-on feel of this Taurus Full Moon. This Moon is less about internalizing your opinions and thoughts and more about externalizing them, expressing them in tangible ways people can touch, see, hear, smell or taste! It’s a challenge, right? Can you help people ‘taste’ your excitement or ‘touch’ your passion? Could you best express what you want to communicate through an art piece or craft? Do you need to move during this Full Moon to truly understand what your opinion is?! Whatever you do, please don’t sit still. Please don’t let your hands go idle. Plunge them into a project and figure out your thoughts in the process.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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