(Almost Super) Full Moon in Taurus Report for Nov 3rd, 2017

(Almost Super) Full Moon in Taurus Nov. 03 approx. 10:22 pm 2017. Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio square Ceres.

Following the festivities of Samhain, Halloween and Day of the Dead, the Moon moves into sensual Taurus coming into its exact opposition with the Sun in Scorpio at 10:22 pm on Friday.

The Sun and Moon are square Ceres in Leo. Ceres, in case you’re not familiar, is the only dwarf planet in the orbit of Neptune. Many of us will feel pulled in all directions over the weekend. While social gatherings and events might seem tempting, there’s also a big pull to stay in and cozy up at home.

Ceres desires room for self-expression, to be seen in her authentic feminine, creative power with no holding back. There is tension and conflict in the air for those who abuse power in society and relationships. As a collective, we may feel this tension in our body as it extends to our self-worth and the relationship we have with ourselves.

This full moon is almost a “super” full moon because it’s almost at its “perigee” (its closest distance to earth) which is just a day away. This full moon is large and loaded with unexpressed emotions, experiences and pain of the collective that’s ready to be seen by the light of this moon.

With the Moon in Taurus, the sign that loves to hermit, it’s a good time to focus on self-love and self-care especially around your body.

With the Sun in Scorpio, you may be drawn to create space for deeper intimacy and time to explore the depths of your heart and body, on your own or with a lover.

The sun takes its journey through the underworld of Scorpio, and the season of death is on its walk through the landscape. Leaves fall from the trees, returning to the earth and the nights are beginning to grow longer. As we enter the seasonal cycle of death and darkness, we’re invited to use this as a metaphor in our own lives for what needs to be released and let-go of.

The Moon will oppose Jupiter in Scorpio, while the Sun amplifies Scorpio and its themes of sexuality, money, power, the underworld, death, investigation, darkness, taboo and secrets. Read more on Jupiter in Scorpio which has been playing out in very literal ways in our mainstream media since entering Scorpio.

The square from Ceres in Leo is all about expressing ourselves and particularly our feminine nature. Being fully expressed has had severe consequences for many women around the globe, and now the feminine is beginning to rise through oppression and violence, establishing equality and new ground to walk on. We will continue to see a lot of fire from the collective as this momentum carries forward. We have Leo to thank for fueling this Ceres feminine fire, encouraging us to speak up and be authentic on a whole new level.

Ceres also brings teachings of grief.  She shows us where we have emotions to process, and reminds us grief is a necessary step towards healing.

When we express our grief creatively, we transmit a readiness for transformation to the universe.  Ceres is trine with Black Moon Lilith, bringing up the shadow element in an even more supportive way. Lilith in Sagittarius reveals hidden and suppressed emotions while Ceres in Leo offers us the courage to heal and move on. The energy at this time is an invitation to reclaim our power where its been stolen as a step to healing our sexual nature.

Other Aspects happening on the Full Moon:

Venus opposite Uranus

Venus opposite Uranus goes exact approximately 20 minutes before the full moon, again, echoing the themes of relationships, individual desires and trauma between the two opposites. Venus wants us to find harmony and balance and Uranus in Aries is showing us our anger and our need to bring more awareness to our unconscious behaviors. We’re being asked to check-in and make sure our primal responses are healthy.

Venus highlights the ways in which we relate to ourselves through relationship, and if we are in any toxic relationships (work, romantic, friendship, family, open enemies) Uranus might shock us with an experience for us to see what is healthy, what needs work and what we might need let go of. Try to remember throughout this process that our traumas can be doorways to becoming more conscious and whole.

Helpful Aspects: Saturn trine Uranus and sextile Venus

Saturn will offer us some stability and grounding within the Uranus and Venus opposition. Saturn encourages us to be honest and to set healthy boundaries, and comes with a message that sometimes we require structure to communicate and work through issues in our relationships. Using tools like talking sticks can be very helpful, but with Saturn, for anything to work we have to be responsible for owning our wounds and triggers. He is reminding Venus that we must balance our own needs, with the needs of our relationships. We have to do the work, be honest and make the effort to get the results.

Neptune square Black Moon Lilith

Neptune square Black Moon Lilith is showing us the illusions in our lives that have been connected to or are the result of suppressing our own feminine nature. We may also notice where our own perspectives and truths have been disillusioned.

As an example in my own life, I use to believe I was evil or something was wrong with me because of the way I was raised. I was afraid of my own feminine nature and had a very confusing relationship with my sexuality. I suppressed it and felt so much shame for what I later learned was a natural and very beautiful part of being a woman. Even after my mind understood this, it took along time to let go of and heal that long held belief I carried in my body. In fact I am still healing and every time this theme returns I go a little deeper.

Be aware of escapism and any tendency to ‘check out’ when Neptune is involved. If you find yourself wanting to run from your feelings, do a grounding exercise and practice some deep breathing, or reach out to a friend for support.

Helpful Aspects: Neptune is trine the Sun and is sextile the Moon

Although Neptune is squaring Black Moon Lilith and reflects a struggle to bring hidden truth to light, Neptune is also trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon, helping us break through any illusions and delusions that we have about our self-worth, our bodies, ego, identity, sexuality, darkness and our power. Neptune’s highest vibration is unconditional self-love and reflects the unseen realm. Take some time to connect with spirit by meditating, singing, dancing or something that lifts your spirits and opens you up to beauty. Neptune also reflects the collective unconscious and our ancestors. With these supportive aspects there’s an opportunity to deepen our understanding of how our past experiences and present day path connect to who we are today. Pay close attention to symbols and messages that may come to you in dream-time, as whenever we are working with the unconscious mind, dreams become an important part of our spiritual practice.

Chiron trine Mercury: Chiron the “wounded healer” in Pisces trine Mercury in Scorpio encouraging us to communicate and talk about our deepest wounds.

The current energies give us a little footing to open up and to speak up about the dark painful experiences we’ve been holding onto. The process of being seen and witnessed by a loving community is healing and transformative. Look to those who can embrace you in this way and if you are able to return the favor and hold space for others, now is the perfect time to offer the gift of your unconditional love and presence. Times like these spring forth a chance to create an environment of intimacy and unconditional self-love for each of us. When we embrace our wounds as medicine, we begin the process of healing and transformation. Try your best to follow through on this alchemical process of healing because it’s not always easy and may be uncomfortable at times. Honesty and transparency will not only help you,  but will create the space for others to reveal their own dark thoughts, shadows and experiences. When we all step up together we become stronger.

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual Idea

The Moon in Taurus asks us to pay attention to our physical bodies. You may be inspired to eat nourishing food and find healthy ways to stimulate your senses. Taurus is a sensual sign, after all. If you tend to reside more in your head than in your body, practice self-care rituals like taking an epsom salt bath and putting something soft and cozy on your skin. Light some incense or turn on your essential oil diffuser. Listen to some grounding music with drumming and let the Taurus Moon pull you into your body, guiding you to what’s underneath the surface and waiting to be released.

A body talk practice:

  • Find an item that symbolizes the energy you want to cultivate on this Taurus Full Moon. It can be an item that represents healthy boundaries, your body, your home, self love/worth or your needs and values. Place the object on your altar.
  • Practice some deep slow breathing for at least 10 breaths.
  • Do a body scan, starting with your toes.
  • Focusing just on your toes, breathe deeply.
  • Ask your toes if they have any messages for you, tune into any feelings that may arise, whether physical or emotional. Do your toes have something to tell you?
  • Thank your toes for everything they do in carrying and moving your body
  • Move on to you feet and and breathe deeply, making your way up your body with breath.
  • Take your time, giving space for your body to talk to you.
  • Journal about your experience and any new found insight, let it flow from a place of being fully in your body.

Make this weekend a special one by setting this boundary for yourself and taking the time to give your body what it deserves!

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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