NEW MOON in Capricorn ~ January 5th ~ THEME: Define Your Calling

The New Moon in Capricorn January 5, 2019 (5:28pmPDT) is also a partial Solar Eclipse.

“2018 brought the necessity of change.” – Autumn Brown


2019 begins on a serious note.

If there ever was a year to set intentions, this is it. This Moon is a defining moment. It asks us to clarify our priorities and make long-term commitments. It reminds us that we are the owners, authors, and operators of our lives. Our path must be lived thoroughly – we must go the whole way, without skipping any steps.

What’s most Important to us is now illuminated and becoming clarified. This could feel affirming – or heavy and stuck. We may feel like we are hitting a wall – or beginning a restructuring that will eventually lead to incredible reward.

Let’s face it, our time here is limited. We are living in bodies, dealing with form and matter. Sometimes this can feel painfully restrictive as we rub up against constraints. But those limitations are the definitions that make us who we are. The obstacles, blockages, and pressures we chafe against are bricks on our path to mastery. Every delay or stumbling block is a stone on the central mountain we’re meant to climb.

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Our work is our work. Pressure turns coal into diamonds. The areas where we struggle the most are where we eventually become the most brilliant and clear. Through endurance, we are imprinted with living wisdoms that become our contributions to the world.

Name your mountain. Give yourself credit where credit is due. Recognize your achievements and what you have accomplished so far. Affirm your areas of expertise and the wisdom that has been hard-won over time. This is the foundation from which you’ll advance – now commit to going further.

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“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver


Look squarely at the current reality. Where have you failed? Where are you succeeding? What defines failure and success for you right now? Notice what feels hard, negative, or like it’s outlived its welcome. Acknowledge what no longer works. Pinpoint the missing links. Reckon with the limitations, fears, doubts – and identify what you need to move past them.

Stay the course.

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This is a Moon of Purpose. Knowing our time is limited, what are we doing with it? With energy that can only be spent on what matters the most, where do we invest it? How can we take more responsibility in life without shrinking back in overwhelm? How can we take control in a way that feeds our Soul?


We came here to make something of ourselves and the stuff we work with.

We came here to co-author life on Earth.

Take matter(s) into your own hands.

The world is changed by those who show up to it.


Inadequate traditions and tired hierarchies are breaking down. Institutions are failing. Question institutions. Push back against them and see where they crumble or crack. That’s your window of influence. The responsibility of making life and societal structures is falling more on our shoulders. Step into your authority and decide what you’ll build here instead.

Patriarchy is dead; we just need to divest completely and reinvest in our rising truths.

It is easy to get distracted from ourselves; who we came here to be and what we came to construct. External forces, such as other people’s expectations, can usurp our own inner authority. Societal structures, bureaucracy, and economic pressure can hijack the precious resource of our time. Stop the noise. Remove clutter. As Maxine Waters demonstrates, reclaim your time. Switch from external validation to internal validation. Nothing outside of us can give us credibility. Integrity comes from showing up to our dedications time and time again.

Discipline is showing up to what we must do in order to really live into ourselves. Discipline is about accountability. Discipline is remembering what we want, and letting our actions make what we want come manifest.

Uncomplicate your goals. Make them attainable, and let yourself pay them real homage each and every day.

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What is your calling? If your work wasn’t defined by the drive to profit, what would you be doing? If your purpose came from internal validation rather than external validation, what would you pursue? What legacy are you longing to leave?

The world has become isolationist and hyper-individualized. Notice, as we set intentions for the year ahead, that the tendency is to focus solely on setting goals for ourselves. This Eclipse will not support intentions that are only self-serving. It asks that we source from a deeper, wider, and higher place. What are the changes you would like to see in the world, and how can you contribute to those? Set at least one achievable goal this year that helps you take more responsibility within your community.

When we are truly accountable to ourselves and our communities, the world will see the benefits.

Empire will never give us success.  Success is inclusive, not exclusive. It isn’t found in isolation. It isn’t born in the realm of the elite.

We can all be successful.

Go after what you care about with sincerity, and never lose sight of who and what you are serving with your pursuits.

Set your intentions. Let your goals be guided by something greater. Know thyself, and acknowledge what you’ve done so far. Do what you came here for.

Invite your life to take the shape of Sincerity.

Design your worldly participation so when we look back at the times we spent on this mortal coil, we can say everyone had a chance, and the life we got to build was not without challenge, but it was Well-Lived.

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Read New Moon Solar Eclipse Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below


Aries: I intend to succeed at the mission life grants me.

This Eclipse stimulates your tenth house of career, profession, purpose, and life calling. This is an area you have been working hard to re-define, and the next two years will offer continued opportunities to advance towards your aspirations. It won’t be a quick hit – you are in this for the long haul. Have patience, as achievement is not always linear. Make forward strides now. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re back-tracking April-September this year. The truth is, you are in a process of healing yourself and letting go of ways you don’t need to show up and be in charge so you can make room to live your real leadership capabilities.


Taurus: I intend to trust myself.

This Eclipse stimulates your ninth house of growth, expansion, and learning-through-experience. Extending beyond your comfort zone is the name of your game this year. Keep close watch on your inner compass. Place priority on your inner sense, and allow your feelings to guide. What feels like truth to you right now? What principles are guiding your path? What type of learning are you seeking at this time? Prioritize new horizons and undiscovered territories to solidify wider perspectives. Wherever you go, there you are – anchor your ability to trust yourself to gracefully navigate life’s maps.


Gemini: I intend to use resources from a place of empowerment.

This Eclipse falls in your eighth house of shared resources, intimacy, giving and receiving. Notice what blocks and fears tend to arise for you in these areas. Take this opportunity to do some self-investigation. When do you shut down or cut yourself off from intimacy? What fears are behind this shut-down? What is your comfort level like with receiving? Do you tend to over-give? When it comes to resources, are your harboring fears of scarcity? If so, these may stem way back through your ancestry or be lodged in your DNA. Ask for the traumas to be healed and ancestors to be made well. If it’s all feels like a mystery, focus on what helps you to be in your power. When you live in your power, the lead in your energy field can change into gold.


Cancer: I intend to commit to harmonious bonds.

This Eclipse falls in your seventh house of relationships, and partners. What is holding you back from feeling like your relationships really belong to you? You are in a time of re-working how you do relationships. Old ways no longer work. You are maturing and out-growing child-like tendencies in love. Over-dependence on others is no longer an option. Neither is being over-responsible for your partners. Is there equality in how much you and your partner are emotionally available for one another? Strike a better balance. You mother a lot of people in this life – can your partner take responsibility for themself? Be accountable to YOU and watch as your relations learn by example to be more accountable to themselves, too.


Leo: I intend to set up systems that support my desired lifestyle.

This Eclipse is found in your sixth house of rhythm, health, and lifestyle. It’s a classic position for the New Year, when so many focus on how to increase awareness around their health goals. Rather than waste your attention on which diet to try, ask how you can be more nourished physically and spiritually. Also ask, is there some way you could organize your life to better be of service? Work smarter, not harder. Streamline your offerings to support your art. Every artist needs a dedication. Structure for creatives allows their dreams to come alive. If you can’t implement structure on your own, ask for help and delegate the tasks that impede your progress to others.


Virgo: I intend to love myself more and more.

This Eclipse is in your fifth house of pleasure, creation, and enjoyment. It might feel like fun is simultaneously less accessible than ever and more important than ever. What does self-love mean for you? Make play a top priority in your life. The longer you go without romancing yourself or experiencing dedicated self-expression, the more it will feel like you are carrying burdens in the years ahead, and the weight will only increase. Play like it’s your day job. Find enjoyment in the everyday. Seek heart-warming entertainments. Challenge yourself to make every basic activity as fun and joyful as possible. Light-en up.


Libra: I intend to become more secure.

This Eclipse is in your fourth house of home, family, and belonging. It highlights pressures and difficulties in these areas – as well as opportunities to become more sovereign and self-supporting. Your work in the next couple years is to establish a solid foundation for you and your loved ones. Deepen into homeplace. Connect with children. Generate more belonging in your local community. While it may seem unrelated, it would serve you to prioritize your own emotional security. Get real with your needs, and set a tangible plan into works to have your needs met. Most of all, be kind to yourself. Establishing strong inner roots take time and the loving attention of a mother.


Scorpio: I intend to master my mind.

This Eclipse is in your third house of thinking, learning, and communication. It also rules your local life and connections with others such as siblings and neighbors. Notice where your habitual patterns of thought might be getting in your own way. In this next two years, work towards transforming fears and negative mental patterns into affirmative confidence. Writing can be a particularly profound tool to support your advancement. Use your communications skills to share your talents with your local community. Studying and teaching can offer you gains in the times ahead.


Sagittarius: I intend to build my worth.

This Eclipse stimulates your second house of values, money, and wealth. Strong goals in these areas. Make sure they are realistic and designed to take you to the next level. Success may have to do less with gaining greater income and more with mastering money management. Be wise with your output and take only calculated risks in the year ahead. Fiscal prudence is recommended. Invest only in things that will last you for the long haul. Also connect with the meaning behind what you earn. What are finances for? How can your earning-power contribute to a wider goal of wealth-redistribution in times of great inequity?


Capricorn: I intend to recognize who I am becoming.

This Eclipse is in your first house of self-identity. The old you is falling away, Capricorn. No need to slam the door on previous version of self. They do not represent your failings. Quite the contrary, you can congratulate yourself for completing a major cycle. You are recognizing the need to release what no longer is needed, and opening the way for the person you build to be relevant for the times. As you move onward, you are building upon who you have been before. That expertise, those credentials and experiences don’t just disappear. They become a part of you forever. Perhaps this next version of self can benefit from less pressure as you find the true and current version of your calling.


Aquarius: I intend to allow.

This Eclipse is in your twelfth house of spirit, the unconscious, and self-undoing. Time to clean your psychic closet. Unfinished businesses live here. This Moon might stimulate fears and anxieties that are often underpinning your experience, though usually not so accessible to the conscious mind. Is anything haunting you? If so, reckon with it. You are not meant to hold on to things now. This is the closing of a major cycle. You would do better to surrender, take retreat, release outworn attachments, and be extra compassionate with yourself as what is most familiar unravels.


Pisces: I intend to manifest my future now.

This Eclipse is in your eleventh house of hopes, dreams, and community/network. You are ready to take things to the next level. Your higher/broader self is working through you, spreading your gifts further than they have gone before. Perhaps you never envisioned your magic expressing itself so thoroughly, and enjoying the fruits of your labors. The next two years will simultaneously feel fast and slow as you anchor your offerings in ways that will draw more of your people to you. Welcome true allies in this turning of the times.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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