FULL MOON in PISCES September 13, 2019 ~ Theme: Higher Love ~

This week we’re gifted with a beautiful healing Full Moon energy to balance out the cosmic heaviness of the past couple months. 

On Friday September 13, we have a Full Harvest Moon occuring in the sign of Pisces. This is a time to prepare for and receive a huge healing in your life on a spiritual and emotional level. 

Neptune is taking centre stage (as the modern ruler of Pisces) this week so you can expect to receive spiritual healing in your dreams, emotions, even through your visions and fantasies. 

How this shows up for you depends on where Pisces sits in your personal chart (see Rising Signs below). 

The planet Neptune is the higher octave of Venus – it’s love, compassion, pleasure and enjoyment combined with deep spirituality. It represents a higher love and wisdom available to us beyond material venusian desires.

Piscean energy is symbolic of the culmination at the end of the journey. It’s the 12th sign in the zodiac, the last sign, so it represents the spiritual wisdom attained while travelling through the other signs. 

In our own personal journeys we all come to a similar conclusion: that love, in the higher sense, is what we’re here to give and experience. Almost every spiritual teaching ancient and modern leads us to this understanding.

So higher love is a big theme this month combined with the possibility of receiving an emotional and spiritual healing and rebirth. 

During this Full Moon, spend as much time as you can in water, near water, cleansing and purifying with water, and drinking lots of water. It could even rain more than usual! 

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Be clear what area of your life you’re ready for this deep soul healing and rebirth and practice ritual to let go of what no supports your highest good. Connect with your spiritual self and ask for insight to lead you forward gently. 

Pisces is compassionate, soft and kind and connected to the goddess Aphrodite. Be those things with yourself this Full Moon. Take time to nurture you.♡

You can receive spiritual and emotional healing in this area (based on your  Rising sign, then Moon, then Sun): 


ARIES – Pay very close attention to your dreams this week Aries. Messages around your spiritual and emotional healing will be coming though. You may experience a healing around the loss of a loved one, or something from your past. Pay close attention and allow yourself to receive the deep healing this moon.



TAURUS – Taurus you can receive an emotional healing in your area of public life and acquaintances and larger social network. Is there something you’ve been wanting to share on social media but you’ve felt afraid to? Now may be the time to let go of any fears and allow the healing to occur.  



GEMINI – Gemini what’s going on in your career life? Are you ready to let go and receive a new healing in this area? Now’s the time to listen for spiritual insights around your career and experience a healing in this area of life.




CANCER – Blessings are on their way to you Cancer! Your house pertaining to luck is being lit up this Full Moon. How can you receive the blessings on a deep emotional and spiritual level? Allow them in. 




LEO – The theme of death and rebirth is very prominent for you right now Leo. What healing needs to take place around death for you? Perhaps you need to let go of a loved one whose passed on. Now is the time to let yourself experience a deep healing around it. 



VIRGO – Deep healing can take place for you with your spouse, partner or business partner this month Virgo. What healing needs to occur in this area? What needs to be released? Listen for the deep insights and allow this healing to happen. 



LIBRA – Libra, your health is lit up by the Full Moon this month. Is there some healing that needs to occur in your physical body? Listen closely and allow this deep moon healing energy to occur. You may experience a profound shift in your health.



SCORPIO – Your area of Romance and fun is highlighted this Full Moon, Scorpio. What can you release in this area of your life and allow a deep healing to take place? Are there people you need to forgive? Allow this healing to occur, and be reborn.



SAGITTARIUS – Your emotional wellbeing is taking a turn for the better this month Sagittarius. You could be feeling better than you have been. You can receive a deep healing relating to your inner world. Now is the time to be reborn on an emotional level. 



CAPRICORN – This Full Moon is bringing you deep healing in relation to communication this month Capricorn. Perhaps it’s time to let go of something that happened in the past around communication. Take the time to allow insights around the matter to come to you, and allow the healing to occur. 



AQUARIUS – How’s your financial situation Aquarius? If you’ve been experiencing anything painful or hard around this area of your life, now is the time to let it go. To allow for a re-birth to occur for you along with a profound healing.


PISCES – Pisces, this Full Moon is all about you. What messages have you been receiving about yourself and healing that needs to occur? Listen closely and allow yourself to be reborn into a happier healthier version of yourself. Be who you want to be. 



Instructions for looking up your Rising (Ascendant sign): 


If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can pull up your chart here: 




Enter your info… and you’ll get a chart. (Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it): 


The one on the right with letters ‘ASC’ is your Rising Sign, so look at that first, followed by your Moon Sign: ☽ and your Sun Sign:


Full Moon Ritual – best done under the bright light of the moon


  1. Have a pen and paper handy
  2. Take some time to meditate by listening to some music, using a mantra, anything that works to get you into a meditative space
  3. Close your eyes and feel deep into your heart – don’t rush this process, really feel into it
  4. When you feel ready to write down one area or specific thing in your life it’s time to let go of (ideally related to where the full moon is happening in your chart, see your Rising Sign above). 
  5. Have a container of water nearby, and burn the piece of paper (use tweezers to hold it without burning your fingertips). As it burns really imagine letting it go. 
  6. After you’ve let it go, cleanse – bath with rose petals, salts, crystals, feel the energy of this issue, pattern, person, whatever it is really drain from your system as the water drains. 
  7. Put on some nice fun dancey music
  8. Dance in the moonlight!
  9. Pull some tarot or oracle cards for advice for the next month until the next full moon (‘What do I need to know about the next month?’)






A Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon are opposite each other. This creates a sense of tension. It’s when the sun shines the most light on the moon. The Sun is our conscious and the Moon is the unconscious. So, it’s an ideal time to LET GO and to bring the dark into the light to be released. 


Every Full Moon is a chance to a look back at the intentions you planted two weeks ago during the New Moon. What were they? How have they manifested? Are you taking action toward them? Now is the time to reassess and release anything standing in the way of your hearts desires. The two weeks between the New and Full Moon is a great time for new beginnings. The two weeks after the Full Moon is time to let go. 


When we plant our New Moon intentions, we can’t just plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. We need to fertilize the soil, water them, make sure they get plenty of sunlight – most importantly we need to weed and pluck out that which doesn’t serve us. The Full Moon helps us ‘pluck’ out the weeds. 


When the moon is full, a light shines on the areas of our lives it’s time to release and let go. 


About Andrea Dupuis

Andrea is a writer, astrologer and tarot card reader who uses ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology. For private astrological readings email: [email protected]

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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