Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 7, 2023 ~ 7:40am EST / 4:40am PST ~ Theme: Soul Cleansing

Full Moon in Virgo 

March 7, 2023

7:40am EST/4:40am PST

Theme: Soul Cleansing


by Andrea Dupuis

When we hear Virgo, we often think of people who are super organized and clean freaks. It’s partly true Virgoian people tend to like things organized, but Virgo is so much deeper than that! 

It’s a deeply spiritual and devotional sign that’s quite underrated. The ancient origin of the Virgo symbol is a virgin which represented the highest ideal of purification. It was believed a woman was most connected to god before she was introduced to sexuality. 

While this old view of Virgo is an outdated patriarchal ideal, the still sign still represents purity, fertility and spiritual devotion. 

Virgo is so much more than cleanliness and organization, it’s about cleansing and healing on a deep soul level. 

Virgo is also connected to the archetype of the High Priestess – one who is deeply devoted to her spiritual path and connected to esoteric wisdom. Her commitment to spiritual purity is in service and devotion to the divine. She is the one doing offerings at the altar, cleansing herself and others, walking the path of celibacy.

This Full Moon we can use the powerful Virgo energy to cleanse and purify our own lives. We can do this in many ways – through ritual, through cleansing and detoxing our bodies, or through our minds – using trauma release techniques, breathwork and prayer. Whatever method we feel called to, there are many ways to purify our lives and bodies.

There’s no greater time to do this than a Virgo Full Moon. 

We also have Saturn moving into Pisces the same day – that means there’s several planets now in Pisces – Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Saturn. Pisces is the opposite complimentary sign to Virgo. They balance each other out.

Where Pisces is all about the ethereal and dream-like states – Virgo is practical, earth bound and grounded. Where one is about bringing spirituality into earth, into the body, and daily life – the other is about bringing groundedness into our spiritual lives. 

A good way to counterbalance all of the intensity of the planets in Pisces, is to move toward the practicality of Virgo. 

You may feel inspired this week to clean out your home, your closets, to take a break from sugar, the news, social media etc. On a metaphorical level this can be a time for releasing anything holding you back, cleansing old patterns & ways of being. 

It’s time to cut the cords, use the energies of this Full Moon to release negative patterns you feel ready to let go of.

For this full moon ponder, What area of your life needs a clean up?

Who this Full Moon impacts the most:

Cord Cutting Ritual

You can do cord cutting anytime you feel a connection with someone that’s draining you or causing friction. It doesn’t mean you want the person out of your life. Sometimes we need to cut cords with the closest people to us, so we can maintain our energetic sovereignty. This has nothing to do with whether the person is good or bad, it’s about reclaiming our mental, emotional and psychic space for ourselves. 

You can follow these guidelines, but always trust your own intuition first and foremost. 

  • Put on your favourite music or mantra, spend several minutes breathing and getting into a nice calm peaceful space
  • Close your eyes and call up the image of a person or situation you are ready to cut cords with in your minds eye
  • Imagine them standing a good distance away from you
  • Sense and see what cords are in between you, they may show up in several forms. They could be hard, loose, soft or made up of various materials such as metal, rope etc. Take note – and no need to judge.
  • See what parts of your body and what parts of their body the cords are attached to – again no need to judge just witness
  • When you feel ready take a large blade in your minds eye and imagine cutting the cords, setting you both free 
  • You may feel or see the cords disperse or recoil 
  • Take a few deep breaths and feel into any new or open space
  • You can now let the person go with the utmost respect and love, send them blessings as they go on their way

Horoscopes For Each Sign – The area of life you can release something this Full Moon

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.

Look at your Rising Sign first, then Moon, then Sun.


ARIES: Your service to the world, day job, enemies, your physical body, health, animals, daily routines, therapy





TAURUS: Lovers and romance, play, hobbies, fun, art, intellect, creation, children





GEMINI: Home, mother, family, emotional wellbeing, ancestral roots, the heart





CANCER: Siblings, online business, general business, local life, relatives, short distance travel, writing, speaking, teaching, the mind






LEO: Self-worth, money, what you eat, your voice, possessions, skills and talents




VIRGO: Yourself, ego, how you present yourself to the world, your looks, identity





LIBRA: Spirituality, your dream world, the past, pain and loss, isolated places such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, channelling




SCORPIO: The greater network, large groups of people, acquaintances, community, social media, online communities, good luck, money





SAGITTARIUS: Work, self-employment, your career, public image, leadership




CAPRICORN: Father, gurus, spiritual community, foreign travel, blessings, your belief systems, spirituality





AQUARIUS: Death and rebirth, the occult, big life changes and transformation, sexuality, inheritances, other people’s money




PISCES: Romantic partner, business partner, clients





Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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