Full Moon in Aquarius ~ July 23rd at 7:37pm PT/10:37pm ET ~ Theme: Balancing The Self and The Whole

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ July 23rd at 7:37pm Pacific/10:37pm Eastern

Theme: Balancing The Self and The Whole

By: Andrea Dupuis

The Sun moves into its home sign of Leo this week, the same day as the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius. For many this is a much needed shift of focus from the emotionally intense energy of Cancer, into the bright and optimistic energy of Leo. 

With Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius still in retrograde, the feeling of heavy responsibility and coldness and seriousness may continue even through the bright and light Leo season. It may feel heavier than normal.

This Full Moon highlights themes associated with the Leo/Aquarius axis. This axis deals with our needs to be individualistic – and at the same time, stay connected to the collective. 

Leo and Aquarius are very different, yet they contain seeds of the other. Much like a yin and yang symbol. The Leo/Aquarius axis is all about the Individual and the Collective, the Self and the Whole, The Personal Ego and Humanity. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it’s warm, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (in ancient astrology) so it’s more cold and distant. Leo is all about being the shining star, whereas Aquarius is about considering the group. 

On the shadow side, Leo represents self focus and pride at the detriment to others, and shadow Aquarius over-gives to others at the detriment to the self. 

Each of the 12 zodiac signs exists within each of us, and represent lessons we’re learning in this life. Even if we have no Leo or Aquarius placements in our natal charts, we can learn from the lessons these two signs teach. 

With every sign axis, the highest exemplification of the signs is to balance and integrate both within us. The lesson of this axis is to balance our personal desires and the desires of others. To consider others and ourselves equally. 

Aquarius is also connected to our friendships (both close ones and acquaintances), so balancing your friends’ needs with your own can be a theme right now too. 

On a more personal level, a Full Moon illuminates the area of our life it occurs in, as the Sun (the conscious) shines bright on the Moon (the unconscious). What’s been hidden can come to light during a Full Moon. See below to see which area of your life this Full Moon will impact. Once revealed, we have the opportunity to cleanse and release during the bright light of the moon. 

Venus is also Opposing Jupiter. With this aspect occurring right near the Full Moon themes connected to money, love and pleasure will be at the forefront. We have to be careful not to overspend, over promise and under deliver. We may over indulge too. Take good care this Full Moon 🙂

Full Moon Journalling Prompts:

Where in my life am I being self focused? 

Where in my life am I overly focused on others? 

Is there a way to integrate the two?

How can I balance my personal wants, needs and desires with the wants, needs and desires of those around me?

Who this Full Moon impacts the most:

Aquarius Rising, Sun and Moon

Leo Rising, Sun and Moon

Cancer Rising, Sun and Moon


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Fire Burning Ceremony For Releasing

(Do this under the bright light of the moon if you can)

Prep: Have a pen, paper, glass or metal container filled with water and tweezers on hand. 

  1. Cleanse and purify your space by burning rosemary, bayleaf, cedar, sage or any herbs related to your heritage.
  2. Take some time to meditate by listening to some music, using a mantra, do breathwork or a guided visualization – anything that works to get you into a meditative space. You can sit at your alter, outside or just somewhere in your home that feels good to you. 
  3. Close your eyes and feel deep into your heart – don’t rush this process, really feel into it
  4. When you feel ready to write down anything in your life you feel ready to let go of. It can be names of people you want to cut chords with, patterns, old hurts. Space them out so you can cut them up to burn. You may have several listed on the page. 
  5. Rip or cut up the words you wrote into separate pieces. Fold each one up individually and burn over the container of water (using the tweezers so you don’t burn your fingers)  As the burns really imagine letting it go. I’ve noticed the ones we’re the most afraid to let go of don’t burn as fast!
  6. Thank the fire for helping you let go and transmute and close the space.
  7. After you’ve done the fire burning, cleanse yourself in water  – have a bath with rose petals, salts, crystals, feel the energy of this issue, pattern, person, whatever it is really drain from your system as the water drains. You can have a simple shower instead, just envision it all draining and you starting fresh.
  8. Put on some nice fun dancey music
  9. Dance in the moonlight! Celebrate the newness you’ve created by letting go

A Thunderbolt Freedom Loving Full Moon 

By DeAriesha Mack aka AstroDee

This Full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius at 1 degree between July 23 & July 24th at 2:36 GMT.

Full moons are like tidal waves… we see and feel the energy coming just before it sweeps us up. Full Moon’s intensify and build to a peak moment, the results of actions and inner desires meet with the light and the darkness within us. 

We are in a position where we choose to swing to the extreme opposite of poles or we can choose to bring balance into our lives. So no matter how tempting it is to be extreme during this time I’d recommend striving for balance between the poles.

The Full Moon represents the Sun’s opposition to the moon. The two poles we are dealing with here are Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius is a thunderbolt straight ahead showing the vision of future events. The fast sweeping energy of this Full Moon will come like a swift change for many in certain areas of their life. 

Leo is about loyalty and what stands out as special. Leo is rich and famous with high regard for pride. Questions are asked about being independent and on your own as an individual or being loyal to a cause or person… freedom for humanity or rulership under one. 

Being in the Aquarius deacon which leads to seeking freedom and liberation from that which is over the top. Individualism can be empowering but our loyalty must lie somewhere. 

In technology we see quick radical change at this moment in time.There is a cold distance associated with how we socialize in today’s day and age through the use of smartphones, apps and social media. 

It may be a time in which it will be helpful to find our tribe that reigns true to our heart and be proud of what makes us unique. Find your favorite weirdos and love them for being courageous about being unique.

On a worldly note we’ve seen a major increase in rebellions everywhere from Cuba, Haiti, Europe, Africa and all over the world. Revolutions and cries for autonomy and freedom against authority. New laws and rulings over how information is spread through technologies. 

Some will experience innovation in this area while others face scrutiny, control and suppression. Authority has ruled over technology currently with Saturn in Aquarius also somewhat close to this moon. Sensory and control over technology has increased and reached a new height of conclusion. People will go back and forth between flowing with the group and listening to what they truly feel in their heart and soul. 

Think of the last Full Moon In Aquarius which occurred back on February 11th. These themes may come up again for further resolution. For some chaos will come to a completion and liberation will manifest. For others their actions will produce chaotic events that must be quickly resolved in an original manner. The key is coming from a place of love and finding the soul connection within to bring balance. Love and cherish each piece of freedom you have right now at this moment in time. Pluto will enter Aquarius in the next couple of years, and freedom will have a different look.

Each Ascendant Sign will be experiencing this Full Moon differently and are short words of wisdom for each.

How does this Full Moon impact you directly? Look at your Rising (Ascendant) Sign, then Moon Sign then Sun Sign.

If you don’t know your Signs, you can pull up your chart here


Enter your info… and you’ll get a chart. (Note you must have your accurate birth time to use your rising sign, even two minutes off can change it): 

The one on the right with letters ‘ASC’ is your Rising Sign, so look at that first, followed by your Moon Sign: ☽ and your Sun Sign:

How this Full Moon will impact you based on your Rising Sign (Then Sun and Moon, you can look at all 3):


ARIES: Continue to push for your hope and wishes for your future. A breakthrough is coming. Seek distance from the friends that bring chaos and upheaval into your life. Redirect your energy focus of healing and better health. Spend time loving on your children or building creative projects which bring you joy. Don’t worry about what others are doing so much.



TAURUS: It’s okay to be the inventor of the image you want to present to the world. It may be time to make radical fast changes in your career. Let go and be free to choose what you need. Home life may be facing swift changes as well. Do your best to think out of the box but not so much it takes away your inner peace. Not everyone handles change well.


GEMINI: That AhHa moment is upon you. Education on  philosophical or scientific matters will lead you to delve more into deeper research on these things.  Studies on astrology may even face a moment of enlightenment and send you to the next level of knowledge. Free yourself from beliefs that no longer serve you and do your best to communicate what’s truly in your heart about these issues. Speak up but with love.



CANCER: A fast change can come in your psychological outlook on life and the turbulence experienced. Some of you can make intense breakthroughs in this area and be freed from trauma and bring an end to disruptive mental influences. Use your resources to liberate your mind and find balance through valuing what you already have in this life and not what has been lost.



LEO: It’s time to part from those who cannot serve or bring freedom and more space to  connections. A breakup is on the horizon but this does not have to be permanent. It may just be the distance needed in order to bring in more love for oneself and therefore better a relationship. This is a big  moment revealing how much you truly love yourself versus the other. Self love will be up for analysis.


VIRGO: A sudden change could come in health status so seek the love of spirit guides and meditate to get answers from the unseen. The dream life and ethereal world can bring  guidance and help if needed. The same idea applies if you’re let go from a job, taking some form of vacation and relaxing may be the best thing to do. Going off in private may shield you from the chaos of everyday life. Continue to seek new unique ways to improve your routine and heal yourself.



LIBRA: You all have probably felt the most fun and free this period as your romantic life may be liberating. Some on the other hand may be dealing with rebellious children or lovers being unstable. Seek the help of your friends for the courage to deal. If caught up in an interesting romance remember to value your friendships or friendship itself to help if the pace is going too fast.



SCORPIO: Certain erratic energy in the home may come to an end if you have been working on creating more balance in your space. If you have been neglecting this space then chaos will be what you come home to this full moon. Be sure to use your loyalty to  your career to bring wealth to your home space as well. A quick need to relocate to a drastically different home or a change in the home space may be needed to create more space for the better.


SAGITTARIUS: You may find yourself speaking on original ideas coming to your mind. Value them and take a moment to take this information to a higher level. You have the urge to communicate info that comes to you quickly but remember there are consequences for going too far from the norm and expressing radical ideas. As long as you implement your higher education and stay true to the beliefs in your heart that serve you, you will succeed in liberating yourself and the community around you.


CAPRICORN: Financial freedom is a beautiful ideal for you these days. This has been a goal for a while with Pluto in your sign. Money that’s been held up may quickly fall into your hands. Your ideas and careful planning can bring you the financial freedom many of you seek. Themes of new ways to earn will present themselves. Be sure to pay back those that have given you their love and loyalty as debts can be paid back. Wealth and value isn’t always about money. If you receive something valuable just remember to repay your debts emotionally, physically or spiritually.



AQUARIUS: Your life is taking on a swift change and if the ride is going too fast seek your partnerships for true support and strength. You’re in the spotlight as the leader of the rebellion in what is no longer serving your life. Let go of any physical chains you feel may have been suppressing you. You are the change initiator and will not stand for what isn’t working within yourself or your partnerships. If things are going right don’t be afraid to have the courage to be the first to say a change is needed and needed now.



PISCES: The sleep life may not be as peaceful as one would like but for those that have been fighting for rest, a liberation could come. Others are experiencing radical dreams that could be distributing their sleep as well as spiritual life. It may be wise to change the routine and do something about the electronics in the home. For example… sleeping with the TV or internet off is highly recommended or avoiding social media after a certain time of night.. either way.. Dreams of the future can happen so keep a pen and pad by your bed not your phone.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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