Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra ~ March 25th at 12am PT / 3am ET ~ Theme: Begin Again

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

March 25th at 12am PT / 3am ET

Theme: Begin Again


By: Andrea Dupuis 

This weekend we have the first of two back to back eclipses occurring on the Aries/Libra Axis.  

A Full Moon Eclipse occurs when the Sun is close to the North Node of the Moon aka Rahu, and the Moon is with the South Node aka Ketu. 

The Sun and Moon are in opposition during a Full Moon Eclipse, creating an intense push pull between our two most personal planets and these powerful destiny points. 

Eclipses ignite our destiny, while at the same time revealing some of our shadow patterns and ways of being that stand in the way of that destiny. 

This one can be seen from all of North and South America to varying degrees. The areas on earth where an eclipse is visible to the naked eye are the places that will experience the biggest impact energetically over the next year or so.

This cycle on the Aries/Libra axis began in April 2023, so themes may echo back to that time. Ponder if the themes have been consistent over the past year for you…

This axis is all about integrating the self with others. The need for independence and co-dependence and ultimately about how to create beautiful harmony and interdependence in relationships with others.

These themes may be prominent for us personally, and also collectively. One example that comes to mind is how co-dependent we can be on the government. Or how hyper independent we are, especially in North America. For many of us that means living in small nuclear families and not knowing our neighbors.

The call of this axis is to integrate the two sides of us, the one who wants to be free and independent, and the one who wants to merge with others and come into balance with both. 

On the personal level, this eclipse will stir up emotions connected to past events and old relationship patterns we are ready to release. As with any eclipse, we can expect big endings and beginnings. 

There’s often breakups and new relationships formed around eclipse time, but it’s not recommended to marry or sign long term contracts at this time. (Of course so much depends on your own personal chart how you are impacted and whether you have personal planets in Libra or Aries – which is why I recommend you learn to read your own chart) 

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If you do need to sign agreements, just make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Pay careful attention to any details, and be open to unexpected changes. It’s no problem to still go ahead with it, especially if it was something initiated before the eclipse season. If you’re able to, wait a few days after the eclipse to make firm commitments or plans.

It’s said that when we sign agreements during this time, the chaotic eclipse energy gets carried through any long term commitments. Just ask anyone who married on or near an eclipse or signed a business agreement. 😝

If you want to learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts for Thriving During Eclipse Season…

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Eclipses can also bring fresh starts. There may be a lot of engagements or babies being born during this time. Our feeds may be full of announcements in the coming weeks. Unexpected losses can also occur.

On a personal level, we may feel a strong push-pull dynamic occurring between our past ways and the new ways of being we are birthing in our lives. 

We can get pulled back into old patterns, and if we are in relationships we can see this play out in conflict and strife. We can feel an air of edginess around others and may feel agitated. 

Eclipses are not to be feared (even though the ancients did, and wouldn’t leave the house around eclipse time!) they are to be revered. We must allow this time to change us on a cellular level – which it can. Especially in our relationships. 

We may also notice, during this full moon we may feel very slow and low energy. We may want to move rapidly toward our new starts and ideas yet may notice we want to curl up and cry. Allow these two sides to co-exist. Don’t make solid plans and allow this process to unfold. If you can, wait to make solid decisions post eclipse, around April 15. 

This eclipse also has lovely supporting planets which are making it quite beautiful, including a trine to Pluto and Jupiter and Venus in a sweet sextile – a positive aspect that promotes joy and wellbeing. Venus is also exalted in the sign of Pisces which adds additional support. So even though it may feel intense out there, there’s a sweet energy in the air too. Yay. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to “Begin again” and that’s a great motto this week. Let your new ways and new life envelope you. 

Here’s some journaling prompts for this Eclipse:

What needs to shift or change in my relationships?

How am I showing up and how can I do better? 

Do I lean more on the co-dependent or independent side?

What are my opportunities for interdependence? 

Who this eclipse can bring the most potent change to:

  • Libra Sun, Moon or Rising
  • Aries Sun, Moon or Rising
  • Leo Sun, Moon or Rising
  • Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising
  • Those with Aries or Libra North Node Placements

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Bonus Report: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Theme: Choosing Yourself


By Guest Astrologer, Meagan Leonard | IG: @_space.drama

Graduate of Our Mystic Astrology Apprenticeship Program

On March 25, we have a partial lunar eclipse in Libra that will illuminate a critical juncture in our relationships and ask us to release any connections that no longer feel authentic or fulfilling. 

Over the past month, new information and shifting perspectives have helped us see where our actions are out of alignment with our dreams. You may have been feeling a push to make changes and trust your instincts, even if it upsets others or disrupts the status quo.

This eclipse represents a pivot point where we will have to choose between old ways of being and a new paradigm related to our relationships—we might be choosing between lovers, between love and responsibilities, to end a relationship or stay, or whether to commit to someone further. We may also be realizing that we’ve outgrown certain friendships and desire connections more aligned with our values and beliefs. 

Any relationships that are draining our energy and holding us back could fall away now as eclipses often bring dramatic and unexpected endings.

A lunar eclipse is a super-charged full moon that activates the North and South Nodes—invisible points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s path around the Sun. The North Node represents where we are going in this lifetime, while the South Node embodies what we must leave behind. 

The nodes occupy opposing zodiac signs (sister signs) for approximately 1.5 years. As each zodiacal axis becomes activated, we are confronted with challenges and experiences designed to restore balance in this area of our lives and help us move forward on our respective journeys.

Although we are moving through these lessons the entire time the nodes are in a sign, eclipses amplify and speed up the process, providing valuable opportunities to realign with our path. This rapidly moving energy can cause situations in our lives to shift suddenly in one direction or another.

Since July 2023, the nodes have been moving through the Aries/Libra axis, drawing attention to the way we assert ourselves independently and make compromises in partnerships. Over the last eight months, we have been alerted to imbalances in our relationships, including the ways we deplete ourselves to please others, allow other people’s expectations to dictate our actions, and avoid speaking our truth to maintain the peace.

Libra is all about fairness, harmony, and balance; when we embody this energy, we try to anticipate what others want from us and believe that going with the flow will prevent conflict. The irony is, the more we diminish ourselves, the more out of balance our lives become. 

To remedy this, we must move toward the North Node in Aries, which teaches us that we can still pursue our dreams while in a relationship, that it’s okay to set boundaries and stand up for ourselves, and that too much thinking and deliberation cuts us off from our natural instincts.

The lessons of this eclipse will manifest differently for each person, but many of us will encounter some sort of crossroads and have to choose between holding on to what is familiar or living honestly. 

We are learning that making others happy will never be enough to fulfill us and that ignoring problems only makes them worse. We are being shown that staying in relationships that have run their course holds us back from the life and love we desire. And, we are coming to accept that each decision we make simultaneously sets us free and reduces our options.

Whatever is happening now could also be related to events that transpired during the solar eclipse in Libra back in October. Because full moons represent endings and resolution, over the next week, a story that started during that period may reach a conclusion. 

The time has come to release all the “shoulds” and “what ifs”, to gather the courage to be disliked, and to take back your energy from those who do not deserve it. 

Are you ready to choose yourself?

Self-reflection questions:

Are there any relationships you’re holding onto out of obligation, fear, or comfort?

Do your current relationships bring out your most authentic self or make you feel smaller?

Where might you be compromising your own needs to keep the peace or avoid conflict?

Who this Full Moon Eclipse affects the most:

Libra sun, moon, rising, and north/south node

Aries sun, moon, rising, and north/south node

Cord-cutting ritual

Note: Many people avoid setting intentions or engaging in rituals during eclipses due to their volatile and unpredictable nature. You may wish to perform this ritual before or after the eclipse. 

Every relationship serves a purpose in our journey, but as we change and grow, not all people are meant to come with us. If there are current relationships or past connections that are draining your energy, a cord cutting ritual can help release these ties. You can use cord cutting to lovingly release any connections that are no longer serving you.

  1. Begin by cleansing your space, lighting a candle, and/or playing some meditative music.
  2. Ground yourself by placing your hand on your heart and taking a few deep breaths.
  3. Direct your attention to the attachment you wish to release. It may be helpful to imagine a string or thread connecting you and this person.
  4. Do your best to remain neutral. If any feelings of sadness, anger, or judgement come up, observe them and lovingly release them.
  5. When you are ready, visualize yourself severing the cord between you and the other person by untying the string or cutting it with scissors. 
  6. As you perform this action, you can speak out, “I release and sever all energetic ties that no longer serve my highest good and reclaim my power.”

The area of your life you may see the most impact from the Eclipse:

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.

Look at your Rising Sign first, then Moon, then Sun.


ARIES: Romantic partner, business partner, clients




TAURUS: Your service to the world, day job, enemies, your physical body, health, animals, daily routines




GEMINI: Lovers and romance, play, hobbies, fun, art, intellect, creation, children




CANCER: Home, mother, family, emotional wellbeing, ancestral roots, the heart




LEO: Siblings, online business, general business, local life, relatives, short distance travel, writing, speaking, teaching, the mind




VIRGO: Self-worth, money, what you eat, your voice, possessions, skills and talents




LIBRA: Yourself, ego, how you present yourself to the world, your looks, identity




SCORPIO: Spirituality, your dream world, the past, pain and loss, isolated places such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, channelling




SAGITTARIUS: The greater network, large groups of people, acquaintances, community, social media, online communities, good luck




CAPRICORN: Work, self-employment, your career, public image, leadership




AQUARIUS: Father, gurus, spiritual community, foreign travel, blessings, your belief systems, spirituality



PISCES: Death and rebirth, the occult, big life changes and transformation, sexuality, inheritances, other people’s money


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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