Individual Zodiac Reports for October 5th, Full Moon in Aries

October 5th, 2017 Harvest Full Moon exact approx. 11:40 am. Scroll down to view individual zodiac reports.

Full Moons are a time of illumination. When something lurking in darkness has the Moon shine its light on it, it can be seen. Illuminated. Meaning the full moon has this way of showing us our shadow and/or anything we have been internalizing.

A little full moon anecdote:

When reflecting on being in a relationship there have been times when I have allowed little things that have been bothering me to be brushed under the rug to avoid conflict. Except by the time the full moon has come around these little things have piled up causing resentment. And then the straw gets laid that breaks the camel’s back and I snap at something seemingly small but loaded with the weight of many little things I have not voiced.

There was a time in my relationship where my partner and I would get into a fight EVERY full moon like clockwork. It didn’t shift until doing some personal work (on both ends). Recognizing how I was contributing to this unhealthy cycle was the beginning of changing this. But recognizing it alone was not enough. I had to learn to be more direct and address the little things I used to avoid and communicate them! I realized I was also making a lot of assumptions which when I finally did communicate, they came to be wrong. Humbled, I am learning to be more present. If I choose to ignore something now is it going to come back anyway? I do not always get it right nor does my partner. But we continue to grow and learn together and have evolved far past our monthly eruptions. BUT when it’s needed, a humble reminder by a full moon will tell us that we have personal work to attend to! Because we all know that the work never stops…

Aries full moon opposite Mercury and Vesta conjunct the Sun in Libra squaring Pluto.

The moon is bright and shining its light. What we desire and are passionate about shows a lot about who we are. And when the full moon is in Aries it is all about I, me, and my. With Mercury, the Sun,  and Vesta opposite, there is a need to communicate with others. Vesta is asking us to be devoted to resolution, justice, and balance. The Sun in Libra wants us to better understand those who we are in relationships with and those who are different (even open enemies). Sun in Libra wants us to listen, and through deeper understanding be able to form new ways of dealing with conflict.

With an Aries Full moon there can be an intense narcissistic tone with everyone hyper-focused on their own perspective and needs. Extremism will be present and people can be impulsive. Deep breaths. If triggered, take a minute for yourself and try your best to address any issues in a calm manner. Tempers will be short and aggression will be present.

So no better time to practice conscious action, not reaction! We will be challenged and the tension in the polarization between our personal desires and relationships will continue to intensify. This theme isn’t new.

Jupiter and Uranus in opposition has been pulsating all 2017 and will be on this Full Moon, which has already been drawing lots of attention to the Aries/ Libra axis. Ending soon with this extra emphasis.

How can we bridge these extremes? Too far on either end of the spectrum leads to being unhealthy and unhappy.

The Moon in Aries tells us it is important to follow our passions and be selfish to a certain extent so that we may develop who we are and our gifts.

So that we may step into our power, pursue what is important, and be a spiritual warrior for our life. To lay down boundaries that need to be laid and protect what is worth protecting. But if we become unhealthy with our Aries energy then we may become narcissistic, destructive, and violent.

The Sun, Mercury, and Vesta in Libra want to be the peacemaker and seek balance: to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. It takes a lot of work to find harmony in relationships. Especially large groups of people. There is always a need to communicate and compromise. But it is not healthy to allow others to take advantage of you and to be too passive. Nobody wants to be a doormat. Another shadow end of Libra can be less obvious and is cunning. Through understanding others there can be a tendency to subtly manipulate situations or others while appearing to be innocent. An ability to justify certain actions.

With both the Sun and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn, crisis is being created so we may transform.

The foundations on which we live make it very difficult to reach our highest individual potential and our highest potential within relationships. So what is Pluto telling us? To humble ourselves and to let go. Change is happening whether we resist it or not. Pluto brings death and it doesn’t matter who or where you are, or how much money you have. Pluto is our soul giving us course correction. And sometimes the only way we listen is through the underworld experiences. Sometimes we need to be stripped of what we thought we knew and who we thought we were to see who we really are! With the extreme shadows being illuminated we may become more conscious of them in our lives. This full moon brings us a greater ability to actively work on those things and heal.

If I want to see the world transform I must first and most importantly transform myself. Which requires me to get raw, real, and naked. To rebuild myself and the way I do relationships, I strive for the middle ground. I actively reflect on both ends of the spectrum on a daily basis.

Have I honored my own desires, passions, instincts, drive, and my anger today?

Have I honored the needs of my relationships today?

Pluto is asking us to build a life that supports both, which is no easy task. But if we choose to continue on the same trajectory then Pluto will continue to destabilize the rotting foundations. So I encourage you to take the baby steps towards healing. Embrace the change and renovate what is been shown to be unhealthy. A sturdy inner foundation allows for a grounded life to be built around it. Listen and look with open eyes to what is being shown to you.

A little support from Venus and Mars in Virgo conjunct and trine Pluto.

Travelling together,  they have an exact conjunction right before the full moon goes exact! In a time of such polarization, it is nice to have this aspect. Venus and Mars are working together to harmonize our masculine and feminine energies. We have an opportunity for our needs, values, receptive energy, how we relate to ourselves and others, our passion, drive, and penetrative energy to be on the same page. Working together they can be weeding out our inner and outer gardens to be acknowledged and humbled by reality.

With this grounded earthy trine let us find some footing with what it means to be a healthy human. To be healthy in body and of mind. To be healthy in the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. To feel it all within the body. Transform it within, through the alchemy of learning and integrating. Walking the walk with love and compassion.

Full Moon Ritual Suggestion:

  1. On a piece of paper write down one, or multiple, things you need to work on in relationships.
  2. On a separate piece of paper, write down what you need to work on with cultivating your personal desires, passions, and your relationship with anger.
  3. Reflect on these while burning them in a bowl.
  4. Afterwards, you can write down something you do well in relationships and meditate on an image or something that represent this and put it on your altar.
  5. Repeat this process and envision the ways in which you’re positively cultivating healthy drive, passion, and anger. Find an object for your altar to represent this as well.
  6. To close the ritual, visualize a way that both of these strengths can work together and find an object or image that can reflect this work you’re doing and place this with the other objects on your altar. If you want to learn how to build an altar, click here.

If this ritual doesn’t call to you, create your own ritual or ceremony to honor the full moon!

Following through on the personal work transforms our life. Sometimes in ways that we least expect or imagine. Bridging the opposites and extremes within, we can shift our consciousness. For we need both, and together with all the opposites we can rebuild a healthier world. Starting at home.

Find Your Individual Zodiac Report for October 5th, Harvest Full Moon Below:


‘I see My Path before me, uniquely mine, and I walk forward.’

It’s your time to shine, Aries, with a beautiful Full Moon lighting your way. I say ‘Your Way’ deliberately because that’s exactly what I mean, and you’ll be asked to communicate your intentions and beliefs with much of the same clarity and candor over this week. It’s not about how anyone else would live this wild life of yours, it’s about how you will choose to live it. Action, not thinking or rational analysis, will help you solidify this energy most efficiently. You can do this through movement, creativity, acts of service, even housework, it’s all about getting into your body while allowing your truth to arise from a grounded place.

‘By the light of the Full Moon I step across the threshold and into Authenticity.’

This Full Moon brings light to your darkest, most private depths, and floods you with the energy of self-confidence and self-actualization. The ‘house’ or area of life the Full Moon is illuminating here is the house of dreams, illusions, soul work, spiritual work, journey work, the intangible depths of ourselves…on a more mundane level you could think of it as the house of poetry and meditation and journeying. So this Full Moon brings a confident, selfish (as in, interested in ourselves, not necessarily negative) energy to this area. We trust out dreams. We allow beliefs to shift. We let our true beliefs surface and represent us. Yes, it is intense but you can do it with all the beauty and steadfastness of a Bull, and birth something remarkable for yourself. Others may be unaware of your work this Full Moon, but I salute you. Acknowledge your efforts and be kind to yourself as it all unfolds.

‘I see my community for what it is and I ask ‘How can I serve? How can I elevate?’

With such a fiery Full Moon, your mind may be racing with all the ideas, the potential, the voices of the zeitgeist you so easily tap into. At times like these, this can be a curse and a blessing with so much collective pain in the World. Remember your tools (You meditate, right?! All Gems should meditate…me included!) and pay attention to the voices of reform, compassion, and understanding that rise up in your awareness. This is where to focus your formidable energies of understanding multiple perspectives, creative communication, and connecting people. Bring your boundless creativity and curiosity to serve.

‘With one hand I hold up my achievements and with the other I let go of what is past.’

Your public persona is lit up this Full Moon and a moment of celebration and accountability is gifted to you. Look at how far you have come, Cancer. Look at all you have done! Give yourself this time to acknowledge your achievements and in the clear lunar light, take stock of what is over, what mistakes may have been made and where change must occur. This way, you set yourself up for even more growth and achievement in the months ahead and consolidate what is working for you. Gracefully let that which no longer serves you go and with it, any anger or resentment that bubbles up. Forgiveness of yourself and others at this time is potent and freeing.

‘New horizons stretch out before me, calling me to adventure.’

Such excitement fills you, Leo, as you are beckoned forward by life to new pastures. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this will manifest only as far-flung travel or life relocation. No, these pastures could be even more expanding…new things to study, unheard of philosophies emerging, spiritual or religious thought that gives you pause or opens your heart. Broaden your awareness and be truly present to what is there to initiate you, activate you, evolve and inspire you. Better yet, if you find a way to share these amazing findings and discoveries with your people, you may even find companions for the journey ahead.

‘I honor my boundaries, sovereign and strong, so I can righteously give and receive.’

Details are a Virgo’s bread-and-butter and, like microscopic crumbs seen by no one but you, they are never missed. This Full Moon will be illuminating everything – the good, the bad, the ugly and every crumb in between. You can turn your discerning eye to where your energy has been moving. Sexually, financially, through devotion, through ritual…everything is an energy exchange, everything must be accounted for and it’s value weighed. This is an exercise not just in energy management, but boundary honoring. Without good boundaries and a clear understanding of your own worth, you could very well give it all away for little in return. You are worth so much more than that!

‘Authenticity is the bedrock of all my relationships. Consciousness, the fuel that grows them.’

Togetherness is part of your lifeblood, Libra, how you see and negotiate the world, with an eye always to the other. This Full Moon will draw out your position in all your one-on-one relationships – professional, romantic, platonic, all of them – and demand nothing less than complete authenticity. Seeing yourself as part of a pair is compassionate and giving of you, but you must know where you end and the other begins and always make sure that your values are not being compromised in the coupling. Tempers may fray, egos may be bruised but the work of consciously relating to each other is more important now than ever in a world so disconnected.

‘Every day, in every way, I prayerfully honor my values.’

Feel the energy course through you Scorpio as the Full Moon moves you, literally. You are moved to organize, upgrade, schedule and refine. You see your routine as a vehicle to expressing your True Self, with sacred intention and devotion contained in the mundane.  ‘Chop Wood, Carry Water’ the Zen saying tells us. Where are you showing your devotion at the moment? Where are your energies invested? Don’t allow yourself to scatter under this fiery Moon or be burned out by the demands of others. This is about honoring what you value, drawing a sacred line around it and then planning your day to truly reflect this.

‘Play and fun is the balance I crave, growing the light-hearted side of Me.’

With an eye to the horizon line, you often see what is coming down the road before the rest of us. While your focus on each sunrise and sunset brings your signature universal wisdom and gravitas, it can also make you a little serious at times. I feel this Full Moon will agitate for more FUN in your world, hyping the creativity and childlike wonder already there and uncovering new outlets for you to giggle, dance, flirt or play. Children will be particularly potent teachers in this regard, asking you to be more flexible, more present, and more messy. Attractions may spark that call you to spontaneity and light-heartedness. All manner of thing could be conceived! Laughter really is the best medicine.

‘Home is where my most Authentic-Self lives and I offer this gift to all I call Family.’

This Full Moon you bow deeply to the Family and Home, and honor your place as an individual within the Collective you were born to be part of. Whether biological, adoptive, a family of friends or fur-babies, this is your sanctuary, your most private retreat. This Full Moon asks you to find your unique place within this, to not lose your sense of Self with the Whole and take definite steps to honor and support your family. Boundaries may well be tested here, loyalties called into question and egos agitated, but please see this not as a betrayal but as a necessary readjusting. Embracing your most authentic Self is your birthright.

‘Offer your curiosity and knowledge to the World, hungry to hear you.’

Innovation is at the core of who you are, Aquarius, with the experimental, ‘New Age’ and evolutionary flowing through your awareness at all times. This Full Moon calls you urgently and passionately, to clarify these beliefs for yourself. Find where you stand, craft your message and point of view, define what you stand for and then, share it! Action is the clarion call of a Full Moon in Aries, thinking alone will not honor this. Whether it’s chatting it out with a friend, utilizing social media and your formidable grasp of modern tech or broadcasting your findings via traditional media, your moves to share will be profoundly supported. Honor the things you know in your core. They are worth sharing!

‘Security brings me freedom, as well as peace of mind.’

A clash of energies brings you pause this Full Moon, Pisces, as you acknowledge that security both helps and hinders you. Now is a wonderful time to celebrate your sources of income, your resources and assets. However, the things that support us should never leave us feeling trapped or limited. The agitator energy of this Full Moon will call for freedom, for the ability to move fast and spontaneously in life. Curb the impulse to spend frivolously or throw all your hard budgeting work out the window but do take a moment to see if your current set-up leaves you beholden to an inflexible system that doesn’t reflect your authentic wants. Ultimately money serves you, not the other way around.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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