These Books Will Change the Way You Feel About Menstruation

When women reclaim their right to celebrate the wisdom of menstruation, magic happens. If I could support women in just one thing, it just might be to recognize the innate power they have to create, transform and powerfully guide the direction of their own lives through this sacred time of the month.

A woman who holds negative beliefs about her monthly period is indirectly and yet quite seriously insulting her very beingness as a woman. I see this so often, women who believe this information is floofy and somehow not meant for them. There are so many women who live their lives striving to separate themselves from “other women” by being cool, collected, less needy, less erratic, and less of (insert the rest of the judgements we have about one another here). I was one of these women too, once upon a time.
And yet, somewhere deep inside of every woman there’s creative expression waiting to happen. Honoring moon time wisdom is a super-power, for every woman. This information can positively shift the way we achieve success, how we run our businesses, how our relationships look and our sex lives! Learn more about how you can track your cycle week-by-week and make your cycle work for you here.

Below are a few books I love on discovering the power in our cycles.

1. Moon Mysteries by Nikiah Seeds

Written by my Shamanic mentor Nikiah Seeds and her co-author Nao Sims, this beautiful book encompasses all of the wisdom of moon time right down to tracking your cycle. This is a book you can read cover to cover, or flip through if that’s your style. You’ll find some beautiful insights and creative ways to chart your cycle, including some charting templates in the back of the book.

2. Moon Time by Lucy Pearce

Moon time is another wonderfully written book by Lucy Pearce of WomanCraftPublishing. I’ve read her first edition, and the one you see pictured here is her second edition. Lucy explains how to harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle.

 3. Reaching for the Moon by Lucy Pearce

This is Lucy’s “Moon Time” for younger girls. I love her offering to the younger generation, how beautiful to encourage body positivity from the very start. This is how it should be!

 4. Mysteries of the Dark Moon

Now we’re getting witchy. I love love love Mysteries of the Dark Moon, but I’d say if you’re just beginning to dip your toes in the water of moon time wisdom, this isn’t the book I’d recommend you start with. She does embed a lot of moon time wisdom within her writing, though it’s not entirely focused on the menstrual cycle – but rather on the Dark Goddess, which relates to our moon time and the dark phase of the moon (also tying us to death, rebirth, transformation, grief and letting go.) If you’re in a darker phase right now in your life – perhaps facing a loss, a break-up or divorce or something really painful, this is a great resource for the spiritually inclined.

5. The Optimized Woman  by Miranda Gray

The Optimized Woman is one of the very first books on menstruation I ever laid my hands on. She breaks down the cycle week-by-week using archetypes to help you connect to your cycle. She focuses on learning your own rhythms in order to be more successful and creative in the world  – something we can all benefit from. This is another book you can flip through without having to read it cover to cover if that’s not your jam.

6. Her Blood is Gold by Lara Owen

Lara’s book contains information around our beliefs and attitudes around menstruation, the archetypes associated to menstruation, societal attitudes, and reclaiming our cycle. Lara is doing something pretty unique in the world by consulting with corporations to become more women friendly. She goes into companies and teaches workshops on how to honor the menstrual cycle and menopause, including helping companies create more compassionate policies around wellbeing, flexitime and leave.

7. Blood Magic by Thomas Buckley & Alma Gottlieb

This one’s a little nerdy and I am just throwing it in here in case you’ve read everything you can get your hands on in the realms of menstruation and you’re looking for something more academic. I haven’t gotten through this one entirely (I find it a little dry). Blood Magic and the Curse are both a little outdated now, but I find looking back in history fascinating – especially when it comes to women’s issues.

8. The Curse

Again, this is just a little bonus for all my period nerds out there. I wouldn’t suggest this as an intro to tracking your cycle or anything. There’s quite a lot of disturbing information in this book but I’ve found it fascinating to discover how many of the taboos and myths around menstruation have been formed throughout history.

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Sheleana is the Founder and Visionary of Rising Woman. She is a Conscious Relationship and Spiritual Psychology writer and Creator of an online program called Becoming the One. Sheleana spent 4 years as an apprentice in transpersonal group-work containers, depth psychology, and shadow work with a Spiritual teacher and went on to Co-Facilitate women's groups and Conscious Relationship workshops. She has trained in imago couples facilitation, tantra, couples work, somatic healing and is also a full-spectrum birth doula.
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