New Moon in Virgo ~ September 9, 2018 ~ THEME: Find Rhythm

The New Moon in Virgo on September 9, 2018 (11:01amPST) is a drumbeat. A ticking of the clock. An invitation to order. After an effulgent summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we shift gears to come back to “reality.” There is work to be done, there are preparations to be made, and things to manifest.

Find rhythm.

New Moons are for starting fresh and setting intentions for times ahead. Light your candles. Say your prayers. Ask for assistance and guidance. Then break out your calendars. Outline your goals and their accompanying to-do lists. Form positive habits that support your health, accomplishments, and ability to be present. Set about the gentle, yet persistent work of Living. Get it!

Rhythm is healing.

Simplify. Order and organize. Sort through chaos and put things in their proper place. Cleanse and rid yourself of baggage that interferes with smooth operations. Bookend work-time and play-time for best efficacy. Set achievable goals and focus on things to complete each day, each week, each month. Find rhythms, routines, and specific guidelines that will improve wellness and quality of life.

Love yourself enough to work smart and live efficiently. Where can you purify and clear waste? Which virtues would you like to cultivate? Are your skills honed? Is your time being used well, or could you tweak your schedule to help you meet your goals?

It’s possible we have been stalled out this summer. A retrograde season beginning as early as April has had us revisiting, clearing, and questioning components of our plans. Saturn stationing direct September 6th may have highlighted a liminal space on our timeline. We’re not where we used to be. But we aren’t where we want to be yet, either. We might even feel exasperated with how ‘stuck’ we judge ourselves to be, or the ways certain challenges tend to hang on for what feels like eons. This does not mean we are a failure. It means we are growing, and that time is our ally. It means we can be patient as our progress naturally defines itself. It means we can look down at our feet and witness them taking another step forward. One step. Another step. Another.

Repetition is medicine.

Virgo often gets a bad rap. It can be seen as a sign that is boring, mundane, and neurotic. Viewed as particularly un-fancy. Anxiety and over-analysis can be a downfall, but Virgo can hustle. Virgo knows how to show up, get shit done, and do whatever it does well. While Virgo can be overly perfectionistic, is also aims for an admirable goal: flawlessness.

One of the most revered popular figures of our time was born during Virgo season: author and executor of Flawless herself, Beyonce. (Happy birthday, Queen Bey!!!)

This elevation of Virgo in the form of Beyonce in our current times is significant. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. Not an innocent, chaste girlchild. Rather, Virgo represents a Womxn who is Whole Unto Herself. She is unapologetically Goddess, she is Nature and Earth herself. God Herself. She needs nothing from anyone or anything outside of her. Virgo is about natural healing. It understands that everything we need in order to set things right is already contained within us and our Earth. We need no false or artificial modifications. We are perfect as we are. Virgo is totally without pretense. Her sex is unmarred not because it’s ‘untouched by another,’ but rather simply because she claims it as hers. Nothing can take it from her because it is her. She is All.

Humble yourself in the arms of the wild. You gotta lay down low and humble yourself in the arms of the wild. You gotta ask her what she knows. – Author Unknown

We often have misplaced notions of mastery. We see expertise as some distant mountain to climb; a heightened location we may eventually reach. We relegate it to a dream realm. When in actuality, mastery is simply the result of showing up, day in and day out, and doing the boring small work of improvement. Often, the meat of what we make is the struggle we endure in the making of it. It’s not an equation of process versus perfection. In fact, process is perfection. Everything we do is practice.

We are with the work each day, making mistakes, making incremental progress, and chafing against our own efforts. When we stay with our devotion, we eventually become what it is we are cultivating. With practice, we merge with our own craft as a steward of it. As a steward, we become an emblem of what it is we serve. Our devotions become our skin, our bones, elements of our very being.

Channel who you are into what you do. Become a guide of your craft.

What are you devoted to? What- or whom – are you in service to? What do you want to give yourself to? Who and how and what are you here to help? Let your New Moon intentions anchor the answers to these questions. Let your life’s rhythms be designed in accordance with your devotions.

And also – ask for help. Delegate. Grab assistance. We are here to help and care for one another. We are surrounded by myriad forms of usefulness. Plants, animals, people, landforms – each contains medicine that could be just the right fit for what is needed to get the job done. Don’t be shy in rallying the troops in service of fulfillment.

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Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Sign Below

Aries: I emphasize my wellness.

The most recent full moon two weeks ago held an encouragement for you to slow down, Aries. Hopefully, you got some rest and rejuvenation, because this New Moon is in your house of work, health, and service. If your cup is empty, your body will let you know. Listen closely to your body’s signals. You might choose to simplify your diet in favor of cleansing your intestinal tract or addressing underlying inflammation. It may be a good idea to cleanse your mental space as well, perhaps choosing to limit your time on social media or other over-stimulating outlets that contribute to patterns of frustration or irritability. If your health is in good shape, this is tip top time to get things in order. Set your sights on your next goals and intend to take action on shaping them into reality.

Taurus: I am juicy.

You are juicy, Taurus. You are an incredibly creative, magnetic, sensual being. Tune into that and turn it on. Feel it as much as you can. Let your juices flow. When they are encouraged to flow, they are healing and regenerating. The feminine creative process and the masculine creative process really differ from one another. In order to create, whereas the masculine strives and pushes, the feminine simply receives, nourishes, and gestates. Seeds are planted and grown in an inner dark. Creation is an inherently mysterious experience. Find a place inside you and in your life that transforms the binary of masculine-feminine methods. DNA is made of two individual strands with a ladder that forms bridges between them. Weave together your active and your passive in service of your Art.

Gemini: I am rooted.

As a mutable air sign, being consistent and rooted may not feel like your forte, Gemini. You’d rather flit on the wind. Finding structure to contain all of your ideas and lust for variety can be a challenge. But that’s exactly why practicing rhythm is so important – it will help you to integrate and bring things together. Change is important to you, so choose systems and schedules that give plenty of breathing room. Listen to your gut instinct for guidance on how to implement healthier structure. This moon lands in your fourth house. This house is the womb of the chart and rules  foundation, home, family, support, emotional security, and needs. Affirm what support you have. You may reset your home environment to better accommodate your rhythms. Clear cobwebs and make space for a real start at something fresh.

Cancer: I always have more to learn.

What are you feeling most curious about, Cancer? What is your keen intuition guiding you to learn more about? This moon falls in your third house of learning, thinking, and communication. Take time to physically write down intentions and affirmations for yourself and your forward-motion during this moon. It’s a great time to balance your intuitive emotional sense with logical processes to gain clarity. Sometimes putting words on a page is just what’s needed to settle your moods and orient around something clear. If there are messages that need to be written or phone calls to be made, use this opportunity to follow through with all that needs to be articulated. Typically a good time to connect with people and tie up loose ends.

Leo: I love what I’ve got.

Notice your riches, Leo. Riches come in many forms. Look to them. Affirm them. Lift them up and love on them. This moon may increase a hunger to get finances and resources in order. Perhaps you sense a leaner time coming, or maybe you simply want your moneys to reflect more accurately on your innate worth. You’ve got a lot of talent, and each talent is a priceless expression of you! This moon is an excellent time to budget and work with accounts. But before you set out with a critical eye to what you’ve got compared to what you want, land firmly in the space with an attitude of gratitude. Move through your life with wide open senses, lapping up all the riches available to you each moment of the day. Bless your riches and thank them profusely. In doing so, they just might take it upon themselves to multiply.

Virgo: I am already perfect right now.

This moon falls in the first house of your identity and sense of self. You may be seeing ways that you can improve yourself and your path. That’s great! But resist the urge to criticise or focus on fixing yourself. Meet yourself exactly where you’re at. It can be difficult for Virgo to accept praise. Go ahead and practice! Lavish yourself with detailed observations about how far you have come and why you are perfect exactly as you are right now, knee-deep in your process and natural timeline. Call on someone you trust to share their perceptions of what is awesome about you and how you show up to life. Begin by filling up with recognition and gratitude for who you already are and who you’ve been before. From there, think about what it might take to get to the next step on your journey.

Libra: I let go to recharge.

This is a spiritual moon for you, Libra. If you do nothing else under the influence of this New Moon, it’s highly recommended to set an altar. If an altar isn’t your thing, find one special item that is meaningful to you and infuse it with an intention or whisper into it a prayer. Even though you like companionship, it would serve you well to take some private time for reflection, meditation, and to be able to hear your own inner voice. The angelic and unseen guiding forces are gathered around you at this time. Attune to their subtleties. Receive their transmissions. Lose yourself and be flooded with light.

Scorpio: I make contact with the friends of my future.

Sometimes you can be a loner, Scorpio, but this moon has you out and about. Your magnetism and personal potency does well with supporters. Who is in your network? Who do you know that fully supports your dreams for the future, and will help you to make them happen? Gather the troops. Contact your place in society. Connect with community in person or online in favor of advancement. In particular, choose people who reflect and affirm the unique gifts you have to share with the world. What makes your offerings and your personality stand out most? The eleventh house, where this moon falls for you, is also the house of angels and aliens. Perhaps some of your supporters are not in human bodies. Call them in to assist you in weaving your web of success.

Sagittarius: I rise, I shine, I advance.

This is a pivotal moon for professional planning, Sagittarius. You could find yourself in the spotlight, being seen and recognized inside your career. Notice how that feels. When it comes to your work and your public standing, are you in a state of fulfillment? Where do things feel great in those arenas? And where do you sense you’ve still got some growing to do? What might it take to head that direction? This moon is typically a busy time. Regardless, create some space under its influence to outline some visions you have about next steps for reaching longterm goals. Sketch out a timeline for reaching those goals, and begin to oil the gears of advancement.

Capricorn: I embrace adventure!

Not one always known for excitement, Capricorn, this moon comes with an urge to stretch out beyond the confines of your usual. Free yourself! Under the influence of this moon, loosen your grip on control. Relinquish right and wrong, should and shouldn’t. Embrace neutral curiosity, a state of noticing what is without judging or trying to alter it in any way. Relax constraints and move into new territory. Buoy your spirit! Take a trip on the wild side. Go outside and seek profound views. It’s all about getting away from negativity and any typical ways of seeing and being. Let the light in. Shake the dust off your wings and find renewal through a deeper sense of trust.

Aquarius: I venture towards closeness.

This moon falls in your house of intimacy, Aquarius. How do you experience intimacy? Is it comfortable for you? How do you balance having enough space for your own experience and developing healthy attachments with others? When we share things with others (emotional experiences, our bodies, our resources, our secrets and innermost realms), it gives us a chance to transform. Our transformation leads to our development of power. This moon is excellent for shedding and disbanding unhealthy or toxic attachments. It’s a great time to clarify around your shadow. It’s also a great invitation to taking the brave step into beginning new habits and experiences when it comes to attachment, power, and intimacy. What will bring you closer to self, and to life itself, in the healthiest ways?

Pisces: I develop relationships.

This is a great moon for friendships, companionships, partnerships – ships of all kinds, Pisces! As an easily-romanced, seafaring archetype, it may be quite the pleasant time. You could begin riding new ships under the influence of this moon, or invest more of yourself in meaningful relatings. If there are improvements to be made in existing ships, be intentional about course-corrections. Always the giver, you might use this time as an opportunity to realize what more you have to offer towards – and what else you could effortlessly receive – in your connections with others. Enjoy the compassion flowing to and from you and the other lovely beings you encounter.

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