NEW MOON in Sagittarius Individual Reports for December, 17/18 2017

Art by: Karile Hrart

New Moon in Sagittarius Report for Rising Woman
December 17, 2017, 10:30pm PST

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a powerful close to 2017, and an ushers in a major new chapter for humanity on Earth.

Since December 2014, the planet Saturn has been traversing Sagittarius, taking us all on a journey. We’ve been on a quest. Living in the complexity of questions. Establishing new visions. Facing crises of meaning, of belief, of accelerated expansion.

After expansion comes contraction. Coming down from the high of our travels, Saturn poised at the final degree of the sign, we begin to ask: what was it all for? How can we make use of our experiences? How can they become a purposeful part of our contribution to the world?

What are we going to do with these discoveries? And what do we need to eliminate in order to bring focus and fulfillment that which is most essential?

This New Moon, the luminaries are closely conjunct Saturn. Saturn teaches through adversity. Hardship. Discipline. It is normal to feel resistance, fear, and manifest pressure. It is recommended to have patience, to give rise to integrity, to face obstacles head-on and overcome.

This moon is about honesty and mastery. The intentions we set now will have permanent, lasting effect.

Saturn is great for making commitments and dedications. For building, fortifying, and solidifying foundation. Set boundaries conducive to greater clarity and achievement. We came here to do our work.

Our work is about self-discovery. It is about realization and learning to trust nature, ourselves, and life itself. It is about divesting from distractions and things that keep us out of touch with our authentic greatness

Some worthy questions to consider:

  • What is your vision for the next 3 years?
  • What are your goals?
  • What gifts, opportunities, and real skills has life furnished for you and what can you bring to fruition?
  • What can you relinquish to support your mastery?
  • Who are you now, and who are you no longer?
  • Right now, how can you become more free?

Commit to positive change. Take responsibility, and see to it that your dedication sticks. Trust that the universe supports you in this intention.

This New Moon is also conjunct the Galactic Center. This is the fertile void, a supermassive black hole nestled amidst the milky way that serves as the hub of our galaxy. This is a powerful location of the sky, rife with spiritual energy and profound insights.

It is also rather extreme in nature, and it is recommended to practice deep meditation during this New Moon in order to harness the higher visions and narratives that source energy is channeling through us at this time. These visions and stories are to be anchored and worked with steadily for the next three years. Consider this a system upgrade/life assignment download.

The New Moon is also closely conjunct Venus; Goddess of love, money, worth, and relationships of all kinds.

Discipline and integrity in these areas can foster greater freedom. Women, and the feminine, are prominently figured. Some friendships and partnerships will be strengthening for the long haul. Others will be pruned away. Mutual respect and accountability are essential for healthy, lasting relating. Declare worthiness and prioritize values that will guide the journey this coming year.

Mercury is still retrograde until December 22, so allow for what is “known” to continue to adapt and shift. Even while setting firm intentions, keep revising. Conversations with old friends and revisiting memories can help synthesize previous experiences. It is important to honestly remember past happenings so we can claim our current narrative and begin to write a new true story. By the next New Moon, our feet will be firmly stepping on a path of reality, climbing the mountains we we made for.

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Read Your New Moon Reports for your Sun & Rising Signs Below

Aries: I seek to expand my sense of self and continue the pursuit of higher learning.

This New Moon is like a map of undiscovered territories. Where are you called to travel next? Celebrate where you have been so far. As if hiking in the wilderness, take pause and turn to gaze down the path at the horizon that delivered you to this point. Survey the landscape with wonder. Familiar worlds are evolving and synthesizing with worlds yet to be known. Locations where inspiration becomes perspiration, and eventually, accomplishment. Invoke your spiritual compass for guidance. You are being invited to seek, to continue to grow and expand past the familiar, and ultimately to learn true meaning in life.

Taurus: I surrender my attachment to that which poisons me, allowing it to metamorphize into medicine.

This New Moon affirms for you that change is the only constant. What happened in this last chapter of your life? Perhaps there were things that came to pass that were inevitable. Beyond prediction, choice, or control. Issues of power, survival, trauma, ancestral inheritance, sex, death, and intimacy, may have challenged your usual steadiness. Depths and darknesses that tested your edges of holding on and letting go. When change is demanded, we become alchemists. Naturally, we must offer up all attachments to discover our connection to the fabric of being. Shed skin and embrace infinity, rising up as the embodiment of divine power.

Gemini: I embrace friends and partnerships based on mutual respect.

This New Moon invites commitments to others. First and foremost, the quality of your relationships with others stems from your ability to stand for yourself. Knowing your own boundaries and discernments is essential to developing friendships with staying power. Accept yourself – all parts of yourself – and be surrounded by people who applaud your gifts and encourage your contributions. Friends, partners, and companions take on a special importance now. Your contacts can help you accomplish goals and get to where you need to go. Choose to be in relationship with those who ground you, believe in you, and want to see you succeed.

Cancer: I am grateful for the rhythms of life that support my highest health.

This New Moon is a reminder to be grateful. To count blessings. It is an invitation to s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n enough that your nervous system can settle. When you relax your mind and body, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in to help you rest and digest. We can’t do everything. Sometimes we need to hit pause on checking off the to-do list and simply Be. Work and health could be highlighted as arenas of questioning or concern. Take this opportunity to cleanse your body and set parameters in your daily routines. You are closing an old chapter in work and health. Through every transition, life needs metabolizing. Make space to fully absorb.

Leo: I heartily express my joyful creativity.

This New Moon calls upon you to utilize your talents. You are an artist, whether you believe it or not. Life is your canvas, awaiting to be painted with the colors of your noble and childlike spirit. Sometimes our creations are demanding. They require all of us. They ask us to take risks and leap hurdles. To cast aside the shackles that keep us small and dim our light. How is your vitality? When do you experience your own radiance? Inner doubt and criticism can stifle your genius. Let your big open heart preside over them! Romance yourself and your story into fuller expression. Make your art for the sheer pleasure of it. You have permission to be grand.

Virgo: I have arrived; I am home.

This New Moon serves as a base for your next creations. You have been doing the work of breaking up your old root system, finding new soil, and planting a more solid root. Let these roots be nourished. You are safe, here. Anchor to the land. Let her hold you while you do the holy work of mothering yourself. Trust in your development. Cultivate healing relationship with your family, both blood and chosen. Let your physical and emotional environments be nurturing. Allow them to hold space for you to unfurl into belonging. What would someone who loves you unconditionally want for you at this time? Listen to the inner voice.

Libra: I communicate ideas beautifully.

This New Moon is a time of affirmations. Mantras. Declarations. The mental work you have been doing in this last chapter of your life is coming to a close. You made a lot of headway. Ideas have taken shape. Things that needed to be said were given voice. Topics of interest were studied and further developed. Exchange took place with siblings, neighbors, and in the local community. If there were anxieties associated with this period, make yourself a sanctuary. Bring your on-the-go momentum into greater stability. Sink in deeper beyond what you think. Notice how you feel. Make a prayer for relief. After much flight, you are entering a time to nest.

Scorpio: I gather my resources and sustenance.

This New Moon is like a nest egg. An investment in your future. What have you been able to gather and acquire in the way of funds and reserves? Are you satisfied with it? Have you clarified what you value the most? Not all resources are material. Some of our most precious resources include time, energy, and attention. Are yours spent with wisdom? Let every moment be a worthy investment. Because you are worth it! Take stock of how much work you have done in recent years. Give yourself some recognition. Possessions and insights you’ve been gathering will soon be disseminated for the sake of evolution. Level up.

Sagittarius: I discover more of who I really am.

This New Moon is an investment in the true you. You have outgrown something. The old ways don’t work anymore. It’s time to restructure those in honor of authenticity. You may be coming to some important realizations about what’s most important to you, and how you can gain more of a sense of security in life. You may be seeing the ways you have held yourself back, or confronting the limits of circumstance, and desiring to further your achievements. The identity you lean into now will inform the next 29 years of your life cycle! Embrace new goals, and consider this a process of maturity. Be patient. All will be revealed.

Capricorn: I relax and allow to naturally align with grace.

This New Moon is a retreat. Enter the stillness. Enter the silence. All things are born of nothingness. This moon falls in your house of self-undoing. Before we are able to claim our new tasks, we must dissolve the karmas and subconscious influences that have accrued via our previous states of being. Let this moon be a goodbye to all that you’ve been. Clean the slate. Lose control. Disperse into the undifferentiated music. Encounter your soul. Embrace this mushy hibernation, for from this your new purpose will eventually arise.

Aquarius: I live my gifts and benefit my community.

This New Moon is a circle of allies. An unusual and intersectional bunch. Gratefully, you’re not concerned with fitting in to communities that already exist and operate by-the-book. You are a rebel. A reformer. A revisionist. You match the misfits and the marginalized. You are a weaver of culture. Your people come towards you as you liberate yourself. They hear your freedom song. Your people come towards you as you embrace your uniqueness. The way you live your special gifts empowers others to take their place in the tapestry of humanity. Your people come towards you as you challenge existing paradigms. They will join you in the party of dismantling. Connected, you march into the future, singing the tunes of the co-occurring All.

Pisces: I am confident that I can reach my goals.

This New Moon is an invitation to take stock of what you have accomplished. Acknowledge yourself. Give honor to the experiences that have been fulfilling for you. Rewrite your definitions of success and failure. Are those definitions your own, or do they stem from the expectations of society and parental influence? What would you deem to be a successful day? A successful week, month, year, lifetime? Sit with this, and allow it to help reprioritize your energies. The Piscean fish best swims within bounds of containment – but you get to determine what those boundaries are.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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