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‘I plant the seeds of beauty and balance in my relationships.’

This New Moon comes at a moment of consolidation and commitment for you, Aries. For the past year you have been working hard on your one-on-one relationships, whether they are professional, romantic or friendship. Some fell by the wayside, others bloomed, but you learned what your boundaries were and what you needed in a relationship to feel safe and appreciated. This New Moon is like a relationship reset moment for you. All your relationships from this moment on should meet your new improved standards. This is particularly potent energy for calling in the love relationship you truly want and deserve. Love is all around you!

‘Self-care is the ultimate act of Self Love.’

This New Moon is the perfect moment to be a little selfish, Taurus. Take time out for yourself and really assess if you are honouring your self-care needs. Check that your routines and schedules are sustainable. Ask your body if your food and exercise choices right now are nourishing and supportive. Treat yourself to that massage or walk in the forest or face mask you have been meaning to do but haven’t found the time. These small, seemingly insignificant, things are actually the building blocks of your whole life because if you aren’t well loved and looked after how will you be able to do that for anyone else?!

‘The spark of new ideas and creativity excite and energize me.’

What Gemini doesn’t love a new project or curious idea to explore?! This New Moon is the moment when inspiration could strike and your creative juices flow. If you have been feeling a bit bogged down with the humdrum routines of life or the slog of work, this energy renews your enthusiasm and wakens you back up to your creative loves. Maybe it’s cooking new foods, digging out your knitting, paints or guitar, artfully tending to your home or writing in your journal…whatever it is, make time for it! Honour it! Give your Inner Child all the colours, glitter and space they need to express themselves.

‘Home is where I find my balance and recharge.’

Cancer is often such a homebody of a sign that this New Moon should feel totally restorative and cosy to you. You are being called to honour your home base, your sanctuary and castle. I see a wonderful evening of ‘hygge’ style activities for you (‘hygge’ is the Danish art of cosiness and comfort and well worth googling before the New Moon…so inspiring!). Light some special candles, scent the air with hot cider bubbling on the stove, curl up with your beloveds and really soak up the beauty of your home. If you don’t have a home that reflects what you want now is the time to make those changes and create a space that truly supports you! The New Moon will make these positive changes last in your life and sustain you for months to come.

‘My opinions are expressed with love and received with love.’

This New Moon is a beautiful reset moment for your opinions and correspondents Leo. If your words have been harsh recently or idea have been met with resistance this New Moon lends you an eloquence and lightness that allows you to change even the most rigid mind or express the hardest truth. You aren’t sugar coating things. Instead you are leading with compassion, checking that what you have to say is loving and helpful, and then finding the kindest way to communicate it. This works especially well in your romantic or family relationships where communication has been strained. You start a whole new chapter of loving communication that impacts everything!

‘I am in loving relationship with my resources.’

If money has been an issue recently, I think this New Moon will be a hugely positive reset for you Virgo. New incomes sources could be tapped, new ways of managing your resources explored, and most importantly new ideas about what money really means to you emerging. Start from this moment to treat your money with respect and balance. View it as a means to create the kind of life you truly want. You are in a relationship with your finances and, like any relationship, it’s about give and take, gracious compromise and loving support. If you tend to your money like you would a romantic relationship I think you’ll be surprised by just how supportive money wants to be!

‘I honour myself and start fresh where I need to.’

This is your New Moon Libra, the start of a new chapter for you, as you ease into all you have learned about yourself in the last year and commit to actually living it! It has been a wild year of change and expansion but as Jupiter moves out of your sign and into Scorpio you take this moment to establish the new, improved version of You and discard what no longer serves you. I think this would be the perfect moment for a small ceremony to mark this rite of passage. Maybe a promise to yourself written on a scrap of paper and offered to a candle flame or an aromatic bath to wash off the old and welcome in the new. Trust your intuition and whatever you chose to do will be perfect and potent.

‘I trust my instincts, my dreams, my intuition.’

This New Moon activates the most personal and spiritual of you Scorpio and most likely will offer up important information to you via your dreams or intuition. Being open to these Spirit messages is your work right now. Getting enough deep and restful sleep so you can dream clearly is paramount. Keep a journal by your bed so you can record your dreams as soon as you wake up. Meditate so you can hear that quiet, still voice within you accurately and pay attention to what it says. Honour any creative urges you have this week as messages could come through you in the form of poetry, paintings or music. Trust your Inner Knowing.

‘I love my community and my community loves me.’

You feel the love of your tribe this New Moon, Sag, or you clearly see that you are not in the right community for you. Like any good relationship, your community should both support and care about you and need your support and care too. If your social circle is lacking or leaving you feeling lonely or judged now is the time to seek out something new and nourishing. You’ll know you’ve found your people when they are excited for your goals and aspirations, want to grow with you and care about your well-being…and you feel the same way back! And remember your tribe could be bonded over common interests, common location or even just the need for support. Eclectic groups can often be the most solid and nourishing! If you can’t find it, build it for yourself…

‘By pursuing my calling I bring love and joy into the World.’

This New Moon offers a moment of career clarity for you Capricorn. Where you put your energies you succeed, with your epic work ethic and standards and, when that is then layered with a true love for what you do, you are unstoppable! If you find yourself ignoring your calling or putting it off until you have more money/more experience/less responsibilities know that now is the perfect moment to start! Just start! Commit to your soul’s work and plant the seed of what you would like it to grow into on this New Moon. Share this with trusted friends and confidantes and know that help will come to you. Libra, the sign of this New Moon, is all about loving partnerships. You won’t have to do this work alone if you don’t want to!

‘I find beauty in knowledge and exploration.’

New ideas, courses of study or philosophies could be presenting themselves this New Moon, Aquarius. As someone who always strives to be cutting edge this will be serious food for thought, personally stimulating and exciting. Sign up for the class, have tea with the guru or travel to experience things first hand! It is important work because you then help normalize these new ideas for the people around you, maybe even becoming teacher or thought leader. Yogi Bhajan said “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it”. Your journey to mastery starts now.

‘I honour the magic and mystery of collaboration.’

This New Moon is all about honouring partnership and cooperation and how by working together we become so much more than the sum of our parts. By working together we create beautiful magic that would never exist if we were alone. In our love relationships we are held to become better people. At work, we create jobs and ideas and products that would never exist if we didn’t work together. In our families and communities, we build on what our ancestors did before us. Somehow one plus one is not just two when we collaborate, it becomes infinite. Where could the magic of collaboration impact your life right now? Who would you love to reach out to and become more than the sum of your parts?

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the menu :)
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