New Moon in Libra ~ October 8, 2018 – THEME: Justice

The New Moon in Libra on October 8, 2018 (8:47pmPDT) raises themes of Justice. This Moon indicates that we must bring things into balance. Often the first step in creating balance is becoming aware of what is out of balance.

What is justice? Some would say it is fairness. Reaching equilibrium. The righting of wrongs.

Can there be healing without justice? What if the wrong can never be righted, and damages never undone? We cannot walk backwards through time. We can fold time and experiences into ourselves. Recount what happened – gloss over, leave out, exaggerate nothing. Honor it completely, and release the old normal. Embrace the damages, and welcome the new equilibrium (homeostasis) they have created.

Imagine small, yet effective and monumental acts that make the most of our current situation – and that also move the needle towards a new normal that we intelligently co-create. If your current situation is joyless, imagine dancing with abandon for 5 minutes every morning. If our current situation is suffering from capitalism-induced isolation, imagine linking up with others who resource-pool for dinner once a week.

Who is the grantor of justice? It isn’t a stranger on a court. It isn’t your representative, or a legal or prison system. It isn’t the perpetrator of harm.

You, your beautiful agency, your loving relations, and the spiritual power coursing through you and all things – can re-culture and re-calibrate. You decide where your justice can be found.

How do we know when justice has been served? Justice is not the absence of harm. It is the possibility of what emerges after harm has occurred. It is the learning how to care for what exists. It is the healing forces that rush to our aid. If culture has harmed us, we remake culture by altering our response to it. We exchange our complacency for boundaries and action. We tie ourselves to motivating bonds that give us life.

To find your justice, ask what will bring you peace. Clarify what you can do without, and call forth what you want to live with.

We may know justice from a sense of peace, harmony, or a flood of relief. We may know it as a brief break in a longstanding skyscape of clouds. We may recognize it as a breath willing to reach deeper into our lungs than the last. It might be a piece of art that gives voice to our struggle and acts like a balm to our soul. It could be a step on a path that will ultimately lead us to a sense of fulfillment. It might be our willingness to try a different kind of relationship than what we’ve previously known.

Reboot your relatings.

In a climate flooded with opinion, firmly approach mutuality. In a world steeped in subjectivity, hold space for different yet intersecting truths. Amidst the embattlement of sides, reach toward the realization that two halves are nothing but an undiminishable whole.

We need each other.

And we need each other exactly as we are, both with and without social complexes. Learn to see dynamically. We cannot deny any elements of our experience or being. Develop analysis and deepen compassion. We need to expand our capacity to contain both intersectional identity politics and shared humanity. It is through this continued negotiation that we can access the whole.

Libra is the sign of relationships. Partners, friends, and open enemies. This Moon illumines where we falter in healthy relating. It pulls toxic co-dependency to the surface for disposal. That is half the story. To be fair, also notice your strengths. Mediate these ends. Call upon those who fortify your courage. Even upon hallowed ground, we can stand together.

Feeling each other’s presence. Generating kindness. Loving through difference. Through the pathways of intersecting truth, learn to belong to self and other.

Everything is built upon relationships, and relationships are forged on shared values.

What values have historically governed your society, your life, your organizations? What values are we disposing of today, and what are we exchanging them for?

This Moon, along with Venus Retrograde, sparks a deep alchemical re-invention of relationships, resources, and values. This evolutionary underworld-walking process takes place October 5 through November 16, 2018.

Deeply buried and unconscious relating patterns and value systems will be rising to the surface for healing and transformation. Ex-lovers, business partners, and frenemies can make strong appearance. Expect power struggles, ancestral ghosts, and unhealthy attachments to present themselves for reparation. Be receptive to self-examination, therapeutics, shadow-work, and emotionally-intelligent advisors to assist your passage. Revive. Restore. Unite.

Ask to be a clear channel for the Goddess Venus during her potent season of transformation. On this re-balancing Moon, set intentions for the relational reality you are meant to live into.

Read New Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Sign Below

Aries: I begin nurturing bonds.

This New Moon offers you a chance to start afresh with relationships, Aries. As someone with a fierce independent streak, take it upon yourself to explore how friendships, partnerships, and marriages can be nourishing for you. Re-learn the dance of leading and following so that it feels like a mutually beneficial exchange. You may be leaving communities that are no longer a fit, particularly as you aim to forge new paths or reach new heights within your work or longterm goals. Re-negotiate how you relate and whom you want to relate with. Venus Retrograde gifts you with the opportunity to cultivate beauty, true harmony, equanimity, and intimacy in the next 6 weeks.

Taurus: I balance my body.

You have the gift of your body, Taurus. Befriend it. Notice its rhythms. Get closer to your precious embodiment. Your body is the ground. It is the container. It holds everything that ever was, is, and will be. Your body is not static. It is holographic. Full of pleasure, symbol, and myth. Inquire into the field of your body during this next 6 weeks. What has sunk into its soil? What is it asking to release? What pain or joy still needs to be witnessed and welcomed by your mindful attentions, so that the body can finally relax? As you balance alongside your body, the ways you know to partner with others will be responsive. Partnerships will heal and begin to flourish. Friendships will change to empowered alliances.

Gemini: I seed creative presence.

More than a muse, you are an artist, Gemini. Your very being is creative, creator. What wants to be made? The pallet, the medium of expression does not much matter. Choose to focus on creation. Whether you paint the world with your voice, your hands, your music, each moment becomes an opportunity to express beingness and revel in the beauty of expression itself. Our willingness to express ourselves reshapes the global balance. This next six weeks can be clarifying. Diagnose issues of health. Focus on refining intimacy. Are there systems, tools, and tricks that can contribute to the healing process? Wherever you have held back your own experience or been held back, be present to it now. Clear the channels. Make way for more love.

Cancer: I balance my inner being.

Beauty heals. Beauty is often seen as a luxury. What if we began to view it as more of a necessity? Make it part of your baseline. Reset your foundation. Beauty is a conduit for pleasure and grace. It has the power to soften rough edges. It can help us relax further into connection. Simple beauty can bring equilibrium into spaces of distress. This next 6 weeks could see a re-awakened or remembered romance. If there is disharmony in your home, family, or personal life/inner world, you will be led down paths that help to uproot disruptions from the past. Look inside. Healing attachment patterns and previously-unmet needs could lay the foundation for harmonious romance.

Leo: I let my voice be heard.

New words. New sounds. New learnings. Listen to your own voice, Leo. Notice where you have historically held it back, or pressed it outward. Voice is one of the most powerful and effective tools we have to create justice. Attune yourself to a more balanced state via your own vocal chords. Speak just to speak. Write just to write. Study just to engage the mind. Past traumas may rise up and surface in these next 6 weeks. You are being led closer into the gates of your own power. Vocalize and tone into those gates. Repeat your true sounds, that they may open. Your own voice with give birth to all that you are.

Virgo: I bring the peace of enoughness to all that I have.

This Moon falls in your second house of values and resources, Virgo. You are a resourceful creature, often able to make something out of nothing. We often view the world from a place of lack and constraint. To find balance under this Moon, imagine that you have enough. Imagine that you have more than enough time, energy, and money. That you have exactly what you need, and that you are capable of building more from this starting place. This Moon is an excellent time to set financial goals and balance your accounts. Over the next 6 weeks, Venus assists you in re-framing your mindset. Take advantage of positive learning and use affirmations.

Libra: I am new, and I am kind to myself.

This New Moon falls in your first house of self, Libra. An opportunity to rebalance who and how you want to be. It can be easy to allow ourselves to be made in the image of others. We can fall into patterns of self-judgement or presenting ourselves as we think others want us to be. Take this chance to remake yourself in the image that resonates with your purest harmonic. You are a sweetheart. Extend your kindness and affection to the one who might need it most: You. The next six weeks will challenge your attachments. It will bring alchemy and clearing to your resources. If there are old financial habits and patterns that are outworn, you will know it. The identity you are cultivating supports more empowerment for yourself when it comes to resources.

Scorpio: I let go to find peace.

This New Moon falls in your twelfth house of self-undoing, dissolving, privacy, and letting go. It is a passive, rather than active, time for you Scorpio. The more you can release now, the more your energy will be able to fill itself up during the next moon cycle. Relax your grip. Instead of striving, offer yourself up to spirit. Ask for greater universal energies to preside over whatever you cannot handle alone. You are in the process of re-making your identity over these next 6 weeks. But imagine that you are not in control of that process. How others see you is not your business. Instead, pay attention to the subtle guiding forces that surround you with compassion and non-judgement. Your essence will speak for itself and take you where you need to go.

Sagittarius: I aim to connect.

This Moon marks new beginnings in your network, Sagittarius. Whom do you know? Who do you enjoy being around? What reflections do you see of yourself inside your community? If you see yourself in the others you contact act this time, take it to heart. Make choices on improvements you can make and patterns you can put a stop to in order to support your desired visions for the future. In the next 6 weeks, Venus will be leading you into realms beyond your conscious control. Invite the spiritual to inform your journey. Mix dreaming and visioning together with surrendering. Widen your gaze on what could be created between you, spirit, and the connections you hold most dear and meaningful.

Capricorn: I make balance a priority.

Ah, the old work-life balance. It is easy to forget about when your work ethic is strong like yours, Capricorn. Notice where your striving can take you into places of stress. This Moon is a great time to begin approaching your work life with more equilibrium. How can your work become more harmonious? The New Moon falls in your tenth house of career and public image. There are new perspectives and appearances arising for you with regards to your longterm goals and the ways you contribute to society. If you feel so compelled, use this lunar cycle to choose to start fresh in your career. Ask around and connect with others who can open your sights to suitable opportunities to move towards.

Aquarius: I open to various perspectives.

This Moon begins a new cycle of growth for you, Aquarius. In order to get there, take in and assess multiple different mindsets and belief systems. Start conversations without an agenda other than listening. Entertain multitudinal truths. Notice where you tend to get stuck with your own beliefs and find pathways to embracing every human experience. The next six weeks has you soul-searching around your work in the world. You may be called to expand into unexplored territory. Sense into horizons beyond what you have done before.

Pisces: I bravely hold my vulnerabilities.

Pisces, these times may have left you sodden in sensitivities. You may be absolutely overwhelmed and soggy with emotion. You feel for the world. Hold space in your heart for the ways we have come to know our victimhood. Grieve it and praise it. Pray about it. There is a power for you here, in this space of deep compassion that you so easily access. Rather than get lost in feelings, source from them. Do some deep inquiry into the shadowy places. Notice what unconscious elements are emerging. The next 6 weeks will have you grow into new learnings. Ultimately, it will help you to hold your own conduit in power, generating abilities of intimacy.


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