(((Full Moon))) Vedic Astrology Report for August 7, 2017

The energy of the lunar eclipse brings the fire of wanting deep spiritual freedom and not wanting objects, people or psychology to weigh the spirit down while at the same time longing to support everyone to have a chance to find spiritual freedom. This lights up democracy and civic action. You might feel called to support a cause which helps others rise up from their current position, to help souls in need. This is spot-on and aligned action! It is also a natural expression of what the eclipses have been lighting up in our psyche and minds for the last 19 months.

We can support and help others to find freedom, while we might still struggle with the longing to be free of something in our life at the same time – you might want to be free of debt, obligations, a feeling of ‘not enough time’, a lack of focus or to be free of struggle or drama in general.

Embrace the desire, and take action to give relief to your soul in singing, meditation, art, gardening – whatever helps you find a place where you naturally lose time, this is called flow.

The eclipse is connected with the energy called Ketu, and Ketu is in the revolutionary constellation of Aquarius that longs to break free of restrictions. Ketu is said to act like fire, and it is in an air constellation. So, this combination leading up to the eclipse and a few days after it can make us feel ungrounded and scattered.

There might be some unwanted drama in your life that could easily be sparked and spread like wild fire. Think of what forest management does: When they know the conditions for fire are high, there is a burn ban.

Well, you can help keep drama from sparking in your own life – by focusing on the actions which bring you peace – and do not flame the fires of drama, or talking too much in relationship…sometimes sleep, or quiet or a smile or a hug and compassion can remedy a situation where there might be tension.

Just keep this in mind with your social media posts, or conversations at work and with your family.

Spread compassion, not fire!

The irony is that it takes discipline sometimes to find true freedom – financial, emotional or spiritual freedom. And the eclipse days can magnify your discipline if you can DO just one spiritual practice or health routine on the DAY of the Lunar Eclipse.

There is power in restraint on eclipse days – and you can access deep power within yourself when you find some silence or activity which takes you into quiet flow on the lunar eclipse day (Aug 7 for many and into Aug 8 for Australia and Singapore).

Tap into freedom, tap into your hidden power.

Here’s a Simple Ritual to Clear & Heal Old Patterns with this Month’s Lunar Eclipse


MEGA RED DAYS August 7 & 8

Partial Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon in Capricorn (Vedic Sky Map)

August 7, 2017 

Partial Lunar Eclipse takes place around a full moon, and depending on where you live, will have the eclipse occur on Aug 7 or 8. See times below.

Lunar Eclipse is visible and shadows Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and extreme eastern South America and lasts 5 hours from beginning to end.

It is not visible in North America, or Canada.

Use Time and Date to find the exact times of eclipse for your location. http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2017-august-7

Eclipse begins August 7 at 15:45 UTC (or 3:45 pm UTC) / 4:45 pm BSTLondon / 11:45 am EDT / 8:45 am PDT

Eclipse ends August 7 at 20:54 UTC (or 8:54 pm UTC) / 9:54 pm BSTLondon / 4:54 pm EDT / 1:54 pm PDT / Tuesday Aug 8 6:55 am AEST / 4:55 am Singapore SGT

(Advanced Vedic Astrology – the Moon will be in Shravana at the time of the eclipse)

Full moon and 18 month eclipse theme continues through September 9, 2017:

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