Full Moon in Virgo ~ February 19 ~ THEME: Unconditional Love

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The Full Moon in Virgo on February 19, 2019 (7:53amPDT) is the brightest Moon of the year.

Look up. You will see her burgeoning shape on the horizon. Glowing. Filling out. Her shape widest at rise.

This Super Snow Moon is at perigee, as close as she gets, to the Earth.

Read the full description of what this lunation brings, as it holds much more meaning than a simple moon-in-Virgo.

This Moon holds the medicine of the sacred and the profane. The intertwining of the two create communion; a spiritual exchange. Virgo is the understanding that the most ordinary things are holy. That the mundane contains the spark of the Divine. That the simplest acts – breathing, washing dishes, tying shoes, serving others, tending the natural – are the ways we become more godlike. Each moment a portal. Each minute a capsule for presence, for gratitude, and for essence.

Unconditional love is not a concept. It is an immeasurable stream of energy that already exists. It is never withheld. It is not measured or deserved. It simply is – we can tap into it, and propagate it, or not.

To love unconditionally is a verb. We do love, we speak love, we be love. This is how we live love, and make it real.

Be teachable when it comes to love.

To love unconditionally will never reduce us or take anything from us. If we are diminished by it, we aren’t truly loving unconditionally. Something is attached. To love unconditionally only wears us into our pre-existing perfection. Love is revealing – it makes us more of who and what we really are. Our true nature.

Virgo is the reminder to get out of our own way. To move aside. To drop the conditioning. To exist amidst and in between lines. To relinquish sense of self-ness enough that we can let spirit flow through us into form. Virgo is the call to our sacred work. Not the petty tasks we lose ourselves in by distraction, but the raison d’etre; the reason for being, as dictated by powers greater than us.

Virgo invites us to stay with the trouble. To pray with it and ritualize it. To see and be in the messiness of life, and embrace it as pure. Unfixable. Flawless.

Forgiveness and acceptance are at the root of the ability to love unconditionally.

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Virgo is the Virgin. Not the patriarchal narrative of a ‘chaste’ maiden, but the Priestess. The woman who is whole unto herself. Needing nothing, tending nothing, but herself and her relationship with spirit. Such an individual becomes the subject of immaculate conception – the ability to directly conceive and carry out the directives of the Divine.

Womxn aren’t the only ones who can do this. Everyone is Holy. We all have a Divine hookup; a direct line into something greater. Tap in.

Virgo is the sign of Virtue. This Moon is about excellence. Every skill is a practice, and practice makes an improvement. Cultivation requires patience and presence – when we accept where we currently are, we can better ourselves. We improve our skills that we may better serve others with grace, and carry out our divine functions with efficacy. A virtuoso is someone who has acquired great skill. Where are you becoming more adept, and in doing so, more virtuous? Like a fine-tuned instrument to better let the sound flow through.

Virgo can find us doing a lot, to the point of being in distraction. On this Full Moon, practice doing by not-doing. Let your actions stem from a quiet place. Instead of planning, allow yourself to be moved. Listen to the hushed inner voice, and make space for the next thing to come through you. What are we living in devotion to? And what actions are needed in order to show that?

This Moon has us standing on the brink of purification. We linger next to a proverbial body of water, the moment before we submerge and bathe.

Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. It is preparing to Retrograde and will remain in this dreamy realm until early April.

When we do step into that tide, we get pulled under. We are immersed. There is nothing to hold onto, here. Keep releasing. Keep connecting with inspiration.

Do we know how to swim? How to go with the flow? Water is like music. These times are like music. We can lose ourselves in them. We can flail about against the current. Or, we can learn to dance and become one with it. We can disperse and evaporate into pure vibration.

This can feel confusing. Unclear. Cloudy. Foggy. It can feel like losing control. It can feel like daydreaming, despair, grieving, or getting swept into addictions. Notice what we avoid and how we evade.

It can also feel inspiring. Totally freeing. Refreshing. Like we can melt our burdens into the essence of what flows in our veins.

We are extra porous and sensitive on this Moon. Surrender the mind. Tune into the subtle intuitions. Listen for subliminal communications to discern between reality and fantasy. Somewhere, there is dishonesty. Something doesn’t make sense. Listen deeply for the truth to be revealed. Wait for the fog to clear.

This is grounds for realizing our dreams. A new mission is officially unfurling. We are fertilizing this, germinating seeds in sacred soil.

Venus is in Capricorn, wedged between Saturn and Pluto.

Love is more than inspiration and empathy. It is hard work. It is enduring.

Love means showing up.

Love means digging deep.

Love means letting go.

The week of this Moon offers hardships. Antiquated relationships with lovers, finances, resources, and values, are tested and need to be reworked. We may feel held back by harsh circumstances. Money, and appreciation, can feel tight. View this as seasonal. Take any restrictions or limitations in stride. Take them as an invitation to increase maturity and credibility. We can do this. We can become the owners and operators of our lives. We can be the stewards of our own power. We can make it through.

Wherever there is a lack of love, there can be a commitment to love.

Wherever there is a failure, there can be a promise to get back up again.

Wherever we are inhibited, we can find freedom.

We can keep going. We can take our time. We can be thorough, methodical, and intuitive. Rhythmic and flowing. Like the river, we can persist and provide.

We can commit to greater self-sufficiency and reliance. We can become more responsible. We can pledge allegiance to our own definition of success.

Our losses and procrastinations inform our dreamings.

This Moon is a yearning for dreams yet-fulfilled. The dreams of now are longterm. They are life-dreams. Purpose-dreams. They are dreams that will come in due time. As we mature. As we gain experience. As life lives itself through us.

We are here to live the dream of life. Channeled from somewhere namelessly greater than us, this dream is impossibly beautiful and perfect. And we are its makers.

At service.

Impossibly beautiful and perfect.

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Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below


Aries: I take responsibility to be more Love.
I am listening, listening, deeply listening. I am sensing the places where I am getting push-back. Rather than reacting, I am refining and maturing. I am refraining from making final decisions right now. I accept when taking pause is the fastest way to move forward. I am harnessing my energies to reside in the place of patience. I am meditating. Paying attention to my dreams and messages from spirit. I understand the utmost importance of following my intuition at this time. I do not expect things to be clear. I do not expect authority to be handed to me. Rather, I relish the opportunity to earn it. The more I can surrender into lack of clarity now, the more the fog will burn off by April. What I know is this: I want to work in the arena where my pleasure becomes my devotion. I don’t want my service to society to be separate from my art and my joy. I came to live completely, and I will do this with devotion.

Taurus: I prioritize pleasure.
Even if it is uncomfortable, I embrace what doesn’t feel clear and concrete. I utilize this as a time of inspiration and recreation. Recreation suggests play. When I play and take pleasure in whatever activity I pursue, I have the opportunity to re-create – to make it again. I am a world maker and re-maker. I do not have to be subject to my past experience. I am ultimately regenerating and making life again. I commit to clearing any blocks from my belief systems so I can embrace this as truth. Rather than remaining sheltered, I further expose myself to the outer world, foreign lands and pursuits. Maybe what is unclear is simply making room for my dreams. I look to community connections as a source of inspiration. This Moon is my chance to merge what makes me feel safe with what gives me joy.

Gemini: I commit to exploring my own depths, heights, while residing in the middle.
This Moon illuminates my need for a balance between personal and professional life. Nothing needs to come at any cost. That is the definition of balance; that there can be found a middle ground that is always perfect no matter the time. I am refreshed when I recall that everything is always in balance. This Moon is merely a matter of considering the halves fitting together and making adjustments as needed. I am ready to relinquish any clinging I have around my career. I know that my real work will unfold the more I connect with spirit. I am aware that the obstacles presenting themselves now are ancestral. They are psychological and intrinsic. They have to do with shared resources and blocks to intimacy. I am opening myself to dive more deeply into inquiry in these areas. I am getting out of my own way, so that balance can find me.

Cancer: I am teachable when it comes to Love.
Learning is a process of un-doing what I thought I knew. I invest in this process. Learning means absorbing what I can, while at the same time freeing myself from my own memories. I am not quite sure what I believe. I don’t yet know what I wish to learn – and this precarious place is the perfect place to begin. I can stay with this trouble. Love is testing me, or perhaps I am testing love. I am open to the lessons being provided here. Relationships are introducing challenge. I am being asked to shed what doesn’t serve, and to commit more deeply to what meets my needs and makes me feel worthy. I am willing to do this work to remain in integrity with myself. I am worthy of longtime love. I deserve commitments that feel like the right use of my time. I am teachable in how I can better show up for my loves and how they can better show up for me. This requires me taking my power back – and I am game to inhabit my power.

Leo: I am worthy of wellness.
As my identity changes, my relationship to worth and value also changes. I am exploring the place where my sense of self mingles with my access to resources. I am worthy. Time does not equal money. I am aware that this world often conflates the two, but time is much more precious – it is something I wish to privilege. My time and my health are utmost priorities. I am willing to look at and amend improper uses and wastes of my time. I am committed to overcoming obstacles that keep my time encumbered and entangled. I am reclaiming and conserving my time. Success for me right now means committing to wellness. Success for me right now means performing my sacred work in the world. The more power I unearth within myself, the more power I am able to share with others. The gift of wealth is the gift of sharing. I pay close attention to dreams and messages that help me understand right relationship, give and take, and intimacy.

Virgo: I embody gratitude.
I am rising like this Moon, full and resplendent in this time of transitions. A new cycle is beginning for me, and I can feel something subtly pointing me in the proper direction. I don’t have to see the whole path to trust that I’m on one. I don’t have to know every part of the plan to take steps towards my future. I count the steps I have made thusfar, and this helps me to draw my own map. I am right where I need to be. I may draw more possible maps and feel into them. I may work with life design. Whatever I’m envisioning, I view it as possibility and play. I know what is meant for me to pursue will find me, for I am life’s servant. Other people are messengers who are helping to show the way. They speak to me in symbols and in dreams. I listen closely to what they have to say and seek to read in between the lines. I make myself a conduit for contentment and grace.

Libra: I am cocooning.
I am in a dreaming phase, and no matter where I am externally in my life, I embrace this. I give myself permission to drift, knowing that natural law will eventually bring things into form. I am healing. I am replenishing. As much as I might think I “should” be taking action, I trust the impulses to drift and be infused with inspiration. My schedule and rhythms are unclear, and so I allow myself to swim with the currents that feel healthy right now. I know I am being guided, even if guidance feels swirly. I am surrendered to the scattering of seeds. Not all dreams are meant to take root. Seeds have certain seasons of germination and growth. I honor this, and I sow seeds in the sacred soil of gratitude and patient acceptance. I am most grateful for my anchor. My root. My homebase. This is one place that, while it may seem imperfect, I am doing some of my most deep and rich work and becoming more solid within myself. I am in the womb of life, and this is a good place for me to be.

Scorpio: I aim for completion.
I am reaching out to connection. My own art and creative presence has been consuming me of late – and it’s important for me to plug that into something wider. My art means little unless it shines light for others, creating positive impact and benefit for humanity. I extend myself to relevant communities. I allow for feedback and requests, as this can deepen my inspirations. I take time for pleasure, romance, and enjoying hobbies as a way of resetting my systems. I have been working hard on the mental plane, and this Moon illuminates further tests in that arena. I can recommit to the places where I am learning, writing, doing school. This time, whatever lessons come my way, I will see them through to the finish line.

Sagittarius: I make myself the wiser.
Normally, I allow my instincts to guide me. After all, I have a keen sense of my own inner compass and the powerful ability to trust myself. However, this Moon changes the landscape. It asks me to look to the outer world for help with navigation. It isn’t that I don’t trust myself – it’s that my inner world has become an incredibly fertile space for dreams. Home and belonging are especially holographic. This is where I am experiencing great levels of yearning, and the yearning makes for churning. Sharing my process will help to clear the clouds. The decisions I wish to make require significant investments of time and resources. This feels like a grand turning point, impacting the central axis of my life. May my commitments be wise.

Capricorn: I do what I do for the sake of love.
I love myself. As a human. As a leader. As a provider. As a beautiful being. I recognize and acknowledge all that I am. I see me. On this Moon, I look in the mirror and really let that sink in. I am proud of myself. I have really done a lot. I have shown up and been true to my integrity. The best leaders are receptive. Leadership doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The art of leadership is in listening and responding to what is needed. The best providers are emotionally intelligent. These are identities I am honing within myself as I commit to being even more effective. How I look, how I present myself, how I am seen – it all depends on the inner foundation of how I see myself. How much I love myself. I say it again, because I may not have heard it the first time. I make myself receptive and really listen to my own voice as I sing about my love. For me, for us, for the work we get to do here and the years we get to really live.

Aquarius: I am an embrace.
Something hidden is here. My relationships are wanting something more from me. They are showing me something about my blindspots. Something I don’t yet quite know about my own self. I am open to this inquiry. I let my eyes close so I can feel into it. I step back so I can have space to access my own unconscious. I go into the quiet. I listen for my values. I list my values. The things in life that make me feel most alive. The things I’d never choose to live without. I notice which ones feel most important and inspiring. The top 11. I choose to encircle these with my attentions. I choose to enfold them into my sphere. Wherever I am in life, I become an embrace. I embrace myself as incomplete and complete. I embrace my partners. I am, in and of myself, embracing.

Pisces: I am my future.
I may not see my future yet, but I am dreaming it. First I dream it, then I become it. I am in the clouds, and this is the place of my becoming. I can find myself here. There is a seamless, translucent way in which I call my destiny to me. I simply move forward in time, and then call back to myself in the present moment. In this way, I make a vibrational trail of breadcrumbs that can easily be followed. I gather my hopes and dreams for this future, while discarding the hopes that have outworn their glimmer. Those inspirations can find their true homes elsewhere. I am held in the web of the collective by the things that make me unique. I crystallize those gifts and draw connections. For I deeply understand that wherever I go, I will never get there alone. My collaborations are a big part of future-weaving. I anchor the most authentic bonds with colleagues and allies, strengthening networks for gift-sharing and truth-being.

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