Full Moon in Taurus ~ October 24th, 2018 ~ THEME: Transformation

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 24, 2018 (9:45amPDT) is an oddity. Like an electrical storm, it brings disruption and shocking or unexpected shift.

Patterns that have felt most embedded, stuck, and stagnant have the long-awaited and sudden opportunity to undergo major significant change. Money and relationships can’t help but be adapted. Appearances are altered. Home, family, and patterns of belonging are reinvented.

This Moon is a bringer of evolution.

A divergent paradigm shift.

A tangential elevation into alternate dimensions.

The traumas we have known the longest can transform – Now.

This Moon is a departure. It invites severance of our deepest attachments. The bonds that have become toxic? Break the contract. Entanglements that have outworn their lifespan? Cut the cords. Love and money stories that weigh heavy in your cells? Reinvent them.

Upset the status quo. Try the untried. Shake beyond the confines of old paradigms.

Separations are dramatic – and necessary to our survival.

Let go. Risk releasing attachment to comfort. Trade in privilege and familiarity. Welcome the weird, the atypical, the queer. Emotional extremes, strange moods, and irresistible urges lead to liberation.

Relax. Nothing is under control.

Invite the new friend, the surprise romance. Inhabit the body in all sensation. Embrace this Elemental Rebirth.

We are slipping beyond the veil. On the day of this Moon, Venus enters the underworld, where she will encounter her shadow self until October 31. [Read about Venus Retrograde 2018 here]. We, too, are in the underworld, dancing with shadows, secrets, and skeletons in the closet. Here in this mysterious darkness, we can heal ancient wounds, bring closure to old passions and addictions, be awakened by unexpected new loves, break free from toxic abuses and cycles of disempowerment.

See in the dark.

While mingling with mystery is not always comfortable, it offers access to a wider perspective and deeper insight. Allow your extra-senses to heighten. See and feel what is within and underneath. Awaken your erotic intelligence. The primal, the instinctive, the limbic, the ancestral… the codes in our DNA will guide us.

Love, money, relationships, resources, values, and worthiness are under scrutiny as they swirl in the alchemical cauldron. Interrogate your attachments and possessions. Explore unusual attractions.

Release that which possesses you, and call your power back home to your body. [Ritual recommendations for this Moon and Venus Retrograde can be found here.]

A principle of alchemy: “Sola dosis facit venemum.” Paracelcus

All things can be poison. The nature of a thing’s effects depends on the dose.

Change poison to medicine.

Everything you need to change is here, now. Everything you need to love and be loved well is here, now. Everything you need to live and die well is here, now.

Access it. All is reborn from the compost we shed. That which is sewn will be reaped. Power remains in the soil and the seeds.

All is recycled; burned, then risen. That which is repressed will re-emerge with greater strength. It is time to rise again.

That which has kept us captive can be a route to freedom. Reclaim and inhabit your embodied, land-connected life. Change the unseen into the apparent. The silent into the unavoidably heard.

Womxn, Femmes, and Witches are gathering. The real, the rebellious, the radically self-possessed. Making refuge for each other’s freedom. Transmuting survival into thriving. Linking limbs and re-weaving worlds physical and holographic. Gathering magickal tools and ingredients; bringing what we have and what we lack. Sharing learnings and revelations of the last year. Calling forth the memories of our futures. Dancing, together, in the dark space of inevitable emergence.

“Feeling everything, experiencing all of it, and letting everything go.”
– Ellias Lonsdale

Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Sign Below

Aries: I invite intimacy.

This Moon invites you to explore intimacy, Aries. You are being asked to move beyond quick-hit relations and ‘junk food sex’ and into another, deeper realm of relating. Intimacy requires presence. It takes time and dedication to develop. It can be deeply transformative. Shed stubbornness and welcome sharing. Rather than remain in active overdrive, switch into receptive mode. Relax impatience and sink into the present moment. The quickest way to do this is to feel your body. Imagine not needing to effort, force, or do anything at all. Simply be with what is, and you will awaken to more of what was already there.

Taurus: I allow myself the gift of change.

This Moon straddles the axis of self and other. Focus is on relationships and partnerships – and the nature of your participation in them. What does it mean to be fully, authentically yourself, and still be in partnership? You are undergoing a radical, lengthy process of self-discovery, reinvention, and renewal. Release attachments to your sense of self and personal identity. Some of these changes might come through your relations. Other times, our relationships need to be flexible enough to encourage our continued adaptations. Find healthy compromise to keep bonds strong and real.

Gemini: I connect with the unseen to restore.

Re-investments in your health and daily routines are indicated. Can your daily rhythms reflect the ways you love yourself? Try implementing a new or different routine. Are you working too much and needing to rest/retreat more? If so, use this week to take a break, implement meditation, and generally recuperate. Some deeply unconscious anxieties could surface around this Moon. Ask to be shown their deeper truths, and commit to following-up. The ways you work and pray may need to be reinvented or rebalanced. Cultivate your connection to spirit.

Cancer: I bring joy back into my life!

Big changes are felt in your public relations and possibly your career during this Moon. These changes can bring more love and affection back into your homelife. They may revive inspiration in your creative field, or help to reconnect you to your children. Embrace the shifts – there is a potential that they will offer you greater joy and more room to play. Perhaps you network and connect with new playmates or folx who can help advance the direction you are heading in your career. Whatever you do, make yourself a joy magnet! You can create the life you want.

Leo: I adapt my public persona and embrace the personal.

Embrace change and a big release in your career and how the public generally sees you. New arrivals and more pleasure can be found at home, in your personal life, and in your innermost experience. Though it might be hard to trade-in the spotlight, let go of any attachments you may have to being seen. You and your experience are still valid, whether or not the public is applauding. Sometimes your process wants to complete itself in private – our you and your innermost circle are the only ones who need to bear witness to the unfoldings. Sink in.

Virgo: I let go of knowing.

You love a plan, Virgo. This Moon will foil it or throw a wrench in it. Things are not in working order. There are some things we can never adequately prepare for. Relax and show up anyway. Rather than remain attached to a particular outcome, employ curiosity. What is really going on? How can you be an attendant to the situation? What can you learn from this experience? How can it help you to see the world differently? Is there some way you can open yourself further? Practice communication and embrace the learning that this lunation offers.

Libra: I have exactly what I need to love myself.

Fall in love with yourself, Libra. No matter what you have or lack, fall in love with what is at your disposal. Imagine your current set of resources is exactly and precisely and beautifully what you need in order to become more of who you are meant to be. It’s true! This Moon asks you to let go of toxic and entrenched entanglements. Resources, debts, and power shared with others are tricky territory now, but they help you into a lot of needed awakenings. You are getting a major reset in some of the most intimate unconscious areas of your being. Dig deep and learn more about how you want to manage resources for yourself moving forward. Be willing to change deeply-entrenched patterns in your lifestyle and identity in order to do so.

Scorpio: I connect in order to evolve.

Someone, or some people, in your life are helping you to change. Let them in. You may be exploring relationships in ways different from ever before. Unexpected attractions can create revelations that help you to inhabit yourself even more. Self-love and spiritual connection are especially in focus. How can these relationships feed your sense of self? How can your participation in them be an act of prayer? Let go of old versions of sharing your affection. Step into new ways of experiencing love. Let them cleanse you.

Sagittarius: I look to see where the compass is pointing.

This Moon indicates big changes in your daily rhythms and routines. Normal procedure-no-more! The ways you are of service need to adapt to stay current. This could mean serving a different community of people entirely. Who really needs the help now? It might instead make a lot of open-space for you to do some soul-searching. Are you feeling as connected to the meaning in life as you need to? If there is a loss of some kind, embrace it as a re-direct. Listen to the compass of your body. If health things are arising, take it as a sign and listen to your somatic communications.

Capricorn: I create for the sake of creating.

This Moon could feel like a creative revolution for you, Capricorn. Let the light come in! There is more to life than responsibility and taking care of your charges. Currently you’ll feel a lot of investment and transformation happening in the realms of career and network. Don’t forget about fun for fun’s sake. Call pleasure and joy into your sphere – it will likely also energize the juiciness happening on the professional front. Forget for a moment about usefulness and advancement. Just make for the sake of making.

Aquarius: I put myself out there.

Changes are afoot in your home, Aquarius. Your safe place might feel a lot different than it normally does. Maybe you are rootless for a time, or shifts are happening with family or roommates. Challenges with parents could remind you of childhood experiences. Inner anxieties can emerge during this Moon. You can’t change the past – but you can shift your relationship to things that have happened before. Turn your attention to building a sense of inner security. You can also put more of your attention into chosen family and community-kin. The securities and belongings you cultivate within yourself will serve as worthy investments for your career and public appearance.

Pisces: I change my mind in order to grow.

Busy times call for flexibility. More than just physical flexibility, practice mental and verbal acuity and adaptation. Are there new things that need to be learned now? Perspectives and modes of thought you need to interface with in order to hone and expand your abilities to perceive? How about communication? This Moon could influence you to speak your mind or enter into a different type of dialogue than what you’re used to. Try different techniques to help overcome any fears of expression and say what needs to be said.


Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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