FULL MOON in Gemini ~ November 22 ~ Theme: THE QUEST

The Full Moon in Gemini on November 22, 2018 is a dawning. It is natural law that darkness gives birth to light, and light spills over the horizon.

Astrologically speaking, November has been a pivotal month of change. Many planets and the lunar nodes of fate changed signs or shifted direction.

During the last New Moon, we completed a 13-month cycle of Jupiter moving through Scorpio. After trekking through deep realms of transformation, death, and the unknown, there is a rising. We are called to grow, to expand beyond what we think we know, into landscapes of exploration.

We are invited to journey on – to leave behind the compost of a year and embrace the next chapter of our Quest.

‘Quest’ is the root of Question. To ask, to seek, to inquire – is to embark on a journey. To take a trip into different ways of seeing, being, and believing.

What questions are you asking? What journeys are you inviting and embarking on? What worlds are waiting to be birthed from the letting-gos, the deaths and transformations of the last year?

What do you need to believe in to go down this road? Where do you place your faith? What wide visions pull you onward?

Gemini is the sign of communication and learning. This moon re-minds us of multidimentional awareness. That thought and opinion span a spectrum, and there are multiple realities and ways of interfacing with life. This moon asks us to be mobile, tactile, and adaptable between mental constructs. It offers that learning arises from a process of loss and subsequent discovery. That the process of personal diminishment is a partner to spiritual expansion.

This moon asks us to seek ways our worlds can open, open, open.

Openness takes curiosity and a certain amount of surrender. Move beyond opinion. Assume that you aren’t right, that you do not know, and you are looking to understand.

Photo by @Ashlihara

Acquiring understanding can put us in touch with Truth. Connecting with truth often requires loss.

Loss of innocence, loss of naivety, loss of self-righteousness, greed, and moral ambiguity. Open to the ongoing discovery that many of your questions can never be fully answered. Your wings will grow.

On this Full Moon, highlighting Jupiter entering Sagittarius, notice the probabilities and the possibilities. It can feel like a lot. Like too much. Like overwhelm. We must open our perception to find our way. Expand our capacities. In a climate of increasing uncertainty, we are finding our way.

Sagittarius the archer holds the bow and arrow. Standing firm in probability and reaching high and wide into the realm of possibility. Keen sight and vast perception are required. A distant focal point begs to be reached.

What are you focusing on?

This focal point arises from spiritual truth, what we believe in and look to for guidance.

What are you guided by?

What we reach towards because we are spiritually and morally and ethically compelled. This focal point, in essence, is freedom. Synthesis. Convergence. Sagittarius increases the tension between polarities. Pulls back the bow until all is aquiver and there are no guarantees where this arrow will land. This extension, this quivering, this dissonance between 2 sides will snap back,
Becoming art: the bringing together of extreme opposites.

The birth of worlds yet unseen.

Photo by Diana Simumpande

Everything that exists was first a concept. We live in a materialization of a collection of ideas. Consider this a great re-visioning. Our lives, this world, can be re-drawn, re-dreamed, re-made in the image of compassion and what we hold most dear.

Mercury is retrograde on this moon, asking us to reconsider where we draw meaning. Use this as a time to wonder, to dream, and to confront any illusions your belief systems have made you fall victim to. Keep watch for misinformation and unrealistic ideas. Is it spiritual infusion or reckless confusion? Wait until your mind clears.

At the same time, fortify what you truly have faith in. Locate the hopes your spirit holds. Tune into optimism and speak to what could be made of this world. Pray into it, and fortify the chance of experiencing those miracles.

This is a Moon to dream of, and take action in support of, Freedom. The next couple of years will see a deep process of overcoming obstacles and outworn structures to that end. For now, set your sights. Prepare your visions in the realm of possibility. Spread the word and speak your truth. Bring your knowledge, and be willing to know nothing – continuously learning and synthesizing myriads truths.

By the end of November, our relationships, resources, and finances will again go through evolutionary change. Instability invites adaptation and ingenuity. Resource-sharing within community is indicated. Put your money where your faith is; and make wise investments towards the leading edge. Develop a culture of nurturance, care, and protection.

Embrace the good fortune of evolving towards new heights. It is befuddling, it is astounding, it is what we are here for.


Read Full Moon Reports for your Sun and Rising Signs Below:


Aries: I embrace opportunities to learn.
This moon brings you messages and affirmations, Aries. Notice who you meet and take in what they say, even if you disagree. This moon is in your house of learning and communication. Stay open and curious. Other people’s opinions might guide you further down a new learning path that is meant for you. What have you yet to discover? Which life experiences have evaded your pioneering spirit? Open yourself to adventure. Travel may be on the horizon. Learnings you take on now will ultimately help you to develop more in your professional aspirations. Keep allowing relationships to evolve throughout the rest of the year. Be flexible and willing to learn a lot.

Taurus: I invest in shared commitments.
The new quest beginning in your life falls in the house of give and take. What is asking to be shared? Things that are shared with others, including intimacy, resources, money, and psychological and emotional attachments, can rise up into awareness now. Your closest relationships will offer areas of growth for you in the year ahead. Where are how would you like to meaningfully invest? Who do you feel called to support, and what do you expect to gain in return? Wield your wealth with wisdom, and focus on exchange.

Gemini: I see myself through others in my life.
You are beginning a new cycle of growth that affects relationships for the next year, Gemini. This could mean one or more people show up to brighten your life! Embrace the good fortune you have in the realm of friendship, partners, and companions. Your own sense of self and identity may be going through a change. Name that change. Who are you becoming? Notice who rallies around you in this time of transformation. Sink into the creative energies that are available to you right now. They will help to bring yourself and others into even greater harmony and communion.

Cancer: I feel the importance of non-doing.
You may require rest at the time of this moon, Cancer. If you are feeling the call to recharge your batteries, don’t ignore it. Your plate has been full lately. Balance it by finding space to sense your own intuition. If you’ve been having any issues affecting your health, see if your intuition can help you resolve them. There may be something you need to clear or let go. Heed the small voice within. This next year will offer you a new chapter of growth in your work, daily rhythms, routines, and physical health. Put these areas at the forefront of your awareness – and also fill up your cup before moving forward. Take a moment on this moon to vision what you really want in terms of work and daily routine.

Leo: I welcome community to lift me.
Your creative energy has made you quite attractive at this time, Leo. You may find friends, network, and community members surrounding you now to see what you have been making. And this is only just the beginning! Soak up the sensation of support for continued creations, which are sure to pour forth in times to come. This next year sees you on a journey of opening more to your own creative energies, pleasures, and romances. Make meaningful connections with supporters and allies, and let the juices flow!

Virgo: I grow my home and fuel my goals.
You are beginning a new cycle of growth in the realm of home and family. You may feel driven to renovate or make improvements to your living situation. The year upcoming is a good time to invest in property, or simply make the most of all the time you get to spend with kin. On this moon, your public image could be highlighted. Embrace what recognition comes your way, as it speaks to your true purpose in life. Get clear on what your goals are – particularly goals pertaining to home and profession. Envision them boldly!

Libra: I trust my powers of communication.
The year ahead offers you growth in the areas of speaking, writing, learning, and teaching, Libra. On this moon, you could find yourself beginning a new foray into the areas above. What are you most passionate about learning? Teaching? Saying out loud? Continue to expand your knowledge base, mental skillsets, and abilities to communicate effectively. Gather with others who share your passions and interests. This moon also invites you to journey where you have not gone before. Invite a new state of mind to inform your process. Replace old scripts with ones full of faith, trust, and belief in all that is true for you.

Scorpio: I grow my worth.
An excellent year ahead for you, Scorpio, in building a better foundation with your resources and money. Welcome windfalls and solid learnings in the area of finance. Make sure your money is coming from an honest place that feels true to you. Are your earnings aligned with your belief systems? If not, tweak them until they are more of a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. Resolving debts would serve you well at this time. Be willing to look squarely at the reality and what underpins your spending/saving habits. The strides you make with money this year also stem from the abilities you are cultivating in being more intimate with yourself and others. Money and love – what a rewarding year you have in store!

Sagittarius: I radiate my essence and pursue the next horizon!
The year ahead holds much growth for you, Sagittarius. Growth in who you are, as well as your relationships with others. You will be asked to become more of your true self and connect with higher dimensions of your being. You may desire to pursue a new path of learning, experiment with a different way of presenting yourself to the world, or slip into a new identity as you meet someone who becomes incredibly important to your life. Whatever changes are happening, hold them gently through the end of the year, but expect that by early 2019 you can trust that you are expanding into the person you are meant to become.

Capricorn: I allow myself to grow spiritually.
This next year, you have great potential to develop your intuition and cultivate connection with spiritual guides. You will also be asked to let go, unravel, rest, and surrender. For someone who typically thrives off order, structure, and control, the year ahead may feel more formless than you prefer. Or – it could get you in touch with the inner realms and more subtle graces of life that you have yearned to connect with for a long time. Use this moon to complete tasks, check off the to-do list, and attend to your health. You will be shifting focus following this moon, from the mundane to the mysterious and unnamable. Embrace this spiritual infusion that the year ahead has to offer.

Aquarius: I create pleasure.
The year ahead sees great expansion among your network, community, and who you know. You may be called to be a part of a radical movement that expresses your beliefs about freedom and takes action. Notice who you meet under the influence of this moon, as something about the meeting could foreshadow the growth that is to come. Shift your focus onto what you love. What is in your heart, Aquarius? What gets your creative juices stirred and flowing? Are you willing to have fun today? Make love, make pleasure, get crafty. This moon is a time for you to play.

Pisces: I touch my roots and prepare to emerge.
This Moon features family time for you, Pisces. Home and personal life are highlighted during the week. Give thanks to the ancestors in the land. Pay attention to your emotions and sensitivities. Walk down memory lane. We root to rise. Acknowledge where you came from so that you can properly prepare for where you are going next. You may find yourself in the spotlight over the course of the upcoming year. Your growth will be related to career, the public, and fulfilling your purpose. If you are typically shy, fortify yourself for coming more into the world moving forward. Your inspirational nature is needed to help lead and guide the public.

Andrea is a writer, astrologer, astrology teacher and tarot reader who combines ancient classical techniques from Esoteric Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Jaimini and Vedic Astrology into her own unique intuitive astrology system called Sacred Astrology. Check out her Become Your Own Astrologer Course under "Programs" on the Risingwoman.com menu :)
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