Cancer New Moon ~ June 28, 2022 10:52 PM ET / 7:52 PM PT ~ Theme: Healing, Renewal and Radical Care

Cancer New Moon

June 28, 2022

10:52 PM ET, 7:52 PM PT

Theme: Healing, Renewal and Radical Care


By Dawn M. Harrison (

This month’s New Moon in the sign of Cancer is an invitation to healing, renewal, and radical care.

As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is the sign of the Cosmic Mother – the Great Healer who gives life, protects life, and sustains life. Cancer is the part of you who knows that, in order for you to truly engage with the life that you’ve been given, you’ve got to allow yourself to genuinely feel, because feelings are the gateway to your power to create and to your power to transform.

In the sign of Cancer, New Moons seek to heal all of the parts of us that feel spiritually parched and are thirsting to be watered from the inside out. This is the time to be honest about what truly fills your cup and to fiercely, yet compassionately, protect and nurture the relationships, the projects, and the dreams that have been tugging at the edges of your heart.

Too often, we stuff our feelings down, burying them beneath all of the “to do’s” and the noise of the status quo – perhaps because we have been taught that they do not matter, are inconvenient, or do not have a place in our world.

But, now – more than ever – we have reached a place in our collective and individual journeys where we must take a sacred pause to radically care about ourselves and others. We must tune out the noise, and come back home to ourselves. On so many levels, we need this sacred pause in order to honor all of our feelings – whether they be born of joy, sorrow, rage, or grief – because they all have something vital to teach.

This New Moon forms a conjunction to Black Moon Lilith and a square to full-of-faith Jupiter in the initiating Fire of Aries, indicating that there is tremendous power to heal some of our deepest wounds, if we are willing to be radically honest about what has pierced us and emerge from the defensive shells that may have protected us for a time, but now must give way to the new growth that we are experiencing from within.

And, with Jupiter also in soft contact with Venus, there’s a call to open our hearts and our minds to actually receiving more of what we need. It’s time to allow yourself to feel, down to your very core, what it’s like to experience more joy, more connection, more understanding, and more love.

No matter where your journey has brought you to today, know this:  You have the healing waters that you need rising up from within. Go ahead – Let them flow.

New Moon Contemplations

Look to the place in your natal chart that houses 7 degrees of Cancer for clues indicating where this month’s themes have their starting point, and where they may be the most salient.  To feel into this New Moon, perhaps begin by asking yourself:

What relationships, projects, or initiatives are crying out for sustenance and radical care?

In what areas of my life am I being called to soften my outer shell, and allow for increased vulnerability?

Where am I being asked to allow myself to really feel what it’s like to receive the desires of my heart?


Who This New Moon May Impact the Most:

Every birth chart is unique, and there are a number of factors that influence the degree to which we experience the effects of any New Moon.  Know that something is awakening and emerging for us all, and that we are all being asked, in one way or another, to spiral up and to surrender to a new beginning.

Those who may experience the effects of this New Moon most strongly, include those with:

  • Cancer Sun, Moon, and Rising;
  • Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Rising;
  • Aries Sun, Moon and Rising; and
  • Libra Sun, Moon, and Rising

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New Moon Ritual

In many ways, this New Moon asks for us to soften, to surrender, and to let the barriers dissolve between the world that we know and the world that lives in the visions of our heart and the longing of our soul.  Since Cancer New Moons are particularly potent for tuning into our emotional body, this New Moon ritual is designed to facilitate tapping into the feelings that fuel the manifestation of your deepest desires.

For this ritual, you will need:

  1. A warm bath
  2. Optional bath salts
  3. Optional relaxing music of your choice
  4. Candle of your choice
  5. Optional Tarot and/or Oracle deck
  6. Journal and writing utensil

Ritual steps:

  1. Choose a time and a space that allows you to truly relax and come back home to yourself.
  2. Run a warm bath, using optional bath salts if you wish
  3. If you wish, play music that you find relaxing and soothing, both to your body and to your mind.
  4. Allow yourself to soak in your bath and just “be” – with nothing you “have to do”, but be at home with yourself.  As much as possible, quiet the chatter of the mind, and feel every ounce of your body, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.  Let your heart fill with gratitude for this time and for this place.  Feel yourself whole.  Feel yourself supported.
  5. Allow yourself to visualize, in as much detail as possible, an emerging desire of your heart.  You don’t have to search for this.  Simply allow it to rise up from within.  Now, allow yourself to feel yourself receiving and experiencing this desire.  Do not analyze or judge.  Just let the emotions fill you.  Stay in this place for as long as you need.
  6. When you are ready, emerge from your bath.
  7. Light your candle.
  8. Sit in a comfortable position and take three cleansing breaths.
  9. Then, simply ask yourself, “What is being born in my life?”  If you wish, choose a combination of Oracle and/or Tarot cards to attune to your question.
  10. Then, allow yourself to write the answers that you hear – uncensored and without judgement.  Write until your heart is done speaking.
  11. When you are finished, thank yourself for giving yourself this time and this space.
  12. As the lunar month progresses, revisit your journal entry, adding to it, as your heart leads.  Pay attention to any promptings from within, especially around the time of the Waxing Crescent and the First Quarter Moons.


Horoscopes For Each Sign

The horoscopes below, written for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, are meant to serve as inspiration and “food for thought”.  Let your intuition guide you, as you feel through the shifts of this New Moon.

If you do not know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, you can click here to generate your chart.


ARIES: This month’s New Moon invites you to restore your sense of “work-life” balance. You may be surprised at the wealth of resource that is available to you, as you find the courage to tend to the areas of your life that truly nourish your soul. Listen to your intuition.  It is keener than you think. What would it look like to truly tend to your inner needs?  What areas of your life must make room for change, so that you can heal from the inside out?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Home, house, family, inner core, sense of belonging, healing from past wounds, sense of emotional security, your inner life, your lineage, your roots


TAURUS: This month’s New Moon invites you to bring healing to the relationships in your life through exercising your ability to truly communicate from the heart. Your words have healing power, and so do your thoughts. Safe-guard them, and choose them with care. In what ways can the power of your words bring healing to yourself and to those around you?  What areas of your life are seeking to be reframed through the lens of the Cosmic Mother within?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Communication style; perception of the world around you; everyday data processing; learning styles and modalities; relationships with siblings, friends or neighbors; approach to the structure of your daily activities and tasks


GEMINI: This month’s New Moon invites you to re-evaluate your approach to your Resource – your time, your energy, your money, and your possessions. There is a balance that seeks to come to this area of your life. This is the time to exercise diligence, patience, discipline, and honesty about what constitutes your genuine needs, because everything about you and what you own is valuable and worthy of care.  In what ways are you being called to conserve, protect, and nurture your resource?  How are you being called to come back home to the values that ground you from within?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Money; time; Energy; “Emotional Currency”; possessions; raw talent; sense of self esteem and self worth; ownership power


CANCER: This is your time for all manner of new beginnings – a time to approach yourself and your world from new perspectives that allow you to call all of the energy that you’ve been investing “out there”, back home to “in here”… because it’s only after you’ve honored who you really are and what you really need, that you can restore the perspective that is necessary to connect with yourself and with the world around you.  In what ways are you being called to honor your own internal needs – to care for yourself – body, mind, and soul?  What old shell must you allow yourself to crawl outside of in order to honor your growth and expansion from within?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

You and everything about you; your body; your mind; your soul; the way you identify; the way you are perceived by others; the way you present yourself to others; your style; your brand


LEO: This month’s New Moon invites you to cultivate your inner sanctuary – to tend to those places that no one else can see, but that you can certainly feel. Rest, in more ways than one, is needed to restore the balance to your body, to your mind, and to your soul… because we need you to keep on shining.  In what ways are you being called to recharge your batteries?  What sacred vision for your life is crying out for reconnection?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Spirituality and spiritual practices; need for privacy; sense of connection to the subconscious realm; dreams; need for Divine communion; sacred space


VIRGO: This month’s New Moon invites you to let your creative light shine in the communities that truly support you and nurture your soul. Let yourself be guided to those places and spaces that appreciate your light, and let yourself find joy in shining there.  You have a well of life-giving water within, and it needs to flow.  What communities, groups, and friendships truly support you?  And, how can you nurture those bonds through sharing your healing light?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Friendships; communities; bonds with “like-minded” people; ability to network; group organizations; aspirational hopes; dreams for your future


LIBRA: This months’ New Moon invites you to cultivate “Home” in the career sector of your life. It’s time to align your outer world with your inner needs. Allowing yourself to more authentically be seen may be the key to the balance that you seek.  Where are your natural abilities and skill sets yearning for a seat at the table?  What new creative vision for your life must you allow to emerge?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Career; ambitions; public visibility; status; life mission and sense of purpose; public identity; profession; authority; power; sense of fulfillment


SCORPIO: This month’s New Moon invites you to give heed to the mindsets and belief systems that feed you. What beliefs support you, and call you back home to the highest version of yourself? Which ones bring you down low? Take a guess as to which ones it’s time to release, and which ones it’s time to nourish, support, and protect. Now, go there.


Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Overarching beliefs; Truth; higher learning; education; teaching; religion; philosophy; ability to expand your world and understanding (through learning, travel, new connections, new experiences, etc…)


SAGITTARIUS: This month’s New Moon invites you to consider new ways of cultivating the intimate connections in your life. You may find that your truest bonds are the ones that honor your core needs and values. In what new ways can you explore your vulnerable sides? What boundaries are you being called to restore or maintain, so that you can share yourself authentically?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Intimate partnerships intimate experiences; sex; shared resources; shared values; deep psychological understanding


CAPRICORN: This month’s New Moon invites you to let your most bonded relationships come to the fore, asking you to examine where it’s time to draw close, where it’s time to establish (or re-establish) boundaries, and where it’s time to cut the chord. Take the time to celebrate just how far you have come in honoring the relationships that truly feed your soul.  What relationships feel like home?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Relational life; partnerships; sense of equality in your life; experience of commitment; one-to-one encounters


AQUARIUS: This month’s New Moon invites you to examine which routines feed you and call you back home to yourself, and which routines only serve to deplete you. It’s time to remember that the body, the mind, and the soul are all connected. What new routines and rituals are knocking on your door? What regular and consistent practice is seeking to be integrated into your life?  It’s okay to settle into what works, and bid farewell to what doesn’t.

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Health; mind-body connection; sense of wellness; ritual; everyday routine; skill; craftsmanship; work


PISCES: This month’s New Moon invites you to bring healing to your life through new ways of exploring your creative center. Perhaps it’s remembering a long lost love of music, art, dance or writing; Perhaps it’s letting your inner child play; or, perhaps it’s welcoming in empathy for your own children – whether they be children of the body, or children of the mind. Where are you being called to allow for a creative fresh start that expresses who you truly are?

Potential areas of renewal, rebirth, and radical care:

Creativity; self-expression; ability to play; romance; children; inner child; youthfulness; recreational fun; joy

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